Sweet Sixteen Barbecue for New Mom, Lexus | Unexpected

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • Unexpected
    Lexus' family get together for a backyard barbecue as three generations of teen moms celebrate Lexus's 16th birthday.
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  • chloe reid
    chloe reid 48 minutes ago

    Mum can’t say much she’s 32 meaning she had Lexus when she was 16

  • Scarlett Herrera
    Scarlett Herrera Day ago +1

    My name is Scarlett

  • The Randomers
    The Randomers 3 days ago

    She said your daughter needs to eat tho but the baby is eating she is having milk which is food for a newborn

  • Ci Ci
    Ci Ci 4 days ago

    Her mom rude asf

  • Mekako gio
    Mekako gio 4 days ago

    Scarlet not happening I love it 🥰

  • KawaiiX Kiki
    KawaiiX Kiki 4 days ago

    And the moral of the story kids. Use a condom

  • Taylor Harris
    Taylor Harris 4 days ago

    “Well I need to eat” you have a baby now she can’t feed herself

  • bust down
    bust down 7 days ago

    You can tell she is so pissed off at her daughter. I feel like she’s going to kick her out soon.

  • Blah blah Black Sheep

    55 year old great grandmother? Jeez that’s young

  • Jazmin Matthew
    Jazmin Matthew 8 days ago

    Her mum is a fucking bitch

  • La Doña Arabe
    La Doña Arabe 8 days ago

    3 gene of teen moms😂 like you did that to your mother now your daugther did that to you hows the chance that lil girl wont do same?

  • Carys Nardozzi
    Carys Nardozzi 10 days ago +1

    It’s actually common that if your a teen mom, its more than likely that ur child will be a teen parent. It’s true

  • kitty62862
    kitty62862 10 days ago

    Just because you did nothing for your birthday because you had a baby, doesn’t mean you get to make your daughter miserable.
    I get that she’s disappointed, I would be too. You can’t punish her. Grow up.

  • Alysiana Serrano
    Alysiana Serrano 10 days ago +1

    She doesn’t need to be so harsh on her daughter like come on

  • Audrianna Byers
    Audrianna Byers 10 days ago

    That is not three generations of teen moms because her mom is 55 and she is 31 and 55 minus 31 equals 24

  • Iam Kat
    Iam Kat 11 days ago

    To be honest the mom has a right to act that way and the daughter should be grateful they at least made her a cookout

  • Ainsley Herrington
    Ainsley Herrington 11 days ago +1

    Her mom is so mad and she said that she was a TEEN MOM

  • Arianna merida
    Arianna merida 13 days ago

    you can tell the mom is pissed that her daughter got pregnant, but yet the mom also got pregnant at 16. So I don’t get why she’s so disappointed in her daughter when she’s been threw the stuff her daughter is going threw

  • Nikol Cargill
    Nikol Cargill 15 days ago

    Ok mom of the year

  • bryanna mesa
    bryanna mesa 15 days ago

    I’m cringing with the way she’s holding the bottle. The baby is gonna suck on air that’s in the bottle and get colic. You’re supposed to tilt it upwards for a reason smh.

  • Lilly M
    Lilly M 16 days ago

    The boyfriend seems so immature. The mom needs to get over herself. I understand that she didn't want her daughter to follow in her footsteps, and I think a bbq is fine for a bday party of a new mom, but she needs to accept that it's too late to be mad all the time now. She's a grandma and that's how it is.

  • Brigi Brigi
    Brigi Brigi 16 days ago

    Everyone can see in moms voice that she doesnt like that her 16 years old daughter have a kid

  • Brooke Engels
    Brooke Engels 17 days ago

    omfg im eleven and my mom is in her 50s and her grandma is 55

  • sisi Ano
    sisi Ano 19 days ago

    Her mom is to salty

  • Cayla
    Cayla 19 days ago

    “Three generations of teen moms” gee you’d think that conversation would have came up before the 15 year old got pregnant. It took one person in my family (cousin) getting pregnant at 15 and it never happened again. Her daughter is 25 now. Still no kids lol

