Sci-Fi Short Film "The Stowaway" presented by DUST

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
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    "The Stowaway" by Rpin Suwannath
    A stowaway is discovered on an emergency dispatch ship and must come to terms with the consequence of her action.
    Based on the short story "The Cold Equations" by Tom Godwin.
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Comments • 2 019

  • Amnon Meyers
    Amnon Meyers Day ago +1

    There were hints that the pilot was an automaton, doncha think? No family, "not wired" for xyz, etc.

  • clivecollett1234
    clivecollett1234 3 days ago

    This is a remake of a 1960’s program from a uk version of the twilight zone. It haunted me as a child then and still does. I wish I could find the original.

  • Miranda Powell
    Miranda Powell 3 days ago +1

    I cried and cried and sobbed. They could have found another way.

  • they never tell the truth

    If that doesn't hit you hard your not alive!

  • Axgoodofdunemaul
    Axgoodofdunemaul 6 days ago

    The young man is movie star material. Well done all around.

  • James Hobbs
    James Hobbs 7 days ago


  • Rick Landreth
    Rick Landreth 7 days ago +3

    God, what a story. I daresay that this will stay with me for a long while. Superb acting by both characters. You could see the struggle in the pilot's face...and the girl, talking with her brother...never have I seen such emotion. You keep thinking he won't do it. You keep expecting that rends you.

  • s3xyScorp
    s3xyScorp 8 days ago


  • Greg Walker
    Greg Walker 8 days ago +2

    Can’t tell me they couldn’t strip 120 pounds somewhere off the ship

  • teachthemalltruth
    teachthemalltruth 9 days ago

    Hey, what's going on here? The Twilight Zone 1985 series already did this! :O

  • joe 01225
    joe 01225 9 days ago +1

    This is a famous science fiction short story i read many years ago. I remember because it was so tragic and all too believable. Quite shocking and horrific. Space is much like the ocean, unforgiving in it's fury. In space the absolute vacuum of below zero deadly silence. Not even a scream can be heard. To loose a small girl to that, one that thought she was on an adventure, and found herself instead facing imminent death! Haunting! Very well done. The girl was very good showing bravery at the end. Thumbs up to this sobering tale.

    OBELIXER 9 days ago

    Life has hardened me, this is exactly how my kids look at me when I deny them something.

    • J Hart
      J Hart 4 days ago

      That means you're doing something correct.

  • John Obmar
    John Obmar 10 days ago

    Apparently he's a robot, the only one on the ship, and he has a gun.
    For what? There's no living being in light years.

  • CjGaming
    CjGaming 12 days ago

    What kind of retarded "fuel" limit bullshit? I've never heard of anyone ever in their right mind ever going "oh I understand I need EXACTLY THIS MUCH FUEL to just reach my destination EXACTLY" also 98 pounds on what must be a multi ton ship wouldnt be that much of a problem. There is so much wrong in this short just for the sake of "plot"

  • Marian Paździoch
    Marian Paździoch 13 days ago

    It's very unwise not to take into consideration some error margin when calculating amount of fuel required for a mission. She is like what ? 1% weight of whole ship + cargo ? Maybe less ?

  • George Morgan
    George Morgan 13 days ago +1

    UGH! All these offering by Dust are grim, ugly and depressing. For all the work put into them, they drive me to the conclusion that the makers are nihilistic and self destructive.

    • Daniel rogers
      Daniel rogers 12 days ago

      @George Morgan well im a 40k fan so stay the hell away from that, May I recommend the source code/ ready player one, certain types of animi can be really good and positive, but if you really want to just zone out and relax watch movie 24 channel light-hearted romcoms (nothing bad ever happens in those films)

    • George Morgan
      George Morgan 12 days ago

      @Daniel rogers At 67 and having spent 24 years as a U.S. Marine grunt, I've had all the "realism" I can stand! My previous statement stands as written.

    • Daniel rogers
      Daniel rogers 12 days ago

      its designed to make you think and be realistic, in real life their isn't always a happy ending but at the same time they would bring more fuel, jettisoned the chair etc in real life

  • Clark Clifford
    Clark Clifford 14 days ago

    No escape pod?

