Proof That Hollywood Medium Is Totally Fake

  • Published on Dec 23, 2016
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    It may not come as a surprise, but Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry may not be the "clairvoyant, and medical intuitive" he says he is. On his reality show, Henry and his mom visit celebrities' homes to connect with their deceased loved ones. But it's hard to believe that this young man supposedly knows nothing about the celebrities he meets with. Doesn't he have a TV? Here are all the reasons why Hollywood Medium is a sham...
    Obvious props | 0:23
    Easy to Google | 1:22
    Anyone can be a medium | 3:16
    No big questions | 3:52
    He messes up his own game | 4:40
    'Grief vampire' | 5:23
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  • Nicki Swift
    Nicki Swift  2 years ago +435

    What other clairvoyant television shows would you like to see us feature next?

  • Debbie Toland
    Debbie Toland 23 hours ago

    Yeah. He seemed a bit sketchy to me. Like theresa Caputo.

  • Pretty fish tank Pretty fish tank

    Hate that guy😒

  • Manuel Bencomo
    Manuel Bencomo 6 days ago

    Hollywood Nicki Bitch ! That’s how they’d be on tv !

  • Roman K
    Roman K 9 days ago

    U can tell he lies because he talk fast and then pause to try and think what to make up next. This dude is a fraud ppl. He was tricked before and then was called out and he just left

  • JimSweet
    JimSweet 10 days ago

    I see a key. My dad had a key. Perfect psychic powers. What is right about is anyone can be a medium, since what it really means is a person pretending they have powers. Yeah, anyone can do that. After watching this video I really do believe he is a grief vampire though.

  • K O
    K O 10 days ago +1

    Ur dumb

  • yanna girl
    yanna girl 11 days ago

    But he have done people that wasn't famous .. her information not right either 🤷🙄

  • Vic Bailey
    Vic Bailey 11 days ago

    CON MAN LIAR! Semper Fi.

  • rickdafrog
    rickdafrog 13 days ago

    This documentary is just as vague as Tyler’s readings.

  • The Psychic Examiners
    The Psychic Examiners 17 days ago

    I’ll admit there is an art to cold readings, especially on this scale. But as a psychic (Ghost 411 podcast), don’t assume we are all skilled in cold readings, because we are not, I am not. I did attend a body mind spirit expo that actually had a workshop on how to do cold readings. I was disgusted and walked out. On this guy’s defense, I’m sure he didn’t start out as a Hollywood medium. He had to start small, with ordinary people. If he wasn’t as good as he seems, he wouldn’t have made it this big and this public. Often information we get comes in, in general form. But, just as often, it’s specific.

  • toni sargent
    toni sargent 17 days ago

    fake for sure

  • Queen pandaxxx
    Queen pandaxxx 19 days ago

    He better know what he is doing! Because he will pay with his own life.

  • malaisya miller
    malaisya miller 20 days ago

    He doesn’t get all the descriptions. Not everything comes through, sometimes bleak sometimes full!

  • Real Housewives of Tarot

    When you're enlightened, you dont watch TV. Just saying. I'm sure he doesnt watch it, he doesnt feed his ego with fear. 🤟 Also, fyi, he goes into the reads INSISTING he knows NOTHING, including the name of who he is meeting up with. His mother goes off the address and drops him off. He asks he doesnt knownwhere hes going. Wow, they would take hours and hours, and THOUSANDS of hours to research celebs. And, everyone is psychic and can be a medium, just saying. I read and half the people he reads, I'm like who TF is that!? Not everyone watches ego based bullshit... just ridiculous right here. I just can't.

