Stephen Merchant Wrestles with Disinterest to Direct 'Fighting with My Family'

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Stephen Merchant didn't grow up a wrestling fan. So why did he write and direct a wrestling movie?
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Comments • 15

  • DJ TJ
    DJ TJ 11 months ago

    why the fuck are these videos black and white

  • Kit Palmer
    Kit Palmer 11 months ago

    Don't pay to see it

  • Man's not Bot
    Man's not Bot 11 months ago +4

    Not bad for a lanky, goggle-eyed freak.

  • Brucifer Wienerdog
    Brucifer Wienerdog 11 months ago +11

    Why do these Off Camera videos have such low view counts?? They’re such amazing interviews.

    • Julia Glassy
      Julia Glassy 7 months ago

      It's a bit of a niche I would guess, and we are part of those smart people who found and enjoy them, and soooo lucky we did !!!!

    • Brucifer Wienerdog
      Brucifer Wienerdog 11 months ago

      Dizzy Blu Could be.

    • Dizzy Blu
      Dizzy Blu 11 months ago

      black and white

  • Fresh Heat
    Fresh Heat 11 months ago +24

    First time I saw him I thought "bit weird"

  • jmissle
    jmissle 11 months ago +1

    Two fat guys in their 50s....Clearly this guy never saw Johnny Saint or Marc RollerBall Rocco

  • Daniel Traynor
    Daniel Traynor 11 months ago +16

    "The fact they happened to be wrestlers was almost irrelevant."
    Because professional wrestling is, at its core, another form of storytelling. Professional wrestlers are storytellers. You might snicker or gag at some of the stories they tell, but the dream and the journey of someone who wants to tell stories will always be relatable.

    • Daniel Traynor
      Daniel Traynor 11 months ago

      Whatever you need to tell yourself guy.

    • TrainInVain
      TrainInVain 11 months ago

      @PhoenixReborn60 I guess you'll never know

    • PhoenixReborn60
      PhoenixReborn60 11 months ago

      @TrainInVain Lmao, I'm glad you left this comment because as a wrestling fan who is an adult, I've been trying to wrap my head around the way people like you think about it, is your thought process one of just sheer ignorance and lack of understanding of the pro wrestling world therefore you can't appreciate and respect it? Are you one of these people these people that want to jump on the "let's mock wrestling fans" bandwagon which (this group) actually amuses me and makes me feel sorry for them more than anything else because they will turn around and mock wrestling fans and then be into something equally as geekish (for lack of a better word) or they'll say watch a real sport like football/soccer (which is nowhere near as physically or mentally demanding as wrestling is) or do you just not care about it, which is fair enough but then as you just did add in a "should be publicly flogged" which is either tongue in cheek (which I don't mind) or your being serious in which case their was no need for it at all. I'm genuinely curious to know which group you fall under?

    • TrainInVain
      TrainInVain 11 months ago +1

      Stories for children. Any adult who watches wrestling should be publicly flogged.