Robert De Niro opens up about Trump feud and playing Mueller on 'SNL'


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  • viking766666 andersson
    viking766666 andersson 2 часа назад

    De Niro is feebleminded for sure!!

  • MasterX767
    MasterX767 9 часов назад

    He is speaking out because he wants to protect his Pedophile buddies in Hollywood that Trump is going after.

  • de heks
    de heks 10 часов назад +1

    een miljonair imbeciel actor

  • patursino
    patursino 11 часов назад

    Robert you where one of my favourite actors but no longer, you have no idea at all mate. You are the bozo

  • Chucky cheese
    Chucky cheese 17 часов назад

    Area 51 is one giant Greenhouse that's where all the drugs are coming from they make the best meth amphetamine in their Laboratories Russia has Laboratories to it's all coming in from Alaska

  • Chucky cheese
    Chucky cheese 17 часов назад

    we don't need tropical climate to grow cocoa plants and poppy plants the Russians have greenhouses it's not rocket science they're making the best Coke the best heroin Sarah Palin is the closest route she's the biggest drug dealer her and Trump

  • Gary Arnold
    Gary Arnold День назад

    "Superstars" know better than the rest of us. We all think we are living in good times with great jobs and good economic indices but, according to the rich and famous, everything is actually really bad. What a disappointment, I guess I'll escape reality by watching movies - I'll start with Gaslight.

  • Greg Williams
    Greg Williams День назад

    he literally eats crap fresh from the bowl.

  • manhattang1rl
    manhattang1rl День назад

    One of the best actors, Robert De Niro we love you

  • Juana Dela Cruz
    Juana Dela Cruz День назад

    Trump is President and all of you jealous people are not.

  • Juana Dela Cruz
    Juana Dela Cruz День назад

    Hey, Robert, Robeeeert! Trump is President.

  • Armando Gabba
    Armando Gabba День назад

    Ok.trump is an asshole.we don't need de niro to tell us about.why He does'nt try to make à good movie instead talking about politics?Are 20 years that He acts pourly in second raté movies...try to do that Bob!

    NOBODY NOBODY День назад

    De Niro can't put two words together. It's sad to think this dumb ass has a place to voice his personal opinion of a real man.

    NOBODY NOBODY День назад

    Thanks to DE Niro I will vote for Trump next time.

    NOBODY NOBODY День назад

    De Niro is insane. Everytime he opens his mouth it's discusting.

  • carlos nunes
    carlos nunes День назад

    USA?= W.W.W. (World Wide War)

  • Adrian Garza
    Adrian Garza День назад +1

    De Niro is so stupid " great actor but a total idiot

  • carlos alberto Gomez
    carlos alberto Gomez 2 дня назад +1

    How butthurt are all of you!!amazing!!!any person with orange hair is a total clown.

  • Sound Effects & More By Madeline Collette

    DeNiro a disgrace to the Italian American . He is so rude

  • Colloquial Soliloquy
    Colloquial Soliloquy 2 дня назад

    I don't get how you can vote for a man,because "he says it how he see's it",and then hammer another man,for saying it the way he see's it.
    Look at Trump interviews pre-2016.He is quite eloquent in his speech,and surprisingly,to someone who would have liked to have seen Sanders win,Trump hit the nail on the head,with nigh on every question he was asked.I agreed with 90% of what Trump said.
    But now he deliberately sounds idiotic.He is putting it on,to connect with his base.

  • Joseph English
    Joseph English 3 дня назад +4

    From a gangster to a snowflake. Is this guy for real??? LOL LOL

  • Jingaling
    Jingaling 3 дня назад

    I'm soooo fucken grateful I live in NZ! No dramas about war, medical care, or building a stupid wall 🇳🇿
    Alexa play I'm Happy!

  • Marc Martinovic
    Marc Martinovic 3 дня назад +1

    How dumb he is, wow!

