His Italian Relatives Carried Guns At His Wedding

  • Published on Mar 15, 2019
  • I had a business several years ago that trained local videographers around the USA to do my kind of interviewing. We offered the service to family members interested in having one of my videographer interviewers conduct a one hour interview with a family member as a legacy video. This man was one of the videos we made. Unfortunately, the business didn't succeed and there were several reasons why. This was recorded in 2008.
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  • Kenneth Lucas
    Kenneth Lucas 2 months ago

    QUESTION: I'm a black male who grew up in a racially diverse neighborhood. I noticed that German families, Irish families, Polish, and other white ethnics didn't seem to be bigoted regarding marriage as long as the spouse-to-be were white.
    Italians? Man! I remember friend Sal whose sister married an Irishman and his grandmother had a fit. She cussed in English, Italian, and Sicilian!! Other Italian friends parents raised holy hell if their children married other white ethnics. Why is that?

  • Movses Timiryan
    Movses Timiryan 2 months ago +2

    In the Caucasus it is not uncommon for people to fire guns in celebration of a wedding. I do not know if they ever use blanks.

  • Anita Marshall
    Anita Marshall 2 months ago +4

    It was a way of surviving. As it is today.

  • marbleman52
    marbleman52 2 months ago +4

    Just another typical wedding here in rural Arkansas...LOL..!!

  • pika23
    pika23 2 months ago +7

    Sounds about right. My mom and dad recall my aunt and uncle's wedding... They said my aunts family was Mafia(they called it cosa nostra not sure if that's a branch or the fancy name)all the men in black suits and dark glasses envelopes of cash... The emcee for the reception made an Italian mob joke, one of the men standing in back of the seated men, was summoned to take the emcee away. Where, no one knows 😂😈

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 2 months ago

      +Foc4ccin4 Thanks for the info. I couldn't remember which group was causing all the ruckus in Napoli. Now I have another name to research.

    • Foc4ccin4
      Foc4ccin4 2 months ago +1

      +ArchEnema 67 idk if it was Ndrangheta in Neaples because Camorra Is generally operating in the region of Campania (where Neaples is situated). You can look for it on the internet, you'll have more information by googling it since my knowledge is limited to thegeneral knowledge of the situation in my country, I have little in-depth. What I meant before though is that Ndrangheta operates with small cells and has a more modern organization, whilst Cosa nostra is old school and had a typical piramid scheme with the boss on Top. Also relied on honor and such which is outdated. Ndrangheta Is more modern and as such is capable of being more discrete, not getting caught and infiltrating in the institutions, corporations, state etc. And even If they got caught it would be like cutting a hydra's head

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 2 months ago

      +Foc4ccin4 I remember that garbage removal strike in Naples a few years ago that was supposedly caused by the guys you're talking about. I know they said they caught the boss in some small shack on a mountain, but do you have anymore info about what's happened since, or links where I can find it? I'd love to know more about this Ndrangheta organization. Thanks!

    • Foc4ccin4
      Foc4ccin4 2 months ago +1

      Cosa Nostra (Our Thing) is the Sicilian Mafia. In Italy there's other criminal organizations, like Ndrangheta (which is the strongest nowadays, smuggling drugs all over Europe and the world).
      Cosa Nostra is a dying breed because of how it was organized, Ndrangheta is instead highly successful

    • the real dio brando
      the real dio brando 2 months ago

      So they off screened him?

  • ArchEnema 67
    ArchEnema 67 2 months ago +13

    I'm half southern Irish, half Ulster Scots, so everyone had guns at family gatherings when I was a kid. Usually pointed at each other.

    • marbleman52
      marbleman52 2 months ago +1

      +ArchEnema 67 Good one..!!

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 2 months ago +2

      +Grfy Ddgf You could say break dancing was invented at those parties: people were constantly yelling "Hit the deck!"

    • Grfy Ddgf
      Grfy Ddgf 2 months ago +3

      now that is entertainment

  • Nate Murdoch
    Nate Murdoch 2 months ago +16

    Italians with guns at a wedding, nothing more fun than that.