The Problem with "Free" College | Joe Rogan & Andrew Yang

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1245 w/Andrew Yang:

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  • magnus pym
    magnus pym 3 days ago

    "The reason college has gotten so expensive": IS FREE MONEY(STUDENT LOANS)... WHO CAN AFFORD $65K A YEAR(without loans)? If the money wasn' there prices would necessarily come down. Or classes would be empty.

  • Jack Hawthorn
    Jack Hawthorn 3 days ago

    Parents need to tell their kids the truth - college has become a scam that incentivises accepting anyone for useless degrees. They need to encourage them to go to trade schools to learn plumbing, carpentry, tiling, plastering, roofing etc because 9 times out of 10, people with a trade will end up outearning graduates(because most degrees are useless or there is a massive oversupply of graduates in a given field so most won't get that salary job they hoped for).

  • Jay Kumar
    Jay Kumar 5 days ago

    A dem candidate I can get behind, too bad they will go for virtue signalling radicals instead of people like him who can actually do something.

  • MinDetonator96
    MinDetonator96 5 days ago

    If you go to a law school outside of a T-14: don't.

  • nathan b
    nathan b 6 days ago

    Why should these kids Get a break for taking out loans they knew they would never be able to pay back

  • goldmoogle
    goldmoogle 6 days ago

    "The problem with Bernie Sanders plan with free college is that it doesn't fix the problem. 44% of college graduates don't get a job."
    This does not explain why college shouldn’t be free, if anything it explains why it should be. Yes, the advocation for college is overdone, BUT that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be accessible for everyone. Would trade and vocational schools not be included in this free education system?
    And, this assumes all students only value college for its potential to obtain a job, there is an inherent benefit to your life that comes from learning; studies have shown that some students’ iq is boosted by as much as 10-15 points while in school (demonstrated by there iq dropping as much when their education ended). When you are in school, you think more, about more varied ideas, and whether you embrace that or not is on you but it has the potential to improve your life independent of a career.
    The problems of pricy education and disappearing jobs are intertwined, but they are still two different problems. To assume you can solve both at once is fallacious and fails to consider the additional benefits that solutions that do not address both simultaneously could provide.

  • emsguybob
    emsguybob 6 days ago

    I was paying extra to pay off my loan sooner. After a year I noticed the school loan was not getting smaller. The lady at the bank said this was because I did not specify that the extra was supposed to go to the principle of the loan, so they were putting the extra to pay interest, which means the bank just pockets the extra I was paying because the interest just gets added on again. Bitch looked me right in the eye and smiled like I should have known this.

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 6 days ago

    Wow, this is the most I've heard from Yang that isn't UBI and it's amazingly cohesive, makes total sense, sounds good! Now drop the UBI bs, LEAVE OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ALONE, and maybe, just MAYBE, I'd vote democrat for once. Oh also don't give our country to illegal immigrants. In fact just don't give our country to immigrants period.

  • Mister006
    Mister006 6 days ago

    We pay for your education because you being stupid makes for a failed nation. The more we force you to pay for it, the less capable you are able to pay for the next generation.
    We rely on your kids to fight our wars, but then we saddle them with debt - and since we don't have universal armed national service, the GI bill isn't cutting it, because we need far more of your kids to do what is necessary for a great society than just fight wars.

  • ihabe hunge
    ihabe hunge 7 days ago

    There are no problems you brainiac’s .. in Slovenia we have it since forever

  • The Scatman
    The Scatman 7 days ago

    I'd consider advocating for government funding for College/ Uni if they weren't teaching so many horseshit subjects, blatantly pushing radical radical left wing ideas, encouraging PC bs and generally having a surplus of arrogant well educated idiots who are naive to the world despite legally being adults

  • Tony Grimes
    Tony Grimes 7 days ago go donate! Spread the word! MATH!!

  • Joe Leming
    Joe Leming 8 days ago

    These people have no imagination. Government, government, government is all they can imagine. So get ready for more of your money being stolen to pay for these morons social engineering. Privatize the colleges and make them compete for business and the prices will come down and the communist brainwashing will end. Government subsidies also contribute to education inflation.

