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  • Teresa McCullar
    Teresa McCullar 4 months ago

    winter is odd for us too. hang in there.

  • James Quaile
    James Quaile 7 months ago

    I've been following your channel for a many years now and you inspire me. I graduated with furniture making 10 years ago but sadly have been unable to make it professionally. Woodworking is my hobby and passion and without channels like yours it wouldn't be possible for me to learn and develop my skills at home in my free time. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your knowledge for free. You help to keep my passion alive. Thank you and please don't allow your channel to become a pressure. Kind regards, James.

  • jed pad
    jed pad 9 months ago

    lol people are butt hurt and unsubbing why because of what a clickbait title? or him not putting out enough content? you should be grateful he even started a youtube channel in the first place. To many of you people who unsubscribe to channels because they aren't putting out content fast enough for you. Also, who cares if he did one clickbait title get over it and yourself. This is what his first clickbait title? and y'all are freaking out like he's going to become a wranglerstar with the clickbait. Y'all need to seriously learn some patience and understand not every person can do a vlog style channel. Y'all also need to have respect for him and understand he too has a life and a family to take care of. So quit your b**ching and if you can't then I suggest a therapist to help you learn patience and respect.

  • J H
    J H 10 months ago

    Next time you are feeling down just remember that at the time of this video over 600,000 people think what you do is awesome! You inspire people. You make people want to get off their asses and go make some cool stuff. Keep your head up SAMURAI. You are an inspiration.

  • Andrew Raissis
    Andrew Raissis 10 months ago

    Hang in there buddy!

  • karl stromvall
    karl stromvall 11 months ago

    hey dude, have you tried tormek wet grinding and honing?

  • ericsodt
    ericsodt 11 months ago

    Is it possible to do both? If you stop putting out video's (or create less free content) how will you find people for your school? I love what you do, please try and keep some of it free for us that only wish we could do what you do.

  • Laundry Man
    Laundry Man Year ago

    Yo samurai, mad respect love your vids and I don’t say that lightly I’m a carpenter and I shake my head at most videos out there but I’m always trying to sharpen my skills yours are the exception keep it up

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Year ago

    who else came here for the comments, and hasn't watched his vids in awhile to feed the clickbait?

  • Patrick Ramsey
    Patrick Ramsey Year ago

    Came across your "asian" gate video and kinda got hook . so in response to your request to "help a brother out" i'm sub scribing. you seem like a really cool guy.

  • Donisha Pearman
    Donisha Pearman Year ago

    Just posted below from a work computer, I am not DP, i am Chris N

  • Donisha Pearman
    Donisha Pearman Year ago

    Hey Dude just started listening to you about ten days ago, so clips from 2-3 years ago to current. I am a novice woodworker but been around construction for many years here in Bermuda. I like very much that you keep a 100% real, whether it be about your work or your life. It is unnatural for one to share their vulnerability, this is something I have picked up on pretty quickly listening to your content, I will pray for you bro.

  • Isaiah Rockefeller

    Someone please explain to me how this title could be considered click bait? It is clearly a perfect example of a TITLE. Obviously people have questioned the lack of videos and he is addressing those questioning.....(hence the ? at the end of the title)

  • Wroger Wroger
    Wroger Wroger Year ago

    With the SAD issue, how come you don't set up a timer, for normal day hours, sun rise to sun set, and hook it up with an ultrabright LED array and a heat lamp.... keep you warm and lit up at the same time.

  • Joker
    Joker Year ago

    Dude, are you related to Matt Carriker, from Demolition Ranch?

  • Alon Izmi
    Alon Izmi Year ago


  • charis128
    charis128 Year ago

    I love your videos. Very inspiring. I know youtube isn’t supporting artists like they should so I’m happy to sign up in patreon to support your efforts. All your videos have already been well worth it. God bless.

  • charis128
    charis128 Year ago

    OK, trolls. Everyone in Alaska knows about s.a.d. It either affects them or someone in their family. Full spectrum lighting can help among other things.

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis Year ago

    Seasonal something or other disorder. Is that a real thing or code for lazy. I never took you for a special snowflake gernerational waste of space, but I guess true colors come out along with your new money making sceme, or school as you call it.

