Galaxy Note 8 users are having freezing issues

  • Published on Nov 1, 2017
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Comments • 70

  • aeriose
    aeriose Year ago +4

    Dislike because they are reporting on an issue some people are having?
    Lol I thought apple fanboys are the defensive ones

    • President Snow
      President Snow Year ago

      so what if they're reporting a problem? wouldn't you do that? brainwashed android users.. lmao.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  Year ago

      They act like reporting on a problem that some people in this very comment section are having is an attack on them personally.

  • Daniel Maxter
    Daniel Maxter Month ago

    Im having freezes while watching RU-clip on my Note 8. I have a Exynos version but im getting the same freezes Snapdragon users get. Maybe I will switch to Huawei or Nokia. Im kind of sick of Samsung. I pay 1000 Euros for a phone then I get this shit!

  • Joseph Milnes
    Joseph Milnes 8 months ago

    I just got this device and it's freezing when I launch a web browser, chrome or Samsung internet.

  • M J
    M J 9 months ago

    My GN8 has been freezing for months., and it's incredibly annoying. I actually was under the false impression that it _was_ rock solid. Until I saw this guy's video (, but he kept calling it lag, so it didn't really register for me. But then it hit me that he was referring to all of the freezing up that I had been experiencing for months.
    I initially (unconsciously) thought this was normal. Meaning, all phones freeze up and have issues, right? But once I realized this was "a thing" with the GN8, it really pissed me off that I bought a phone for nearly 1G that is basically a flawed lemon!

  • brain box
    brain box 11 months ago

    7.2k views don't even know you as a phone reviewer of any sort probably an apple fan boy.. YO!! who dafuck are you 😂😂

  • JunSung Lim
    JunSung Lim Year ago

    Mine freezed on RU-clip for three time

  • Zenaida Silayan-Lidström

    May 21, 2018 : I myself got this strange problem , all of a sudden my Note 8 showed a message "Process IU not responding " just like that... could not click on anything could not switch off either ... frozen... for 2 days! and then this evening when I checked if the battery already discharged, suddenly to my surprise, the phone is ok ...I was supposed to take it to the store where I bought the Note 8 to show them the message but it was gone and the phone is in function again :) strange :)

  • Heisenberg Walter

    Im dissapoonted on my note8 its restarting by itself

  • Karen Peacock
    Karen Peacock Year ago

    My Note 8 is freezing when I am doing a video. It froze on me twice during my granddaughter's 1st birthday party 🤨 It was very hard to even reboot. You have to hold down the volume down button and power button for a few seconds and then after it thinks about it, reboots.

  • Marilyn Roman
    Marilyn Roman Year ago

    My husband’s Note 8 froze, we try soft and hard reset and nothing happening. It’s just died

  • josh
    josh Year ago

    Yea just started on mine past two weeks not all the time but it's starting to get more frequent started with my emails freezing then call app now a few times on fb and utube. Hopefully a simple update will sort this issue.

  • Jason Vylášek
    Jason Vylášek Year ago

    I’ve had mine for two days, and yes. Said my UI wasn’t responding- and had to hard reset. Pretty pissed. First time with an Android, switching from iPhone. And I’ve NEVER experienced this before. It’s unsettling to say the least. Do you think this will be an ongoing issue

  • Luis Blanco
    Luis Blanco Year ago

    It needs a fix asap

  • Helen Rodriguez
    Helen Rodriguez Year ago

    This totally happened to mine it happened a few times probably in the past week but it bounce right back up I just got mine on Valentine's Day I was just scrolling and it froze can't do anything it is just Frozen what to do what to do very disappointed I love the notes I've had one forever any suggestions I don't like to have to reboot and lose everything any any suggestions are welcome

  • ZaavPlays
    ZaavPlays Year ago

    Mine freezes/ crashes sometimes and I have like 2 green and 3 red stuck pixels 😡 and I just got it 6 days ago (first android phone) sad to say it but I might go with apple again and I don't want to lol

  • Shoxiez
    Shoxiez Year ago

    Only problem i have come across on my note 8 duos sim is youtube freeze when i open it and only way to open is reboot phone apart from that not problem. I brought from samsung store uk unlocked maple gold ver 7.1.1

  • Travis Grobel
    Travis Grobel Year ago

    another misleading video targeted just to have,,views,, on RU-clip, plese don't trick people into watching in with using informative thumb with the phone on the screen and then just showing your moronic face throughout whole video

  • FL moseley
    FL moseley Year ago

    This has been an issue that involves the S pen. If you scroll or open apps with the S PEN you will experience periodic freezing of the note 8.

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez Year ago

    The only problem with my phone on the galaxy s 8 plus when I'm playing my game it freezes on me .can any body tell me what can I do to fixs this problem?

  • DrGanja99
    DrGanja99 Year ago

    Samsung fanboys are the worst

  • shawn moore
    shawn moore Year ago

    I'm having the same problem also with doing random things and it freezes glitches

  • William Leishman
    William Leishman Year ago

    My phone has been locking up one a day ... It happens when i'm on a conference call, mostly but not alway.. I use my phone as a alarm clock and it locked up in the middle of the night.

  • Roxie Davidson
    Roxie Davidson Year ago

    Very disappointed with my note 8:(

    STACEYWI22 Year ago

    I just experience my phone freezing today. I had to go to RU-clip for fix.

  • Matthew Testerman

    Brand new phone -- had issues at setup. Finally got it working... But had many apps crash already... Just now, it just froze on the lock screen -- I wasn't even doing anything! I am going to return my phone. I honestly would not say it's "rock solid". I like many features of the note 8 but I cannot depend on the phone. I may switch back to iPhone (they have issues too... but that phone never froze during a call or in lock screen mode). I am not a fan boy of either...