  • Jay Elle
    Jay Elle 8 days ago

    I have no problem with paying for college. But thinking about my $44,000 of debt makes me want to cry. I think I'd be okay with paying about half of that--the price that my education was actually worth.

  • This Dude
    This Dude 8 days ago

    In which society is it easiest to get rich? Contrary to common belief, it is not countries like the US or UK that create the highest number of rich people per capita but nordic social democracies like Norway and Sweden. Counter intuitive as it may sound, high taxes, generous welfare states and strong unions make a better environment for the people who want to earn huge amounts of money, than free markets, low taxes, and minimal government intervention watch the video in the link below for a detailed explanation

  • waht mmm
    waht mmm 8 days ago

    guys, post Yang's video on Trump, Bernie, and other candidates' pages, they will vote for him!!!

  • Graeme Bonsor
    Graeme Bonsor 8 days ago

    Yang for President

  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 9 days ago

    Why not allow people who want to go to college Do military service or some kind of national service Then give them a chance to go In reality U are better off go to trade school Also we do need to examine how schools spend their money Collage is not for everyone

  • michael
    michael 9 days ago

    The best way to avoid stunt loans is not to put your personal signature to the paper that you agreed too.
    I work in construction and get look down upon by these same people. Where is my free self pitty money?!!!

  • THeUNit
    THeUNit 9 days ago

    Im in the hvac field making over 120k a year, everytime one of the young snowflake kid comes to work he last a week, kids do not want to work hard anymore.

  • Justin Norman
    Justin Norman 9 days ago

    I lean mostly conservative but this guy has good points about college. If it wasn't for his Universal Income idea and Trump still being a superior choice, I would vote him

  • 1224
    1224 10 days ago +1

    Andrew yang is a Chinese agent working to destroy America by implementing UBI "communism", facts.

  • Dan Gummer
    Dan Gummer 10 days ago

    I think this guys got some good ideas but it's all teetering on just plain ole communism

  • K Whut
    K Whut 10 days ago

    I'm on the left. Why did this guy get hit? So reasonable

  • Antonio Renteria
    Antonio Renteria 10 days ago

    poor people need to stop fucking so much and rich people need to stop hoarding so much, and the governments of the world need to step the fuck up and move towards renewable resources.

  • Sublime Music Channel
    Sublime Music Channel 10 days ago

    The problem with giving away college educations like M&M's is it devalues them. Walk into a job interview in, say, 1905, and tell the interviewer you finished college, and you're instantly ahead of countless fellow-job applicants. Going to the same interview NOW, in the age of easy access and even easier exits (with degrees in "cultural studies" say, where everyone gets both an "A" and an orange slice just for having attended class), and you may as well try impressing their HR department with the assertion that you wear socks on a regular basis. Nothing that's easy to get has value you can trade for brtu much money. It's economics 101.

  • 8Jhartzell
    8Jhartzell 11 days ago

    I’m an oilfield Instrumentation and Control technician. I started at $13/hour and worked my way up. I now make $160K and work 6 months a year. This trade has saved my life and provides for my family. I have a low risk of my job being automated. Hell if anything, I’m helping automate jobs downstream of me.
    I haven’t recommended college to my kids, it’s part of the discussion, but both of my kids are exploring vocational opportunities before looking at 4-year schools. This is a critical point a lot of parents miss- college isn’t necessary. It will certainly be beneficial if you pick the right major and pay as much of it as you can as you go...but man. I feel bad for some of these kids graduating already saddled with a lifetime debt repayment.

    ERROL MATTHEWS 11 days ago

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn't free college, say up to the bachelor degree level make the bachelor degree obsolete? Because bachelor degrees will flood the market and to keep the market competitive employers will require a master's degree or higher for the same job that a bachelor degree gets today. Am I wrong in my thinking?

  • Pandoran Bias
    Pandoran Bias 11 days ago

    As a young person, i'm looking into craftsmanship and apprenticeship work like knife making and smithing as an alternative to college.

