VA Chillstep Dreams Vol 02

  • Published on Apr 24, 2015

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  • Tutukani Zungu
    Tutukani Zungu 10 hours ago

    16:40, That track is my favourite. This mix is 🔥🔥🔥

    ÆSTERIS 7 days ago

    god created that selection

  • Rien
    Rien 19 days ago +2

    i remember listening to this mix while making bank staking on oldschool runescape

  • Most Wanted
    Most Wanted Month ago +2

    this mix brings old memories of 2012 back. Strange how time flies back then i didnt care about anything and now everything changed .. i guess i grew up

  • ヨリック✌
    ヨリック✌ Month ago

    Hey everyone, Im looking for this one specific VA chillstep mix with Bob Marley's Sun is Shinining on it. I've been looking for it quite a while and i cant seem to find it. Maybe some useful info: I've heard around 6 years ago but i bet it's still here somewhere. If you know which VA Chillstep i mean, please comment the link to it. I would greatly appreciate it.

  • idontknow8ra
    idontknow8ra Month ago

    I love this mix!!! this takes me back to 2010 !!

  • Beats Away
    Beats Away Month ago +1

    perfect mix smooth as fk

  • KYOKI Caleb
    KYOKI Caleb Month ago +2

    Legit still my favorite mix ever, been listening to this mix for like 5 or 6 years

  • Dawid Kowalski
    Dawid Kowalski Month ago

    Best mix ever

  • Galaxon
    Galaxon Month ago +3

    This mix takes me way back, i hope this mix can stay up for a long time

  • Anneli Isherwood
    Anneli Isherwood Month ago

    Converse Heaven :)

  • StayHigh LSD
    StayHigh LSD 2 months ago

    Best mix ever, so dream on...

  • tahir sultanov
    tahir sultanov 2 months ago

    Amazing. Helli from 2020

  • felixq müller
    felixq müller 2 months ago

    TOM NPA 2 months ago

    This mix puts my 3yrs old son asleep, best ✌

  • Onur Çoban
    Onur Çoban 2 months ago +1

    I’m still listening

  • MultiGamerClub
    MultiGamerClub 2 months ago +2

    Remember this like yesterday.

  • Petrichor Intake
    Petrichor Intake 2 months ago +3

    I have been listening to this mix for as long as it's been out. 2019 and still my favorite.
    I can't thank you enough and I don't know how I could live without it.

  • N0ir i am N0ir
    N0ir i am N0ir 2 months ago

    Dont forget why you are here and dont forget you matter, if youre reading this i know this is hard to believe a stranger cares about you,but i do, go on and dream and chase youre dreams and finally cach them. But dont ever forget who you are.11:11.

  • Michał Strug
    Michał Strug 2 months ago +3

    this mix is undead it brings my memories from 6-7 years ago i wish ill keep it forever and btw i would like to meet this girl from screen justo to know who is she know xD

  • Shawn Misami
    Shawn Misami 3 months ago

    Miss you

  • Damian Cholewka
    Damian Cholewka 3 months ago

    I like this songs

  • Antonio Balkana
    Antonio Balkana 4 months ago


  • Onur Gec
    Onur Gec 4 months ago +1

    This is a legend ..

  • grant may
    grant may 4 months ago +2

    so many people are saying it but five years on i love this mix and it takes me back to good and bad times all pivotal. thanks!

  • Shawn Misami
    Shawn Misami 4 months ago

    Thank you,. This brings back so many memories

  • ultimatePhPro Ygg
    ultimatePhPro Ygg 6 months ago +1

    its one thing to find whom you seek to be its another to be the person you assume you are if you dont think and just do you will conquer most of the fears with the steps you take to not think over the top, this song is one of the most inspirational pieces of music i've have drawn my whole room with a single pen. for 8 months straight and this song on repeat. bless.

  • X_U
    X_U 6 months ago


  • Mateusz Mrozek
    Mateusz Mrozek 6 months ago +1


  • Kuba Mentoz
    Kuba Mentoz 7 months ago +1

    2019 and i still love this mix ! :)

  • Kyst tar
    Kyst tar 8 months ago +1

    All tracks by this amazing dude can be found here:

  • Robert Simonenko
    Robert Simonenko 8 months ago +1

    Still listening to this in 2018.. Almost 2019 :)
    My favourite Chillstep Mix!

  • Threat2all
    Threat2all 8 months ago +8

    This mix really helped me through some dark times.

  • Ryan Kanagaratnam
    Ryan Kanagaratnam 8 months ago +1

    anyone here in 2018?

  • Moon Runner
    Moon Runner 9 months ago

    Used to listen to this in middle school, now I graduated this year and it just touched my heart you know?

  • Mookieムービー
    Mookieムービー 10 months ago


  • Bryan Vazquez
    Bryan Vazquez 10 months ago

    I remember listen to this by the original person but it's no longer up anymore :/

  • Paul
    Paul 10 months ago +2

    I´m sitting here.
    I knew the thumbnail so i clicked.
    It came from my mind, an explosion of memories flashing my head.
    My eyes went blind as i´m cicked back in time. The goosebumps crawl up my back up onto my neck.
    I am reminded of a hard time i had and i thankfully made it through.
    I am reminded that i have to choose a direction.
    It hurts so bad and i´m sorry, but i have to let go now.
    I gotta dream on, do what i love.
    Never again will i loose my path nor myself.
    I swear to myself, i promise! Because,
    this is how it all begins.
    Thank you, you made me feel today

  • 3vol lady
    3vol lady 10 months ago

    I fuckenLOVE love this mix so fucken hard the universe could Burt my heat all over the oceans seas Sky's mountais valleys clouds sun moon statrs black holes and universe.... "And I tremble"...

