• Published on Feb 2, 2018
  • In today's video I offer my BEST hair tips for low porosity hair. I share how to care for low porosity hair and give you my best advise on how to manage low porosity hair. If you have low porosity hair there are a few things we have to look out for and alter a bit in out hair care routine so be sure to click play to see what info I have to share to help you have the healthiest hair possible! Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy and I'll see ya in my next one! xoxo
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  • çiğdem saray
    çiğdem saray 11 days ago

    I live in a country where it is impossible to find products like this even if I can find them they are really expensive. Could you give some diy masks or sth like that

  • Ashlyn Mobley
    Ashlyn Mobley 15 days ago +1

    I have low porosity hair and I really just want a simple list of cheap products that work for low porosity white girl hair lol

  • Salma Mohallal
    Salma Mohallal Month ago

    I want u to share a video of the buildup shampoo

  • Janelle Brooke
    Janelle Brooke 2 months ago

    I have low as well

  • Mizribble
    Mizribble 2 months ago

    I have low porosity hair- protein sensitive... and I am told that I should still do Rice Cleanse just dilute with water as it is SOO beneficial- thoughts? I was also wondering if the Gelatin Treatment is beneficial for Low porosity Hair (my curl is 3A)

  • Tilly Devine
    Tilly Devine 3 months ago

    Gidday m8 I am low porosity and my hair is thin never growing past my shoulders any helpful advise and tips would be most appreciated. I have absolutely no idea. T.I.A.

  • Rachel Shamariah
    Rachel Shamariah 4 months ago

    I need help. My scalp itches from my low porosity, sulfatefree shampoo. Even in one or two shampoos but I lost major curl. My curl was pencil curls but I was itchy so I washed with standard shampoo and my scalp stopped itching. I even tried using the shMpoo very vigorously on scalp thinking I needed to do more work since shampoo wasn’t doing it. I feel like giving up over scalp itch.

  • raquel
    raquel 4 months ago

    do you have a complete like ideal routine for low porosity hair?? like what you do everyday, in your wash day, or something more special you do like a live in or a mask, even stylers.

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  4 months ago

      I don’t have a full routine on low porosity :( and now my porosity has changed due to bleaching.

  • Susan Waugh
    Susan Waugh 4 months ago

    Which shampoo is best for low porosity hair?

  • hi there
    hi there 6 months ago +4

    Hello! I have wavy - curly hair that's thick and my hair is always frizzy, and I live in a very dry and high - elevation area
    What do you recommend?

  • April Jo
    April Jo 8 months ago +2

    I found that good ole Prell shampoo works GREAT for clarifying! And its about $3!

  • Christine Roos
    Christine Roos 9 months ago +1

    Hey there, I have a question about my 2b low porosity hair. I do get build-up easily and therefor I use shampoo to get rid of that. I am not sure though if I am using a "clarifying" one or a "low-poo", and am I right to think that there is a difference between these two? I am using Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion at this moment and I combine this with the Shea Moisture Low Porosity Conditioner. Can someone help a wavy girl out? Is this combination good enough for low porosity hair? :)

  • Amanda Pierce
    Amanda Pierce 10 months ago

    Very informative. Thanks Brandy!!

  • Ferry
    Ferry Year ago +34

    another tip dont rinse low porosity hair with cold water :))

    • Ashlyn Mobley
      Ashlyn Mobley 15 days ago +1

      My mom used to tell me to use cold water to rinse and it never helped

    • C Rodriguez
      C Rodriguez 4 months ago +5

      No they're right...warm water closes follicles and since low porosity is harder to absorb products warm water is better

    • Nikolaus Tuscani
      Nikolaus Tuscani 5 months ago

      It’s the opposite. Please don’t give advice again.

    • Amy Woods
      Amy Woods 10 months ago +13

      @Rachel Day it closes the hair follicle and doesn't allow your moisture-based styling products to penetrate the hair. I use warm water to wash and rinse my hair. I tried using cold water and always got terrible results. My products seemed to sit on the surface of my hair.

    • Rachel Day
      Rachel Day 10 months ago +1

      really?? why not?

  • Frances Snyder
    Frances Snyder Year ago

    This is an excellent review! So informative and easy to understand. Thank you! 🥰👍🏻

  • Kristiana Whittington

    Loved this video. Can you do a review on Shea Moisture low porosity line? I haven't seen very many white girls review this product. I have been using the line for about a month with great results. Would like to see what you think.

    • Nieves H.
      Nieves H. 3 months ago

      “I haven’t seen very many WOMEN review this product.” *** There, I fixed it.

  • Rebekka Hay
    Rebekka Hay Year ago

    Super helpful video! No need to shout though 😉😍

  • Brittany Wynn
    Brittany Wynn Year ago +1

    If you have a sensitive scalp like I do (I can only use Wen now, any other brands leave my scalp, itchy, flaky, and inflamed), I would suggest an apple cider vinegar product. Amazon carries a line that is pretty good and a little goes a long way!