  • Khronos Gauntlet
    Khronos Gauntlet Year ago

    Welcome back. I totally know what you are dealing with during the winter!

  • The Hyperactive Cephalopod

    Hey Jesse, nephew here. Sorry to hear about your winter, hope to see new videos soon!

  • Stephen Crowther
    Stephen Crowther Year ago

    My Dad (who went through two World Wars and was a really nice guy) would say - "Get over it".

  • Chris McCollum
    Chris McCollum Year ago

    Prayers. Please pray for your pace. I have some similar problems and hurdles. Life is better for me when I go at a super manageable pace (as defined by me). The Samurai is a personae. The man is what feeds and defines the family. You're doing great, amigo. Keep it up.

  • Todd Coutu
    Todd Coutu Year ago

    Just make project videos please. Stay with what got you here. I see to many channels lose their way.

  • Christopher Avolt

    Just say goodbye and we will go. I will miss you. Later. You have been slow lately. yes or no? You are a great wood worker and it is hard to say good bye.

  • MrSebbaman
    MrSebbaman Year ago

    So many people here think that you owe them something just because they've been enjoying your videos. If they can't understand that everyone has to deal with difficult things in their own lives, and that your channel is not about THEM, they should just stop watching instead of offering their "opinions" on what they believe are your motivations or character. When certain people go on RU-clip I think large parts of their brain shut off and they forget that you are still a human being, among other things. I don't think those are the type of people you want around you anyways.
    Keep your head up and don't let those types get you down. There are many more of us who will support you whether or not you're feeling well, and in whatever you are doing. All the best.

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone Year ago

    Since you're probably making somewhere between $30K - $60K a year from youtube, my guess is that you will be providing content as long as you can. Like most content producers I would imagine that the income has created a financial dependency that becomes difficult to live without once the lifestyle has been changed to consume it. On one hand I hope for the best for you and your family, and I sincerely mean that, and on the other hand I say, cut the crap.

  • Bryan Bernart
    Bryan Bernart Year ago

    Please do. Your ego is nearly unbearable.

  • toon's eten
    toon's eten Year ago

    I unsubbed I don't like to see an old stream on youtube with a clickbaith title. Samurai I hope you get enough work with your carpenter work but for the last year your channel is going down. Wish you alot of real work and not the youtube bullshit.

  • Santiago Gurule
    Santiago Gurule Year ago

    you're a great carpenter and hilarious on film, keep going.

  • tim _
    tim _ Year ago

    More money over at Twitch

  • JohnnyFanta
    JohnnyFanta Year ago +1

    I hate clickbait titles

  • Craig Brown
    Craig Brown Year ago

    Aw'right you legend of a man!

  • GuyNamedMatthew
    GuyNamedMatthew Year ago

    Have u ever made a drum? Bongo or anything like that?

  • Night Train
    Night Train Year ago

    Maybe it's time to move to Florida west palm beach is beautiful all year hailing from frozen balls Canada you should be able to wear shorts all year round.

  • Karl Traunmüller

    Can‘t understand a thing...

  • ApexSun
    ApexSun Year ago

    Be curious to know what meds helped you, i get that crap and hate it.

  • jacob04103
    jacob04103 Year ago

    Vitamin D

  • WhoDatBe Dare
    WhoDatBe Dare Year ago

    You should start with online courses only have a look at Steve Ramsey. He's made a very decent income offering a beginners course . after 10 years on RU-clip contributing free woodworking diy how to project videos.

  • Hank Bishop
    Hank Bishop Year ago

    "Steady in the gale" Understand completely!

  • lowest of the low M.

    I always think about our ancestors how they made it with just guts and will
    That gets me out of my funk

  • kooky flukes
    kooky flukes Year ago

    You need a holiday in the sun. Perhaps Japan. Leave the camera at home this time. See you in a couple of weeks when you have some vitamin d supplimented via the sun.
    Samurai rocks.

  • Stanley. Watson
    Stanley. Watson Year ago

    Sorry can barely hear.

  • 86rix
    86rix Year ago

    Does anyone know if the Samauri tool vest is on the market? Like for sale?

