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  • Published on Dec 5, 2015
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  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens 7 years ago +5

    It was the perfect game plan. Klitschko is a guy that has knocked out many, many guys by knowing exactly how to use a touch jab/straight right hand combo. Just feeling them in range on the end of that touch jab (i.e a jab with not a lot on it. A jab used to feel range or disguise a certain movement or punch, amongst other things) and then when he knows they're right there on the end of his fist he lets that right hand go. It's perfect for someone who's shorter than you and all the burden of getting inside is on them or someone who is stationary, even for a moment. He's an expert at managing that combo and all it requires - the timing, the distance, etc. Go watch Wlad's highlights and see how many KO's are from that combo. So what did Tyson do? He herked and jerked his head, hips, feet, stance, distance, - never giving Wlad a chance to touch him with the touch jab therefore never allowing him to pull the trigger on the right hand. And he stuck to it all the way through. That takes a lot of mental discipline and that's what impressed me most about the win.

  • T2T Boxing
    T2T Boxing 7 years ago

    Tyson peering over the shoulder had me cracking me up all the way through!
    Peter Fury is a legend.

  • dave cad
    dave cad 7 years ago +35

    peter fury is a decent guy tyson is lucky to have him in his corner helping him , good luck to both of them in the rematch with klitchsko . lets hope the ibf backs them rather than takes his belt of him . ifl tv another great interview and doing a great job .

    • Pumpkingilmour
      Pumpkingilmour 7 years ago

      @dave cad
      it will be in the UK with the first Irish HW champion in history in a rematch with the Aryan titan Dr. Steelhammer Wladmir Klitschko. Neither of the Klitschko brothers have ever fought in the UK before, I anticipate there being no trouble filling a stadium in England for this. Team up with Conor McGregor and the UFC and do Wembley.
      Imagine McGregor moving up in weight class to fight lightweight vs. Benson Henderson or Rafael dos Angos or Pettis on the same card as Fury vs. Klitschko. That would be HUGE
      Not to mention what they would stack the show with. the undercards, maybe with Lomachenko or some rising star like that, plus maybe another UFC big name like Weidman and Nurmagomedov . with The Red Hot Chili Peppers live AND Rod Stewart doing a comeback to overcome the previous fiasco.

    • dave cad
      dave cad 7 years ago

      @Pumpkingilmour the first fight between them was poor although tyson did enough to win . how do you sell a rematch it is hard based on the first fight . klitschko took so much of the purse that there was no undercard really and rod stewart singing as you say was not good . lets hope the rematch changes all this .

    • Pumpkingilmour
      Pumpkingilmour 7 years ago +1

      +dave cad Hughie Fury looked good , 6'6". I think Wladimir will fight Fury again, he's no shrinking violet, its not like Klitschko has never lost before....and the rematch will be huge, Klitschko will recover from his injury fully by then, and the rematch will be even bigger an event than the first fight , hope they get Rod Stewarts audio working next time or maybe Rod STewart will boycott and they'll bring in the Chili Peppers.

    • David Thomas
      David Thomas 7 years ago +2

      +Allan Hope great to see normal comments

    • wee knob
      wee knob 7 years ago +1

      +dave cad exactly mate john's got too much drama, Peters the sensible one just like young hughie two are cut from same cloth

  • Miguel Rizla
    Miguel Rizla 7 years ago +67

    Love these guys, great for the sport, great for Britain. Non-conformists showing true personality and strength in character. It stands out a mile in the current climate of political correctness and "yes men". Real people with real, honest thoughts and opinions. And people said Wlad was an "honourable" man, a "great" champion. Well, he may have been, but he didn't show any of that in the Fury fight, or in the build up. Blatant cheating, from not giving Tyson his preferred gloves, to lying at the weigh ins, adding illegal quantities of foam under the ring canvas, wrapping his own hands without a witness and a blatant "Ortiz style" headbutt in round 11, he failed to show any honour at all. Infact he truly embarrassed himself and tainted his legacy in my opinion. He also does not deserve the rematch, as I've always known rematches to be made when the first fight was a close fight, there was nothing close about this.
    As for the way certain tabloids and journos have behaved in the wake of Fury's achievement is nothing more than pathetic. Duplicitous hypocrites. But why are we surprised? Phone hacking scum. The same people who used to make capital from blackmailing prominent homosexuals are the same people who are now trying to crucify Fury for following his Christian beliefs. Right or wrong, they're his beliefs, something we're all entitled to having. Funny, the people who advocate freedom of speech are the ones trying to suppress it. They're an embarrassment to this country and I know that they do not represent the British people. They're self serving scum, just like our government. Fuck them.