  • nunya stockson
    nunya stockson 11 days ago

    Fucking commie. But at least he understands that college is fucking stupid. Jeebus hes the only candidate they have that isnt a moron.... trump 2020.

  • Zbsish rth
    Zbsish rth 11 days ago

    Federal government took over students loan in 2010s.. Why is the problem still not solved?
    Stop students loan all together.

  • 1313sp
    1313sp 12 days ago

    The more I listen to this guy, the more he makes sense and has pragmatic workable solutions. Too bad corporate media turned his mic off during the debates.

  • Aric Wood
    Aric Wood 12 days ago

    1) Abolish FAFSA and end Govt subsidized debt
    2) Cancel Student lone debt

  • Jefferson Johanes
    Jefferson Johanes 12 days ago

    Degrees in arts & humanities should not be subsidised. The government should thus subsidise degrees in commerce, science, engineering, and design.

  • Travis Winkler
    Travis Winkler 12 days ago

    how many 18 year olds that's been given $1000 bucks do you think are just going to throw a big ass $1000 party? Probably a high percentage.

  • leroy bronco
    leroy bronco 13 days ago

    Obviously free education across the board would include trade and tech schools

  • shawn mendrek
    shawn mendrek 13 days ago

    He has my vote...

  • shawn mendrek
    shawn mendrek 13 days ago

    I truly feel for ppl with student debt because thry had good intentions

  • Brian Swope
    Brian Swope 13 days ago +1

    High Schools need to bring back shop class so kids can actually graduate with some knowledge about real world jobs not these worthless degrees that mean nothing

  • TexasGolfDude
    TexasGolfDude 13 days ago

    Corporations aren't why costs for education went up...
    It went up because the government began guaranteeing loans to people based on financial need instead of academic merit, which increased the demand for colleges but supply justbhasnt caught up. My Alma Mater has close to 70K students currently enrolled... that's insane.
    Get the government out of schooling. Stop guaranteeing loans to people who shouldn't be going to school.

  • Chuck Rannacher
    Chuck Rannacher 13 days ago

    ...Free education is worth what you pay for it !!! ...Went to Jr College where most students were there for free - via FAFSA . A good 1/4 of them were there so they didn't have to get a job !!!

  • Gwmcmi02
    Gwmcmi02 13 days ago

    People with STEM degrees complain a lot less about lifelong crippling student loan debt than do people with useless humanities degrees.

  • drspockwa
    drspockwa 13 days ago

    What is the collateral for a school loan? Maybe that’s why the loans are not bankruptable. Who would offer a loan without assurance?

  • Luke Shula
    Luke Shula 13 days ago

    I'd love to hear Andrew Yang talk to Peter Schiff about this.

  • Liddy G
    Liddy G 13 days ago

    Plumbers will get to pay higher taxes so some idiot can give a college 150 grand for a useless degree.

  • Mt S
    Mt S 13 days ago

    Guaranteed more than 80% of 18 year olds with $1000 given to them will spend it all on useless shit within days! Fucking stupid idea!

  • Chris Arguello
    Chris Arguello 13 days ago

    Tuition shot up because government got involved. You artificially guaranteed them demand (guaranteed loans)

  • Mikel Cividanes Bertini
    Mikel Cividanes Bertini 13 days ago +1

    I swear I learn more from Joe Rogan than news outlets

  • Mikel Cividanes Bertini

    Europe got this right

  • kratz57x
    kratz57x 13 days ago

    The only compromise I'm willing to consider is government service for tuition. Not unlike ROTC, where a period of service satisfies the education debt. All the other smoke & mirrors solutions are nothing more than income redistribution. I am willing to help people in need through no fault of their own. The spawn of the higher education machine made decisions that led them into debt. Why am I constantly asked to "help" those escape their choices?

  • Greg LANDRY
    Greg LANDRY 13 days ago

    The answer is never Socialism. The answer is Constitutional money.