  • ReInvented Wood Works

    Praying for you brother, you are not alone. Looking forward to who you become because of this!

  • Tony Kennedy
    Tony Kennedy Year ago

    Take care my friend, Samurai. Health and family are always most important. It will be a shame to see less Japanese carpentry on the air, but you could also be encouraging others to fill your void. Best wishes mate! From down under, but a former long term Japanese resident.

  • Mia Caliendo
    Mia Caliendo Year ago


  • Mia Caliendo
    Mia Caliendo Year ago


  • Mia Caliendo
    Mia Caliendo Year ago

    Stop drinking in the winter.

  • Mia Caliendo
    Mia Caliendo Year ago

    Come on you need to get out in the winter and snow shoe with your kids and wife. Playing in the snow helps and keeping yourself busy is very helpful.

  • Mia Caliendo
    Mia Caliendo Year ago

    Creative people always struggle.
    mood swings and other stuff

  • wojtekstach78
    wojtekstach78 Year ago

    keep Your head up!

  • Reggie Williams
    Reggie Williams Year ago

    Sound didnt work for me to see video

  • Barry Ribbs
    Barry Ribbs Year ago

    Wont miss your D bagginess

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King Year ago

    He just wants more money from people

  • Kevin Angel
    Kevin Angel Year ago

    Peace! Happiness! and Health! Brother...... we are here with you

  • Jabba the Catt
    Jabba the Catt Year ago

    Winter sucks. Get a sunrise system alarm clock and light panel. Light therapy works. And regular trips to the Hawaii

  • moctezuma696
    moctezuma696 Year ago

    Samurai! Can you do a hot tube video?

  • moctezuma696
    moctezuma696 Year ago

    You put your heart in to your work... That takes it out of you. We

  • moctezuma696
    moctezuma696 Year ago

    It's tough... Just do what you can do...

  • moctezuma696
    moctezuma696 Year ago

    Don't medicate... it's a cope out! You can win with the Samurai Spirit!

  • Alexandru Cismasu

    Take your time, we'll be waiting! ;) Can't wait to have you back, on your own terms, of course!

  • Brian Waters
    Brian Waters Year ago

    Good luck with your endeavors. I unsub clickbaiters, so gotta go.

  • Kyle Bowers
    Kyle Bowers Year ago

    I can relate! Big fan of this channel!

  • Leland Davis
    Leland Davis Year ago

    turn up your volume please

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius Year ago +1

    Ever since you went live stream is the moment you lost a lot of your good viewers. And please don't make you leaving turn in to a long Hollywood death scene. You are good, don't get me wrong, but your paying customers in the REAL world need you.

  • Willem Nicolaas van Witzenburg

    Take care. Love your work. Very inspiring :-)

  • Tim Jennings
    Tim Jennings Year ago

    Good to see you back Sir! Keep up the good work.

  • Gareth Kortegast
    Gareth Kortegast Year ago

    If I was to fly over from sydney Australia is there local accommodation available and would you provide transfers... ?

  • Joe Schlotthauer
    Joe Schlotthauer Year ago

    What meds help, have PTSD and depression.

  • Adam Hill
    Adam Hill Year ago

    I hear you have been doing a job for someone in the states. My truth to that man? I figured that’s where you’ve been.

  • Fix&makeIt Yourself

    Bro move to Texas, sunny days and you don’t have to shovel the sunshine!

  • Troy Staten
    Troy Staten Year ago

    Good luck with your future endeavors, I enjoy watching your videos.

  • Recalcitrant Recidivist

    Depression is a killer. Take care eh!

  • Joe Grimes
    Joe Grimes Year ago

    Haven’t watched in a while . Just made a router sled to plane some bowling alley slabs . Thx for tips in those videos .

  • TeeKay Pew
    TeeKay Pew Year ago +2

    You gotta look after you and yours. Your stuff is top notch, try to hang in there mate.

  • dmsdrm
    dmsdrm Year ago

    you rock buddy

  • acousticguitarpeter
    acousticguitarpeter Year ago +2

    If you can't live up to Samurai on youtube, you should quit. Follow your dreams or whatever.