  • Sangeetha Injeti
    Sangeetha Injeti 25 days ago +1

    I get visions and dreams about future events. Crazy accurate ones. But I can’t control what it is about. Maybe he is next level and learned to control 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • •••
    ••• 26 days ago +22

    Nicki Swift has come to a new low 🤦‍♂️ this whole video is to get views, all of her points are awful and very weak 😂

  • Edith
    Edith 27 days ago +2

    he's a fake, a very very very intelligent fake but still a fake.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 28 days ago

    James Randi 1 million dollars still on the table but this fake will not do it because he is a fraud

  • André Maldonado
    André Maldonado 29 days ago

    Never trust a gay hollywood medium

  • Kristin Marley
    Kristin Marley 29 days ago

    He doesn’t know who he will see until he actually meets with them

  • Dino S
    Dino S Month ago

    How would he know the try guys stuff then

  • Safinah Mohamad
    Safinah Mohamad Month ago

    Ask Micheal Jackson why he die..fake bitch..i wish can tear his mouth..🤮🤮🤮

  • mya brinae
    mya brinae Month ago

    Ppl look for anything to call shit fake.

  • Jazzy M
    Jazzy M Month ago

    key word: EUGENE

  • singers1990
    singers1990 Month ago

    Pardon me while I vomit.

  • Nostalgic Productions

    every single one of these mediums give random references like `im getting a name begining d`- could be diane , dave am i getting a dave? i mean would a spirit really whisper on your ear` my name is diane or dave?
    also they never ever say anything of note, theyll point out things like a ring, or `the person passed peacefully and wants you to know theyre thinking of you`.. but theres never any real information or anything which isnt just general statements!
    talk about in case of murders - who murdered them. tell us whats on the other side. tell us actual things, not just general statements.
    the answer my friends is simple - these so called psychics are scam artists!

  • Tilly
    Tilly Month ago

    He seems a lovely person and the real deal...I don't see that his sexual preference has anything to do with his abilities as a medium.... Why do some people even bring the fact that he is gay up? Geez!!

  • Austin Watson
    Austin Watson Month ago

    He's such a fake

  • Jeff Arp
    Jeff Arp Month ago

    All of these Hollywood mediums and any other mediums for that matter, are all extra large Bullshiters.

  • Rob Dunkes sr
    Rob Dunkes sr Month ago

    Bust into his office flip over his desk anld tell him to give me back the money bitch

  • Eye Gotcha
    Eye Gotcha Month ago

    I cannot stand him. He’s yet another scamming phony.

  • Dr. Z
    Dr. Z Month ago

    Jesus Christ, the fact that people even deem it necessary to create videos to debunk “psychics” is sad as shit.

  • Gigio Ramírez
    Gigio Ramírez Month ago

    Kourtney and Khloe take the after life LOL I died xD

  • Angeline D
    Angeline D Month ago

    Don't get mad at this kid. He is a tool. He was groomed for this role. Just like every Kardashian devil can hate them tho. I don't fucking care..

  • Far Que
    Far Que Month ago

    A you trying to tell me he is a fucking scammer?

  • Robert G
    Robert G Month ago

    I knew he was a fake from the outset.

  • Truth 100
    Truth 100 Month ago

    Ofcourse he's FAKE he always tell the obvious!! Smh

  • dusty3741
    dusty3741 Month ago

    You think gay ghosts try and buttfuck him?

  • wezite1983
    wezite1983 Month ago

    They are all fake! If they were real, then they wouldn't have to use cold reading.

  • Tricia Schneider
    Tricia Schneider Month ago

    hahahaha wow

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien Month ago

    I've had readings for research. I led these charlatans around like a dog on a leash. I've also been with friends when they got readings. I heard what they said, and what the mark, my friend, said. The "medium" gave no info. They reacted to what the Mark said. I really want to record one of these readings surreptitiously to get valid info. All "mediums" and "psychics" are frauds.

