• Published on Jun 14, 2018
    Thank you for all your support and showing my videos so much love. I love BTS so much and want to give the gift of BTS' music to a lucky Army out there. :) Good luck in the giveaway!!!
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  • Danielle Pedroza
    Danielle Pedroza  Year ago +16

    Hello! I just emailed the winners!
    O version winner: Emily Fabian
    R version winner: Savannah
    So if thats yo name check yo emaaaaiiiillll!!! CONGRATS 🎉❣️🎊

    • Klaudia Osmani
      Klaudia Osmani Year ago

      Congratulations to the winners!!!

    • Savannah Bray
      Savannah Bray Year ago +1

      Danielle Pedroza OMG I won!!!! Thank you so much
      My email isn’t working at the time so I DMed you on insta my account name is sugakookie16 and I told you my address

  • Raina Cruz
    Raina Cruz 2 months ago

    Joon is my forever bias❤️

  • eliana castro
    eliana castro 3 months ago

    Youre lucky you got namjoon :) he’s my bias .

  • Vina
    Vina Year ago

    omg where did you get your earrings theyre so cute

  • jose 11
    jose 11 Year ago

    Um i thought it was the 12 they debuted and other people ate saying the same and some are saying the 6th someone help me lol

    • Silvia A.
      Silvia A. Year ago

      jose 11 it's the 13th, it may be the 12th based on your country's time but it is the 13th in korea

  • Zashenka Cervantes

    My bias is Park Jimin and my favorite memory is the entire serendipity mv. No explanation needed (I literally cried when I saw it)

  • pearls K-Pop
    pearls K-Pop Year ago

    my bias is v the is my ultimate bias 💖

  • Tasha Abraham
    Tasha Abraham Year ago

    My bias is Kim Namjoon, the leader and my heart stopper 😂 My favourite memory of BTS is watching Fire for the first time and thinking how have I slept on this masterpiece for a year! But mainly opening my heart and mind to music in other languages.. I regret so much being so against kpop.. Another awesome memory is crying to RM's Reflection as I relate to the lyrics so much back then❤ Also first time listening to The Truth Untold 🎊🎉

  • Green Lime
    Green Lime Year ago

    Wait target sells bts Albums?

  • giselle aldapa
    giselle aldapa Year ago

    My bias is namjoon!!💙 and one of my favorite moments is staying up at night watching bts videos when first discovering them and being astonished by how unique and funny each of them are.

  • Nurul Amirah
    Nurul Amirah Year ago

    My bias is Jiminssi and my absolutely favourite moment memorable saddest anazing moment ever is when they won their first daesang yupppppp KINGSSS 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Angge Ibay
    Angge Ibay Year ago

    Congrats to the winners! Saranghae!!

  • Angge Ibay
    Angge Ibay Year ago

    Congrats to the winners! Saranghae!!

  • Karen Alvarez
    Karen Alvarez Year ago +1


  • _.lilari _.
    _.lilari _. Year ago

    Guys I’m gonna cry I got my phone late and the entry was locked ☹️

    • Laurem • Hyungie
      Laurem • Hyungie Year ago

      There is this other RU-clipr that I love a lot her name is NamiCho she is doing a BTS world ticket give away, you can try out for that one. 😊

  • Alyssa :D
    Alyssa :D Year ago

    Bias: Yoongi
    Fave moment: when Yoongi said "I love you" to Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook on their Festa 2018 😭

  • Tiziana Sanarico
    Tiziana Sanarico Year ago

    hii my bias is jimin💘 i followed them since 2016 and my favorite memory with them was when they won artist of the year at mama, they went through a lot, that was a special moment for all of us, every time i see that video i get emotional (i mean who doesn’t), also i wanted to say thank you for making this giveaway and i love watching your videos, love youu💓💜✨

  • Fortuna Fess
    Fortuna Fess Year ago

    My bias in BTS is Jeon Jungkook koookie hehe
    And the reason why I love BTS so much is that BTS is the only group that I’ve been supporting unconditionally for the last 3 years and continuously will
    The bring so much content and joy into my life
    They are not just idols to me
    Like the spiritual and emotional connection is so deep that I just wanna hug them and say thank you
    Thank you for working hard and believing in theirselves and trusting us armys so much
    Their passion is uncontrollably even though they need to rest coz we army will always be next to them❤️