  • jay311md
    jay311md 14 days ago

    If you want to talk about forgiving student loans, then you need to combine it with ending the federally subsidized student loans. Otherwise we will have a bigger problem in 10 years. It won't solve the problem without ending the loan program.

  • Solomon Robin
    Solomon Robin 14 days ago

    This is our next president mark my words

  • theBaronofPacific
    theBaronofPacific 14 days ago

    I still don’t see why people being in debt is my problem and why I should help them pay it off. No one forced them to take these outrageous loans. I finished university and paid off all my loans (I’m 29). Just to think, I help to pay off a doctors loans so then he could rack in the big bucks later.

  • Shak
    Shak 14 days ago

    If any democrat were to beat trump i hope it’s him, but i still prefer trump

  • John Guilfoyle
    John Guilfoyle 14 days ago

    From what I've seen is that government intervention into the college system has caused most of the current problems and now he is proposing another government plan to solve the problem they created.

  • Garden Organic
    Garden Organic 14 days ago

    Up next: the problem with free high school

  • Ashitaka1110
    Ashitaka1110 14 days ago

    We've over-corrected. In the 70's and 80's when automation and outsourcing to other countries started killing the blue collar factory jobs, it birthed a social stigma on basically all blue collar work. Now anyone that doesn't wear a suit and tie and work in an office is considered intellectually inferior, and parents and schools push kids away from any sort of trade work. Mechanics, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, construction's all considered to be "for people who aren't smart enough for college." And it's utterly crippling this nation. My mom works at an elementary school and they are drilling it even into the first graders there, having them select their "goal college" they want to attend. When they're like six years old! It's a borderline societal mental sickness, really. We're obsessed with college. We worship it as though it's the god that will lead everyone to a prosperous and perfectly happy life. And it's a lie.

  • There's something between your teeth !

    59% in Germany... a country where university fees are about 300€ per semester and that is for the most part for the public transportation ticket that lets you use all public transportation in the larger area around your university.
    You'd think they'd all go to university. Still too many do. Germany lacks a lot of trained craftsmen...

  • BCrafty121
    BCrafty121 15 days ago

    The fundamental problem is that college loans can't be discharged under bankruptcy. It removes the incentive for banks to be careful who they give loans too, and the abundance of kids getting loans drives up the demand for college relative to the supply. Thus, the price rises.

  • Ethan Mullen
    Ethan Mullen 15 days ago +2

    I have to say, I watched Yang in the democratic debate and thought he sounded like a clown. But this interview goes to show that the debate platform is a poor indicator of how well someone understands the world. Yang impressed me here and because of that I'll give him another chance

  • MyessYallyah Americus
    MyessYallyah Americus 15 days ago

    there is no free college, its cost me a lot to teach you all so much. I never came to youtube to watch. I came to make money by teaching the most valuable info on the planet cause im the one who knew it. they didn't expect me but I came like a now.

  • Jessica Barnes
    Jessica Barnes 15 days ago

    Also for profit schools are just aggressively expensive. They don’t care.

  • hero92694able
    hero92694able 15 days ago

    Uvi is communism light don’t trust yang

    • t
      t 15 days ago

      I guess Alaska is communist then.

  • Jordan Newark
    Jordan Newark 16 days ago

    You’ll b legendary if u get president obama on here smh

  • Jordan Newark
    Jordan Newark 16 days ago


  • Bogey Man
    Bogey Man 16 days ago +2

    In California, community colleges were free for residents. But that was along time ago in a galaxy far far away.

    • SuCKeRPunCH187
      SuCKeRPunCH187 13 days ago +1

      at one time in Texas, college was $4 a credit.

  • Viva Madre
    Viva Madre 16 days ago

    Unless they are going into business for themselves, college has become job training. So basically, you pay to train yourself to work for a corporation. That is what is stupid. Just like paying banks to hold your money. It's really stupid. Capitalism is a parasite that has to continue to grow. It sucks the life out of everything it touches.

