Ukulele cover twenty one pilots

Ride - twenty one pilots (ukulele cover)
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Wherein I rap. Look out. Thanks for always watching my vids, ya'lls :)
Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Ukulele Version)
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Twenty One Pilots perform 'Stressed Out' on the smallest instrument we had available...
The Judge by twenty one pilots (Ukulele Cover)
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THERE ISN'T A GIRL SINGING IN THE BACKGROUND IT IS ME I MULTI-TRACKED MYSELF AND ADDED HARMONIES ... My voice was so high because I was a baby in this video. Also please do check out the video I posted a few days ago which raises awareness of the Min..
Ride | twenty one pilots Ukulele Cover
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This week on: Andrea is the World's Worst Rapper But really. I'm very sorry about my sad attempt at rapping. I swear I can do it well sometimes! Tyler Joseph's rapping is just too quick, I can't keep up lol. This is also the most basic top song ever..
twenty one pilots - Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Cover)
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Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots performs a cover of "Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis with help from some friends on the Nylon Music Tour with Neon Trees and Walk The Moon. Download the album: Subscribe for more off..
Truce - Twenty One Pilots (cover)
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Heyaaa So just wanted to announce that I still love twenty one pilots even if they have been inactive for 309 days... Not that I am counting or anything.. (Plz come back soon) ANYWAYS. I hope you enjoyed this little cover and I will see you very so..
4 basic chords, 21 songs from twenty one pilots on ukulele
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This mashup consists of 21 twenty one pilots songs using only 4 easy chords on ukulele. Here are my other 4 chords videos: *also quick note: I changed the key for some of the ..
Chlorine - twenty one pilots (ukulele cover)
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SIPPIN ON STRAIGHT CHLORINE. this is one of my favorite songs from Trench. I hope y'all enjoy this cover!! let me know if you want to see me do more twenty one pilots songs in the future! The ukulele I play: you can get 20% ..
Chlorine - Twenty One Pilots (ukulele cover)
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The lighting is bad. I look tired because I am tired, and my voice is funny cause I have been singing all day. BUT TRENCH IS OUT!!!!!!! My new song"Awkward" is out now on all music platforms - Thank you to Sera Ellis, Sonia ..
We Don't Believe What's On TV- Twenty One Pilots COVER + UKULELE TUTORIAL
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My Blood - Twenty One Pilots - Ukulele cover
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I know I said I'd try to make less Twenty One Pilots videos but all their new songs are freakin sick okay Bandcamp: Mah Twittah: h..
Ride - twenty one pilots ukulele cover
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so I'm taking my TIMMMMEEE *insert screamo Tyler Joseph voice* social media: Twitter: EliseEcklund Instagram: eliseecklund ..
Twenty One Pilots - Jumpsuit || Ukulele Cover
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I’m not good enough on the ukulele to do this nicely lol
Jumpsuit - twenty one pilots ukulele cover
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Here is a lil ukulele cover of jumpsuit by twenty one pilots from their album trench! I hope y'all enjoy it! Xx twenty one pilots covers: Check out Eden's piano cover of Jumps..
Forest (written by Twenty One Pilots)
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Good song. I haven't been active on this platform much. I apologize. I've been doing some livestreams and such on instagram (@isabellehyde) if you'd like to stay connected during my periods of absence here on youtube. Thank you. All of you. Sho..
house of gold - twenty one pilots (cover)
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Hometown - twenty one pilots (ukulele cover)
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I hope you like this cover! Thanks for being here! Also, if you want to learn how to play this song on uke, here is a tutorial! PATREON TWITTER El..
Tear In My Heart - twenty one pilots (Ukulele Cover)
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Here's a cover I recorded a while ago before I dyed by hair and I forgot about it until now!!! Hope u enjoy , I really love to sing this song Links: Website ~ Merch ~ Tour Dates ~ www.cave..
Lovely (written by Twenty One Pilots)
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It says I will make you believe you are lovely because you ARE :) Chords: Verses: Em, C, G, D Chorus: G, D Em, C, D, G Bridge: G, C, Em, C, G and then add a D in there somewhere when you sing more intensely. Just listen for it in the video and you ..
Forest - twenty one pilots | ukulele cover
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I hope y'all like this cover!!:) Thanks for watching! Make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the family if you haven't already Xx follow me *twitter: twitt..
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I said " won't you save " instead of " can you save " woops, sorry x
Twenty One Pilots - House of gold for cello and ukulele (COVER)
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Hope you like my version of "House of gold"! SHEET MUSIC iTunes Stream via Spotify Twenty One Pilots - H..
twenty one pilots - stressed out (ukulele cover on the beach) | Pedro Rivas
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wish we could turn back time... CONTACT: Instagram: privas19 Twitter: privas19 Support me on PayPal:
Goner | Twenty One Pilots (cover)
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Support my music on Patreon: Download on iTunes: Thank you for watching! Be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe! Check out my album From Where I Stand on iTunes! http:/..
The Hype - twenty one pilots | cover
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Sorry for the two month hiatus, life has been crazy!! but I'm baaack. Thank you for almost 40,000 subscribers...I can't comprehend....I'm not crying, you are. haha LOVE YOU GUYS. If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and subscribe!! I woul..
Ride - Twenty One Pilots (Kelaska Ukulele Cover)
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DOWNLOAD THIS COVER ON iTUNES (Also Available on Spotify): You guys have been asking for it, and I FINALLY got up a full cover of a TOP song. Hope you enjoy ! If you do, don't forget to lik..
