Visuals of YSRCP Leaders attacked by TDP on Polling day

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
  • Visuals of YSRCP Leaders attacked by TDP on Polling day

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  • Carmel John
    Carmel John 6 months ago

    Since CBN doesn't want to leave his chair in requesting you people that before and on the counting day please insist that there be total different security at all counting stations cause we all know to what extent CBN can go to his idea is to act like how the gooda raj took place in Bihar . Always referring to Bihar is a hint that he wants to do exactly that .so be very careful and request ECI showing the vdos of their violent nature during polls not a lathi too shoukd be from AP that perfect security should be .do not give the tiniest chance for CBN to take advantage of any loop holes in the system .this election till results should teach CBN the last and final lesson That too through the law and the rules of the land which CBN took too much for granted .put this criminal the political terrorist in binds forever .please don't rest till CBN is locked up .

  • Shekar Reddy
    Shekar Reddy 7 months ago

    TDP party all 420 lanjakodukulu

  • pravallika pravallika
    pravallika pravallika 7 months ago

    Jagananna avvarnii vadhalodhuu anna

  • KS Chandra
    KS Chandra 7 months ago

    EVM technician - Hari Prasad (NRI) mida chala doubts vunnai? Enduku Ram Mohan Rao (TDP) EC daggariki tisukoni poyadu? Last time 2014 ide Hari Prasad and team enni EVM machines ni tampering chesaru? ye hooda itaniki vundi TDP Govt lo. BEL kani ECIL company valla pani ithanu ela chestunnadu? entha mandi vunnaru Veellu TDP lo. Chustunte idi Chandra Babu Naidu team la vundi. Election commission ela veellani encourage chestunnaru. Ide Hari Prasad mida Voter Box dongalinchadu ani police case vundi.

  • sai reddy
    sai reddy 7 months ago

    Prathi Pacha lanjakodukki chukkalu chuyinchali once ADHIKAARAM lo mi vachesaka..

  • Carmel John
    Carmel John 7 months ago

    Okkalni kuda vodhalodhu jagan. Punish every law breaker and the police for not being just .

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 7 months ago

    Tdp archaka palana ki muginpu palakandi ap prajalara