  • Frank Sterling
    Frank Sterling 4 дня назад

    the actor what touched me the most... lol

  • Lonewolf Gonzalez
    Lonewolf Gonzalez 4 дня назад +1

    denero, you re a piece of dog shit!!! Can you spell Alzheimer's. You playing muller with that other over the hill actor should just kill yourself. I use to enjoy your movie's but now you just make me feel ill. If you would have just kept your mouth shut NOBODY would have realized just how shallow and stupid you really were. If you and your wife (oop's sorry, I almost forgot that she is dumping you too.) You must be really sad your wife is divorcing you AND your acting career is over...Well I have to go and watch MY President kick some ass.

  • Jim Lewis
    Jim Lewis 4 дня назад +2

    And what's your reaction NOW? You are the disgrace!

  • kellerr13
    kellerr13 4 дня назад +1

    DE NIRO Is a class 1 A-hole. He should stick to acting and stay out of politics.

  • Sniping
    Sniping 4 дня назад

    This guy is a great actor . Outside of that he’s a NUT !
    He’s a sex addict freak that thinks he’s a living god and it’s
    So funny that people like this would think that normal folks
    Would jump off a cliff if he said too . I guess there are because look at this goof on CNN who’s basting in her own
    Juices while talking to this guy.
    But let’s think about it “
    He stated he knows this guy.
    He stated he’s a New Yorker.
    He stated that he’s a national disaster.
    How does this pedophile freak of nature” deniro , how is he the almighty one ?
    Over 50 million people voted for this man and this clown deniro goes on national television saying that the president is a punk and he’d like to punch him in the face .
    This guy deniro sure can act “
    I didn’t vote for President Trump but all this venom ,
    All this hate and made up stories, it’s caught my eye and ears .
    Everything thing they accused him of has been proven wrong and it’s like if that didn’t stick, we’ll throw something else at him. It’s a sick display of evil corruption within the Democratic Party and I see it within the Republican Party as well.
    Here you have a politician from Arizona, fighting against Obamacare, Video of him condemning the democrats for allowing such a farce to be forced onto the American people. For years this one politician fought a hard fight fighting to replace Obamacare.
    But them this same politician gets in a shouting match with another republican that becomes President. The new President makes it a promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. The time is set , it comes to a vote and every republican does his job, except for the Arizona politician. At the most important time “
    At the most crucial time “
    This politician votes NO 👎 to replace Obamacare.
    Did the politician do it for the sake of his people ?
    Did the politician do it to help his people or to better the country ?
    No , this politician showed his true colors and voted against it because he let his personal feeling , his personal pride get in the way of what was right.
    He voted thumbs down 👎
    Because he was a selfish political scumbag that showed his true colors.
    This politician was the late
    John McCain .
    Thanks to his actions, I saw the real feelings , the real dedication that most all scumbag politicians have too themselves , not the American people.
    Now I’m a 100% trump fan .
    When I see wrong , I’ll know it.
    But all the crap I’ve seen, this guy Trump is the right man for this job.
    These people are real scum !
    Sex addicts, drug addicts, pedophiles and thieves.
    It’s true and it’s real.
    Read up on Bill Clinton....
    God Bless America
    God Bless President Trump

  • Chris Holt
    Chris Holt 5 дней назад +1

    It's really mind boggling. Great actor and great movies. But these celebs clearly live in their own little worlds. Trump is the best thing to happen to this economy, well ever.... Think De niro is more like De LERIOUS

  • Omar Barrie
    Omar Barrie 5 дней назад +2


  • Asaf Farfar
    Asaf Farfar 5 дней назад +1

    He’s an idiot. Lost all respect for him!!!

