Vanglaini Daily News (Chanchinbu) leh Tihsual

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Vanglaini Daily News (Chanchinbu) leh Tihsual
    Mizo daily news Vanglaini chanchinbu hian tihsual a nei zing khawp mai a. An fimkhur lehzual a ngai khawp mai.
    Chanchinbu mi mipui tana hriatna khawl a nih a. A dik thei ang bera chhuah hi a enkawltute mawhphurna a ni.
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Comments • 3

  • Seiboy Singson
    Seiboy Singson 8 months ago

    Vanglaini join kaduh a minlo add thei dawn em

  • Lalhmahruaia mualchin
    Lalhmahruaia mualchin 9 months ago

    Va paih mai2 ve vanglaini chanchin bu tangkai jia leh ahlut na lam aia atihsual lai lo hmusak tlat kher cuaaaa finna ani ciah nangleeee 😂😂😂 😆😆

  • Dawnga Sailo
    Dawnga Sailo 9 months ago