  • Clark Clifford
    Clark Clifford 14 days ago

    Should have ended with a crash due to another stowaway.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 14 days ago +2

    Plagiarism Aether Dimension X or X - 1 old time radio you should be ashamed

  • Rug Ratz
    Rug Ratz 15 days ago

    the actor who played Gerry Cross her brother was the same actor who played Peter Pevensie in the Narnia films

  • Harvey Putnick
    Harvey Putnick 15 days ago

    only to land and have 1/8 of a tank left!!

  • Harvey Putnick
    Harvey Putnick 15 days ago +1

    95 pounds hardly makes a difference when calculating jet fuel....hard to see past this plot point

  • Benjamin Schabel
    Benjamin Schabel 15 days ago


  • Richard WW
    Richard WW 16 days ago

    Why would anyone dimension a medical rescue mission with such a tight margin of error that a 50Kg human would jeopardise it ? Couldn't he have ejected an equivalent mass of something else ?

  • Freddie Hankins
    Freddie Hankins 16 days ago

    So much space in the ship you think they could've of made more room for surplus fuel, lol 🤣

  • Freddie Hankins
    Freddie Hankins 16 days ago +3

    In the future everything will be Pentagon shaped and rectangular 🤣

  • pspicer777
    pspicer777 16 days ago +1

    Interesting. To the ppl suggesting they could have removed an equivalent amount of weight and not sacrificed the girl. That misses the point as there are situations where this kind of out is not possible. The point of the story was to examine this situation with the constraints presented. Being distracted by hypotheticals in this context would have reduced the impact of having to make this decision.

  • Sir Kant
    Sir Kant 16 days ago +2

    Man you guys produce quality flicks..may go full movie

  • Om Borkar
    Om Borkar 16 days ago

    That seemed... highly unscientific. A good movie nonetheless don't get me wrong

  • Marcus Jeffers
    Marcus Jeffers 17 days ago +1

    A real man would have traded places...I would not want to live in that future :(

    • Marcus Jeffers
      Marcus Jeffers 16 days ago

      @pspicer777 for you as well:)

    • pspicer777
      pspicer777 16 days ago +1

      Marcus Jeffers Indeed. I have already witnessed what you describe having got my own start in computers in thr 60’s. A reference for you just in case.... Zager and Evan’s song “In the year 2525” ... Be well MJ.

    • Marcus Jeffers
      Marcus Jeffers 16 days ago +1

      @pspicer777 Every year computing power doubles. In 30 years it will be over a billion times faster so I think that in 50 to a 100 years from now we will not need humans to pilot anything or have to do much of anything. Our machines will be doing everything :)

    • pspicer777
      pspicer777 16 days ago

      MJ, I thought the same early on, but the control mentioned that he was needed to pilot the ship.

  • Shawn Beckmann1
    Shawn Beckmann1 17 days ago

    He was one of the Aliens on the Original Roswell Series

  • Shawn Beckmann1
    Shawn Beckmann1 17 days ago +1

    Interesting....But She's a Crappy Actress lol

    • AngryTechGuy
      AngryTechGuy 16 days ago

      "I love you Jerry!"
      Yeah, she was pretty bad.

  • Chris Hemphill
    Chris Hemphill 17 days ago +2

    Man, her brother sure was kinda “whatevz” about the situation

    • Ben Schultz
      Ben Schultz 11 days ago +1

      Chris, her brother is a spaceman, on another planet, who knows what science is and what The Cold Equations (the story this is taken from) mean. There was absolutely nothing he could do, because berating her for her actions would do nothing more than make her break down into the 15 yo girl that she is in the story. That wouldn't accomplish anything. I love you is the only thing that could be said.

  • Mikiness Analog
    Mikiness Analog 17 days ago

    This is a remake of an 80s Twilight Zone short called "The Cold Equation".

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth 18 days ago

    Very heart wrenching ending but I agree with a previous post that it is not consistent that the sensors only picked up the stow away after nearly completing its mission. The sensors should have picked up the added mass, the accelerated oxygen depletion, and higher CO2 levels pretty much at the start of the voyage. Low bid government purchased computer and sensors I guess?

  • Singapore Breaking News

    I would have jettison equipment equal to her a chair or something

  • TheUpwardbound1
    TheUpwardbound1 19 days ago +1

    I keep thinking of that chair. She might have weight 120lbs if that. I know being logical can throw the storyline off just my input. It was an amazing story great actors. Truly impressed with these Dust stories. I wish we had Star Trek level technology at this point but iam sure if we get our trivial differences in check and think as a human collective there wont be anything we cant accomplish.

