Ufo caught on tape

Secret Pentagon UFO program revealed
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Newly released footage from the Department of Defense shows an apparent UFO caught on tape.
'I think I'm going to die': Abduction caught on tape
Views 242K10 months ago
Police are investigating the apparent abduction at gunpoint of a woman in Richmond Hill, Ont. Home surveillance video shows a man stepping out of a car, carrying what appears to be a handgun, threatening to kill the woman before pulling her toward th..
Man of Steel Alien Invasion Caught on Tape ! ! !
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Something crazy happened at MOVIECLIPS while we were doing a trailer review. Everything went haywire as an alien ship was spotted over Los Angeles. We hope everyone is safe, Jimmy is in the hospital now but only has a fractured femur. Please leave co..
UFO Sighting Sat 8th Sept, 8PM - What Do You Think This Is
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UFO Sighting Sat 8th Sept, 8PM at www.haventimber.co.uk - What Do You Think This Is Subscribe to my channel by clicking this magic button: bit.ly/1il3TH0 Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the fr..
Super clear footage of UFO in Quebec caught on camera
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Check out this crazy footage in Quebec filmed in October of 2018. What do you think it is? A UFO? Source & embed code: rumble.com/v6lsru-clear-ufo-footage-in-quebec-10222018.html. For licensing, please email licensing@rumble.com.
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Real UFO sighting caught on tape in a remote French town
Views 36K3 months ago
UFOs are captured on tape in La Celle Guenand, France. They were traveling back through the remote French countryside after dinner and they noticed 3 fast-moving and unusual lights in the sky. They changed direction sharply, there was nothing else in..
NYC Couple's Abduction Caught on Tape, But Is It Real?
Views 539K6 years ago
New York police released video showing a couple just moments before their apparent abduction. For more on this story, click here: abcnews.go.com/US/abduction-caught-tape-birthday-hoax-police/story?id=18852057
4 Out of This World UFO Sightings Caught on Camera
Views 285K3 years ago
Ever feel like you aren't the only one in the universe? Well, The List’s Brian Corsetti is debunking that idea with four out of this world UFO sightings caught on camera. THE LIST is the national Emmy award winning show where pop culture takes a nee..
Did Man Film a UFO Hovering Over North Carolina Lake?
Views 194K11 months ago
A North Carolina man is convinced he caught a UFO on camera after he recorded a stationary object hovering in the sky on his cellphone. The shaky video has gone viral since being posted over the weekend, and many are convinced the object is extraterr..
Secretive program tracked UFOs for 5 years
Views 800KYear ago
The now-defunct secretive federal program designed to track unidentified flying objects is facing new scrutiny while some officials deem it a national security priority. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
Crashing UFO captured on security camera
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On the windscreen of the vehicle, a flying object appears out of nowhere and veers off to the left of the windscreen. This video is recorded in London, UK. Can you identify this UFO? Source & embed code: rumble.com/v7v811-crashing-ufo-captur..
REAL UFO Alien sighting caught on tape, Egypt 2015
Views 2.1M3 years ago
This incredible Alien UFO fleet caught on tape by unknown Egyptian student, The tape shows a fleet of three flying UFOS over Cairo city on 28 September 2015. WARNING: This Footage is claimed to be the most shocking one ! It's up to you to decide if t..
10 Scariest UFO Drone Sightings
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ALL LINKS UPDATED AND WORKING ETHiX is my brand and we are aiming to refine and simplify this amazing hobby. Please check us out - ethixltd.com (Ethix Swag - bit.ly/2w6mNjO) Mr Steele personally Amazon Shop. www.amazon.co..
Evidence of Aliens? - I Believe in UFOs: Danny Dyer - Highlight - BBC Three
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SUBSCRIBE to the OFFICIAL BBC RU-clip channel 👉 bit.ly/2IXqEIn LAUNCH BBC iPlayer to watch full BBC programmes online now 👉 bbc.in/2J18jYJ More about this episode: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00qgr7s Danny Dyer goes on a q..
Real UFO Caught on Video Best UFO Sighting Alien Evidence Captured on Video OVNI Sighting Lightning
Views 686K8 years ago
Real UFO Caught on Video. Best UFO Sighting ever. Ovni Alien Evidence Captured on Video. Read the full report below. SKIP TO 0:37 TO SEE UP-CLOSE UFO FOOTAGE FULL REPORT: On December 7th 2010 a massive thunderstorm was fast approaching the city..