  • Jocelyn B
    Jocelyn B Year ago

    Thank you!!! You are the only youtuber that really helped me with my low porosity hair. I was doing this all wrong. My conditioner build up even started causing psoriasis 😣 my hair finally is starting to behave.

  • msarcher1124
    msarcher1124 Year ago

    Can girls with non girly low porosity hair use deva curl?

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago

      sure, I don't see why not! But since they are formulated for curls they might be a bit heavy on straight hair depending on which products you purchase.

  • silvi_a S.
    silvi_a S. Year ago

    Hey I have very low porosity hair that's extremely dry but im thinning and loosing hair at my roots. any recommendations on oils for this problem? I see u talked about jojoba oil but does that have any benefit for thickening and growing hair

  • Marcell
    Marcell Year ago +1

    i have low porosity straight hair i cant find anything about that on yt

  • Maria Aguirre
    Maria Aguirre Year ago +16

    Hi there, thanks for great info. I’m a 2b wavy with low porosity and thick hair density. I live in a highly humid/hot wether environment and my main issue is frizzy flyaways that’s form an aura around my hair. I started using deep conditioning and the shine is amazing but the flyaways just love me 😳 what do you recommend to ease the frizz?

    • Mariana lima carvalhana meneses
      Mariana lima carvalhana meneses Year ago +4

      Also looking for products with a lower level of glycerin might help, so that your hair doesn’t get overly hydrated since glycerin draws moisture in and you live in a humid environment

    • Maria Aguirre
      Maria Aguirre Year ago

      The Glam Belle thanks for the top 👍🏻 I’ll definitely will try that one

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago +1

      for hot humid climates I feel like gel is your best friend. It will help give the hair extra hold and protection from the humidity. something like ouidads heat and humidity gel would be a great one to try.

  • Odessa
    Odessa Year ago +1

    You are GORGEOUS 😊😍

  • audreymarieg
    audreymarieg Year ago

    This was great! What deep conditioner do you use?

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago

      Thank you :) I have a full video on my favorite deep conditioners :)

  • Kayla Deduro
    Kayla Deduro Year ago

    Hi! How often do you wash your hair?

  • Charmyn Hugo
    Charmyn Hugo Year ago +3

    Use Deluded baking soda and water on my roots and then I mix a apple cider vinegar with water and spray that all over works great and I do that once a week

  • desert dweller
    desert dweller Year ago +9

    I just recently realized I have low porosity hair, I have baby fine strands so the water test doesn't work well for me, but I am pretty sure I finally have an answer! my hair is endlessly dry and hates protien! I have such a hard time getting moisture into it...ugh. I agree my hair looks best when I use shampoo, assuming it's due to build up, but my hair is fuller and bouncy on shampoo days! I use matrix hydrosource because everything else seems to drying for me! I agree no one size fits all, unfortunately. My hair can also handle a heavier conditioner...even though you wouldn't think so! I have cut out protien and try to avoid silicone, my hair is sooo much better, actually feels soft ( for my hair that is) for the first time....ever!
    So happy to have found channels like yours, you have helped me sooo much! Hairdressers around here just don't seem to understand curly hair, not to mention difficult curly hair!

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago +2

      I know how difficult it is to find stylist that really understand curly hair! Honestly, if it wasn’t for RU-clip I probably still wouldn’t have embraced my natural texture and learned how to manage it! Thank goodness for videos like these! :) i’m just so happy to be able to pay it forward and help others to learn how to embrace and love their curls too!

  • Ginger Cameron Ford Crouch

    And yes please do a video on the build up buster devacurl line if you haven't already if I'm haven't seen it so not sure if you have done it already or not I don't know how old this is!

  • Ginger Cameron Ford Crouch

    Trying to find more curly girl girls with my hair properties I know you have low porosity hair now but what are your other hair properties thickness and density and curl type and all? So now I figured out why my hair doesn't really keep its curl Co washing doesn't really do much for low porosity hair I have low pooed a few times to get out build up but I guess I'm going to have to do it more often then I thought I love as I am cowash oh my gosh I don't know if I can leave it the only thing is there's no I like to use as I am product line so and they don't have a regular rinse out conditioner all they have is a leave-in and there are curly girl friendly line they have a rinse out in there or Lux line but I don't think it's curly girl friendly and they also have a deep conditioning which I know you can't use that as a regular leave in so I'm sorry for all them rattling off here putting my thoughts down here trying to find a curly girl that matches my hairstyle and my hair needs by finding hair properties that match thank you you have beautiful hair and beautiful curls!

    • Jaelysabel Villasante
      Jaelysabel Villasante Year ago

      desert dweller they sell it at Duane Reade

    • desert dweller
      desert dweller Year ago

      where did you find the Cantu ACV rinse?