  • mike oren
    mike oren 5 дней назад

    Ya look just like Bob, Bob! My wife er, what can I do, who can I play, Uh,Uh I think it was, Lorne Michaels, Big Nose Bob, I look just like, I called, I think that's how it happened. Cool Bob. Brexit and the Hung Arians, waves outside the U.S. whadayathink Bob? I don't know fully what Brexit is, people are getting not benefitting and Trump with tax break, but it has to be and that's what is, They should have referendum for Brexit(they did moron) I'm not really qualified I don't, HEY LET'S talk movies which Bob can't make anymore because Bob can't even speak anymore. How's Bob going to speak a line? Use a stand in for Bob the whole damn movie? The woman can't talk either. Thank God Al Pacino is going to steal this movie from sorry ass Bob. No sweat Bob, Al will do the heavy lifting, continue mumbling. Ya could paint houses Bob, good idea, no talking, Marty says Irishman, painting houses who cares we got Al Bob. A genre hitman story not kinda really, not specific it's very specific Jimmy Hoffa in the end zone killing JOE PESCI, why bother with Bob at all. Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and bob. Why bother bob, let bob doze or mumble. Ya gave it away already bob, you're of no consequence, totally insignificant, like a hockey puck ya can't even be coherent. Platforms. Grand way smart enough to Netflix when and how long so I don't know yet, we were working on something David O'Russell because of Amazon Weinstein thing another big project Netflix again they could be I don't know yet. Disjointed mumbling stumbling babbling incoherent idiot bob.

  • ytml121
    ytml121 5 дней назад

    There are more than enough experts, professionals, historians, renowned lawmakers, moral renowned world leaders, socio-economic scientists who all agree with what De Niro has just summarized the kind of person Trump is. Trump is an absolute unbelievable NIGHTMARE to this country. To All you Trumpists, wake up and smell the coffee!!! We are now at a stage where we've amassed the largest national debt (thanks to this S___THOLE of a President) that history has ever recorded for this country. Hands down, DONALD F---N TRUMP is the GREATEST MAN ALIVE from Satan's or Caligula's perspective!

  • Terry Carter
    Terry Carter 5 дней назад +1

    De Asshole is a worthless communist bastard !!! You sorry son of a bitch you do nothing but blow shit from your mouth !!!

  • The SemperFiGuy
    The SemperFiGuy 5 дней назад +1

    This guy is a self centered narcissist who thinks the globe spends around him. He's a despicable coward, not very bright, and has not been relevant for a long, long time. Did I mention he's a bully, crude, and unkempt? If I didn't, he's crude, a major bully. He behaves like a petulant child if things don't go his way, and, wait for it........................... wait for it................................. He walks around like an unmade bed. Classic definition of a POS.

  • Eric Tomerlin
    Eric Tomerlin 5 дней назад +1

    Lowlife Weinstein rape cover up buddy !

  • Ernesto Diaz
    Ernesto Diaz 5 дней назад

    The thing is that Trump has become a wall around De Niro and Democrats; They just can't escape (Trump) the wall, the ultimate wall for cry babies. They just can't get rid of Trump. Trump is the man needed to get rid of actors like this one. He is the president and there is nothing you can do about that. President Donald Trump is and will be the best President ever to have held the the Presidency.

  • James Atkins
    James Atkins 6 дней назад

    In my life I needed doctors ‘ mechanics “ dentists but never have I ever needed a movie actor like de Nero for anything Trump is going to save this country and expose all the criminal in government and all the pedifiles in Hollywood. Never thought much of de Nero and will never be the actor that Clint Eastwood is

  • Rainee Aroha
    Rainee Aroha 6 дней назад

    hahaha What? you wouldnt want to meet Trump because of what he is???? Please elaborate what is it you know ??couldnt even give context to your judgement of Trump...
    lol you know zilch... Brexit?? go an research idiot de niro......thats all you offer is pretending to be someone else in your role as an actor... no brains just role playing someone you want to b yourself.... YOU LIVE A VITUAL REALITY AND SO OUT OF TOUCH WOTH REALITY.....WIENSTEIN IS A RAPIST... really you are buddies with a rapist.... Hollywood is so fake

  • 333JJJ
    333JJJ 6 дней назад

    Robert De Niro is fake.With your films, you have glorified crime and evil and brainwashed countless people into becoming criminals. Shame on you

  • Des Hood
    Des Hood 6 дней назад

    This bloke in s a drunk, good actor. But a hobo.