  • Shaun Kennedy
    Shaun Kennedy Year ago +1

    a white guy from canada calling him self a Samurai

    • Chad Alan
      Chad Alan Year ago

      Shaun Kennedy point? thanks try again..

  • Steven SDbuild
    Steven SDbuild Year ago

    I do think you need to take on some outside contracts. It gives you another income option plus it forces you to get out and about.
    I'm sure there's plenty folk out there that would pay a premium for you.

  • Philip Mason
    Philip Mason Year ago

    HEY MAN! Glad to see you. Been watching you for a few years. So excited for the school thing. I've been waiting to sign up. I hope to be your first youtube/online student.

  • Polarman111
    Polarman111 Year ago

    Take care dude.

  • Marcus Rayner
    Marcus Rayner Year ago

    Not only is the Samurai a master carpenter and wise he is also courageous and brave, it takes a lot of bollocks for someone to openly say they have been struggling with their mental health, thanks Samurai you make it easier for me and I'm pretty sure lots of other people to open up and seek help👍 God Bless You and Your Family 😊

  • dominic barnes
    dominic barnes Year ago

    click bait worked for me ... all the way to the unsubscribe button . I got to 7 minutes and you openly state hat the title is click bait and it felt more like a sales pitch for your future courses than anything else. Your choice, I wish you good luck but this channel isn't for me any longer.

  • Thunder Slap
    Thunder Slap Year ago +6


    • jed pad
      jed pad 9 months ago

      sorry you can't handle a clickbait title or him not putting out as much content must be hard to not get exactly what you want all the time and only think about yourself and not the people actually creating the stuff you obviously liked watching or else you wouldn't have subbed in the first place. millennials nobody can seem to please you losers

  • Adam Coyne
    Adam Coyne Year ago

    Don't forget what got you too the show.

  • Anders Holmgren
    Anders Holmgren Year ago

    Hey bro! Sending love from Sweden.

  • Tim Meier
    Tim Meier Year ago

    Keep it real... thanks!

  • Robert Nickel
    Robert Nickel Year ago

    SAD is brutal Brother. Hope you get to a good place!

  • Doug JB
    Doug JB Year ago

    SAD is real, and it’s insidious.
    You said you’re medicating yourself; I hope you don’t mean you’re taking meds based on guesswork.
    If you haven’t already, please see a professional.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson Year ago

    The Samurai is back! Best of luck with your new endeavor.

  • Frank Y
    Frank Y Year ago +2

    Bro get of the meds. There not good for you. Stay busy. Good luck , Stay strong for your family.

    • Jason Scheffler
      Jason Scheffler Year ago

      Jas, that's like saying trench coats should be outlawed as people like to wear them to hide weapons for school shooting.

    • jas wats
      jas wats Year ago

      Almost every modern mass murderer in the US was medicated by "professionals". Your point is wrong.

    • Jason Scheffler
      Jason Scheffler Year ago +1

      Ya, don't listen to a highly trained medical professional but to some faceless internet expert and stay off medication.

    • Some Dude
      Some Dude Year ago

      Frank Y I knew a guy who listened to someone who was encouraging him to get off his meds...

  • a phillips
    a phillips Year ago +11

    just make something for crying out loud.

  • Joseph Quick
    Joseph Quick Year ago

    Never quit, you inspire me!

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson Year ago

    Love your channel mate but you got to look after yourself and family first so when you post I’ll be watching take care from 🇦🇺

  • 추장TV
    추장TV Year ago

    Hope to see another project like Flower for Florence or the chest for your wife one day.

  • Iestyn Jones
    Iestyn Jones Year ago

    Thanks for opening up about SAD. A brave and honest thing to do... and an encouragement to fellow sufferers. Bless you buddy.

  • sixstrings24
    sixstrings24 Year ago +2

    The sun is a natural way to deal with seasonal depression. We in the north don't get enough Vit. D in the winter.

  • Scrimjaw
    Scrimjaw Year ago

    When are you just going back to having videos on you making bits and bobs?

  • Florin Jurcovici
    Florin Jurcovici Year ago

    Nah, I didn't think you were leaving YT. I thought you simply died.