  • leigh ann casciola
    leigh ann casciola 10 months ago

    Wow /// I used to listen to this 6 years ago

  • Jaween
    Jaween 10 months ago

    I love it . So much memories for me ... life goes on

  • someguy25
    someguy25 10 months ago +1

    have been using this song for sleeping for about 3 years now, now i just cant sleep without it now

  • Ruman Mir Mohammad
    Ruman Mir Mohammad 11 months ago

    Take me to my childhood with no worries ../......./

  • StagHead
    StagHead 11 months ago

    This is amazing

  • KYOKI Caleb
    KYOKI Caleb Year ago

    i remember this from like 4 or 5 years ago from another channel, im so fucking happy i found this again!

  • Berkay Sarman
    Berkay Sarman Year ago

    Gratz. Awesome mix !

  • Huskyianer
    Huskyianer Year ago

    Best best best

  • Taylor Wilenski
    Taylor Wilenski Year ago

    Favourite chill step mix ever still. Does anyone know where to find the original VA Chillstep Vol 1 playlist?!? Please help me find it ❤️

  • Shawn Misami
    Shawn Misami Year ago +2

    I just wanted to say this was my very first chill mix I ever heard. It was such a blissful time in my life where I didn't care about anything, I come back now to say I miss that time so much and hope the best for everyone who reads this.
    Yours always
    - Le Husky

  • NayTheHorsee
    NayTheHorsee Year ago

    Takes me back to a certain period of my life this

  • Dr. Drae
    Dr. Drae Year ago +1

    It put me to sleep in 2014, years later it still does.

  • Sphny X
    Sphny X Year ago


  • Max Fly
    Max Fly Year ago

    I love this mix

  • Paco
    Paco Year ago

    mists of pandaria

  • Berra Multimedia
    Berra Multimedia Year ago +1

    I've been listening to this mix for like five years man, stil the best chillstep mix on the internet in my opinion !

  • FGC Hardaway
    FGC Hardaway Year ago +1

    damn still my favorite 2018!

  • Guillermo Francisco Reyes Mercado

    I love this mix ubique.🎹🎧

  • Shaffy's Official
    Shaffy's Official Year ago +5

    Still listening at 2018

  • Dallwin
    Dallwin Year ago

    Todas as musicas da lista sao perfeitas, ouço desde 2015 quase todos os dias, simplesmente amo!

  • Barbara Kuchařová
    Barbara Kuchařová Year ago +11

    2018 and still my most favourite chillstep mix♥️🔊good vibes to all!

  • Ian Katz-Mager
    Ian Katz-Mager Year ago +1

    Still I come back to this.

  • jamesydon
    jamesydon Year ago +31

    Six years on and still as good as the first time I played it

  • alpha jerk
    alpha jerk Year ago +39

    this takes me back to a very dark but pivotal period back in 2012/2013. wow thank you

  • Sharivari
    Sharivari Year ago +2

    Damn.. I didnt hear this mix for a long time. I still love it.

  • Réka Minárovics
    Réka Minárovics 2 years ago +10

    This music retell every inch of my emotions. How does it even possible?

  • Dewan George
    Dewan George 2 years ago +2

    never get tired or old of this

  • Musinic
    Musinic 2 years ago +11

    I still havent heard anything better, I dont know why that is but this mix is so great

    • Corlyn Richardson
      Corlyn Richardson 2 years ago +1

      Years later after I thought this got delete off youtube. It found me.

  • jkl 931
    jkl 931 2 years ago +3

    Do not be afraid. Learn to walk with confidence, even though you have absolutely no idea what's going to happen. This is how you train yourself to become the person you are meant to be.

  • Sphny X
    Sphny X 2 years ago


  • Daniel N.
    Daniel N. 2 years ago +5

    found back to that video through screenshots i send myself via facebook as a reminder for my past. I love to discover things like that again.

  • SkidrowFilms
    SkidrowFilms 2 years ago +13

    4 years ago... what days :(

  • Yasmina HADJIAT
    Yasmina HADJIAT 2 years ago

    love this incredible mix and muuuuuch

  • Trippin hoppin
    Trippin hoppin 2 years ago +14

    perfect for a rainy afternoon sex :)

    • Mistyisland
      Mistyisland Year ago +1

      yeah do that leftie knuckle shuffle oh hell yeah

  • Pulse8
    Pulse8 2 years ago +103

    My favourite mix ever.

  • Mārtiņš Amats
    Mārtiņš Amats 2 years ago +111

    When the memories hit you like a brick wall. Great mix. The best.

    • Madars Upenieks
      Madars Upenieks 2 years ago +1

      Mārtiņš Amats vai ne, Mārtiņ! Tieši manas domas.. it īpaši ar pirmo dziesmu..

    • Kristi Rudisill
      Kristi Rudisill 2 years ago +2

      Mārtiņš Amats omg, ikr. so many memories with this mix it's unreal.