  • Wayne Wintermute
    Wayne Wintermute 6 дней назад +3

    Deniro is complete garbage just pure garbage!!

    • Ben Watson
      Ben Watson 4 дня назад

      Yes because Trump is such a pure honest man completely free and devoid of criticism

  • Duchess Mira
    Duchess Mira 6 дней назад +1

    De Niro - yep keep going with being a puppet to the elite cabal machine. You could give a shit about the average person - oh and by trainer do you mean handler ? Yeah I thought that’s what you meant... more people are onto this game thanyou think. Mind control at its finest people. Don’t listen to this mouthpiece. And for the people reading this who can’t read or see between the lines - it’s about time you woke up.

  • atikaszen
    atikaszen 6 дней назад

    No more Robert De Niro movies for me !

  • Ronald Raygun
    Ronald Raygun 6 дней назад +1

    Mueller is not releasing ANYTHING!!!! Libs like has been Di Niro are such fools! Hahahahaha!!!!!

  • neha doe
    neha doe 7 дней назад

    Lol he is broken n gone

    Nicolas Cage 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 7 дней назад

    Fuck De Niro

    Nicolas Cage 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS 7 дней назад

    Where’s that cab de Niro? You fucking loser

  • Mark Fletcher
    Mark Fletcher 7 дней назад

    I've seen him jab at Trump a lot, but I can't remember when Trump jabbed at him...seems like a one sided feud where RDN is just trying to save his career.

  • Boi Chuah Sang
    Boi Chuah Sang 7 дней назад

    This interview was cringe worthy lol. The interviewer was baddd and the interviewee was not too smart either. I stopped halfway through. Waste of time

  • Ben Beno
    Ben Beno 8 дней назад +2

    Without a script, Robert is struggling.

  • insAneTunA
    insAneTunA 8 дней назад +1

    Love Robert De Niro !!!

  • Joseph Bentivegna
    Joseph Bentivegna 8 дней назад +1

    Enjoy oblivion bob

  • coy kehoe
    coy kehoe 8 дней назад

    what a communist piece of dog sh_t deniro is ..... they said he was one of weinsteins sodomite butties

  • Logan Show
    Logan Show 8 дней назад

    She is fucking shitfaced

  • Robert Brummett
    Robert Brummett 8 дней назад

    Fuck De Niro hes a putz in his old age

  • Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K
    Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K 9 дней назад

    Ask him about the kids. the Underage kids.

  • Tim Soucie
    Tim Soucie 9 дней назад

    CNN SUCKS ,ALL biased one-sided lies, CNN is bought and paid for you can't trust people that are bought and paid for

  • Tim Soucie
    Tim Soucie 9 дней назад

    Deniro is a sad sack ,I'll be looking forward to the day he dies

  • Jenn Brown
    Jenn Brown 10 дней назад +3

    🌸I'm in 💞Love💞with Robert De Niro.
    #TheIntern. ..Love him in suits!

      BRAD PITT 2 дня назад

      hi Jenn, do you know Robert De Niro has paid Roman Polanski legal fees for decades

  • Buffalo Valley
    Buffalo Valley 10 дней назад

    CNN the most trusted fake news outlet in the world! As for De Nero, you are a dirty old lying scum bag. President Trump is so far ahead of these scumbags, the best President that America has ever seen. De Nero, you are disgraceful, you dirty communist old windbag. You make us sick and yes De Nero, you are not qualified and neither do you think!!

  • Ruth A
    Ruth A 11 дней назад

    Robert DeNiro go F*** yourself!!! I can see why you would be against Trump. Your client & tell sex trafficing women & children will be no more after the wall goes up. FYI don't you dare talk on behalf of the American people. You are completely out of touch!!!!

