10 Game win streak! How will Andrew ruin it? Pokémon TCG Online Stream

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Andrew Mahone streams new decks on PTCGO and amasses a hefty win streak! How will Andrew throw his win streak this time? Zoroark gx? Pikachu and Zekrom gx? Standard? Expanded? Watch and find out!
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Comments • 17

  • Stella Bella
    Stella Bella 22 days ago

    I had a 13 game win streak but then my game crashed

  • amonique darosa
    amonique darosa Month ago

    try the new greninja zoroark tag team with dragons wish dragonair

  • Tyghe Grainger
    Tyghe Grainger Month ago

    Busted video

  • The Three Weenies
    The Three Weenies Month ago


  • Dwight Mendenhall
    Dwight Mendenhall Month ago

    Played Whimsicott GX at the prerelease. Using Welder, you can swing on your turn second turn for 130. Not bad. Fairy charm is nice against GX Pokemon. Triple Acceleration Energy to get a boost for a single turn if needed. I also had Lucario and Incineroar as well. Incineroar giving that sweet plus 30 damage as well. Over all, I went 3-1. Lost my very first match due to bricking and not having bench Pokemon. They ran a Seaking/Sandslash deck. Lots of coin flips. They won their second turn :'(

  • NotAPolarBear
    NotAPolarBear Month ago

    They do have sudden death in PTCGO. I’m not sure if it’s sudden death though. I did this the other day using Beedrill and it just instantly reset our clocks and started again. I couldn’t be bothered with another game though so I quit which I now wish I didn’t because I didn’t realise it may have been first to take a prize wins

  • NotAPolarBear
    NotAPolarBear Month ago

    19:27 I think he can’t win if I just knock him out. Lmao

  • Max Something
    Max Something Month ago

    r u going to hartford?

  • Level.100 Games
    Level.100 Games Month ago +3

    Not sudden death because you met 2 win conditions to his 1.

  • Pokémon table top Games

    They had no benched Pokémon is why

  • Pokémon table top Games

    Call Zapdose miltank Milkyway

  • Michael Portin
    Michael Portin Month ago

    There is sudden death in ptcgo. Maybe he lost because he didn't have any benched pokemon. Close one. 😂

  • Raidon Lising
    Raidon Lising Month ago

    Andrew can trash his 10 win streak by playing passimian. I dont know thats just my guess...

  • TheVeganSquid
    TheVeganSquid Month ago +1


  • Lion Of The Rings
    Lion Of The Rings Month ago +2

    Easter morning. Let's go!

  • Noavier
    Noavier Month ago


  • Nick C
    Nick C Month ago

    Ooh, I'm actually first for once