  • neotargetone
    neotargetone 19 days ago

    Well that sucked...

  • Hugh Lusignan
    Hugh Lusignan 20 days ago

    Was kind of expecting the pilot to take the place of the young child, but he isn't "wired" for human emotions.

  • Sanne wijn
    Sanne wijn 20 days ago +1

    yes, its totally unrealistic. THe science doesnt add up blahblahblah. Its about the choice they display. And though it isnt by far an original storyline. (I think its a moral question as old as our first empathic development) They did a great job of displaying it, especially with limited recourses. I FELT this choice inside of me and thats what its all about.

    • pspicer777
      pspicer777 16 days ago +1

      Sanne wijn Yes. Others are distracted by hypotheticals not relevant to the situation presented.

  • Ununius
    Ununius 20 days ago

    typical woman.. does what she wants when she wants it.. because she 'Felt" like it disregarding logic and any ramifications for the action. now the poor pilot has to live with that for the rest of his life.

    • pspicer777
      pspicer777 16 days ago

      Ununius Impulsive behavour is not limited to _typical woman_ . It is a human characteristic especially prevelant in the young and inexperienced.

  • Not You
    Not You 21 day ago

    4:56 my trope senses are tingling... prediction loading..... i predict an 85 percent chance that the man will sacrifice himself and it will be a surprise reveal! please surprise me cause that would be boring.

    • Not You
      Not You 21 day ago

      well colour me surprised, turns out dust aint pussies after all. good job!

  • Mi Ni
    Mi Ni 21 day ago

    Come on! Just jettison those stupid chairs, few panels from a walls, your gun and your body armor, and you get a teenager girl-worth of weight reduction to your lousy rescue bod.

    Mission of course failed because of extra weigth of the bracelet.

  • John Springer
    John Springer 21 day ago

    Umm, he could have given his own life for hers and jettisoned himself.

    • pspicer777
      pspicer777 16 days ago

      John Springer JS, apparently not suitable to the task required to safely land the ship. In the video this option is excluded by his Control stating that he is required to do this. The problem was so constrained.

    • John Springer
      John Springer 16 days ago

      @pspicer777 No auto pilot in this scenario?

    • pspicer777
      pspicer777 16 days ago

      John Springer Without a pilot the craft would crash, she would have died, as would the colonists. Your solution would fail.

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing 21 day ago +2

    This was probably the hardest Dust short I’ve watched.

  • Mxter
    Mxter 21 day ago

    *** insert Bronn meme ***

  • Jeff Gogo
    Jeff Gogo 22 days ago

    The spell of the movie was broken the moment the teenager started taking responsibility for her actions. We all know that, is an impossibility, lol. There was an episode of Twilight Zone or Outer Limits(some show like that), that was the same story.

  • bootnsoot
    bootnsoot 22 days ago

    I remember this story and it's always haunted me.

  • Darren Kastl
    Darren Kastl 22 days ago

    What! no pew !pew ! pew! Go on with out me! Pew !pew!pew! Hurry hurry ill hold them off as long as I can! Pew! Pew! Pew! I said now go ! Pew !pew! pew! I will always love you! Pew ! Pew! Pew! You don't have much time! Now go! Pew! Pew! Pew! Lol!

    • morning1500
      morning1500 13 days ago

      It would have been more merciful to shoot her before closing the door... instant death, versus the horrible agony of dying in the vacuum of space, which is not instant! :(

  • Andromeda Native
    Andromeda Native 23 days ago

    This is a carbon copy of a twilight episode with a space stowaway a simply a remake.

  • mandellorian
    mandellorian 23 days ago

    Stupid story, but then the short story is based on was ludicrously bad. Calculating fuel for an intra solar mission to that level is impossible unless you have a sensor array and computer with the capacity of a god...simply hitting some dust, a strong solar flare the atmosphere extending a fraction further out...anyone one of a dozen random things would cause the mission to fail utterly. Brilliant plan send off a ship that is guaranteed to never actually make it to its destination.

    • Darren Kastl
      Darren Kastl 22 days ago

      I think you spend to much time away from reality there bucko? Go get some sun! Build some thing , you could Evan take a course on extramarital affairs or something!