Twenty One Pilots - Polarize || Cover
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I tried lols Sorry I haven’t been very active lately but I’ve not been my bestest ! I love you all
Tøp - Slowtown (Uke Cover) + Chameleon
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Btw Cas is fine he falls down all the time and just gets back up and moves on he's got more important things to do. Background music: Links: Twitter ~ tw..
[ Twenty One Pilots ] Blurryface full album on Ukulele!
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Im learning to play my top 50 albums of all time...on a ukulele. Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface. ❇️ Guaranteed progress on the Ukulele, Guitar and Bass. ❇️ Guided lesson paths that WILL make it easy to get to the next level of playing. ❇..
Nico And The Niners - twenty one pilots | EASY UKULELE TUTORIAL
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This easy tutorial will teach you how to play nico and the niners by twenty one pilots from their new album trench. Chords and strumming patterns included. I hope it helps! The ukulele I play in this video: *you can get 20% o..
The Hype - Twenty-One Pilots (Easy Ukulele Tutorial)
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The new Twenty-One Pilots album, Trench, is here! Here's the first ukulele tutorial from the official release - The Hype! Enjoy, and don't forget to check out my TØP Playlist for more lessons! Have a look at my Amazon Store for ukulele recommendati..
Not Today - twenty one pilots | Ukulele Cover
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HI FRIENDS THANKS FOR WATCHING. Love 21p. love love love love love. See you soon! Much love, PeppermintOllie xx Twitter: peppermintollie Facebook: peppermintollie Instagram: pep..
Kitchen Sink (written by Twenty One Pilots)
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I like to do covers of songs that mean a lot to me. Songs that have either comforted me, made me think, connected me to other people, or anything in between. This would definitely be one of the songs that made me think and that made me feel. It's a v..
Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots ~ Ukulele Cover
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I promise this is the last one for today!
Lane Boy - twenty one pilots (ukulele cover)
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another twenty one pilots cover yay PATREON TWITTER EliseEcklund INSTAGRAM eliseecklund YOUNOW SNAPCHAT elisea_e ..
twenty one pilots - chlorine (EASY UKULELE TUTORIAL)
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#twentyonepilots #chlorine #trench SUBSCRIBE!! a super easy way to play chlorine by twenty one pilots! i hope it helps y'all!! hello i've got my editing software back and i'm slowly getting back to normal yay. Thank you for listening. Have an awe..
Lane Boy - twenty one pilots | EASY UKULELE TUTORIAL
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This beginner tutorial will teach you how to play lane boy by twenty one pilots on the ukulele. It includes easy strumming patterns and chords. I hope it helps! Ukulele that I play in this video: Progression: Dm, Am, G Strum..
Smithereens - twenty one pilots (ukulele cover)
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My new song"Awkward" is out now on all music platforms - Thank you to Sera Ellis, Sonia O’Reilly, Michael Hutchinson, Reetam Paul, Signe Andersen, Ascetic Walker, Tan Cn Yg and Rebecca Beckery for supporting me on Patreon! ..
Isle Of Flightless Birds Ukulele - Twenty One Pilots (Cover)
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Twenty One Pilots IOFB uke cover
Ride - twenty one pilots | EASY UKULELE TUTORIAL
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I teach you step by step how to play ride by twenty one pilots on the ukulele. This lesson includes chords and strumming patterns for the song. You can play it with or without the capo. Need a Capo? I recommend this one from Amazon:
Migraine - Twenty One Pilots - Easy Ukulele Tutorial
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Migraine - Twenty One Pilots - Ukulele Tutorial Get Tabs here: How to play Migraine by Twenty One Pilots. This one has some nice tasty hip hop action going in it, it really reminds me of my old friend Spunky's r..
The Judge - Twenty One Pilots (Kelaska Ukulele Cover)
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DOWNLOAD THIS COVER ON iTUNES (Also Available on Spotify): Hi everyone, long time no see ! I hope you enjoy this highly requested cover. Don't forget to like, comment, SHARE, & subscrib..
twenty one pilots – Can’t Help Falling In Love EASY Ukulele Tutorial With Chords / Lyrics
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Chords: 0:11 Strumming Pattern: 0:47 Song Being Played: 1:00 Learn how to play "Can’t Help Falling In Love" by twenty one pilots. This Ukulele tutorial includes the chords, chord progression, strumming pattern, and lyrics for this song twen..
Twenty One Pilots - House of Gold Ukulele Cover Tutorial (lyrics|chords|MusicSheet)
Views 14K2 years ago - Want to buy ukulele? Check out our store! Welcome in the tutorial called #UKUPLAYALONG FULL TUTORIAL LYRICS AND CHORDS (Thumbs up if your downloading): Part I
twenty one pilots- House of Gold (Ukulele Cover) | @mikeisbliss
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One of my favorites to play and sing. Hope you enjoy! ↓↓↓↓↓ MY LINKS ↓↓↓↓↓ ­­­ ­-­-­ Social Media: Facebook: mikebliss1 ..
Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots - Easy Ukulele Tutorial
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Car Radio - Twenty One Pilots - Easy Ukulele Tutorial Chords 0:56 Piano style 1:15 Acoustic Style 3:16 Be a patreon, learn faster, get PDFs, bonus videos Learn more More photos and vi..
The Run And Go - twenty one pilots | Ukulele Cover
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hey gang hope you liked! I've decided to up my thumbnail game how GROOVY see u soon, Ollie xx outro music: second channel: Twitter twitt..