Search groundwater and Build Water filter in the forest by ancient skill ( wells bamboo )


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    New Video

  • climate12
    climate12 18 hours ago

    How did he know there is water beneath? Another technique for that?

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  • Лев Антонов

    О, плывун, его трогать нельзя )

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    Uốn bằng môi

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    thanks for watching video of tine tv

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    Такой не пропадёт 👍👍👍

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    بوركت يا بني ابداع فوق الخيال 🌸😻

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    Highly impressed.

  • Anya Galchenya
    Anya Galchenya 4 days ago

    почему я смотрю это в 2.26? :/

    YA YEET 4 days ago +5

    finally something usefull instead of pools.

  • Edi Eletrodomestico
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    E simplesmente sensacional a criatividade do ser humano,só com as mãos o rapaz fabricou um reservatório gigante e ainda mais com carvão ativado.sera que eu consigo fazer um desse lá no nordeste do Brasil.

  • Flimer
    Flimer 4 days ago

    if he did the same in the smaller one the water would be even clearer

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  • theother account
    theother account 4 days ago

    I love watching this.I always wished as a kid of building one of these for my food/water/live stock security.Cost blood, sweat, tears, an a good pocket knife.A good aquaponics system for jumbo prawns, cat fish, trout, an fruits, an veggies in the grow beds on top.With water I can supply strait from here.As a kid I was dying to try trout as the weather wasn't as hot as my current home state.Here it would be only suitable for catfish, an possibly the prawns trout in fall through spring.But they would be cleared out before summer every yr.

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    Stephanie Reyes 5 days ago

    14:08 it doesn’t look like he drank it 💀💀

  • 니그림그리는율

    한국인인 사람ㅠ 와 대단하세요
    Korea에서 유면해요

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    Do you sell these?

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    op djema qka po bon aje mir

  • Paul Paredes
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    how do you find a spot worth digging in the first place? or do we just dig 'till we find water?

    • Overall Videos
      Overall Videos 4 days ago

      No problem

    • Paul Paredes
      Paul Paredes 4 days ago

      @Overall Videos oh, ok! will do that. thanks, mate!

    • Overall Videos
      Overall Videos 4 days ago

      Paul Paredes check a place where there is lots of plants and if the soil/dirt is moist

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    Dude these guys are playing life in survival mode

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    Video này chắc chắn sẽ mang lại nhiều cảm xúc đặc biệt. Tôi đã đặt một dấu nhắc để nhận thông báo. Tôi hy vọng mọi người hãy ghé qua kênh của tôi để ủng hộ tôi, xin cảm ơn

  • John Smith
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    Get ready for the next big health fad: organic, raw, cold pressed charcoal. (fine, not cold pressed)

    ASPIRINKA Rin 6 days ago +1

    вот и пей эту воду - разводи глистов у себя )

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    I feel sorry for those people who thought he finished the entire thing for just a couple of hour...

  • therealrjbond
    therealrjbond 7 days ago

    Look like I said I like these vids, but come on...that water was still putrid. He's gagging on on the yellow water but is truthfully conditioned to drink that quality. He needs to find the dudes who run the bamboo channels from the river to get him clean water.

  • Adam Lewis
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    Try this is B.C. .... 2 feet deep...4 foot Boulder.. end of project.

  • Николай Бардамов

    Красава!!!!! Настоящий Мужик!!!!!

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    вот же круто... а зачем?

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    Один хрен мутная))

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    Pablo Fernández 8 days ago

    Todo para beber un vaso de agua, si es que cuando hay sed, hay sed

  • Pablo Fernández
    Pablo Fernández 8 days ago

    Ya sabeis se donde viene la palabra artista? Ahi va uno

    • Pablo Fernández
      Pablo Fernández 8 days ago

      Y ademas va a conseguir mejor calidad de agua que las ciudades

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    14:06 I've seen this way of drinking before on an advertisement of energy drinks

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown 10 days ago

    Who else noticed the spider at the right on 3:42

  • Daniel Pessanha
    Daniel Pessanha 10 days ago

    You Win Salve Planet

  • Qwyra Korry
    Qwyra Korry 10 days ago

    Čisty fejk ak si myslite že to všetko urobil stou tičkov tak ste najivny všimnite si tie bambusi su odrezane čistym rezom nie usekane za kamerou mu včala motorova pila.

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    We could all learn a lot from watching you guys Superb

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    Он не выпил даже

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    marie casimir 13 days ago

    god created us with all knowledge but we let man made school messed all up

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    mitrych key 13 days ago

    очень похоже на пиздежь)) все такое рафинированное, что аж сахар капет. спасибо за театр. ой, вопрос, вы его бъети?

  • Graham Bunton
    Graham Bunton 13 days ago

    After he dug the well I though the structure to the side was going to be a diving board !!!!!!

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    Sasha barodache 13 days ago

    Он мастер , а мы боты ленивые и тупорылые. Хто перевел почти не бот

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    *O cara é malandro acha msm que bebeu a água? Ksksks*

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    Wow good!

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    Miss me wit day water

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    a agua ta saloba

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    Duje Živkov 14 days ago

    Try this in Dalmatia ,first thing you'ld hit with that stick would be head of yours after realizing second would be rock ,but great vid

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    Sorry is so bear😫😫🤯

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    good whotar fhiltar veri nice

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    Hay que dejar de comer gluten porque eso nos vuelve brutos
    Ellos no comen gluten por eso son inteligentes

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    Fake. Srsly

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    chevyengine307 16 days ago

    Wow he did not drink it. It just pour around his mouth

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    wow amazing video i like

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    I’m very impressed with his multi functional tool!

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  • Старцева Людмила


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    Вы талантливый человек!!! Это прекрасно! Спасибо огромное за видео!

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    that bamboo sure beats concrete

  • Максим Хачатрян

    Firstly I m laughing haha doesn’t work but then WTF IT WORKS

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    A real jungle Rambo .☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊

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    Wow, I think the Asian people have a good head ^ ^ Except Korea, Korean men pay for their money, and their hair is not very good. I do not have much of a problem with Japanese men.

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    He fake drank it!

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    I really want to drink this water

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    대박 엄청깨끗하네요😍

  • ᆞ힘내자
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    대박 엄청깨끗하네요

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    The real version of minecraft