And The Best Magnetic Balls Are...?

  • Published on Jul 14, 2018
  • Watch as the Vat19 Test Lab tries to figure out which magnetic product is the most attractive.
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    We sent our Micromagnets, Nanodots, Mega Nanodots, and Spinning Magnetic Orbs to the Vat19 Test Lab. Watch as we test to see which magnetic product is the strongest, which is the easiest to build with, which is the most attractive, and which has the most fidgetability.
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  • I Worship Doge
    I Worship Doge 28 minutes ago +1

    Title: *exists*
    9 year old boys: ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)

  • Clouds
    Clouds 14 hours ago

    mine. they attract tongues.

  • Ken Coffey
    Ken Coffey Day ago

    0:56 look at Chris’s face

  • Gamer Plays
    Gamer Plays Day ago


  • LeoSkits
    LeoSkits Day ago

    Gummy magnets

  • Hyper JiaSeng
    Hyper JiaSeng 2 days ago

    If i cant have it, i dont care

  • Adan Corralez
    Adan Corralez 4 days ago

    What can you do with a lot of putty

  • Olibee 1
    Olibee 1 5 days ago


  • The Beasts
    The Beasts 5 days ago

    0:54 look at this dudes face on the left


    1:30 soup

  • Canadian Mapping
    Canadian Mapping 8 days ago

    0:59 Wawawawawait

  • leo ocampo
    leo ocampo 8 days ago +1

    You can make a chain of horseshoe magnets

  • Nugget Jimenez
    Nugget Jimenez 8 days ago

    Ewwwwwww metric

  • dpoopoop
    dpoopoop 9 days ago

    3:22 penis

  • Kellfire Gamer
    Kellfire Gamer 9 days ago

    Stronger than the micromagnets
    Weaker than gravity

  • Snoop Ham
    Snoop Ham 10 days ago

    Don’t attemot or leave aorund could kill

  • Chapolee
    Chapolee 11 days ago

    I love NANODOTS!
    quick question,does the magnetic field card from the micromagnets works in NANODOTS??

  • Zachery Fulton
    Zachery Fulton 11 days ago

    Ben is definitely the nerd out of all of them

  • Tadhger
    Tadhger 12 days ago

    funny comment phrasing words to sound advertently sexual

  • Swaminathan Iyer
    Swaminathan Iyer 12 days ago


  • Hover Twins
    Hover Twins 14 days ago

    I Can Get My Science Teacher To Dance! 😂

  • Fred The Otamatone
    Fred The Otamatone 14 days ago

    Love the shirt Eric!

  • Some Idiot
    Some Idiot 14 days ago +2

    the devil made 666 alternate accounts to dislike this

  • dlinejosh Fn
    dlinejosh Fn 14 days ago +1


  • ThePopular G
    ThePopular G 15 days ago

    “Today we’re comparing bunch of magnetic spheres”
    *5 minutes later*
    “They don’t roll”

  • Lynda Quan
    Lynda Quan 15 days ago

    I see 666 dislikes

  • Moonlight Jewel
    Moonlight Jewel 15 days ago

    I'm happy that its finally CM not inches or feet

  • Moonlight Jewel
    Moonlight Jewel 15 days ago

    Ben it this video is childish😂😂😂

  • May Flower
    May Flower 15 days ago

    4:57 When you see your teacher in Walmart

    THE AWSOME SAUCER 15 days ago


  • tg.lauren Vlogs
    tg.lauren Vlogs 15 days ago +3

    *We have a ton of magnets but which one are YOU attracted too?*
    Me: *the Dolan Twi-*

  • Allyson Allred
    Allyson Allred 16 days ago +2

    I've never noticed that Eric is so BUFF! 7:10

  • Anna Shulayev
    Anna Shulayev 17 days ago

    Anyone watching after Eric left?😭😭😭😭

  • Garnet Lover_SU
    Garnet Lover_SU 19 days ago

    Welcome to the vat19 Tesla

  • Fire Baller
    Fire Baller 19 days ago

    Pause and press

  • sus n
    sus n 20 days ago

    I hate when they say "OOOOOOOHHHOOOOHOHOOOOOO

  • William Singleton
    William Singleton 23 days ago

    The horseshoe did better with the screwdriver simply due to the fact that more of the magnet was actually contacting the object. Spheres only touch something on a very small area so while they may be powerful they would stick not hold very well.

  • Mackey Landis
    Mackey Landis 24 days ago

    3:20 i wonder what that is

  • jin is weak and old
    jin is weak and old 26 days ago


  • Rhian Boyle
    Rhian Boyle 26 days ago

    Someone please explain how these guys are so cute yet my brothers are all fugly if you know please tell me


    so smr fuck

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra 27 days ago

    Me: **sees title**
    Also me: **thinks about magnetic p**is**

  • Oliver Abbott
    Oliver Abbott 27 days ago

    The bigger the better

  • Wobble Girl
    Wobble Girl 27 days ago

    I love my Nano dots

  • The King Of Creators
    The King Of Creators 28 days ago

    Mannn!!! I miss ERIC.......