Top 10 UFO Sightings
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Top 10 Most Legitimate UFO Sightings of all Time Subscribe goo.gl/Q2kKrD Do aliens exist? Are UFO's real? The debate will rage on until we have proof, but these close encounters will have to do until then. WatchMojo lists the ten most well do..
UFO spotted by US fighter jet pilots, new footage reveals - BBC News
Views 2.7MYear ago
UFO Spotted: The video was filmed in 2004 and investigated as part of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. It's not clear if the object was ever identified. The New York Times reports that the US Department of Defense programme was s..
Another Top 10 UFO Sightings
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Another Top 10 UFO Sightings Subscribe: goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! watchmojo.com/suggest People have been seeing strange things in the sky for centuries, but is the ..
UFO-like object caught on night vision camera over West Yorkshire - Daily Mail
Views 24KYear ago
Mark Emmins was stunned when he saw the bizarre object speeding through the sky over Exmouth with people on Facebook suggesting that it could have been weapons fired from a nearby naval base. Mr Emmins posted on Facebook: 'Today for the second time i..
UFO and alien captured on camera in Airasca, Italy
Views 69KYear ago
Check out this haunting footage of a UFO in the night sky of Airasca, Italy. Just wait until the end! Shocking! Source & embed code: rumble.com/v3kn4d-real-alien-and-ufo-on-camera-in-airasca-italy.html. For licensing, please email licensing..
UFO caught LIVE on camera during Newscast in Buffalo
Views 46KYear ago
UFO caught LIVE on camera during Buffalo weathercast with Andy Parker
Bizarre uncloaking UFO spotted near International Space Station - Daily Mail
Views 130KYear ago
The live feed, posted by Belgium-based RU-clip channel UFO Today, caught the attention of conspiracy theories after strange lights started flashing to the right of the footage. The conspiracy theorists who posted the video say whatever it is, it must..
'UFO' caught on a police helicopter's thermal imaging camera? - Daily Mail
Views 4.1KYear ago
Footage from the South Wales police force's heat-seeking helicopter camera shows a spherical object bobbing around in the centre of the screen. Confused police said the mystery object was flying against the wind and was undetected by air traffic cont..
Photographer captures 'pill-shaped' UFO in the sky!!
Views 73K5 months ago
Bret Harrison Jones was out with his camera looking for nature when he spotted the 'pill-shaped' object coming in and out of focus from his home in Guilford County, North Carolina, two weeks ago. Footage shows the flashing cylindrical shape in the di..
Secret Pentagon UAP (UFO) incident video leaked
Views 15K7 days ago
This new UFO/UAP Pentagon video emerged on the internet showing we are not alone? In this video you can see how the jet fighter pilot is trying to get a lock on the UFO, but suddenly the UFO disappears. Source & embed code: rumble.com/v7weaz..
Real UFO Sighting!
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Tweet it! bit.ly/rtUFO Facebook it! on.fb.me/g6Q0nS The last video from our roadtrip! I encounter an advanced UFO alien invasion force in New Mexico, and I take care of it... with my LAZER GLOCK. We shot this at the same location as T..
The Mysterious Genius Who Patented the UFO
Views 1.6M7 months ago
Alexander Weygers, a Renaissance man in the mold of the tech industry’s stated ideal, inspired an art dealer to become an acolyte. In this Hello World short, Ashlee Vance visits the dealer whose curiosity about Weygers has evolved into an obsession.
Top 5 UFO Sightings : UFOs Caught on Tape?
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The Top 5 Unidentified Flying Objects caught on video by NASA and other government organizations. The most convincing UFO videos ever filmed. Are these real aliens? If you enjoyed this video, you might also like: 5 UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES in the Sky ..
Fleet of UFOs captured on camera over Nicaragua
Views 2.7K3 days ago
While this witness was celebrating Mother's Day they suddenly saw UFOs in the sky, consisting of white spheres coming from a cloud. What do you think? Real or fake? Source & embed code: rumble.com/v7wz5j-fleet-of-ufos-over-nicaragua.html. F..
Aliens Caught on Tape: Real Evidence?
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Jeremy Corbell joins Dave Rubin to discuss everything from aliens, UFO's, Area 51 and much more. ►►Subscribe to Rubin Report for more: ru-clip.com/user/RubinReport WATCH PART 2 'UFO Sightings: Proof That Aliens Exis..
Real alien - ufo caught on tape?
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Can someone tell me what is that? Never seen anything like it before
Top 10 UFO Sightings Around The World
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These are the top 10 most realistic and plausible UFO sightings caught on camera. Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: ru-clip.com/user/BaerTaffy 10..
