I Bought a Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon and Drove It 1,200 Miles Home

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
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    I bought a 2012 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon with a 3-year unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper warranty, and I drove it 1,200 miles home. Here's a tour of my new E63 AMG Wagon.
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  • Fabian Weber
    Fabian Weber Day ago


  • p boss
    p boss Day ago

    Never knew you was from philly.

  • Marq 27
    Marq 27 2 days ago

    Lol my dad has that car, just a different Colorado

  • Adam
    Adam 2 days ago

    About ready to unsubscribe given you bought previous car at Carmax. I鈥檓 obviously new here but dang, you鈥檙e that off base.

  • Everette Wade
    Everette Wade 2 days ago

    Who buys a stn wagon?

  • Kevin Cheng
    Kevin Cheng 2 days ago

    Beautiful, clean, and sounds amazing!

  • WhatTheHax
    WhatTheHax 2 days ago

    ok but what is an nyc bus doing in indiana

  • K3V1N
    K3V1N 2 days ago

    I live near philly... LET鈥橲 GO EAGLES/PHILLIES

  • Damir Arnautovic
    Damir Arnautovic 2 days ago

    10:20 Mk2 Golf in the USA? Pretty rare...

  • Ansom Riding
    Ansom Riding 3 days ago

    Left lane is for passing, aaaah, wish everyone knew that it would make long road trips more pleasurable. But the adaptive cruise control made light work of your drive I鈥檓 sure.

  • ThatAlfaFan43
    ThatAlfaFan43 3 days ago

    Hoovie drove 1,200 miles in a AMG C63 wagon a year later.....

  • Brandon Harry
    Brandon Harry 3 days ago

    Only comparable car I can think of is a HSV Clubsport Wagon.

  • desertdetroiter
    desertdetroiter 3 days ago

    I want a Benz Wagon so bad!! I love that thing. Way to go Doug.

  • felipe s
    felipe s 3 days ago

    funny guy 馃槀 he cant afford a 100k car with over 3million subscribers . smart guy save your money 馃憤

    • Alif Widhi
      Alif Widhi 2 days ago

      But he used to own a 280k ford gt

  • David Gancarz
    David Gancarz 3 days ago

    Doug the type of guy to shit his diaper and not change it.

  • Ahmad Aleian
    Ahmad Aleian 4 days ago

    Do people really like the Wagon vehicles? My personal opinion, I feel like it looks a lot like a funeral car. Really, all thats missing is some blinds for the back window and the coffin in the back.

    • AriM8 ,
      AriM8 , 2 days ago

      The wagon is faster than the sedan and its practical

  • Justin
    Justin 5 days ago

    Bruh, I would love to see you pull up to a Mustang/Vette/Comaro and just crush it.

  • Tamas Raduly
    Tamas Raduly 7 days ago

    W212 馃敟

  • Linas Marcinkevi膷ius

    Cool Mercedes! :)

  • Georgi Nikolov
    Georgi Nikolov 8 days ago +10

    Today is the 2nd anniversary of this video. Can we get an update on the reliability and how many repairs it needed?

  • Niels Peter Kjeldsen

    I not an old man, and I love beige leather and wallnut trim. I am amazed how good the interior looks considering its from 2012. (Is 65 years old?).

  • Eli Chadwick
    Eli Chadwick 8 days ago +1

    Doug what happened to all the update videos with your wagon?

  • Jay75Euro
    Jay75Euro 11 days ago

    DOUG if you reading this, try out the 2018 E63 Sports+ AMG (Totally one of a Kind)

  • Keyyyyzzzz
    Keyyyyzzzz 12 days ago

    I agree... I much prefer seeing that long-standing _traditional 3-pointed star_ sitting up there on the on the bonnet when enjoying, compared to having IMHO a questionable 'cat-fish-mouth front-end' styling that's emerged comparatively more recently, but seems increasingly common...

  • 讗讘专讬诪讬 住讬讙诇住'

    you are a king.
    amazing videos.
    thank you

  • pete walker
    pete walker 12 days ago +3

    Doug DeMuro Net Worth - $2 Million
    cant afford 70.000 gand yea right Doug

  • Souparno Royce
    Souparno Royce 13 days ago

    Just finished watching Hoovies AMG E63 wagon video, and now this video popped up. Tyler never learns from his mistakes, be like big daddy, be like Dugh. Rev up your engines, oops, sorry! Wrong channel.

  • Paulo Ojeda
    Paulo Ojeda 13 days ago

    Damm Demuro you drive all cars that i like!!! Hahahaha 馃槀

  • Conrad Wallace
    Conrad Wallace 14 days ago

    Tyler copied Doug but with a hoopty

  • Marcus Wang
    Marcus Wang 14 days ago

    Meanwhile Hoovie buys the cheapest E63 Wagon and didn鈥檛 manage to drive home

  • It's A Gemini Thing
    It's A Gemini Thing 14 days ago

    Doug you soccer mom

  • Callusny
    Callusny 15 days ago +6

    21mpg 1200 miles would cost over $350 in Europe and if you add the tolls, $500+.
    Doing this in USA you'll end up paying $150 for petrol. God damn what a beautiful country

    • Salre 22
      Salre 22 6 days ago

      @Emil S枚derholm You do to if you pay taxes. Nothing is free

    • Emil S枚derholm
      Emil S枚derholm 11 days ago

      Callusny keep in mind these guys pay for healthcare, i would rather pay more for gas and not go broke if i need an ambulance

  • Rob
    Rob 15 days ago

    Stuck in the "left lane" is the same as having an I.Q. of 56. These drivers are inconsiderate, rude, daydreaming armchair sleeping, accidents waiting to happen and do not have any driving skills. It's very possible there will be a news report on how a driver used a bazooka to move the car in front of him out of the left lane.