  • finster1968
    finster1968 11 дней назад

    So De Niro doesn’t even know what Brexit is? And the interviewer doesn’t know the vote happened before Trump was even elected president? But it’s still his fault? They are quite the pair, aren’t they?

  • Walid Soueidy
    Walid Soueidy 11 дней назад +1

    What a shameful interview, how could you people speak about your president this way , there's no respect , if you don't like him pray that God will in the future replace him with a better one .

    CATALIN CIRITEL 11 дней назад

    I am a taxi driver. I would say Robert de Niro is not a good taxi driver. He cries to much , emmo , weak emotionaly .
    In Roumania if you are not good for taxi , you are not good for nothing.

    • Den Harrow
      Den Harrow 8 дней назад

      Pune-te la punct cu gramatica și cu lexicul limbii engleze, că ești _varză_ la capitolu' ăsta, bă *_RoUmânule_* !!!

  • K Chandra Prakash
    K Chandra Prakash 11 дней назад

    All supporting Mr.De Niro be certified idiots. Mr.De Niro spent most of his productive period in his life in the studios. He is certainly not an authority in any issue, let alone the most critical national issues. Mr.Trump Puts America first. Everything he is doing is good for USA. What Mr.De Niro knows about Trade deficit. He is insulting Mr.Trump means He is insulting millions of Americans who elected him as the President.

  • Affiliate Wireless
    Affiliate Wireless 11 дней назад

    This guy has become senile and delusional. What are all these things Trump is suppose to be doing? This is in his imagination. Wife even left him lately. Deniro is washed up, elderly, and trying to stay relevant. That’s why he wants to be in the public eye going after trump.

  • petiedog19
    petiedog19 11 дней назад +1

    What a little bitch. He prefers his rapist loser Hollywood friends.

  • Rad
    Rad 11 дней назад +1

    What an idiot!

  • Victor
    Victor 11 дней назад +2

    You mean you EX wife .....hahahahahahah

  • Victor
    Victor 11 дней назад +4

    Fake actor on fake news channel

  • Victor
    Victor 11 дней назад +1

    Great actor but should stick to role playing in fantasy land.

  • johnny Gutierrez
    johnny Gutierrez 11 дней назад

    De nerio is an idiot he's dumb ass trump is a self made. Man and what kind of. Person is robert. Does he think he can run the country. No. De nerio stupid he dosent evan know what to say. I ah ah ah ah dumb ass. He needs. A motavational speaker. .......just shut up go back. Back to ur hollywood life style. That idiot dosent. Know. What the working man out there working with his hands anthour ganster movie thats all he can act..

  • Cinco Charms
    Cinco Charms 11 дней назад

    De Niro is an asshole. Everything about him oozes evil. Every role he has played is either a criminal, a misfit, or an absolute asshole. In real-life he is a nasty elitist and sides with the psychotic left. Yet somehow, people love this jerk. Sad commentary about our country.

  • MC
    MC 11 дней назад +1

    I really like De Niro but when it comes to Interviews he sounds like he's drunk or disconnected...Great Actor though.

  • Joe Daniele
    Joe Daniele 11 дней назад

    Fuck you robert you are scumbag

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 12 дней назад

    Movies have nothing to do with reality you can be a good actor but that is not who the actor is

  • mike oren
    mike oren 12 дней назад

    Gotta watch this turd again, the chick doing the interview is almost as inept as Bob. You're not that horrible Bob, you just can't talk. Nightmare? The movie can't be that bad Bob. Have all the lines you can't remember dubbed into the sound track, nobody's going to pay to see you flub your lines Bob. Hard to believe Bob has wasted away into this state, now he's stooped so low as to be on SNL. Hard to believe this wreck is the same guy that was in the Good Fellows movie.

  • Play Geetar
    Play Geetar 12 дней назад +5

    Boycott fake news

  • maronthehill
    maronthehill 12 дней назад +1

    Robert De Niro is an actor I like, but being a good actor does not mean anything of his political sense. He has bigger voice to be heard as a public figure but that's not from his political insights. He is no better in politics than a common person. Why are actors, singers so avid to showcase their political sense? When a person gets famous and has a bigger voice, he easily goes insane and forgets who he is.