  • Nathan Monteiro
    Nathan Monteiro Month ago

    4:51 First of all boys dont watch the real housewives

  • Festus Mimis
    Festus Mimis Month ago

    Who the fuck has the time to google up over a hundred thousand of celebrities man

  • Bridget Teahl
    Bridget Teahl Month ago

    i have no clue who that woman is that you claimed everyone has seen on tv, and i don’t know who really any of these people are. plus i saw him live yesterday and he gave a reading to my aunt and i, and he had no idea who we were. he said things like "shamrock, st patrick’s day, tom and tommy" shamrock was the shape of my grandparents gravestone, st patrick’s day was their favorite holiday, and my grandfathers name was tom, his son was tommy, and his son is tommy. how would he have known that in a group of 900

  • Praben
    Praben Month ago +4

    Poor proof that he's fake. I need my time back LOL

  • zorro Sp
    zorro Sp 2 months ago +1

    Hes probably been bummed a million times by the Hollywood executives and got a show

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 2 months ago +1


  • Proud violent Libtard
    Proud violent Libtard 2 months ago

    I love psychics, because the suckers are to blame for being weak! Take their money Tyler, you beautiful lying bastard!

  • Chika Boy
    Chika Boy 2 months ago

    What a fake basted. Just out to make money out of people

  • autumn stumblingbear
    autumn stumblingbear 2 months ago +1

    Just started the video. So far this is not totally true. A pocket knife doesnt always start for a older male. Also you cant also google. If you google my father you'll get mug shots. I believe what he has is a gift. Also Wikipedia, you can change the information on there if you have an account. Like if you look up when the titanic sank, you can change it to july 19 2078 if you have an account. I disgree with this video all the way.

  • Minako M
    Minako M 2 months ago +1

    He said in one episode that people who've previously passed have to learn how to talk again bc they lose the ability. That's totally false bc spirits communicate nonverbally through energy and visions. Human language isn't needed in the spirit realm. They wouldn't need it or learn how to speak it again bc vibrations tell everything they want to communicate. Also language is purely flesh vibrations. You don't have vocal cords as a spirit

  • Dwywaith dair
    Dwywaith dair 2 months ago

    Magicians can do everything these "psychics" can do using techniques anyone can adopt. Why do the deluded believe psychics don't use these techniques?

  • anime lover
    anime lover 2 months ago

    I didn't know most of the celebrities on there either so you cant really say thats proof

  • Queen of Diamonds
    Queen of Diamonds 2 months ago +1

    *SHOCK HORROR... Another fake illuminati medium. evil is ALWAYS exposed!*

  • Dr Albert S Meinheimer
    Dr Albert S Meinheimer 2 months ago

    Utter bluff and bluster

  • Makeup by Raiha
    Makeup by Raiha 2 months ago

    Instead of trying to prove that you think Tylers gift is fake or that anyone can be a medium... how could he know some things that only close family of his clients know .... also it honestly isn’t his decision to be born being able to live with speaking and seeing the dead... I just think like instead of all the skepticism on his gift go and research ... get a reading from someone like him who can show you theres more than just the living actually living on this earth... Spiritual energies are real .

  • Jåqűęłįñė gay
    Jåqűęłįñė gay 2 months ago

    There is tons of evidence that he is real.. there is multiple celebrities who said he had mentioned and revealed things they hadn't released to the public. He is a medium known for reading CELEBRITIES..of course hes going to seem fake to everyone... you people never let anyone succeed especially when they start getting big.

  • Alicia Arriaga
    Alicia Arriaga 2 months ago +6

    I don’t think you quite understand how mediumship works... lol stop hating on Henry

  • Al Ryan
    Al Ryan 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, he's fake Would like to BeLIEve, but he is nothing but a lie. Houdini exposed these people before his death in 1925. Too bad he is getting $$$$ for this nonsense. I don't mind him giving people hope, but when they charge for it, it's nothing but preying on the broken hearted. Sylvia Browne, Teresa Caputo, John Edward, all fakes. They have a research team. Caputo has 20 people working for her, gathering information. Sylvia Browne told a woman on Montel Williams that her daughter was dead. It turned out her daughter was alive. Her response: "Well, I made a mistake." Criss Angel, Banachek, James Randi and other magicians, have offered these people millions of their own money but they never take the challenge. Why? Because they cannot prove they are talking to dead people.