  • b
    b Year ago

    My bias is el jungkook 💕💕 and my favorite ot7 moment was probably all of the zombie run episode because it was all iconic . I liked when suga screamed back at a zombie for yelling at jin and when he was about to square up with one of them
    One of my other favorite moments was when jimin and jin argues about how dolphins breathe and jin asked someone In fluent English and flew him a worldwide handsome kiss

  • Adalis Garcilazo
    Adalis Garcilazo Year ago

    My bias is jungkook and my favorite memory is when they won the daesang artist of the year award at the MAMA's, it just makes me so emotional and happy and reminds me that everything is possible if I never give up and put my heart and my mind to it

  • Sweetae
    Sweetae Year ago

    My bias is my baby hobi and one of my favorite memories of bts was when namjoon said that they will never take our love and support for them for granted. Oh and also on the run bts when bts player paint ball and they bungie jumped that was just such a funny episode lmao

  • Savannah Bray
    Savannah Bray Year ago +2

    My bias is Jungkook and my favorite moment with BTS is when Ellen told BTS what hooked up meant and V kept saying NOT!!!

    STAN CLC Year ago

    I actually have two biases but i think my main one is Jimin and my best memory was when they won their first daesang at MAMA 2016, i wasn’t in the fandom back then but seeing the videos after stanning them really made me tear up and made me proud of how far they’ve come

  • pineapple youngjo

    My bias is Jungkookie and I love Jungkooks abs. 😂

  • gianna silvestre
    gianna silvestre Year ago

    my bias is v

    • gianna silvestre
      gianna silvestre Year ago

      my favorite moment is in the just one day dance practice he kept laughing and that was sooo cute

  • Miss Syelle
    Miss Syelle Year ago

    My bias is Taehyung but of course I also have all the other members just that Tae has a special place in my heart. uwu💜
    My favorite memory is..!. hard to choose which because there's so many to choose lmao but my most fav memory they performed in BBMAs. It's one of their dreams to atleast perform there and I was so proud nad happy when I heard about the news that they will perform. I didn't sleep the day of the BBMAs because even though I'm so far away~~ and broke to fly to US ( I live in Philippines btw) I still want to be there so I watched the livestream waited for a long time until they got the award that I participated in voting and lastly! The time when they performed FAKE LOVE FOR THE FIRST TIME LIVE ON STAGE. Everytime the screen showed them I scream and when they performed fake love I screamed at the top of my lungs while chanting the fanchants to the screen. Literally, the people around me thought I was crazy lmao. Specially when Jungkook showed his abs gosh my superglued wig got snatched! Oh! and also! my other fave memories are the times that ARMYs sing to bts songs during concert or shows for BTS. Ya know? Like 2 3 and Spring Day? Those made me TEAR up. *ehem* but anyways I, a broke fangirl, saw this giveaway on recommendation while watching BTS cracks so thought I would join bcs I can't get hold of any of their albums due to being broke :( Thank you so much for doing this really! I purple you💜 imma go follow you on twitter now uwu

  • Hana Ellamaran
    Hana Ellamaran Year ago

    My biases are Jungkook and Yoongi (lmao don't judge me)... My favorite memory was during their first BBMAS, my friend and I were at this event at school and she was secretly watching the show next to me. When they announced BTS had won top social artist she just grabbed my hand and we had to freak out in silence so we wouldn't get in trouble

  • That'sNikkiJT
    That'sNikkiJT Year ago

    My bias is JEON JUNGKOOK 😍 My best memory from them is when I start being a fan of them since their debut . Another memory their bon voyage 😍 I really love that part. Another Memory is their concert here in the philippines but I cry on that day because I dont have ticket to come to their concert so I dont have a chance to see them. But that time I realized that bts inspires me everytime and I really really love them. 😍 everytime they have new videos I am going to rush to my phone to watch it. I love bts . And I love you too.