  • mike oren
    mike oren 12 дней назад

    This has got to be the most incoherent babbling I have ever heard in my entire life. Bob should be tucked under a palm tree next to the shuffleboard court in Miami. Bob must have slammed his skull in the car door again. Maybe Bob cracked his cranium open ice skating or slipped and pounded his melon off the asphalt parking lot. Act in a movie with a speaking part? Possibly he's had a stroke or somebody dropped an anvil on poor Bob's dome. Bob will get speech therapy or something or that movie will tank once he starts mumbling and stumbling around. Good Fellows II they'll have to use Jeremy Renner or somebody if there is a sequel. Dumb to go with floundering Bob and kill the whole project completely. Oh well, forget about doddering and drooling Bob. Maybe Bob got hit by a car again or fell down a few flights of stairs. Hit himself in the head with a golf club at the driving range. He had a bad habit of slamming his bean under the hoods of cars. Might be able to use a teleprompter. Nah, poor old Bob can barely stand erect much less speak. Buy a nice condo down in the keys Bob.

  • FanofJesus
    FanofJesus 12 дней назад

    DeNiro is bigger than Trump with lifts in his shoes! 😂 Red shoes? Idk but he loves to rape/traffick underage kids!

  • Jay Ng junior
    Jay Ng junior 12 дней назад +2

    I’m not even american and i think Trump is a good president.
    What is wrong with all this Trump hating to be honest

  • Dav Mac
    Dav Mac 12 дней назад

    A second referendum on Brexit? Obviously not a Great fan of democracy. if the result changes what would be a good reason for ever voting again anyway?

  • Shawn Kennedy
    Shawn Kennedy 13 дней назад

    Deniro is just a FAKE FUCK he was The Man Was a Great Actor now a PIECE OF SHIT....Deniro Is a Studio Gangster in Real Life hes a BITCH A OLD FRAIL PUSSY BITCH....AND WHO GIVES A FLYIN FUCK WHAT HE THINKS

  • John Here
    John Here 13 дней назад +2

    Thank you Robert de Niro! All should go out and speak. We should create a human wall around traitor trump... Now!

  • John Here
    John Here 13 дней назад +1

    It's taking too long. America's being assaulted, the planet is being raped... By the trumps and Russia, by republican party... Arrest these people and jail them for life 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Janet Davidson
    Janet Davidson 13 дней назад +2

    Bob is fantastic, and a man who knows what the hell he's speaking of. #ANeverTrumper!! Keep up the great work. Can't wait for the Irishman !!

  • mike oren
    mike oren 13 дней назад

    I wonder how many takes it took to capture the incoherent disaster that CNN unwisely chose to broadcast. They went to the trouble to find a woman as incoherent as Bob to interview incoherent Bob? People are in line to be nude scanned AND are subjected to what you could argue is cruel and unusual punishment? The unusual part may be a little tough to argue but cruel isn't cause they don't have a choice. They're stuck at the airport! The FBI should open an investigation to find who's putting this drivel on these airport tubes. Somebody's doing it. Maybe Alex Jones the Info wars guy, should be the guy to deal with this abomination. He's into conspiracyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • mike oren
    mike oren 14 дней назад +1

    Man am I glad I got the scoop from Bob. Super informative Video. Bob came across perfectly as far as why Bob's always spewing out weird stuff. Maybe Bob had a stroke, possibly Alzheimer's disease is making Bob incoherent. Who knows but I won't waste time on Bob except for the upcoming movie. Bob could follow the path the Orator followed with the teleprompter but the Great Orator, even with the teleprompter, didn't make much sense. Bob's a billionaire so at least Bob can afford to get the help he needs.

