Super Mario Odyssey Versus - Episode 1

  • Published on Jan 27, 2018
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    Step 3: We will announce the winners next Saturday, February 3rd 2018!
    ⚠️ INFO
    In this Versus, we will be racing through to the Darker Side which means at the end we will end up with 503 moons! We’re now introducing the Wheel of Torture™ which consists of the following handicaps that will be randomly selected at around the 15 minute mark of each episode. Here they are:
    • Switch - Switch the controllers in your hand.
    • Euthanize - Lose all your lives.
    • Two Player - Switch to two player mode.
    • Gucci Gang - Collect enough coins to purchase an outfit.
    • Moon Goon - Switch Worlds and collect any three moons you’ve already collected.
    If you have another good idea for an addition to the Wheel of Torture, let us know in the comments. We are open to adding more things to screw us over while playing!
    We also encourage everyone to play along with us, upload their footage and tweet their videos at us! We will be retweeting some of the submissions and engaging with people who are racing along!
    Intro and Outro Music By The Living Tombstone:
    Enjoy the series!
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  • JoshJepson
    JoshJepson Year ago +267

    Thank you all for your incredible support of Versus! We hope you enjoy this series, and in between episodes you can catch both me and Tyler playing games live on Twitch! It's a really good time! If you're hesitant about live stuff, you should give one or two streams a chance! Try it out, because it really is just a lot of fun! Here are the links: &
    Much love!~

    • Justin McGann
      Justin McGann Year ago

      JoshJepson Jepsquad for life

    • Maddox Goldade
      Maddox Goldade Year ago

      CODY Campbell yea I know

    • revnl17
      revnl17 Year ago

      Im on the jepsquad

    • Spook Gaming
      Spook Gaming Year ago

      JoshJepson I love versus so much

    • Daniel Machado
      Daniel Machado Year ago

      JoshJepson I did some math and Josh collected 24 stars in 30 minutes and his average is 75 seconds per moon (total moons triple moons count as 1 each)
      Ur rival collected 19 moons in 30 minutes which makes an average of 94.7 seconds per moon he collected.

  • Rachael Hegarty
    Rachael Hegarty 14 days ago

    I might be deaf now but damn awesome intro

  • Khalil Goldwin
    Khalil Goldwin Month ago


  • Its Procent
    Its Procent 2 months ago


  • Logan Schneider
    Logan Schneider 2 months ago

    Jepsquad for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZGrayMan
    ZGrayMan 3 months ago +1

    Tyler: Lets just get the outfit before we go to the next world
    Josh is in the Cascade Kingdom. Josh starts collecting purple coins.
    Me: Wait there is no shop in the Cascade Kingdom yet...
    Well I think I know who will win.

  • Jess W. Sheridan
    Jess W. Sheridan 3 months ago

    All these people voting Team Chuggaa. It's time for a new contender. TEAM NCS

  • holdthebalone
    holdthebalone 3 months ago

    ew facecam? not a fan

  • Cactus Syrup
    Cactus Syrup 4 months ago


  • boi games
    boi games 5 months ago

    Iam a tucan do I have to kill my self?

  • Mario Gamer12345
    Mario Gamer12345 5 months ago

    You own that hotline, don't you, Tyler? Team Chugga! (I kid. Go Tylo Ren. I also haven't seen this, so I'm actually guessing.) (='v'=)

  • xXSpiralVortexXx
    xXSpiralVortexXx 5 months ago

    Tuclan all day!!!

  • TheBackUpBoys
    TheBackUpBoys 5 months ago

    Tuclan hellz ya

  • Daily Gamer RPG
    Daily Gamer RPG 6 months ago


  • top gamer
    top gamer 6 months ago

    Josh's laugh when attacking tucans (i forgot his real name) said "grade A puss

  • Big Chingis (Ultra Instinct Shaggy)

    How does this video have an ad? Lol

  • Legozeldadude 531
    Legozeldadude 531 7 months ago

    I am usually on the Jepsquad, but for this series, I am a Tuclanner

  • Aiden Reid
    Aiden Reid 7 months ago

    Jepsquad 4 life ever since the og Mario 64 vs

  • Crypticide
    Crypticide 7 months ago

    I want to watch this but I don't like facecam

  • Logan Schneider
    Logan Schneider 7 months ago

    Jepsquad for the win! we all know that Josh is going to win.

  • Xander Embry
    Xander Embry 7 months ago

    # Mario Odyssey versus

  • NeoCaine
    NeoCaine 8 months ago

    This whole "dominate" conversation towards the five or six minute mark literally happened in Mario Galaxy 2, except Josh was not for it. Now he's encouraging it...whoa. Tyler, you've corrupted him!

  • NinToby
    NinToby 8 months ago

    The intro is just missing one thing very important for all of the Mario Versus, Tyler’s voice

  • imtoolazytothinkofaname

    Tuclan, definitely. Ive always been a part of the tuclan, not because i think he'll win, i've just always liked tucan more for some reason. Like when i first saw this channel when i was like 10, i just instantly thought tucan was better, and i dont know why

  • Joshua Geiger
    Joshua Geiger 8 months ago

    Do botw!

  • LowReedExpert1
    LowReedExpert1 8 months ago

    Fuck yo' couch was from Dave Chapelle

  • pikmints
    pikmints 8 months ago

    14:49 If only they knew how nice they'd be when they rewatched Mario Sunshine drunk.