  • Rena Rena
    Rena Rena Year ago

    I don't have a bias because... How could I. My favorite memory... Long story short I stopped listening to kpop for a bit because I wanted to be able to graduate high school😂 and well my sister got into kpop and I was extremely excited and jumped back into the fandom without thinking. Now as for my favorite memory it's of me asking my sister if it's got a new member because in complete honesty I did not recognize Hobi. I know shocker but it's not my fault the only hobi I could remember was hard core dark Hobi. It still makes me laugh when I think of it.

  • Jiminie Girl Park

    BIAS IS THE RUDEST BOY EVER EXISTED WITH THE NAME OF PARK JIMIN. I haven’t been a fan of them for a really long time but I have been having a lot of memories with BTS ever since I became a ARMY
    I live in a country where I can’t find an album anywhere to buy 😭

  • noelea gutierrez
    noelea gutierrez Year ago

    my bias is jeon jeongguk and my favorite memory would have to be when the blood sweat and tears mv came out. It was my first official comeback, even though I had become a fan before that (':

  • afyra satsuki
    afyra satsuki Year ago

    My bias is jungkookie~ 🐰so i have super funny experience. I'm an elementary course teacher. So one day, one of my student said "do know bts, miss?" I answered "of course!" she asked again "who is your bias?", and i fluently said "jungkook.", and she start yelled, "no, miss. Jungkook is mine!" and i nodded "ok, my bias is V." but suddenly another student came to me and said "no, miss. V is mine." and i answered "ok, i'll go with jhope." and suddenly all of girls in my class came to me and stared to fight "no, jhope is mine!" and another super crowded class. I finish that with yelled so loud "OK, JUST GIVE ME BANG SHI HYUK!" and they back to their chairs... Sorry for bad english. Lmao. 😂

  • Cely Cely
    Cely Cely Year ago

    Chim Chim is ma bias and my bias wrecker us suga (August D)
    Ma favorite memory of bts is when I cried so hard cuz I missed 10 minutes of the billboard awards,I'm such a child😂😂👌

  • Angel school
    Angel school Year ago


  • Logoless Twixtors

    My Bias is KIM TAEHYUNG ❤️.(Gucci King) I really hope I win this giveaway I knew BTS for 4 years ❤️ *sobs in Korea* *Kim TAEHYUNG* my favorite moment was when Tae was talking in English in the Ellen show and it was soooooooo cute

  • Gabriele Rosa
    Gabriele Rosa Year ago

    My bias is Jimin and my best/fav memory as an army, the unforgettable, is when they won daesang for their album in melon for the very first time, finally, korea notice how great BTS group are. But ofc, every moment with them, Vlives, comebacks, are the treasures that I will never forget with them

  • roseey
    roseey Year ago +1

    My bias is Taehyung. My favorite memory was when Taehyung said his name was J to the lady and Jin said his name was J.

  • Csenge Sz
    Csenge Sz Year ago

    I'm yoongi biased and my fav memory has to be Bts Run Yoonji cause .. BOIIII !!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ on a more touchy touchy subject probably MAMA win in 2016 cause *cryyyyyyyyyyy*

  • dang vivian
    dang vivian Year ago

    My bias from bts is jungkook. My favorite memory is when I found out about bts and how I joined the fandom.

  • Kristina Horvat
    Kristina Horvat Year ago

    My Bias is Jungkook. I started lisening to them in February this year. So I'm relativly new Army. So my favourite memory is just waiting for their comeback this year. I was sooo excited cause it was my first comeback as an ARMY.

  • Paulina Chijocham

    My bias is Yoongi😍😍 and my favorite memory is when Jimin say Excuse meee is fun❤❤
    Insta: paulina_chijocham
    Twitter: @chijocham

  • 준희 x 대휘
    준희 x 대휘 Year ago

    My bias is Jungkook, and one of my favorites moments are when when namjoon gets done of bangtan's english hahah

  • Veronica Thomas
    Veronica Thomas Year ago

    Jimin is my bias and my favorite memory is when he was kicking a glittery ball thing and did the splits on stage. It was so graceful. I have alot of favorite memories but that one is pretty great