    • Westfalen Stadion
      Westfalen Stadion 7 years ago +2


    • Miguel Rizla
      Miguel Rizla 7 years ago


    • Westfalen Stadion
      Westfalen Stadion 7 years ago

      +PUNJABI SHER, Well said there my Friend i agree that we all should Sign the Petition for 'Tyson Fury' to Win the BBC Sports Athlete of the year award after all he Faced (Discrimination, Cheating, Cowardnice and the rest.

    • Westfalen Stadion
      Westfalen Stadion 7 years ago

      And you are rite that 'Klitchko' was trying to cheat but 'Fury' was onto him, After his Victory the IBF stripped him of that belt but yet 'Klitchko' was allowed to keep the same belt for years no Questions asked.

    • Westfalen Stadion
      Westfalen Stadion 7 years ago

      MIGUEL RIZAL, Well said there my Friend a very true statement you made there. 😆

  • Codezero4657
    Codezero4657 7 years ago

    I'd love to see Tyson on Question time or even at the dispatch box at PMQ'S

  • Luke McCann
    Luke McCann 7 years ago +1

    i love the fury/ifltv combo. Laughing throughout every video - Legends all round

  • derpfrog
    derpfrog 7 years ago

    10:06 I will give him that, but I would like to have seen more potent offense from Tyson, it's kind of the same problem Floyd May gets for running and taking away a opponents strength. Tyson took away Klitscko's weapons and made his opponent very hesitant to pull the trigger, i'm sure if Wladmir would have tried to take more risks Tyson would have still fought and came out tops in a more entertaining fight. Tyson took the belts, and now he will defend them, Klitscko/ UK rematch $$$$ beat him then go after Deyontay or Joshua for big $$$$$$. them sail away into sunset.

  • TheMon3yTeam
    TheMon3yTeam 7 years ago

    Love watching them laugh at 10.30 honest genuinely nice men, wish them all the best #TeamFury

  • Michael Stock
    Michael Stock 7 years ago +1

    If Fury doesn't win SPOTY then its a joke, that achievement was unbelievable
    He is the best boxer on the planet, let that sink in!

  • 9 Gen 1900
    9 Gen 1900 7 years ago

    Amen to that! Peter Fury is one of the best if not the best trainer and tactician in Boxing today, fact. The real scary thing in all the media witch hunting crap, is that Tyson Fury only boxed at 65% of his ability. Scary!

  • No1KC
    No1KC 7 years ago

    Big up Mr Peter Fury and Mr Tyson Fury. Top class guys!!

  • jim gray
    jim gray 7 years ago

    This IFL coverage is brilliant. The truth for everyone to see!! Tyson Fury and Team have done us all proud!! He`ll be getting my vote for bbcsporty!!!

  • Westfalen Stadion
    Westfalen Stadion 7 years ago +1

    'Tyson Fury' for the next PM, He has got more Balls and Courage then the current and previous Goverments.

  • Marium Rajah
    Marium Rajah 7 years ago

    great champion ,, great role model

  • Joker
    Joker 7 years ago

    James makes a really simple but veeeery good point at around 8mins. That's the problem with the media - in particular the Daily Mail

  • Davidnumber23
    Davidnumber23 Year ago

    I didnt think John had his freedom when this fight happened 😵🧐

  • Vincent
    Vincent 7 years ago

    These guys tell it as they see it so you have to admire that.

  • Daniel McLaughlin
    Daniel McLaughlin 7 years ago

    Decent men stand for what they believe in

  • Spartacus
    Spartacus 2 months ago +1

    Good old days whatever happened with Peter and Tyson we will never know

  • Barrie Tooke
    Barrie Tooke 7 years ago

    Well done team fury!
    good souls!

  • steve godfrey
    steve godfrey 7 years ago

    I've changed my mind, I like the fury team and the man Tyson fury! Top man!

  • Secret Society Vault
    Secret Society Vault 7 years ago +4

    They'll get the best of Reyes gloves as well! :)

    • Earl Garcia
      Earl Garcia 7 years ago

      +BifurPoint My favorite part of the interview......

  • SP4RKY
    SP4RKY 6 years ago

    There's only one true Tyson, and it's not Fury.

  • Andrew 357
    Andrew 357 7 years ago

    I hope Hughie gets the same success - they are dead right going around like the cats with all the cream - British press is fake anyway most people know that so take no notice of the dirt they try and throw at the the likes of Tyson Fury. It really was a master class of boxing especially for heavyweight. I am delighted at their well deserved success, no one can say they were not entertained from all Tysons fights, youd watch the ones on Channel 5 with the idea anything could happen next but Fury always finds a way.

  • Pathan Fight Fan
    Pathan Fight Fan 7 years ago

    The top of the hierarchy is trying to destroy Team Fury, just like they do to the few special people who tell it how it is. If anyone stands a chance of beating them it is Team Fury though. Iron Mike, Pac, Ali.... is the Furious one next?? Go d bless the Furys ✊

  • ebban jenkins
    ebban jenkins 7 years ago

    Well done Tyson you an inspiration and sod the haters...I don't agree with everything you say or everything anyone says including me lol! Im just over the moon you a champion that's true to himself and not falling over to please everyone...bollocks to them be yourself innit??