  • mixflip
    mixflip 16 days ago +1

    America needs to push "trades" more for sure. I have made a good living in my 20s as a welder then as a surgical tech then EMT then a firefighter in my 30s. I always had a decent job and no matter where I moved I had a marketable job skill that was in demand and had openings.
    College is great but it's not the end of the world if you dont go to college. I will say still have to have motivation and passion to still need hard work. Just refocus your energy.
    My wife has a college degree that she has "never" used. Ironically I was the one who helped her pay it off and she doesnt even use it.

  • Jeremy Stangle
    Jeremy Stangle 16 days ago

    Ceo of company makes 20 million / yr , employs 700 ppl . Ceo spends 5 million / yr on shit like watches , jetskis , tailored suits , and fine dining , 15 million sits in bank accounts and blind trust portfolios that make zero economic sense. Give that 15 million to the 700 ppl u employ , and that $ will b spent in a way that leads to economic growth instead of accumulative wealth / individual

  • Kev Ngu
    Kev Ngu 16 days ago

    How about lower interest rate for students loan.

  • Jeremy Stangle
    Jeremy Stangle 16 days ago

    The entire education system needs a massive overhaul. If the goal is to fuk ppl up from the get go , lets maintain the current education system lol . Especially when u consider technological advances in robotics and AI

  • Gel Pen
    Gel Pen 16 days ago +22

    Trump is the Yin, Andrew is the Yang!
    Yang gang 2020 🇺🇸

  • The American Voice
    The American Voice 17 days ago +1

    The reason why college is so expensive and has been rising in prices 1000% is because the federal government has offered almost all students a way to pay for college through loans. This makes college “affordable” to people and so colleges can increase their prices while at the same time receiving more students. An increase in price does not lead to a decrease in demand like a normal business model since students can afford almost any college tuition cost.

  • froyboy267
    froyboy267 17 days ago

    I respect Andrew but I have major disagreements when it comes to the issue of free college. First of all, most of the people that I went to college with didn't go there to get some regular job, they went there to get real careers such as being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Not to mention, these professions are jobs that defintely won't get automated anytime soon yet he didn't bring up these professions. Also, I believe that if college were free that it would greatly encourage more of the US population to go to college. Also, $1000 won't even cover one semester's worth of tuition at a public college so I don't know what he was thinking when he said that.

  • Adam Corfman
    Adam Corfman 17 days ago

    Sure leave out the policy Bernie has of his free college plan including Trade Schools too. Smh

  • Jan Norris
    Jan Norris 17 days ago

    College is a fn joke now. Its one more area liberals have destroyed. Learn a trade. Dopes.

  • Jan Norris
    Jan Norris 17 days ago

    FREE! FREE! FREE! .. democrats lol.. such enablers.

  • Alonso Elenes
    Alonso Elenes 17 days ago

    The real problem is the ridiculous amount of money spent on the military that is honestly an antiquated concept at this point.

  • Alonso Elenes
    Alonso Elenes 17 days ago

    The real problem is the ridiculous amount of money spent on the military that is honestly an antiquated concept at this point.

  • BBG
    BBG 17 days ago

    He just lost my respect and vote by saying that eliminating student loan debt is a stimulus. I understand what he's saying but he's wrong. Very irresponsible

  • rothgar33rd
    rothgar33rd 17 days ago

    These things aren't mutually exclusive. The education system absolutely needs reforming, and all of the issues you discusssed could be part of the overhaul. Even state universities are corrupted by "profit" in lots of areas (such as foodservice and financing). Taking that away solves some problems, and relieves students of the "hard-sell", "college is a must right now" anxiety they are bludgeoned with. Knowing that educational resources are available, now or in the future, would help kids make better decisions. There's no reason that trades shouldn't be part of that equation.
    I agree with a lot of what Yang has to say, but I'm not sure putting money in the hands of 18 year olds "instead of" providing educational resources is always the best idea (it wouldn't have been for me at that age). Why marginalize Bernie's approach? Better to combine the strengths of both. If it wasn't for Bernie's 2016 run, you wouldn't be talking to Yang right now. Yang has an innovative and important point of view - both he and Bernie recognize the problems and are looking for real solutions (unlike a lot of candidates who are playing politics). Bernie for President and Yang for Secretary Education!

