Super Mario Odyssey Versus - Episode 1

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
  • 🚀 GIVEAWAY: Step 1: Follow us both on Twitter - joshjepson & tyler_sederwall
    Step 2: Tweet the link to the video with the hashtag #MarioOdysseyVS
    Step 3: We will announce the winners next Saturday, February 3rd 2018!
    ⚠️ INFO
    In this Versus, we will be racing through to the Darker Side which means at the end we will end up with 503 moons! We’re now introducing the Wheel of Torture™ which consists of the following handicaps that will be randomly selected at around the 15 minute mark of each episode. Here they are:
    • Switch - Switch the controllers in your hand.
    • Euthanize - Lose all your lives.
    • Two Player - Switch to two player mode.
    • Gucci Gang - Collect enough coins to purchase an outfit.
    • Moon Goon - Switch Worlds and collect any three moons you’ve already collected.
    If you have another good idea for an addition to the Wheel of Torture, let us know in the comments. We are open to adding more things to screw us over while playing!
    We also encourage everyone to play along with us, upload their footage and tweet their videos at us! We will be retweeting some of the submissions and engaging with people who are racing along!
    Intro and Outro Music By The Living Tombstone:
    Enjoy the series!
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  • Josh Jepson
    Josh Jepson Year ago +271

    Thank you all for your incredible support of Versus! We hope you enjoy this series, and in between episodes you can catch both me and Tyler playing games live on Twitch! It's a really good time! If you're hesitant about live stuff, you should give one or two streams a chance! Try it out, because it really is just a lot of fun! Here are the links: &
    Much love!~

    • Justin McGann
      Justin McGann Year ago

      JoshJepson Jepsquad for life

    • screaming Memes
      screaming Memes Year ago

      CODY Campbell yea I know

    • revnl17
      revnl17 Year ago

      Im on the jepsquad

    • Spook Gaming
      Spook Gaming Year ago

      JoshJepson I love versus so much

    • Daniel Machado
      Daniel Machado Year ago

      JoshJepson I did some math and Josh collected 24 stars in 30 minutes and his average is 75 seconds per moon (total moons triple moons count as 1 each)
      Ur rival collected 19 moons in 30 minutes which makes an average of 94.7 seconds per moon he collected.

  • Atlas
    Atlas 2 months ago

    Im still late but IM ALWAYS BELLEZ BITCH

  • Minegamer
    Minegamer 3 months ago +1

    “Once upon a time, not long ago, I was a hoe”
    -Tyler 2018

  • Owen Y
    Owen Y 3 months ago


  • Joseph Conover
    Joseph Conover 4 months ago

    I suddenly thought about Through the Tables and the Memes (yes it is real) and the two of them should look it up.

  • Joseph Conover
    Joseph Conover 4 months ago

    They should be called Dank Events (SMO. OOOOOOOOO *BLUE SCREEN*)

  • Da Hubbz
    Da Hubbz 6 months ago

    It is so hard to pick a favorite aspect of this game.
    The open world. Its colorful. The platforming. The exploration. The collectibles.
    Its an amazing game.

  • Rachael Hegarty
    Rachael Hegarty 7 months ago

    I might be deaf now but damn awesome intro

  • Khalil Goldwin
    Khalil Goldwin 8 months ago


  • Sepkat
    Sepkat 9 months ago


  • Logan Schneider
    Logan Schneider 9 months ago

    Jepsquad for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZGrayMan
    ZGrayMan 9 months ago +1

    Tyler: Lets just get the outfit before we go to the next world
    Josh is in the Cascade Kingdom. Josh starts collecting purple coins.
    Me: Wait there is no shop in the Cascade Kingdom yet...
    Well I think I know who will win.

  • Jess W. Sheridan
    Jess W. Sheridan 9 months ago

    All these people voting Team Chuggaa. It's time for a new contender. TEAM NCS

  • holdthebalone
    holdthebalone 10 months ago

    ew facecam? not a fan

  • Cactus Syrup
    Cactus Syrup 10 months ago


  • Mr.ThiccMan76 76
    Mr.ThiccMan76 76 Year ago

    Iam a tucan do I have to kill my self?