  • Gow Anderson
    Gow Anderson 7 years ago

    big up to the fury camp .they have taken allot of stick recently not deserved in my eyes .I feel that tyson fury could be a great roll model for th younger generation give th guy a chance to prove himself and leave him th fk alone to enjoy it. he made history give th guy a break

  • Tony John
    Tony John 7 years ago

    Only one Tyson Fury.... Go on Champ

  • littlenipper100
    littlenipper100 7 years ago

    I wish you guys lived next door to me in sheffield your whole family shows the best sense of humor ive ever known god bless you all

  • Floyd Hugweather
    Floyd Hugweather 7 years ago

    Peter Fury - The Architect

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 7 years ago

    fantastic responce to all the crap thats gone down these are proper people not yes men i respect men with moral figure these guys have big bollocks and the best trainer in britain young hughie is a huge talent aswell he can box aswell as tyson and always a perfect gentleman hes a credit to his old man love these guys and more importantly respect em

  • nick kerry
    nick kerry 7 years ago

    the best of reyes gloves hahaha brilliant.. klitschko is getting stopped in the rematch

  • Peter Addison
    Peter Addison 7 years ago

    Fury proved us all wrong(most of us) i eat humble pie

    SRP FITNESS LONDON 7 years ago

    Tyson what a Lad!

  • Richard Whiles
    Richard Whiles 7 years ago

    these haters were looking forward to ripping into tyson if he lost when he won they were gutted so use bullshit to rip him anyway but theres allways arsholes ready to put u down whatever u do but real people know


    Surely old trafford makes more sence than Wembley ? I know Wembley has a bigger capacity but I cant seen there being much intrest out of the north west

  • SuperKnuckler
    SuperKnuckler 7 years ago

    the furys are the best entertainers going big john would make only fools and horses look dull, uncle peter real serious knowledgible man well worth listening to and tyson speaks for himself loud mouth joker but he can back it all up team fury are number 1

  • Rodney Marsh
    Rodney Marsh 7 years ago

    I understand the need for progression but Larry was a complete waste of time. Each fight should be a progression from the one before, but this wasnt even a progression from Hughie's 1st fight. He has won 1 match in the last 16 - and that was because the opponent got disqualified. The only benefit here was that it was easy money from both sides.

    • Rodney Marsh
      Rodney Marsh 7 years ago

      +TheVoodooLion posted this in the wrong video.

  • manchester mad man
    manchester mad man 7 years ago

    respect pete wish u all the best ignore the haters

  • andsam
    andsam 7 years ago

    It's good to see James and furys knowing that it's not boxing fans it's press that trying bring Tyson down and his family down

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith 7 years ago

    Peter Fury is a top man

  • Robin Reynolds
    Robin Reynolds 7 years ago

    Respect to Fury for doing a job on klitscho , but now the religious stuff is coming out , find that a bit hard to swallow , both Peter and John have done serious time in prison , and every other word tyson says is the F or C word , so they should not be talking about being hypocritical.

  • Helmut Fleischer
    Helmut Fleischer 7 years ago

    Fury will WIN the Rematch also! ;)

    • Pumpkingilmour
      Pumpkingilmour 7 years ago

      +Helmut Fleischer do the rematch alongside Conor McGregor in Dublin,
      Why does Fury want his glory match in London, to perform for the Queens court of gaylord slavers? team up with Conor McGregor and put your fight in Dublin.

  • Claudine O sullivan
    Claudine O sullivan 5 months ago

    Rematch did Tyson go off the rails interesting talk the talk but can they walk the walk no

  • John Dunn
    John Dunn 7 years ago

    I absolutely love Tyson fury hes true to himself, Paris looks good in a dress too ;-)

    DON'T BE SCARED HOMIE 7 years ago

    This ''modern'' world aint 4 the working class

  • MirrorVape RS
    MirrorVape RS 7 years ago

    I noticed how peter said sorry for saying "listen" but its in the traveller vocabulary even billy joe saunders says it at the start of his sentances. No harm done

    • SB
      SB 7 years ago

      Could be paddy thing, I know a few that all start with that...

  • Tony Taylor
    Tony Taylor 7 years ago

    deontay wilder next after that fight beat fuck out him he did a video saying no one can beat him he better than any heavy weights he proper slated fury be good for all belts to britain

  • Arjun Ganapathy
    Arjun Ganapathy 7 years ago

    Why the Fuck to these writers and journalists.. never boxed a day in their life.. say bad things about the new heavyweight champ of the WORLD. Congrats to team Fury and Tyson.. God bless them.. And I was rooting for Wladimir to win.. I cant wait for the rematch because these 2 are true champions. I dont care what people say the Heavyweight division is Full on.. Full power and back.. Looking forward to Aj vs Dillian whyte. 2016 is gonna be amazing

  • Geefiasco
    Geefiasco 7 years ago

    Rematch at Old Trafford please.