  • Soundous Hariri
    Soundous Hariri Year ago

    my bias is suga :* and my favorite moment is when army singing with bts and they craying also when suga saw his parents for the first time and hi cry ...;(

  • cla
    cla Year ago

    Soooo my bias is jimin (of course 😌) and my favorite moment with BTS was when I first discovered them 😭

  • AllyBae 54
    AllyBae 54 Year ago

    My bias is suga, favorite memory has to be when they we’re on Ellen and everyone got scared but suga just stayed like a wall 😂

  • mrithika m
    mrithika m Year ago

    My bias is gucci prince Taehyung eheh. My favorite moment...gosh there are soo many. But two stand out to me the most.
    1. Burn the Stage: honestly that show moved me so much. I've always loved them and their commitment but after that show, my respect and love for them grew ten fold. All the struggles, tears, pain...it was all for us. To make us happy. They never gave up. Thinking about that honestly makes me cry :'(
    2. RDMAs 2018: I just watched BTS winning the RDMAs yesterday and they actually allowed ARMYs to collect the award on stage. Idk why but that was actually very very touching and incredibly sweet of them to do so!
    Some of my other favorite moments include Run BTS (actual stress buster. wHEN ARE THEY BACK?!) and the unforgettable Purple Ribbon Project that was done at LA airport! Every moment spent with these 7 seven bring me so much of happiness, so as long as I'm ARMY every day is a favorite of mine!

  • Ayase Kiseki
    Ayase Kiseki Year ago

    RM or RapMonster??...???? but my bias is RM

  • Talissa Zacarias
    Talissa Zacarias Year ago

    My bias is Jungkook and I have too many favorite moments, but the most special for me was when they went to bbmas for the first time, I was really so proud of them. ♥

    PHOENELA M Year ago

    My bias is taehyung I can't choose bcs I have alot of fav moments 😊

  • Park Chaeyoung
    Park Chaeyoung Year ago

    My boss is Jungkook and V just wrecks my bias list....I have so many favorite moments I can't explain them bcz they make me laugh,smile and I just love them💜💕

  • Egor Trufanov
    Egor Trufanov Year ago

    My bias is Kim HOT DAMN Taehyung and I can't forget the moment on RUN BTS ep.51 when Vkookie were acting 'Gotta get it'

  • Lynn- BTS12
    Lynn- BTS12 Year ago

    Bias is Suga, my best memory with them was win they won their first award. It was awesome and none of them thought they would win😂

  • Damika White
    Damika White Year ago

    My bias will forever be Min Yoongi ❤ My favorite memory so far has got to be winning Top Social Artist two years in a row. ARMY WE MADE IT, LET'S KEEP IT GOING!!

  • Karen Alvarez
    Karen Alvarez Year ago

    My bias is Suga💜💜love him so much. My favorite BTS memory is THEIR FIRST WIN FOR 'I NEED U'. SUCH AN UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT IM TELLING YOU

  • Emelyn Malley Quimsing

    My bias is Jin! I just love recently their Lotte Concert because of their hairs. Ahhhh Jin colored his hair blonde again I'm dyiiiing😭😭😭 And I like watching their shows in vlive and binge watching some of their comeback and other shows they are in. Because Jin is my bias I love watching eat jin before where Jin stuffs all sorts of food in his mouth

  • Erin Q.
    Erin Q. Year ago

    My Bias is Yoongi
    My memory is probably the first episode of Run I watched that’s one of the reasons I got into the fandom. I listened to their music and loved the music but when I started watching Run I got to know them better and I immediately fell in love with them. :’)

  • Keyla Rodriguez
    Keyla Rodriguez Year ago

    My bias is my baby boy jungkook and my favorite memory is when they won their first daesang award at mama I was so happy and proud 💕💕

  • leslie arreguin
    leslie arreguin Year ago

    My bias is Suga!! 😩💗 and my favorite memory of BTS would have to be they can make eachother laugh and always acts goofy!

  • 10913914
    10913914 Year ago

    my bias is jiminie and my favourite memory is probably the first time i listened to lie; the key change shook me to the core and reading up on the lyrics, the production and the meaning of the song made me so fuckn emotional... i love him //so// much ❤️❤️ i stan an angel :")