  • Max Castillo
    Max Castillo 19 days ago


  • Ella Santos
    Ella Santos 19 days ago

    If her mom also had a kid at the age of sixteen she cant be mad

  • Ben J
    Ben J 20 days ago

    I understood why the mom was mad; she had dealt with the hardships of being a teen mum herself and didn’t want that life for her daughter. But HER OWN MUM was a teen mum too! That is so hypocritical for her to be mad then, coz she too got pregnant as a teen after knowing her mother’s struggles. At first I was on the mum’s side, but then I was like wtf

  • Madison’s Fun World
    Madison’s Fun World 20 days ago

    The mother is a jerk and should support her daughter not treat her like crap

  • AwesomeAngel Videos
    AwesomeAngel Videos 23 days ago

    The mom is a bi**h

  • Jay Monterio
    Jay Monterio 23 days ago

    I feel like all teen moms are single after they are pregnet

  • •S U P R E M E • •G U C C I•

    The mom can suck a nut

  • •S U P R E M E • •G U C C I•

    Why is her mom making being a mom sound bad

  • Annie McQuesten
    Annie McQuesten 23 days ago

    This is the MOST stereotypical teen mom family I’ve ever seen

  • Tulhaa Bhatti
    Tulhaa Bhatti 23 days ago +1

    If the great grandma is 55 then she was a mom at 23 . So she is not a teen mom

  • ThisRescueRiviera
    ThisRescueRiviera 23 days ago +1

    She really doesn't know how to hold a bottle. That baby is sucking in so much air. Thats going to be so painful later.

  • AJ The RPG gamer
    AJ The RPG gamer 23 days ago

    The mom.has every right to.be disappointed that daughter acts like a brat

  • Macie Starnes
    Macie Starnes 24 days ago

    Just because she is a mom that does not mean she can’t have a sweet sixteen

  • Critical Cream
    Critical Cream 24 days ago

    In the Latina culture, 15 is the milestone age as opposed to 16. It's a social construct. Don't be moody when it's treated as what it is, a normal birthday.

  • Beckie Bell
    Beckie Bell 24 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that her mom had her daughter at 16 as well lol

  • Sam Janssen
    Sam Janssen 24 days ago

    At least all you could do is be happy that you have a granddaughter

  • McKenna Cawley
    McKenna Cawley 25 days ago

    Lexus seems like a horrible mom

  • Liliana Yazmine
    Liliana Yazmine 25 days ago

    The mom should’ve been the adult and shouldn’t be pissed at her daughter she could have got her on some birth control so she needs to stop complaining like especially if she knew this was a generational thing

  • Maya Semerel
    Maya Semerel 26 days ago

    Yeah well your daughter needs to eat her mom is not happy that she pregnant if you think this is true like

  • Natalia Razo
    Natalia Razo 26 days ago

    The mom is rude she was also teen mom so she should understand

  • Destiny Moralez
    Destiny Moralez 27 days ago

    Honey chill it’s only been u and Lexis as a teen mom ur mom had u at the age of 23 well over a teen 2 years over a legal adult do the math

  • Brenda DeLuna
    Brenda DeLuna 27 days ago

    Why does the mom seem like an annoyed big sister
    “We were gonna go out and party and have fun, but you got pregnant and ruined my fun”

  • Inddirea Olibrice
    Inddirea Olibrice 27 days ago

    That mom seems salty bout the fact she got a kid

  • Itzel Neptune
    Itzel Neptune 28 days ago

    I bet the baby will also be a teen Mom

  • DogLover2
    DogLover2 28 days ago

    I hope that mom realizes she was a teen mom too.. so why is she mad at her daughter for being a teen mom..