  • ShaneCalton
    ShaneCalton 7 years ago

    We had the time of our lives in Dusseldorf, whats the worst they can do now, sod em! Keep working your magic lads ;-)

  • Ignore Alien Orders
    Ignore Alien Orders 7 years ago

    This interview was fine and I don't hate the Furys but I have to challenge the bit where the interviewer says "he is creating jobs" [by being interviewed] - that is complete bollocks. No one has been employed as a journalist by virtue of Tyson Fury existing.

    • Ignore Alien Orders
      Ignore Alien Orders 7 years ago

      @EnglishResurrection Point taken, however the sum total of his existence as a successful sports person taking interviews would not justify the employment of one person. If it could be quantified.. which it obviously cannot be - his existence as an established sports person would constitute the employment of something like 0.001 of a sports journalist. Basically, the way the interviewer said it is what I object to most. He basically made it sound like Tyson is directly responsible for at least one person being employed in journalism. Then again, maybe that's not how he intended it to come across, in all fairness.

  • SuperKnuckler
    SuperKnuckler 7 years ago

    abu amza can stand in centre of london and say what his believes are why cant tyson fury hes not preaching hate like abu amza and as far has jennifer aniston goes anyone say that she doesnt look good in a dress is blind nothing sexist there

  • С Любовью ВВП

    Greetings and support from Russia!

  • Melani Balucic
    Melani Balucic 7 years ago

    klitschko haven a bed Day .Klitschko will wen the rematch. tyson Not be long Champion .Klitschko again we Champion .klitschko has boxed against better and even large .Tyson can Box Well ...I klitschko were to lose again than tyson will lose to another .The both have 5 months before preparing to May the rematch because some may change

  • sleepy dank
    sleepy dank 7 years ago

    and listen......all the furys keep saying that fuking funny

  • Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens 7 years ago

    York Hall? Hahaha

  • Paranoid Reggie
    Paranoid Reggie 7 years ago

    this guy should be invited to the queens house for his tea should be all over the tele like he is a go compare advert. got a feeling it sky sports are behind it so there slave (AJ) gets all that fame when its his turn if he ever gets it

  • Mark Noel
    Mark Noel 7 years ago +1

    people would come out if it was old Trafford, can't see it doing much at wembley

  • Miguel Rizla
    Miguel Rizla 7 years ago

    this has turned weird.

  • Ayup Meducks
    Ayup Meducks 7 years ago

    lol Politricks !!

  • Kendrick
    Kendrick 7 years ago

    you know what's funny, how people ignore the ancient scriptures of the bible and bash Tyson Fury for his comments and religious beliefs but focus whole heartedly on the ancient scriptures of the Quran and bash all Muslims. Hypocrites.

  • Torsten Sparv
    Torsten Sparv 7 years ago

    What's the difference between Nikolai Valuev and Tyson Fury? Three inches.

    • Torsten Sparv
      Torsten Sparv 7 years ago

      +JOHN BRYAN I'll watch the fight again. Maybe I missed something.

    • Torsten Sparv
      Torsten Sparv 7 years ago

      +misterknowitall Fthh Will you stop spreading HIV rumors about Hughie and pedophile rumors about Haye. It's disgusting and beneath the outstanding character that I know you possess.

    • misterknowitall Fthh
      misterknowitall Fthh 7 years ago


      JOHN BRYAN 7 years ago +1

      +TorstenStett You really are a twat!
      If you can't see that Tyson has great skills then you know nothing about boxing!!

    • misterknowitall Fthh
      misterknowitall Fthh 7 years ago

      +TorstenStett you mention miney a lot ! can be a burden innit ! i mean a lot of money ! huh ?

  • Luke Guardiola
    Luke Guardiola 7 years ago

    And the homophobic quotes are fine?

    • ForgetTheMiracles
      ForgetTheMiracles 6 months ago

      Yes its perfectly fine to have your own opinion on homosexuality.

  • wee knob
    wee knob 7 years ago +2

    do ya think john's gotta bigger knob than Peter?

    • wee knob
      wee knob 7 years ago

      +fredinabun ; 👍

    • fredinabun ;
      fredinabun ; 7 years ago

      +Allan Hope Yeah mate i reckon he is well bigger.

    • wee knob
      wee knob 7 years ago

      +stiv Sonny2012 massive balls

    • stiv Sonny2012
      stiv Sonny2012 7 years ago

      dunno allan..peter got big balls but i think

    • Neil Rasserer
      Neil Rasserer 7 years ago +7

      +Allan Hope You're trying too hard