  • mike oren
    mike oren 14 дней назад +1

    Skip the quote. Ya can't remember it or who said it Bob. Doesn't bother anyone Bob. The SNL thing came about because you and Bob Mueller look identical. Bob DeNiro, Bob mueller may have played a part. BOB and BOB, Bob. Bob has no clue and Bob's a billionaire. Bob ya can DO whatever you want. Finally making sense. Keep having fun. I'm having fun listening so.....the British have voted to go on their own is what Brexit is Bob. Only thing I know is the Brits have been around a while and it aint gonna change. I am 100% positive that if you mess with the Brits long enough, say flinging buzz bombers all over the place they tend to get real pissed. The former residents of Dresden found this out the hard way Bob. Big time hard as in extremely crisp Bob. So....You in a coma Bob? They voted a while back and everything is easier said than done and..... Well aware ya don't know a thing and you're not qualified and...….Good move Bob, let's at least talk about something yer sposed to know about, movies, movies. I think we're getting to the part where Bob opens up...….Right, right, Deerhunter, Deerhunter, pretty good movie.....Bob's looking really sad. C'mon Bob. Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino? I could put up with YOU to see Al Pacino. Even if Martin Scorsese was unavailable, Al Pacino is up to what ever acting gig he is in......9 films, 11 yrs with MARTIN SCORSESE and you are still this dumb.....Marty would be fine with you leaving to paint houses and.....Irishman's better Bob and it don't matter cause Al's gonna be doing the heavy lifting Yer gonna be an Irish house painter and Als gonna slap you around. Sounds good, sounds good.....Jimmy Hoffa. Union leader, vanished, dug up the end zone, wasn't in the end zone, still looking......Can't put together a coherent sentence, got it Bob...….Joe Pesci is still ALIVE! I figured he was gonna be what they would find in the end zone. I'm glad to hear he's still breathing cause man did he do a great job in Casino...…….Joe Pesci is a big part of any flick that has Joe in it Bob......Everything ya say's good Bob, keep on...….Incoherent question from incoherent woman to Bob. Bob answers incoherent question incoherently......Netflix is smart, ya don't have any details. Maybe theaters or streaming or we can figure out how see the movie...…..Amazon messed up everything. Maybe give fly fishing a shot in the streaming Netflix, could er possibly. How is it possible for this Bob guy to coherently speak his lines in a movie or an interview or if I bumped into Bob in a bar or restaurant. Bob sounds like he would drive a waitress out of her mind trying to order over easy eggs. Bob has OPENED UP and is completely empty of even a coherent sentence. I've got to see this upcoming movie.

  • mike oren
    mike oren 14 дней назад

    Hey it's Bob. Bob's fun to listen to. Yeah, yeah we know you've never thought in your lifetime, so....Right Bob, 8 years of the Great Orator was horrible and...….No Bob, we woke up Bob. We are past it. Nightmare's over Bob! Why get all worked up? Say you're a billionaire right Bob? You are almost 2 years into the 5 years that you're babbling about Bob. Bob is in need of a lude. Take your time to say what you mean and if need be ya can start over. Like a 2nd take on a movie set. OK, action Bob.

  • Len Hardy
    Len Hardy 14 дней назад

    Good grief that interview had NO real content.

  • Bette Gregory
    Bette Gregory 14 дней назад

    Says the man involved with pizza gate so someone please knock him off his pedestal. Prison is too good for him

  • dicemanace
    dicemanace 14 дней назад

    Fuck De Niro !

  • Wanda Hunt
    Wanda Hunt 14 дней назад

    Robert De Niro is an a****** and no one's interested in his opinion about the president and this BS about he likes to keep his life quiet while going through his divorce yeah he wants his life quiet and he doesn't want his business put out there but this bastard doesn't mind putting the president of the United States business out there I hope she takes him to the cleaners you a******

  • Keith nunya
    Keith nunya 14 дней назад

    Fake news interviews fake tough guy

  • hansgruber55 diehard
    hansgruber55 diehard 14 дней назад

    Robert is a bigbrained person and has the best words! Trumpsupporters, get an education and/or a soul!