  • CapriBea
    CapriBea Month ago

    When i was a teen i was worried something like this might happen to me, but im ugly so i never had to worry 😎

  • Pig Benis
    Pig Benis Month ago

    Mom is a skank ass bar whore, now wonder she is pregnant at 16.. and the inbred Jed boyfriend is pathetic

  • Jazlyn Says
    Jazlyn Says Month ago

    Her mom is very bitchy

  • Hannah Larabee
    Hannah Larabee Month ago

    kelsey, the mom, fucking sucks she's so negative

  • Noa Martinez
    Noa Martinez Month ago

    I feel like her mom is not okay with this she should get what she is going through it’s tough and I don’t think she even helps her

  • Ashley Peters
    Ashley Peters Month ago

    If the daughter is 16, and her mom is 32, then the mom must have also been 16 when she had her daughter😂🤦‍♀️

  • Biak Khenglawt
    Biak Khenglawt Month ago

    Why is the mum complaining when she had a kid when she was 16, I mean she was 32 in this & her daughter is 16

  • BossCandy
    BossCandy Month ago

    I got pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16. Is that a life I want for any of my children? Absolutely not. I plan on talking to my kids around 14 about sex, I plan on providing condoms and pills to my children. I want them to know they can be open and honest with me because I couldn't be with my mom. I directly asked for birth control pills and was told no along with being called a slut so I had to buy condoms discreetly, well one night it broke and we didn't know until he pulled out. Of course I was terrified of telling my mom I needed Plan B and based on her reaction to me even asking about birth control, I didn't tell her. I figured it was one accident and there was no way I'd conceive after that one accident but I did. I don't want my children to have the same teenage experience I did and I will do everything I can to prevent it and keep them safe BUT if for some reason an accident still occurs and I'm a grandma at 32.. I will support them 100%.

  • jessie x
    jessie x Month ago

    Her mum was 16 when she had her 😂

  • Amy Scott
    Amy Scott Month ago

    Couldn’t agree with her mums attitude at the start more! She has such a point 🙌🏻

  • jas roberson
    jas roberson Month ago

    it’s interesting that she was fine with being sixteen and pregnant but she couldn’t teach her daughter differently

  • lonely person
    lonely person Month ago

    The mom was acting like she can say how she wants the future and she gets it. “Not gonna be a great grandmother in 15 years.” Fuck yes you will.

  • Tulhaa Bhatti
    Tulhaa Bhatti Month ago +1

    32 year old grandma

  • Kat Salem
    Kat Salem Month ago

    i get that her mom is upset as any mother would be but youd think that since her mom was a teen mom shed give her a little support because she went through it to.

  • cheer boss
    cheer boss Month ago

    Wait. The mom is had Lexus at 16 and she’s pissed. She’s a hippocrite

  • Ron&Jessica Jordan
    Ron&Jessica Jordan Month ago +1

    Ya know her mom is mad but your 32 she’s 16 soo that means you had her at 16 soo you need to stop honestly like shut up!!!!!!

  • Amanda Hodson
    Amanda Hodson Month ago

    Not saying teen pregnancy is good, but this is the role model Lexi has....plus, give her credit, she is taking responsibility on raising her daughter as opposed to aborting......

  • Scarlet Lawson
    Scarlet Lawson Month ago

    Awe that’s my name

  • Jjlove1056
    Jjlove1056 Month ago

    Okay but...her mom is really fucking bitchy...like the baby was just being all comfy and lazy wtf is wrong with being on the phone....

  • Nevaeh Arce
    Nevaeh Arce Month ago

    The grandma is 55 and the mom is 32 so she had her when she was 23..... last time I checked that is not a teen mom

  • Sillyrxbbit
    Sillyrxbbit Month ago

    The way she scratched her neck at the end though 😂😂

  • Pushpa Rao
    Pushpa Rao Month ago

    you may see @0:18 kelsey(sweet 16's mom) is aged 32 and her daughter is of 16 which mean she also got pregnant at 16

  • adrian diaz
    adrian diaz Month ago

    It doesn’t matter if your a great gramma at your 40s my mom is not even 40 and she is a great grandma

  • Slipthxt
    Slipthxt Month ago

    Why is the mom mad when she also had a kid at 16?