  • Marvy Dado
    Marvy Dado 28 days ago

    😂 55:9 its funny

  • Teddytootertz 1
    Teddytootertz 1 28 days ago

    Ihave magic


  • FreeGameplays
    FreeGameplays 28 days ago

    I love the small cube magnets they are satisfying when they snap together

  • LPS Player
    LPS Player 28 days ago

    Please do some bloopers

  • Briana Hunt
    Briana Hunt 29 days ago

    Vat19 will ot magnet

    Gmm let's talk about that

  • Teia
    Teia 29 days ago

    Are my father's))they are sticky when i lick them

  • iLiKEFoRTnitE 321
    iLiKEFoRTnitE 321 29 days ago

    My class got my science teacher to dab 7:54

    THE DARKSIDERS Month ago +1

    And the best magnetic balls are....... the ones that attracted your wife

  • Yitchen Kitchen
    Yitchen Kitchen Month ago

    *observes anal beads

  • Sebastian Michaelis

    Who’s here after the Eric leaves Vat19 video.... 🥺

  • Pink fluffy312
    Pink fluffy312 Month ago +1


  • Jacob Mitchell
    Jacob Mitchell Month ago


  • 21 Savage
    21 Savage Month ago

    4:56 that face though

  • Lovin’Life 24/7
    Lovin’Life 24/7 Month ago +1

    “Today we’re comparing a bunch of magnetic spheres.”
    They forgot to say...
    “To prove ours is the best.”

  • Cristian Sanchez
    Cristian Sanchez Month ago +1

    There should be a vat 19 mystery box with mystery items like if you agree

    • BJ King
      BJ King Month ago

      Already is

  • Luke Reeves
    Luke Reeves Month ago

    Fill a bath full off Nando’s dots

    Emir ASAF KILINÇ Month ago

    The best magnetic balls are mine

  • Ina Tencheva
    Ina Tencheva Month ago +2

    From 4:38 to 4:44 “can you feel the love tonight “

  • dark salted with me

    7:09 WARNING:uncensored

  • angelino jowin
    angelino jowin Month ago

    nanodots is the best for building

  • Eat more Berrys
    Eat more Berrys Month ago

    The real title should be "Grown Men Have Too Much Fun With Magnets"

  • Miles Goldsworthy
    Miles Goldsworthy Month ago +1

    The best magnetic balls are mine

  • the hamster
    the hamster Month ago +1

    *B A L L S*

  • Naomi Psalm Manito
    Naomi Psalm Manito Month ago

    Punnnn cittttt yyyyy

  • Maria's World
    Maria's World Month ago

    Read tittle

    *thats what she said 😏👌*

  • Vince Cantar
    Vince Cantar Month ago


  • Frobonetic
    Frobonetic Month ago +1

    Magneto's balls

  • Gy Jgfhgfjgf
    Gy Jgfhgfjgf Month ago

    Hey Vat19 Make "And the Best Magnect Cubes Are... "

  • Supreme boi Wow
    Supreme boi Wow Month ago

    3:23 when vat19 mess up

  • Thomas Tankersley
    Thomas Tankersley Month ago

    0:54 lol, his face xD

  • JigglyJello
    JigglyJello Month ago

    I need all of that!!

  • Bruno Ančić
    Bruno Ančić Month ago

    3:21 not for children

  • Anxious Ash
    Anxious Ash Month ago +3


  • TurtleLover_plays YT
    TurtleLover_plays YT Month ago +1


    Am i the only one lookin’ but not buying cause i’m just a kid?

    • Cupcake World
      Cupcake World Month ago

      TurtleLover_plays YT omg you just read my life

  • • shōriness •
    • shōriness • Month ago

    I had a terrible story for magnetic balls
    I had these new rainbow small magnetic balls, and don't get me wrong, I LOVED them, so I brought them over to a friends house and you can fake pierce stuff, and I did my nose, and I took out the outside, but the ones on the inside clicked in, I had to go to the ER and eventually went into shock, boy I will never remember that night and everyday I still feel scared that some are trapped up in my nose or head. Whew.

    Edit: also I was only 8

  • Jessica Thompson
    Jessica Thompson Month ago

    The beat balls is?

    Ur balls lol

  • Burx50
    Burx50 Month ago

    I bought your magnet thinking putty it's awsome

  • Dr. Priya Deshmukh-Taskar

    micromagnets are dangerous because they are tiny they are easy to swallow which can lead do dangerous side effects

  • yeboi 82
    yeboi 82 Month ago

    4:50 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Ella Brown
    Ella Brown Month ago

    8 months later and Eric is gone☹️ who else thinks he should come back?

  • DatSpoi
    DatSpoi Month ago +34

    3:22 vat19 you can’t hide what the magnets made ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Cutie pie YaY
    Cutie pie YaY Month ago

    Lets see if we Can keep it even likes ( and please dont hate in the reply place😕)

  • Sajan Massner
    Sajan Massner Month ago


  • xXMissy_GamesxX Roblox

    Yea cause a horse shoe magnet is round 😂

  • Godd Life
    Godd Life Month ago

    7:39 GYRO AXIS

  • Orson Jarrett
    Orson Jarrett Month ago

    2:40 I live in St. Louis!

  • David Kinman
    David Kinman Month ago

    You can jumprope with it
    No you can't

  • Rory Lakursta
    Rory Lakursta Month ago +379

    Joey should get in a bath of nano dots!!
    **like if u agree**

  • olivia.scriva
    olivia.scriva Month ago +1

    Eric’s face at 0:55 got me crying 😂😂

  • DeadlyVortez
    DeadlyVortez Month ago +3

    I hate this website
    I looked on it and there were no horseshoe magnets on it.
    Remember this comment for

  • Top Raw Man
    Top Raw Man Month ago

    I thought there were anal beads in the thumbnail.

  • Kat And Ace
    Kat And Ace Month ago

    My Are the most attractive