  • Bert Dishman
    Bert Dishman 23 days ago

    Issues with this
    1. Death by space is the worst death. Should of shot her in the head then launched her out, it would of been a mercy.
    2. Why are EDS's not more guarded if they carry that important of a cargo.
    3. There communication with her brother is cut out due to the roatation of the planet....they have no commuication satelites?
    4. A ship can cross light years faster then group 2 can cross a sea.
    5. I want to complain that the ship is basically at the bare minimal of whats needed for the trip, but i can see that happening.What bothers me is that on such a bare minimal amount, they wasn't more closely monitoring the ships fuel.
    It would of took more fuel to accelerate, to that speed and a longer time which would of notibly put it off schedule long before they noticed it on the sensors
    Other then that well done even though it was a obvious story ending.

    • morning1500
      morning1500 13 days ago

      I agree with the idea of shooting her, first. Instant death, versus the agony of dying in the vacuum of space, which is not instant! :( Still horrible, no question about that. :(

  • richard bidinger
    richard bidinger 23 days ago

    The Outer Limits tv show already did this one many years ago. This is just a newer version.

  • Самоделкин Енакентий

    вдвоем в корабле, никто не мешает, самое время порнушкой заняться

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 23 days ago +2

    these ships have literally 0% redundancy fuel...really?

    • J Hart
      J Hart 4 days ago

      It's imaginary.

  • Ron Stash
    Ron Stash 24 days ago +1

    Why would a guy lug around a big pistol on a single-ship?

    • InDisskyS131
      InDisskyS131 14 days ago

      Probably due to security measures. You know, in case of unforseen events like pirates or maybe..... stoaways.

  • Tim Miller
    Tim Miller 24 days ago

    This is a direct ripoff of "The Cold Equations", an episode of The Twilight Zone from 7 January 1989.

    • Gabriel Dantas
      Gabriel Dantas 23 days ago +1

      The Cold Equations is a short story from the 1950s. Both are visual interpretations of it. The girl, ship, planet etc name are the exact same in the short.

  • Arlo Marlo
    Arlo Marlo 24 days ago +1

    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions, always".

  • Steve Leitch
    Steve Leitch 25 days ago

    I always get emotional when I read Godwin’s original story. This video does it full justice!

  • Leamick
    Leamick 25 days ago

    Honestly thought he was going to jettison himself in the end.

  • Hardhitter1738 Hardhitter1738

    Honestly good idea but you didn’t really build a big enough emotional bound between the characters didn’t really feel anything when she went

  • bghutchins
    bghutchins 26 days ago

    I thought this was very well done. How did the director get Brendan Fehr? He always does great work. Looking forward to reading "Cold Equations" tomorrow.

  • bob gomescruz
    bob gomescruz 26 days ago

    Twilight zone did it first

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson 27 days ago

    I like the concept but the idea that they'd have such a low margin of error that a childs weight would cause it to fail seems silly.
    I mean the falcon heavy brings 100 metric tonns to orbit. And yet one child on a spaceship that can travel between solar systems can't deal with 50kg of extra baggage. You'd have thought they'd leave a margin of error. What happens if the weather is too bad and they can't even land on that side of the planet.

  • TVdinnermasterchef
    TVdinnermasterchef 27 days ago +1

    This was a great vid, probably the best I've seen of yours so far. Congrats, the subtle emotion of the pilot was amazing; reminds me of the thin smile Andy Dufrain gets when he hears the kid who was shot passed his exams (Shawshank). Hardly there, but completely unmissable.

  • steve gale
    steve gale 28 days ago

    How the heck did she get on it in the first place?

  • Goat Sac
    Goat Sac 28 days ago

    The Cold Equations. Good story.

  • markman63
    markman63 28 days ago +1

  • Mustang  1969
    Mustang 1969 28 days ago

    "Cold Equasions" or not, the Pilot couldn't find anything else equaling the girl's weight to Jettison? No wonder the Govt and corporations want familiy-less drones operating their stuff. Had he been a Brother, Uncle or Father the outcome may have been different.

  • heath bannert
    heath bannert 29 days ago +1

    Saw something similar on the twilight zone once. Were they both based on cold equations?

    • DUST
      DUST  29 days ago

      Don't know wabout Twilight epsidoe - but this short film was based on that story