10 Roads You DON'T Want To Drive On

  • Published on Dec 9, 2017
  • 10 Most dangerous roads in the world!
    10 Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On ru-clip.com/video/ym4uVS-5tSA/video.html
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Comments • 21

  • Stanced Styfon
    Stanced Styfon 2 months ago

    The thumbnail is fucking ridiculous XD

  • Lucion P
    Lucion P 5 months ago

    Your bullshit thumbnail I hate that shit I know that is Obviously fake as fuck anyone with common sense will know that no such road exist still don’t put that on your thumbnail

  • Whyteferret
    Whyteferret 11 months ago +1

    The Pan American Highway sounds fascinating

  • New Zealand Lads
    New Zealand Lads Year ago +1

    Lol any road with asians on it is a dangerous road

  • jennifer dawson
    jennifer dawson Year ago +1

    I live in UK

    • 24 Knott
      24 Knott 2 months ago

      jennifer dawson same

  • Wade Mathias
    Wade Mathias Year ago +1

    a year and a half to drive from Argentina to Alaska

  • Goth Moth
    Goth Moth Year ago +4

    most people would rather drive these than walk them lol

  • rabbit kumar zerokill

    i was here before it was uploaded

  • Allen Li
    Allen Li Year ago +1

    I went to the tian men road, you do not need clearance from the government, however you can only take the busses that they allow you to take, I don't think that you can drive yourself up.

  • NaturallyBlessed4C
    NaturallyBlessed4C Year ago +7

    "A great way to brighten your day with a much needed jolt of panic" 😂Hilarious

  • ARMS reenakhil
    ARMS reenakhil Year ago +2


  • Bibhuranjan Nath
    Bibhuranjan Nath Year ago +3

    The video was great but it was claimed as the best driving road by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, not these three. So here's your dislike for the video.

  • DJ Clawson
    DJ Clawson Year ago +1

    This is the first time I've heard the phrase "unprovoked murders."

  • Life enjoy
    Life enjoy Year ago


  • Allan C-B
    Allan C-B Year ago +4

    Everyday is a winding road
    I get a little bit closer
    Everyday is a faded sign
    I get a little bit closer feeling fine

  • Para Romance,ecchi,hentai hater trooper

    is that a hotwheels reference on the thumbnail?

  • Xan Kreigor
    Xan Kreigor Year ago +6

    I did not expect my home country to be featured on a list like this. (Croatia).

  • Ian
    Ian Year ago +7

    Where's Houston's Katy Freeway? It's like 8 lanes wide and has some dangerous drivers... I get scared every time I have to go over that way.

    • Ian
      Ian Year ago +2

      I won't argue with you there. But Katy Freeway is just very intimidating.

    • SuperPhdiva SRB
      SuperPhdiva SRB Year ago +3

      Ian every freeway in Houston is dangerous lol