My Korean University Dorm Room | SNU Dorm Tour | 서울대 기숙사 룸투어

  • Published on Jul 1, 2018
  • You guys have been requesting this for agesss and its finally here!! My SNU dorm room tour! Have never filmed a room tour before so please excuse me if I blabber on for ages about non-important things ㅠㅠ I really did try my best! 🙈 Subscribe for more happy times 💕
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    And my Seoul National University student exchange life continues....

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  • dearnessie
    dearnessie  Year ago +1895

    Alternatively titled: “Nessie Names Everything in her Room” 😅😅

    • Elif_khan_meri _ishq
      Elif_khan_meri _ishq 6 months ago

      dearnessie sorry but how can I find the ikeya wipe ????? I really need it I’m in Harry

    • Steven Cocks
      Steven Cocks 7 months ago

      Bushra Khan sorry but did she ask?

    • divira firdianti
      divira firdianti 9 months ago

      dearnessie you look like yeri from red velvet 😃

    • Cahya Amalia Safitri
      Cahya Amalia Safitri 9 months ago

      Please answer,, hows your tall?

    • ViVi
      ViVi 10 months ago

      I fell in love with that view.
      How hard have you worked during high school to enter one of Korea's top universities?

  • hannymardiah
    hannymardiah 4 days ago

    Ketawanya gak lepas. Jadi agak gimana gitu

  • Ms. JCM
    Ms. JCM 6 days ago

    She reminded me of Yeji from Itzy!!! ❤💙💚💛♥

  • Reya Mathur
    Reya Mathur 7 days ago +1

    I swear Indian dorms look nothing like this XD XD not even near it

  • Jasbir Singh
    Jasbir Singh 7 days ago

    I clicked on the video cause I like snu and I wanna go see take admission there for further studies but when I clicked and saw you I was like "yeri? Are you studying in snu??" 😂😂

  • Mariah Mancini
    Mariah Mancini 7 days ago

    Which university is this?

  • Rahmita Razzak
    Rahmita Razzak 8 days ago

    i thought i was the only one who thought she was yeri damn im not alone

  • Nicole Bondoc
    Nicole Bondoc 10 days ago

    I bet you are a really really smart student, reminds me of Sky Castle
    btw you look like YERIIIII

  • Jing Meiyi
    Jing Meiyi 10 days ago

    Oh mah god, your like yeri’s long lost twin, im shookt

  • mon cherie
    mon cherie 11 days ago +1

    Now I can imagine all the dorms in ao3 😂😂😂😂😂

  • koya kun2
    koya kun2 12 days ago

    u like yeri red velvet

  • Aline M
    Aline M 12 days ago

    you look like kim yerim omg

  • dy Jin
    dy Jin 12 days ago

    how old are you?You looks really like yeri!

  • maryam thr
    maryam thr 17 days ago

    Hi, I loved this vlog, and just subscribed😊

  • أنا بطيخة I am a melon

    Actually I already knew what the dormitory looks like because i saw it before on google and yt ....
    5 years ago I had a dream of coming to study in that university and to live there
    But dreams come slow and they go so fast..
    All the best unni

  • Nada Nada
    Nada Nada 18 days ago

    well girl if you think that your desk is messy....
    I invite to come see mine 🤣 you can even get lost in there 🤣🤣🤣

  • myung-hee
    myung-hee 19 days ago

    i have a question do you choose your roomates

  • Susy Martinelli
    Susy Martinelli 21 day ago

    How much do you pay for ?

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer 21 day ago

    *The abudemce of Yeti comments 😂🤣😅😂🤣*

  • OnceStayMydayAhgaseHottestExo-lCaratNctzen JYPSTAN


  • skyleea
    skyleea 29 days ago

    i was distracted and started messing around with my things and then i heard choco pie and turned my head so fast.

  • skyleea
    skyleea 29 days ago

    slowly yet surely realized that this is exactly how it was in a drama that i watched except there were 5 people because one room was a bit too small.

  • Lil' ShittyAssHoles
    Lil' ShittyAssHoles 29 days ago

    SNU.... Dang..

  • Vesper
    Vesper Month ago

    You look like yeri from redvelvet especially when you smile

  • Vera Thjia
    Vera Thjia Month ago

    its just me think she is look a like RV maknae member?

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Month ago

    i think that hook is for tie but not sure

  • Im dying
    Im dying Month ago

    You look like Yeri

  • namjoonie_ k
    namjoonie_ k Month ago

    While you were showing you fridge, I noticed a jar of baby food by Russian brand "Fruto nanny", is one of your roommates Russian? ^^

  • urmila mishra
    urmila mishra Month ago

    I thought she is YERI!!

  • Mack Loey
    Mack Loey Month ago


  • M Ros
    M Ros Month ago

    SNU remind me of SKY CASTLE 😂😂😂

  • Kim Taehyung. Periodt.

    She looks like if Yeri and Taeil had a child

  • M Santiago
    M Santiago Month ago

    Whoah .. Yeri ????

  • Ashila tiana
    Ashila tiana Month ago

    Omg you look like yeri from red velvet!

  • agija
    agija Month ago +1

    imagine her taking a pic with yeri dkjdksjx

  • doyeon fx
    doyeon fx Month ago +1


  • Tsabita Waskito
    Tsabita Waskito Month ago

    i thought u were yeri from red velvet

  • Irisiss
    Irisiss Month ago

    Yeri + Yul Eum

  • nikita rathod
    nikita rathod Month ago +1

    is you and yeri are twince sisters

  • Jhoana Paula
    Jhoana Paula Month ago

    Why not put a mirror on your desk?

  • Jhoana Paula
    Jhoana Paula Month ago

    U must be very smart

  • Bangtan Forever
    Bangtan Forever Month ago

    the hooks look like tie hangers

  • Lauravibes
    Lauravibes Month ago

    Is it to hard to get into SNU?

  • yousweet26 Chanel
    yousweet26 Chanel Month ago

    Its interisting vlog Where .." And where u from? Soo pretty

  • Pratiksha Priyadarshini

    All the people are commenting about RV and Snu... And I'm thinking about Chupa Chups ....

  • moch min
    moch min Month ago

    You look like yeri

  • 알피나 Dear Nane


  • moll li
    moll li Month ago +1

    I luv her laugh

  • Tome XVIII
    Tome XVIII Month ago

    So Cool I wish to you great future :)

  • ernieball20
    ernieball20 Month ago

    SNU?? you must be so proud to be a SNU member!! The best of best in Korea!! 👏👏👏

    KEN NIE Month ago


  • intan
    intan Month ago +1

    Like Yeri OMG!

  • Krysin
    Krysin Month ago

    At first i was imagining the nightmare that the bathroom would be with 6 girls, but must say the shower caddie idea really works xD

  • love02 all night
    love02 all night Month ago

    How much does the dorm cost?

  • ARMY4ever kookie
    ARMY4ever kookie Month ago +1

    Hiii i loved the vid 💜 ur really pretty 💜💜
    I have a question.. Can u have 1 roomate only or is it obligatory that you have to share an aparment with 5 more girls?

  • I'm just Vincy
    I'm just Vincy 2 months ago

    'I never remember of it's existence'

  • Susie M
    Susie M 2 months ago

    Omg yes the nation’s song as your intro!

  • Jeanne Morona
    Jeanne Morona 2 months ago +1

    Now I want to study in Korea 😭

  • Merve Guner
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  • N N
    N N 2 months ago

    This is my favourite room tour ever! Hi from Guatemala 🇬🇹 💕