  • Monster's Inc.
    Monster's Inc. 17 days ago

    Eliminate government backed student loans for degrees that are not marketable, if you want a degree in something like gender studies, you pay for it.

  • Monster's Inc.
    Monster's Inc. 17 days ago

    limit student loans to degrees that are marketable, if you want a degree in something like gender studies, you pay for it.

  • Jay Ramahi
    Jay Ramahi 18 days ago

    as a bernie supporter, i have to say, this guy makes even more sense on this issue than bernie does. bernie wants "free" education, but this guy addresses the thing i've been wanting to here a candidate say all REFORMATION.

    i do have some disagreements yes, but overall, i like how he hits the nail with the hammer.

    i must say, this title is very misleading. let me fix it: "the problem with college" there!

  • Jeremy Lenon
    Jeremy Lenon 18 days ago

    I thought Yang understood something about business, but he is useless when it comes to pricing models. COST of tuition is not determined by costs to run the business, it is determined by demand. If students did not NEED college to survive in a global economy, then they would not attend. If A/C repair jobs paid well, people might pursue those avenues. Unfortunately, the current structure of our economy is removing the lowest levels of tasks for paid employment, which forces the largest group of job seekers into higher-demand tasks. This bloat of competition provides companies a massive supply of labor, which creates a more competitive field of applicants, this requiring a distinction between candidates, e.g. college diploma.

  • Wisdom Fruit
    Wisdom Fruit 18 days ago

    I will always be in pain until my fellow humans start showing compassion and get rid of the patriarchy that affects the mental health of my male humans so much
    Acceptance and non bais will change the world
    Males commit suicide much higher than females because females fail to go threw with it
    My ex failed 5 times but her close friend (male) succeeded in one attempt

  • Wisdom Fruit
    Wisdom Fruit 18 days ago

    Honestly most my friends aren't going to college 😂

  • Andy Dufresne
    Andy Dufresne 18 days ago

    Why dont we talk about our public education system (k-12) which is in the gutter instead of talking about free college to voting age people who knew the risks and on another note America has some of the top universities in the world do you know why its because they use the tuition they receive to hire the best professors and to purchase cutting edge technology

  • John Nowakowski
    John Nowakowski 18 days ago

    Professors get paid 100k for 1 lecture a week where the TA teaches the class...

  • John Nowakowski
    John Nowakowski 18 days ago

    The worst idea ever. There will be no constraints on the "suppy" side where the college racket can charge anything they want for people to get degrees in lesbian dance culture then send the bill to the public...

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson 18 days ago

    I think he is the only person running for president that is talking about Voc Ed schools!!!!!!!!!!

  • imagrillbtw
    imagrillbtw 18 days ago

    He has amazing ideas, but what worries me is that to older generations it's just gonna sound like gibberish (if they get to hear them at all, considering the small amount of coverage Yang gets in the mainstream media) and they will resort to safe and familiar faces like Biden or Trump

  • KingChronic X
    KingChronic X 18 days ago

    This guys lives in fantasy land

  • KingChronic X
    KingChronic X 18 days ago

    I'm in debt, I'm dumb. I took out 200k for a 40k a year job I'm dumb free shot free shit orange man bad

  • KingChronic X
    KingChronic X 18 days ago

    So since my debut is paid of will I get reparation for back student loans?

  • KingChronic X
    KingChronic X 18 days ago

    The sweet lies of a communist you knew what I was and you voted for me anyway

  • KingChronic X
    KingChronic X 18 days ago

    Doesnt motion that students loan debt took off when the government took over so what are we going to do.....more government

  • Joeh1154
    Joeh1154 18 days ago

    If you don't want debt, don't take out a loan, full stop. BTW, The US government took over the student loan business around 2010. Check crazy Auntie Maxine who don't know much.

  • dank meme creator
    dank meme creator 19 days ago

    I got this crazy idea for free college, they should make it to where if you join the military you get free classes