  • Izzy
    Izzy 8 months ago


  • Elijah Austin
    Elijah Austin 9 months ago

    #tuclan josh i guess u are good 2 :( # josh ruins coment

  • GCSmovies
    GCSmovies 9 months ago

    im tuclan, time to kill myself

  • Michael Geyer
    Michael Geyer 9 months ago

    JepSquad for life ❤

  • Alistair Grant
    Alistair Grant 9 months ago

    Team Jepsquad

  • Starlame
    Starlame 9 months ago

    tuclan 4 life

  • Granny M-Bat
    Granny M-Bat 9 months ago

    I’m gonna get it today

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  • jaws
    jaws 9 months ago

    I finished lake kingdom in thirty minutes

  • Zacherio Pistachio Merandrio


  • redyoshi777
    redyoshi777 9 months ago

    Team Tuclan!

  • KartoonDoodles
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  • Shaista Shameem
    Shaista Shameem 9 months ago

    Aligarh city vs allahabad city

  • Emily Davison-Hayton
    Emily Davison-Hayton 9 months ago

    Team chuggaconroy!

  • TheRedLion
    TheRedLion 10 months ago

    Tuck an for life

  • denisdaily jr
    denisdaily jr 10 months ago

    I'm with the Tucans.

  • Thomas games/vlogs
    Thomas games/vlogs 10 months ago

    the fucking nostalgia

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man 10 months ago


    NEO TELX 10 months ago

    Hi im new here ☺......1:07 oh ehhh.... i-i've been on dis c-c-channel for o-over 5 years, y-yea dats right!

  • Octopodes Bros.
    Octopodes Bros. 11 months ago

    19:25 “Spitters are quitters” and swallowers are dead people.

  • Dreamii
    Dreamii 11 months ago


  • Nicholas Howe
    Nicholas Howe 11 months ago


  • Scott Peltier
    Scott Peltier 11 months ago

    Tuclan all da way for this run

  • tony yao
    tony yao 11 months ago


  • Chismas
    Chismas 11 months ago


  • Izzy
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  • Kingdom Of Mika
    Kingdom Of Mika 11 months ago

    Tuclan is gonna win....finally

  • Noodles Knight854
    Noodles Knight854 11 months ago


  • galek 77
    galek 77 11 months ago

    5 years ago versus did a Mario 64 versus 😆 I watched it back then in 2013

  • coolkid98745 0
    coolkid98745 0 11 months ago

    Team tuclan

  • that dog rascal
    that dog rascal Year ago


  • Pro Odermonicon
    Pro Odermonicon Year ago



  • ORO
    ORO Year ago

    Ah hell yeah! Its the same duo from the N64 version! My favorite pair!
    I subscribed to this channel for you two but a lot of playthoughs had other people that I didn't really like as much (no offense to them, it was mostly a combination of Tucans/Jepson having amazing charisma and better audio quality)
    But then this appears on my front page by some miracle and hot daaaaamn we're back baby!

  • Roger Rabbit
    Roger Rabbit Year ago


  • Van West
    Van West Year ago

    #Jepsquad best team!

  • Tilly _ Loo
    Tilly _ Loo Year ago

    Touclan!! Joshy has lost my love during Sunshine!!

  • imaloony8
    imaloony8 Year ago

    JepSquad represent!

  • Agrera The Hedgehog

    Jepclan (Jepsquad and Tuclan COMBINED)

  • Agrera The Hedgehog


    Please pin me after that joke.

  • Junior1229
    Junior1229 Year ago

    Hey can you do a rematch in banjo kazooie or Zelda skyward sword versus plz also team jepsquad

  • MirrorFlare
    MirrorFlare Year ago


  • Bias toward Junhui

    Let’s go Tuclan!

  • Ferret Master
    Ferret Master Year ago

    tuclan:im depressed

  • katrinonus
    katrinonus Year ago

    Jepsquad. Btw, I love the idea of the Wheel of Torture. It punishes both players instead of just one randomly. A little less strategic and random which is fun, also speaking of building your community, you can also implement the wheel of torture on the people racing alongside you as there is a timer for when the wheel activates. Good job!

  • SilverEspeon64
    SilverEspeon64 Year ago


  • sonicblade64
    sonicblade64 Year ago

    didnt you guys have a website for versus at one point if so hat happened to that

  • Jade Lapont
    Jade Lapont Year ago


  • Eggflupduck random

    Tuclan da best.

  • Layton's Puzzle
    Layton's Puzzle Year ago


  • Alexia Ducker
    Alexia Ducker Year ago

    #teamtuclan 🦆🦆🦑

  • Isaiah Crutchfield

    What about the Chuggaaconroy team? ): )

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  • Da Taternater78
    Da Taternater78 Year ago +1

    Speaking of races my friend and I are doing a BOTW race on our channels

  • George Miller
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  • Tepig28
    Tepig28 Year ago

    So many quotes can go out of context in this episode alone

  • Iamtheboss 1008
    Iamtheboss 1008 Year ago

    im in the jepsquad

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    michael daved Year ago

    jepsquad whoa

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    Peter Parker? Year ago


  • Swift :D
    Swift :D Year ago

    What about team Chugaconroy!!!!!

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    Shane Barnes Year ago

    Make a luigi dark moon versus.

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  • Metamario68
    Metamario68 Year ago

    I'm Jepsquad this time

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    Ohh that is why views are down the Tuclan killed themselves

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  • Cameron
    Cameron Year ago

    Wow. This channel is still up and running? Don’t take this the wrong way I was here since sunshine and oh my god I forgot how much I loved this. Keep it up you guys!
    Edit: I’m not even 10 minutes in and I’m already believing you messed up my mind during childhood XD