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Year ago

    I have a Note 8 and love its functionality. Issues like the phone restarting 4 or 5 times a day, like mine does, makes me start thinking about going back to an iPhone. The iPhones may not be on the cutting edge most of the time and they are boring, but they do not crash like this.

  • Miradi O.
    Miradi O. Year ago

    ines Freezing... its terrible :(

  • Anshu Nandwani
    Anshu Nandwani Year ago

    What is the solution of this problem?

  • CJ
    CJ Year ago

    I switched to Google Now launcher and using that vs Touchwiz. Also enabled developer options and turned off all far so good

  • jesse turnbull
    jesse turnbull Year ago

    Mine freezes all the time at least once a day stupid have to force close the app all the time and sometimes it does it at night time and the battery doesn't even charge so I wake up to a dead phone needs to be fix

  • Adi Thorat
    Adi Thorat Year ago

    Using note 8 since last 2 months... During phone call sometimes phone gets stuck when call ended... Nothing happened. It automatically restarts after 10 to 15 minutes.
    Not expected from Samsung. At least in note 8 :(

  • Tom Peralta
    Tom Peralta Year ago

    Mine just froze up on my message can't turn off the phone off and touch screen won't work can't do nothing I have 70%of battery left so I left the phone alone and my screen turn off so I touch the power button then screen went back on so I turn the power off on my phone then turn my note 8 back on now working good again

  • Raven Song
    Raven Song Year ago +1

    It's happening to me

  • Ray.Ardelle at Success

    porn viewed on their phone will get a phone virus causing malfunction problems..many of the apps that are installed can also cause malfunction issues..

  • Hightower Towing & Recovery LLC

    mine note 8 just froze now…. smh… hope they send an update.. has happend a few time.. not with oprning the contact app.. but with regular use

  • Aaron Maria
    Aaron Maria Year ago

    I love my Note 8 freezes on me all the time though also have a weird problem with the Bluetooth and my Spotify app to where I can't get in maybe cuz by Iris scanner well I have it locked who knows

  • viola pro
    viola pro Year ago

    Joe said it best! People are going to scream 'fake news' when it's not happening to them but to other people. Just proves that Android users have their moments of stupidity....sometimes

  • Warrdogg
    Warrdogg Year ago

    And this is surprising to absolutely...nobody. #Freezegate

  • Robert [Zakienwar]
    Robert [Zakienwar] Year ago +1

    May be just a verizon note 8 problem

  • Jeevraj
    Jeevraj Year ago

    Yes I have had 1 time Note 8 freeze. so have to hard restart
    I have a Verizon Note 8

  • Dodo Man
    Dodo Man Year ago

    Once burning, once freezing. that does not happen to lg v30 !!!

  • Androden
    Androden Year ago

    Fake news

  • J.R. Chuxx
    J.R. Chuxx Year ago

    BS! My note8 runs as smooth as sh!t..

  • Rsmin
    Rsmin Year ago

    No problem with mine and I have it for work, numerous calls and not one problem.
    Update : Just had it happen to me this morning. First time I have had my Samsung Bluetooth headphones hooked up to my phone and it happened. Forced restart. Only difference was connected to my Bluetooth headphones.

  • Legal420 with Sweet Daddy Dopefoot

    Haven't had a single issue on my Note 8, actually been surprised how I haven't come across any issues what so ever and nothing to even complain about with the device.

  • hipopera
    hipopera Year ago

    What kind of bullshit news is this

  • FinnGames
    FinnGames Year ago +12

    It's happening on my note 8 I thought it was just mine. It freezes when I'm on Instagram Facebook and alot of other apps so I have force reboot it each time. I hope Samsung fixes it cause it's getting on my nerves

  • Darrick G.
    Darrick G. Year ago +1

    Fake news

  • Eddie Romano
    Eddie Romano Year ago +3

    What's leaking from his ears?!...

  • Omar Shahid Mughal
    Omar Shahid Mughal Year ago +3

    Never happened to me. My Note 8 is doing great!

    • Anshu Nandwani
      Anshu Nandwani Year ago

      Lucky you

    • Ray.Ardelle at Success
      Ray.Ardelle at Success Year ago +1

      Omar Shahid Mughal ..yep same here..I keep my Note 8 clean w/ cache cleared daily. Optimize your memory and storage on a regular basis is a good idea. We have to remember that the Note 8 is simply a hand held computer w/ a phone.💻📲🤓

  • Jim McNevin
    Jim McNevin Year ago

    I know this is apples and oranges, but I haven't experienced this my S8+.

  • Andrew Riley
    Andrew Riley Year ago

    Fake news from apple fanboys. Because of the iphone x launch

  • Brian Davis
    Brian Davis Year ago +6

    I have had it happen 2 times and have had to do a force reboot. I could not tell what caused it. Both times it was connected to Bluetooth in the car. Hopefully will be addressed with future software updates.

    • Scarlette A
      Scarlette A 8 months ago

      Mine only freezes while connected to bluetooth in my car also... listening to RU-clip while on bluetooth is the only time I've experienced it

    • Brian Davis
      Brian Davis Year ago

      Kid Android Verizon

    • Legal420 with Sweet Daddy Dopefoot
      Legal420 with Sweet Daddy Dopefoot Year ago

      Brian Davis what carrier did you get the device from?

  • ricardo delatorre

    I just need Oreo on my note8

  • Rich Brown
    Rich Brown Year ago +3

    And by "some news reports of freezing,"you mean a single news report.

    • Joe Fedewa
      Joe Fedewa Year ago +3

      You can check the Samsung forums for yourself. We're not making this up.