UFO's Caught on Camera at Area 51
Views 70K3 months ago
Hey guys this was amazing. I really am not sure what we caught on camera thus im calling it a UFO. Thanks for watching and i will be returning for further investigation. Jacobs Video. ru-clip.com/video/-JmgMM8ACvw/video.html Intro by Cre80's: www.yout..
19 UFO Sightings Caught on Live TV
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TWITTER: bit.ly/ChillsTwitter INSTAGRAM: bit.ly/ChillsInstagram FACEBOOK: bit.ly/ChillsFacebook REDDIT: bit.ly/ChillsReddit Subscribe Here: bit.ly/ChillsRU-clip In this top 19 list, we look at mysterious UFO sight..
My Summer Car - UFO Caught on camera
Views 3K8 months ago
My Summer Car - UFO Caught on camera. This time we got footage from the other side of the lake.
360° UFO Sighting at Yosemite Park Abduction Caught on Kodak SP360 4K 360 Video Camera!
Views 1.1M2 years ago
No words... We caught a UFO on our Kodak SP360 4K 360 camera at Yosemite National Park in California. The UFO came out of nowhere and abducted a bunch of cows right before our eyes... I still can't believe what we saw! I just don't why it sounded lik..
5 Most Convincing UFO Sightings Caught on Camera #1
Views 605K2 years ago
Music used: CO.AG Music - The Lost ru-clip.com/channel/UCcavSftXHgxLBWwLDm_bNvA Original Unedited Videos 1. Chilean Navy Release Nine Minute UFO Helicopter Chase Video ru-clip.com/video/0oo3nWNwVWA/video.html 2. Aguadilla UFO captur..
Bell shaped UFO captured on security camera
Views 5946 hours ago
A bell shaped UFO above Texas ranches moved in several directions, leaving a trail of light that made it look as if it was slowing down time. The craft was making a buzzing sound while moving before just vanishing or turning off its lights. Source &..
Orkney UFO caught on tape!
Views 92211 months ago
Whilst stargazing in Orkney, I managed to catch a UFO on tape! ↓↓↓↓↓ “SHOW MORE” ↓↓↓↓↓ With so many meteors heading into the atmosphere of earth during the Perseid meteor shower 2018, we had quite a show. With a bottle of mushroom wine consumed,..
UFO Caught on Tape by Bikers HD
Views 44K4 years ago
An Unidentified Flying Object caught on tape. Not a blurry camera.
UFO Caught On Tape In Trenton Ontario by Canadian Studmuffin
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▶ Subscribe to Canadian Studmuffin: bit.ly/subscribestudmuffin *click the "bell" to turn notifications on* ▶ Check out all 8 of my playlists below: Best Of Canadian Studmuffin: ru-clip.com/p/PL4oMVhU0MQKx1DmfdupW0vbkjAg..
5 Real Aliens Caught on Tape? The Best Alien Videos
Views 3.4M3 years ago
Are these real aliens caught on tape? Or just elaborate hoaxes. This video contains the Top 5 Best Alien Footage on the internet, so judge for yourself. Everything from grey aliens, to UFOs, to strange sky sounds, to investigations of aliens caught o..
UFO caught on tape!
Views 51K7 years ago
UFO caught on tape: This was sent to me by a guy down south. He swears the UFo have appeared in his backyard three times in the last three nights. Although this is the best footage he could get of it, the fly away does seem pretty convincing. Thou..
एलियंस - जो कैमरे में कैद हुए | ALIENS Who Were Captured On Camera!
Views 246K4 years ago
आप भी देखिये एलियंस जो कैमरे में कैद हुए. Do you believe in Aliens? Before you decide, watch this chilling pictures & videos of these extra terrestrial being captured on Camera.
10 Unexplained UFO Sightings That Were Caught on Tape
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► Subscribe For Future Videos: bit.ly/1gnvQD2 ► My Twitter: twitter.com/Deburke321 ► Previous Episode: bit.ly/2cJ3thY Hit That Like Button If You Enjoyed! :D ► Gaming Channel: bit.ly/1KWBEy4 ► Facebook: www.fac..
Super clear footage of UFO caught on camera
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Уникальное небесное явление наблюдали жители Ленинградской области 08.09.2018 A unique heavenly phenomenon was observed by residents of the Leningrad region 08.09.2018
The Creepy Real-Life “Men In Black”
Views 13M3 years ago
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones aren’t walking through that door. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedblue1 MUSIC Desolate Motive And Opportunity Cheat The Gallows Indulgence Anxious Mysterions Nightshade Expectation ..