Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul (Opening) [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia) // Animenz

  • Published on Jan 17, 2016
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    Unravel is one of my favorite Openings of all time. It's so fragile and powerful at the same time. And Animenz made the IMO best arrangement of this epic Opening from Tokyo Ghoul! Enjoy!
    Check out his awesome performance:

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    Composer(s): Yutaka Yamada
    Arrangement © Animenz (2015)
    Original Music © Pierrot (2014)
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  • 蝶が魔物になったら。


  • Dragon 19
    Dragon 19 19 hours ago

    Should this even be considered as a “tutorial”?

  • Orange-Mocha
    Orange-Mocha 22 hours ago


  • Jaedyn Martinez
    Jaedyn Martinez Day ago

    Look at all these weebs lol

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown Day ago

    I wish I could forget this anime every time I watch so that I can what it again...

  • Hung Do
    Hung Do Day ago


  • Muhammad Rifki Ulul Albab

    Hope (one piece) please🙏

  • 島野一真
    島野一真 Day ago +2


  • _HaPpY_ :3
    _HaPpY_ :3 2 days ago

    ;-; shi..

  • casual potato
    casual potato 2 days ago

    How many hands do we need for this then...

  • N
    N 3 days ago

    Es imposible

  • LivBeech
    LivBeech 3 days ago

    *successfully plays the first chord.

  • JF Gaming
    JF Gaming 4 days ago +14

    *You Ken run but you can't **_Hide_*
    _Okie let's not Touka bout that pun_

  • Terrence Bata
    Terrence Bata 4 days ago

    Thanks bro I played it infront of my gf parents and they Now Like me

  • いやぁー学校めんどい。


  • AnalyteCS
    AnalyteCS 5 days ago +4

    I've just started and I feel like I've been spending an hour for each LINE

  • carlos moya torres
    carlos moya torres 6 days ago

    Like si hablas español y no entiendes lo que disen los demas comentarios :v xdd

  • David Bay Yong Sheng

    The bassline at 1.23..

  • Siti Nurul Fitria
    Siti Nurul Fitria 6 days ago

    Even my brother can't do this....
    Even my brother ia can play piano good... Without see the song... Just listen the song and he can play it... But not like this one..

  • Saako Suzuki
    Saako Suzuki 7 days ago

    **after breaking my piano, rage quitting, and screaming like triggered 2 year old** *mother trucker dude, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick...*

  • Sunny Cin
    Sunny Cin 7 days ago +48

    This is impossible

    Wait, I’m Asian, hold my rice

  • Foggyfishy
    Foggyfishy 7 days ago

    At least theres no awful singing here

  • ジェフリーガレオン

    0:04 looks easy!🤔

    0:10 hmmm. Ok getting a little bit hard now

    0:34 oh F*ck no

    4:05 Dead

  • Nix Revolution
    Nix Revolution 7 days ago


  • Deniz G
    Deniz G 8 days ago +1

    Is this a human version?

  • Adon Mix
    Adon Mix 8 days ago +2

    I will always love it❤❤❤

  • tqsmyn :]
    tqsmyn :] 8 days ago +2

    something that requires to *drag your face across the keyboard*

  • Piyorin
    Piyorin 8 days ago

    What Finger Does You Have?

  • Sokomun
    Sokomun 9 days ago


  • たけしきき
    たけしきき 9 days ago


  • 聖司V
    聖司V 9 days ago


  • Unсreative
    Unсreative 11 days ago +3

    I'll come back in ten years when I can hopefully play this

  • BNL
    BNL 11 days ago +1

    It‘s so beautiful

  • Jordan Chang
    Jordan Chang 11 days ago

    What a good song choice you are a great peaniost

  • 沙緒里後藤
    沙緒里後藤 12 days ago

    I remember seeing this 2 years ago and after coming back to see this, I can actually learn this piece. Only 3 parts where I have to look to practice and I can do it yay

  • benk *
    benk * 13 days ago +1

    That wasn't in the manga

  • あた
    あた 13 days ago


  • あた
    あた 13 days ago


  • あた
    あた 13 days ago


  • あた
    あた 13 days ago


  • デスアンパンマン


  • Najki Official
    Najki Official 14 days ago

    Could someone write me letter notes for this? I would be very grateful.

    • Najki Official
      Najki Official 11 days ago

      @autism Okay, thanks

    • autism
      autism 11 days ago +1

      I don't think anyone would have the time and patience, if there isn't one out there already... You're better off learning how to read sheet music, then learning how to play this piece, or just simply learning off of a synthesia tutorial (with the correct finger placement - try "online pianist").

  • Сита Кумико
    Сита Кумико 14 days ago

    Я не могу так играть. Левая плохо разработана, а правую клинит из-за перелома пальца

  • ᄒᄒA시
    ᄒᄒA시 14 days ago +1

    Nice! When’s the human version coming out?

  • Ich halt
    Ich halt 15 days ago

    Ummmm, yeah, im happy with my easier version... I think😅

  • Isaiah Jerue
    Isaiah Jerue 15 days ago

    Im selling my fingers I assume some of you might want them to play this?

  • 인생별거없다
    인생별거없다 15 days ago


  • • SixUchihaPaths •
    • SixUchihaPaths • 16 days ago +1

    Day 1 of learning this: Beginning isn't TOO hard but the part where the guitar plays it is hard.
    Day 2: help
    Day 5: Wow I'm actually doing pretty good I have confirmed, it's possible

  • • SixUchihaPaths •
    • SixUchihaPaths • 16 days ago +1

    I got 4 years to learn this

  • Knovis
    Knovis 16 days ago

    O sure, I get it now.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 16 days ago

    Should I learn this with sythesia or sheet (whats the quickest way to learn sheet)

    • • SixUchihaPaths •
      • SixUchihaPaths • 16 days ago

      I'm gonna try to learn it with the synthesia and so far it's really hard but I'm working on the guitar riff right now.

  • 댓글
    댓글 16 days ago


  • m m
    m m 16 days ago


  • ピアノでアニメ
    ピアノでアニメ 17 days ago

    I can play this song, but every time I look at this piece, it reminds me that this is a god and I'm one of his angles

  • Udity Alex
    Udity Alex 17 days ago

    Well, I give up

  • RUNE
    RUNE 17 days ago +1


  • GAME Channel
    GAME Channel 17 days ago


  • Jori Almutiri
    Jori Almutiri 17 days ago

    You have 20 fingers!!!

  • 飴りんご
    飴りんご 17 days ago


  • Miss round face
    Miss round face 17 days ago

    I need a version for small hands 😅
    I can’t play some parts because the keys are too far apart
    and its sad

    • Miss round face
      Miss round face 15 days ago

      • SixUchihaPaths •
      I hope so
      And thank you

    • • SixUchihaPaths •
      • SixUchihaPaths • 15 days ago

      @Miss round face are you still growing? Because if you are don't worry, your hands will get bigger.

    • Miss round face
      Miss round face 15 days ago

      • SixUchihaPaths •
      I can only reach four on the right
      But my left hand is ok
      I tried stretching my hands but it didn’t work

    • • SixUchihaPaths •
      • SixUchihaPaths • 16 days ago

      What keys can you reach up to?