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago

      My hair is low porosity, and about medium density I’d say. You are exactly right...with low porosity it’s better to cleanse more :) and I actually find that doing clarifying treatments more often than not with low porosity makes a huge difference. Cantu’s acv rinse or devacurl buildup buster are my go to’s :)

  • Hair RePear
    Hair RePear Year ago +3

    I have low porosity hair also. These hair tips are great! Thank you

  • Stacy McDonough
    Stacy McDonough Year ago +3

    So do you feel that Deva Curl products are a little heavy for low porosity hair?

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago +3

      Believe it or not I feel like they work great, for mine anyway. But I also notice that my hair likes heavier products. Low porosity is not one size fits all so I always recommend trying different things out to see what works for you.

    DAWN YAFCHAK Year ago +1

    I love your hair in this video

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C 2 years ago +1

    What's your favorite deep conditioner for low porosity hair? Melt Into Moisture? Also, where did you get that adorable headband?!

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago

      Totally melt into moisture! And this headband actually came from a women’s show In va :)

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C 2 years ago +2

    Yes, please do a video on the Build Up Buster!

    • J B
      J B Year ago

      I 2nd to please do the build up buster tutorial. I've been using it since it came out, but I would like to make sure I'm using it correctly.

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago


  • ximena martinez
    ximena martinez 2 years ago +1

    Excelent video? Can you try low porosity of sea moisture or kinky curly not today?? The last one is and exelent leave in..the first i dont know

  • Krysten McGuire
    Krysten McGuire 2 years ago +1

    Please yes idk if I'm using build up buster properly

  • Sara Millhouse
    Sara Millhouse 2 years ago +3

    Thanks for this! I am low porosity and protein sensitive. I would love to know what products you use on a regular basis from start to finish. Or if you could do a video of products that you find work best for low porosity and protein sensitivity. I am constantly reading ingredients but hearing what you have had success with over time would be great! Thanks again for doing this! 👍🏻💖

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago

      I’m glad you found this helpful! And thank you for the video suggestion

  • April Jo
    April Jo 2 years ago +3

    for clarifying ~ good ole Prell! Cheap AND works!

  • Heather Edwards
    Heather Edwards 2 years ago +1

    Would love to see a video on the Build Up Buster.

  • Tory Scott
    Tory Scott 2 years ago +4

    I love build up buster! My curly girl stylest recommended that I mix it w the shampoo I normally use to help the product last longer. I actually like it better that way. I use it every 2nd or 3rd week.

  • Jennifer Hansel
    Jennifer Hansel 2 years ago +2

    I'm low po too. Thanks for this!

  • Tanya
    Tanya 2 years ago +9

    I have low porosity just like you. Can comeone please recommed a good hairmousse and styling gel that has a medium to strong hold, without any protein in it? I have heard great stuff about Aussies gel and also Herbal Ecenssce, but the problem is that I can´t get a hold of it, here in Sweden :(

    • Kristýna Hejdánková
      Kristýna Hejdánková 8 months ago

      try if you can find Matrix Total Results Curl Please styling gel, it's amazing

    • Trinity Soul
      Trinity Soul Year ago

      Jessicurl spiralicious gel is protein free

    • bapfan12
      bapfan12 Year ago

      Shea moisture or briogeo

    • Tanya
      Tanya Year ago

      Thanks for your answer! :)

    • Krysten McGuire
      Krysten McGuire Year ago +1

      Tanya can you get Deva curl

  • Kerry Rider
    Kerry Rider 2 years ago +1

    This was very helpful! I think I have low porosity hair too. I'm trying to finally let my hair go curly instead of blow drying straight. What would you recommend for shampoo conditioner and styler for low porosity? Thanks!

  • Katie Williams
    Katie Williams 2 years ago +3

    I love Buildup buster! I have low porosity hair and stay away from sulfates, silicone etc. but I'm new to protein sensitivity. I don't think I am because I've never had to pay attention to what protein is in the products I use but I'm wondering if it's causing a lot of my build up.

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago

      I love build up buster! I don’t really have issues with protein sensitivity either

  • Lydia Kat
    Lydia Kat 2 years ago +1

    Build up buster video!

  • Kyle Kasper
    Kyle Kasper 2 years ago +1

    Great video! Rocking one of your new Rose Gal shirts too😊 I've recently discovered that my hair is low prosisity and protein sensitive...thanks for the great tips!

  • Wack and Snooze
    Wack and Snooze 2 years ago +1

    Excellent video! To the point and fun. What do you think about clarifying shampoos and colored hair? I'm so afraid to clarify in fear of ruining the color. Yikes!!

    • The Glam Belle
      The Glam Belle  Year ago

      I think if you use something like build up buster that is still gentle then you’ll be fine :)

  • MsAvalon25
    MsAvalon25 2 years ago +1

    Great video love! Definitely helpful! I think I have low porosity hair I have to do the strand test for sure. I use two leave in conditioners and stay away from the creams because I could never find one that doesn’t way my hair down. I like you love the buildup buster and use it whenever I go oil crazy lol. xoxo

  • Hannah Kent
    Hannah Kent 2 years ago +2