  • Andreanne Ceme
    Andreanne Ceme Month ago

    32-16 = 16
    OH OK

  • Alysia Makedonas
    Alysia Makedonas Month ago

    My mum was 16 when she had me and now I am 16. Which I am going to party, travel and have fun with the years that I got left of being young 👌

  • Emily Michelle
    Emily Michelle Month ago

    It’s funny how she’s mad at her I’d for getting pregnant at 16. But she was pregnant at 16 too. She needs to stfu

  • Reyna Garcia
    Reyna Garcia Month ago

    the mom is such a bitch, she's so passive aggressive towards her daughter. Yes, she should have been careful but who are you to judge her? She's so rude and angry with her own life that she's taking it out on her daughter

  • Jmnlau
    Jmnlau Month ago

    Bruh my birthdays were always celebrated with a family cook out. I haven’t gotten pregnant, where’s my trip?

  • adil
    adil Month ago +1

    9/10 Pregnant Teens are white and thats just sayin somethin

    • M P
      M P 29 days ago

      adil what?

  • Orabelle cowgirl
    Orabelle cowgirl Month ago

    jeez Lexus's mum is mean.harsh like calm down

  • Orabelle cowgirl
    Orabelle cowgirl Month ago

    jeez Lexus's mum is mean.harsh like calm down

  • Teasha Whitten
    Teasha Whitten Month ago

    What's so bad about it i was a Teen Mom

  • montana watson
    montana watson Month ago

    you would think with her mom understanding what it’s like to be a teen mom, Maybe she would help out a bit more? Did you see the girl feeding the baby? The baby was getting so much air and not much milk..

  • Rachel Turner
    Rachel Turner Month ago

    Her grandma was 23 when she had her. That is NOT a teen mom.

  • Callie Taylor
    Callie Taylor Month ago +1

    I feel like her mom is punishing her for having a baby and it's fucked up. she's a teen mom. she ready has it hard. she needs support not a bitch as a mom. damn.

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange Month ago

    I don’t like Lexus’s mom at all. She seems so rude about the fact that Lexus is a mom even though she was just the same as Lexus when she was her age. She just seems so insanely rude about the entire situation and it makes me so mad

  • Elizabeth Luke
    Elizabeth Luke Month ago

    "Well your daughter needs to eat" man shut up she was literally FEEDING HER DAUGHTER as you said that. All she wanted was some fucking snacks from inside so stop projecting the anger you have toward yourself for getting pregnant too young into your daughter.

  • Celeste Reynoso
    Celeste Reynoso Month ago

    The mom is just being a bitch. She should be there for her daughter and granddaughter. She doesn’t care about them

  • hannah loyd
    hannah loyd Month ago

    She clearly regrets having a daughter lmao

  • Anahi Coronado
    Anahi Coronado 2 months ago

    Wth are you a friking grandma bitch

  • Brogan Wooley
    Brogan Wooley 2 months ago

    this mom has the right attitude she should be pissed

  • Brecklyn. Rennegarbe
    Brecklyn. Rennegarbe 2 months ago

    Well this is all the moms fault she is Irritated because she let her daughter go out and get pregnant because she setting a bad example so her daughter thinks that it’s OK because mom did it

  • Queen Grace
    Queen Grace 2 months ago

    Why is the mom acting like she is cool with the baby but then doing all this other stuff as a way of punishing her daughter like it’s her birthday you can take her somewhere nice so she can have a good birthday

  • asdfghjkl asdfghjkl
    asdfghjkl asdfghjkl 2 months ago

    Wtf is that man wearing

  • C A
    C A 2 months ago

    Baby's father looks stupid.

  • Trinity Miller
    Trinity Miller 2 months ago

    Robin wasnt a teen mom 55-32=23 therefore 2 generations of teen mom just saying

  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 2 months ago

    All I wanna know is how long did she intend to punish Lexus for?

  • Nini Smith
    Nini Smith 2 months ago +1

    At the same time it the daughter's fault for keep her legs open its the mother's fault guys where were you when she was with her and that also says on her face she got no responsibility for what her daughter does her daughter kid have smoked some weed or something and she would never now she at her daughter when it her fault.

  • Alexis pops
    Alexis pops 2 months ago

    Lexus mom seems pissed off. U can kinda tell by her voice... Who wouldn't be if there daughter got daughter pregnant at 15...