  • PokerGrinder
    PokerGrinder 15 days ago +2

    10:56 > '72 Buick LeSabre & the last Chrysler LaBaron Convertible that's still on the road 10:02 .. lol

  • Horacio Renderos
    Horacio Renderos 16 days ago

    Nice music choice while filming the road trip!! 馃槂

  • Ilya Yakymenko
    Ilya Yakymenko 16 days ago +1

    Doug is a type of guy to buy a wagon in 2017

  • Mot0Raid
    Mot0Raid 18 days ago

    It鈥檚 ugly

  • dirt rally fantic
    dirt rally fantic 19 days ago

    You could buy a second hand jaguar xfr with 150.000 miles from 35k and the engine just keeps going it will break down at 800,000 miles

  • Roy Hsieh
    Roy Hsieh 20 days ago

    i really cant imagine doug actually buying his own car

  • King Shango Sound
    King Shango Sound 20 days ago

    3 year 4000$ warranty on a new mercedes is stupid

  • lopton1
    lopton1 20 days ago

    Just curious what about the audi rs cars?

  • Gavin Murray
    Gavin Murray 20 days ago

    I died when he had the clip of the Range Rover with its hazards on

  • George Mountrichas
    George Mountrichas 21 day ago

    What you said about left lane and "elephant races" are both so true here in Greece! I was surprised that the exact same wrong "mentality" exists in the US and the police does nothing, too.

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis 21 day ago

    DoUg鈥 s GAY ORGY inside !!!

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s 21 day ago +1

    Wagons are for women....but women now drive SUVs, so wagons are for losers

  • johnnyf99 Music
    johnnyf99 Music 23 days ago

    could these have come with a 4matic?

  • Adrian Whitehead
    Adrian Whitehead 23 days ago +1

    Very funny, feel like I鈥檝e had a road trip whilst eating my breakfast. The shots at the pumps were very funny along with the closing comment about your wife getting acquainted with the Land Rover service department.
    Quality broadcasting about interesting cars in a very entertaining way. Even enjoyed the shots of the weird & interesting cars on the road.
    The snail race is a classic and very common, hope you鈥檙e coming the UK this summer to experience this and fast lane cruisers.
    Keep up the great videos 馃ぃ

  • Hans B.
    Hans B. 24 days ago

    Just another show off guy.....

  • NightSky 222
    NightSky 222 24 days ago

    Good music choice for the montange of the road trip

  • Sam
    Sam 24 days ago

    please review a Volkswagen Type 2

  • Andreas Larsson
    Andreas Larsson 25 days ago

    Intiniti fx50s!!!!

  • maximusfuscus
    maximusfuscus 26 days ago

    In Canada they finally installed 鈥淢ove over, let others pass鈥 signs and they DRAW how to change the lane. Guess what...you still have left lane loiterers. Be considerate people...move over, make the traffic FLUID, it saves road rage. And lives.

  • PRG
    PRG 27 days ago

    Good choice

  • Stephenleelia
    Stephenleelia 27 days ago

    Only thing nice about that car is the engine.. man it鈥檚 ugly.
    So glad I live in Europe where we have more available and a cheaper price.

  • raulio81
    raulio81 28 days ago

    One more year for that warranty. And Golf mk2 on 10:20.

  • Daniel Moncada
    Daniel Moncada 28 days ago +3

    Are you nuts I love everything that you release thank you for sharing truly appreciate it needless to say that I love everything that you upload!

  • Urban Maverick
    Urban Maverick 29 days ago

    The salsa music is really making me laugh with the random stops at the gas station. You have become a house hold name in my family and I must say I really enjoy your videos no matter what car you are reviewing, it is pure pleasure and entertaining. It鈥檚 time you get a channel on cable.

  • Delnie
    Delnie Month ago

    That麓s car is so beautiful

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Month ago

    Ewwww yuck 馃あ馃ぎ doug has a disgusting pussy he married and has to listen and put up with her disgusting vagina with all its blood piss and shit stuck to it

  • x moppi
    x moppi Month ago

    im 90% sure that is not diesel

  • Ein Meister
    Ein Meister Month ago +1

    Ein AMG Benz halt.
    Sch枚n zu sehen das die Ami's Mercedes sch盲tzen :D

  • sevencolours
    sevencolours Month ago

    Station wagon, like my mom used to haul me to school? Damn, we couldn't afford a bicycle, let alone a car.

  • A Francisco
    A Francisco Month ago

    Doug.... you had me dying at 11:35 'The passing lane"

  • WAR COW New
    WAR COW New Month ago +1

    You have a WIFE?!?! How?!?!

    • Ultraguy87
      Ultraguy87 Month ago

      He married his fianc茅e some time in July 2017, a month before this video.

  • DC
    DC Month ago

    I actually like the interior a lot.

  • Andrea M
    Andrea M Month ago

    wife???? hubby maybe?

  • Gaunai
    Gaunai Month ago

    I love the Tropico music selection

  • Tom Crosby
    Tom Crosby Month ago

    Hello Mac it鈥檚 Tom (your cousin) and I love the part in the credits where you wrote about your mom

  • Army Of Enderman R
    Army Of Enderman R Month ago

    Not going to lie the body almost looks like a Chrysler Pacifica

  • K. B.
    K. B. Month ago

    Should鈥檝e just got the land rover or a g wagon. It鈥檚 on the pricey side but it can鈥檛 be much more than an X5M or GL63

  • philbiker3
    philbiker3 Month ago +1

    10:41 I'll bet you did that a lot with that car!!!! I love that car. I want one. I love station wagons.

  • DG DG
    DG DG Month ago +1

    Why not lease ?

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Month ago

    7 seater?

  • Justin Hopper
    Justin Hopper Month ago

    Doug the type of guy to buy a station wagon