How to TURBO your Hayabusa 330hp - ProBoost set

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
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    Suzuki Hayabusa 2008
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  • Elvin R Inoa
    Elvin R Inoa 12 hours ago

    Nice 👍 👍😎

  • Eero Eero
    Eero Eero 4 days ago

    are there 16 pistons??

  • Romain jeandrot
    Romain jeandrot 11 days ago

    I love your video bro !

  • もち
    もち 14 days ago


  • Ito Muriel
    Ito Muriel 14 days ago

    Hey guys great job" I have a GSXR 1000= 2003 you think that Turbo kit will fit my Bike??? or which one you recommend" ????"

  • Brian Meuse
    Brian Meuse 14 days ago

    I hate to be the one to ask a serious question, but what is the man hours for this conversion?

  • John Smithllc
    John Smithllc 16 days ago

    You guys are crazier than I am

  • cfgvd
    cfgvd 16 days ago

    it is like if a car had 4000+ horsepower

  • SFSomega
    SFSomega 16 days ago

    Are you trying to PRESS the Hayabusa at some point in time maybe?

  • abdullah morad
    abdullah morad 16 days ago

    Cos how much...bro

  • Gsxr Squid
    Gsxr Squid 17 days ago


  • He Was Dead When I Got There

    Fucking sick!

  • xwriter100
    xwriter100 19 days ago

    Meanwhile, average guy takes his bike in for an oil change and a clean air filter. Oh, and check the tire pressure too...

  • adrian hadi permana
    adrian hadi permana 20 days ago +1

    more space mean lower compression, that will make sure the engine won't blow up when you install turbo.

  • SiDHU
    SiDHU 21 day ago

    Damn it long process, I though it'd be just remove the fairing and install the kit :p

  • Poku Poku96
    Poku Poku96 22 days ago

    You guys are obsessed with busas
    I love it 😅

    BLIGHTY 24 days ago

    330hp Hayabusa where too much horsepower is barley enough!!

  • RED_10R
    RED_10R 25 days ago

    So easy!

  • bustin yanutz
    bustin yanutz 25 days ago +1

    Pretty simple just disassemble entire motorcycle,put heavier clutch springs in very simple.put plates on very simple.ruin side case with chisel very simple. Pull cams very simple. Take off timing chain very simple. Modify frame very simple. 400 hours later bike is almost broken very simple. Now for turbo installation very simple.turbo sounds from man very simple. If parts don't fit just bend to fit it'll be ok very simple. Rip more parts off very simple. 50 new wrinkles 100 new gray hairs, ball sack dropped 4 inches and its done very simple. Now the bike is very dangerous and will most likely explode like giant atomic bomb but very simple.

  • Emory
    Emory 25 days ago

    Why only a 180 tire on a turbo bike? Someone is trying to die lol

  • Dirty Redd gray
    Dirty Redd gray Month ago

    Lobed it

  • Chase Null
    Chase Null Month ago

    that poor bike looks like its never seen chain lube or a good bath in a long time

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong Month ago

    Any horsepower wear a snickers Fucking wonderful

  • Arup das
    Arup das Month ago

    Can I fit turbo in 250 cc motorcycle? ?

  • Arup das
    Arup das Month ago

    Frome whear I change the ECM software? ?

  • David gamer
    David gamer Month ago +6

    Why am I watching this when I don't even own a bike 🤔

  • A.Z
    A.Z Month ago

    Mf i go 170 stock.... are yall crazy lol?

  • theozman38
    theozman38 Month ago

    Do they offer a turbo kit for the Kawasaki z1000. Would love to know.

  • Dead Man Off Acid
    Dead Man Off Acid Month ago

    What's a Hayabusa? Never heard of it, looks alot like my B U S A

  • cheesefunnel
    cheesefunnel Month ago

    how has the bike been running so far? have there been any over heating issues? because the TT supercharger doesnt have issues..what is opinion thanks

  • Ian P
    Ian P Month ago

    OK, how the FUCCCKKK do you spend all this time and money and everything else and in the end you show this MONSTER doing a burnout and thats IT!? Its like you had sex with the most amazing woman and then you pull out before you blast her full of JIZZZ!!!!!

  • Ian P
    Ian P Month ago

    freekin cam chain is dam tite

  • Ian P
    Ian P Month ago

    whys is everything always so nice n clean and tidy, when I work on my shit im gushing blood, swearing like a mf'r and can never find the right tool. I suck

  • Ian P
    Ian P Month ago

    'ok... is not so hard' have on hand; shop, dedicated helpers, deeeep pockets

  • Lee Berry
    Lee Berry Month ago +1

    Could always nitro it ,could be fun with a turbo 😎I double dare you , and then tripple dare you too give that shit away ,I would love it if I got chosen to bare the pain of receiving such an insane gift😍

    GANES MAHENDRA Month ago

    Nice info bro

  • the Hawk
    the Hawk Month ago

    Excellent educational video you guys did a great job I want to learn how to work on motorcycles can anybody give me a suggestion I live in Chicago Illinois where I can go and learn how to work on motorcycles thank you

  • the Hawk
    the Hawk Month ago

    Hayabusa is one of the nicest Sport Touring bike there is.

  • Nesim
    Nesim Month ago

    like a small 2jz

  • adi varso
    adi varso Month ago

    Does it filter well ? I need for commuter bike...

  • raspira
    raspira Month ago

    Think itl fit on my bicycle only got 1 man power could use the boost

  • mr. yuso capsss
    mr. yuso capsss Month ago

    dream bike :)

  • Kronos
    Kronos Month ago +1

    Katsoin kahdesti. En ole ikinä omistanut moottoripyörää.

  • French John
    French John Month ago +1

    The face they made at 41:02 is the priceless !!

  • Pekka ’O Erilainen

    13:23 Jonku vanhat uimalasit jääny sinne

  • nick james r3dbull4lif3

    I tell you how to get 300hp+...... buy a Kawasaki h2r

  • L4WNY
    L4WNY Month ago

    I can't wait to turbo my K4 Gixxer 😵😁

  • Dutch Performance
    Dutch Performance Month ago

    niceee! just what I was looking for

  • Scott Bowman
    Scott Bowman Month ago

    Gear heads gotta love it.This is Epic !! Appreciate this Video.Ty

  • Evelyn& Jorge
    Evelyn& Jorge Month ago

    Why was one of the head worst than the other ? I didn't under stand what he said before he said "not good for the engine"

  • glock30fotyfive
    glock30fotyfive Month ago

    These guys completely disassemble and rebuild a Busa in the time it takes me to do an oil change

  • WunKoolKat
    WunKoolKat Month ago

    Amazing work!

  • Arun Subedi
    Arun Subedi Month ago

    I just love youguys' videos 😍😍..
    Wish I could meet you once

  • BL
    BL Month ago

    0:01 typical homo sapiens behaviour when near a Hayabusa

  • Rob Thomson
    Rob Thomson Month ago

    Superb job guys, love the sound of it and the power would be fantastic, would you manage to turbo my rd125

    • Ya Boi Rolle
      Ya Boi Rolle Month ago

      The 125 cc motor is not really big enough to turbo

  • FullOilBarrel
    FullOilBarrel 2 months ago

    less compression though right? 23:30

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 2 months ago

    I want to put this in my gocart

  • Leo Czwiklinski
    Leo Czwiklinski 2 months ago

    I know a bmw withe 250hp Boxer turbo!

  • Me You
    Me You 2 months ago

    I think this would cause me some Continance problems