  • Mario Gamer12345
    Mario Gamer12345 Year ago

    You own that hotline, don't you, Tyler? Team Chugga! (I kid. Go Tylo Ren. I also haven't seen this, so I'm actually guessing.) (='v'=)

  • ExpyEchos
    ExpyEchos Year ago

    Tuclan all day!!!

  • TheBackUpBoys
    TheBackUpBoys Year ago

    Tuclan hellz ya

  • Daily Gamer RPG
    Daily Gamer RPG Year ago


  • top gamer
    top gamer Year ago

    Josh's laugh when attacking tucans (i forgot his real name) said "grade A puss

  • Bug Chungis
    Bug Chungis Year ago +1

    How does this video have an ad? Lol

  • Legozeldadude 531

    I am usually on the Jepsquad, but for this series, I am a Tuclanner

  • Aiden Reid
    Aiden Reid Year ago

    Jepsquad 4 life ever since the og Mario 64 vs

  • NikoChampagne
    NikoChampagne Year ago

    I want to watch this but I don't like facecam

  • Logan Schneider
    Logan Schneider Year ago

    Jepsquad for the win! we all know that Josh is going to win.

  • Xander Embry
    Xander Embry Year ago

    # Mario Odyssey versus

  • NeoCaine
    NeoCaine Year ago

    This whole "dominate" conversation towards the five or six minute mark literally happened in Mario Galaxy 2, except Josh was not for it. Now he's encouraging it...whoa. Tyler, you've corrupted him!

  • NinToby
    NinToby Year ago

    The intro is just missing one thing very important for all of the Mario Versus, Tyler’s voice

  • imtoolazytothinkofaname

    Tuclan, definitely. Ive always been a part of the tuclan, not because i think he'll win, i've just always liked tucan more for some reason. Like when i first saw this channel when i was like 10, i just instantly thought tucan was better, and i dont know why

  • Joshua Geiger
    Joshua Geiger Year ago

    Do botw!

  • LowReedExpert1
    LowReedExpert1 Year ago

    Fuck yo' couch was from Dave Chapelle

  • pikmints
    pikmints Year ago

    14:49 If only they knew how nice they'd be when they rewatched Mario Sunshine drunk.

  • Izzy
    Izzy Year ago


  • Elijah Austin
    Elijah Austin Year ago

    #tuclan josh i guess u are good 2 :( # josh ruins coment

  • Michael Geyer
    Michael Geyer Year ago

    JepSquad for life ❤

  • Alistair Grant
    Alistair Grant Year ago

    Team Jepsquad

  • Bran
    Bran Year ago

    tuclan 4 life

  • Granny M-Bat
    Granny M-Bat Year ago

    I’m gonna get it today

  • Duppy
    Duppy Year ago


  • wowprobeast
    wowprobeast Year ago


  • Sunset Deadline
    Sunset Deadline Year ago


  • jaws
    jaws Year ago

    I finished lake kingdom in thirty minutes

  • Zacherio Pistachio Merandro


  • redyoshi777
    redyoshi777 Year ago

    Team Tuclan!

    KARTOONZ Year ago


  • Shaista Shameem
    Shaista Shameem Year ago

    Aligarh city vs allahabad city

  • Emily Davison-Hayton

    Team chuggaconroy!

  • TheRedLion
    TheRedLion Year ago

    Tuck an for life

  • forblox jr
    forblox jr Year ago

    I'm with the Tucans.

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man Year ago


    NEO TELX Year ago

    Hi im new here ☺......1:07 oh ehhh.... i-i've been on dis c-c-channel for o-over 5 years, y-yea dats right!

  • Octopodes
    Octopodes Year ago

    19:25 “Spitters are quitters” and swallowers are dead people.

  • Dreamii
    Dreamii Year ago


  • Nicholas Howe
    Nicholas Howe Year ago


  • Scott Peltier
    Scott Peltier Year ago

    Tuclan all da way for this run

  • tony yao
    tony yao Year ago


  • Chismas
    Chismas Year ago


  • Izzy
    Izzy Year ago


  • Kingdom Of Mika
    Kingdom Of Mika Year ago

    Tuclan is gonna win....finally