Top 5 mistakes wavies make

Top 5 mistakes wavies make when going CG | reallife+curlygirl
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All my favorite products: A couple definitions to help y'all out! Cowashing: The act of washing your hair and scalp with conditioner, preferably a thin one, and always silicone free. Low-poo: A sulfate-..
My 10 'Commandments' for being a wavy girl
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Open me for product links and details! For all of my recommended products on Amazon: To pick up your own copy of Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Method handbook: Gosh, I hope none o..
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Comment below what curly hair sins YOU commit?!?!?!? My Instagram: indiabatson... LINKS FOR FAV PRODUCTS BELOW: Groove Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush by Vanity Planet direct link: Use code: india50..
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The 4 biggest mistakes that women with curly hair make when diffusing their curly hair and how to fix them. This tutorial is filled with tips and tricks that will transform how you diffuse your undefined and frizzy curls to create a voluminous, more ..
Wavy Hair Routine // Curly Girl Method
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Cut through my blabber and skip to @6:55 to see how I put in my styling products. I couldn't find a lot of videos of people with wavy hair, especially ones who did their hair without silicone based products. So here it is: my wavy hair routine. No s..
5 "Squish To Condish" DO's & DON'Ts
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5 Curly Hair DO's and DON'Ts DEMO Squish To Condish Challenges: Common Biggest Mistakes with Curly Hair. Get the right amount of water and conditioner with SCT? What else? How to Reduce Frizz with flat hand scrunching, pirouetting, and ribboning tec..
Easy Curly Hair Routine (Wet to Dry!) | Luxy Hair
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To all of our beautiful curly girls out there - we hear you! Sometimes taming your curls or waves can quite the challenge. In today's video, our friend India shows you how to take your curly hair from wet to dry and gives you loads of tips to make yo..
10 Most Common Curly Hair Mistakes
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I've made so many curly hair mistakes in my life before I fell in love with my curls and got rid of frizz. Curly hair can be so effortlessly beautiful if done right. But unless our mums or sisters pass the know-how of curly hair to us, we all make a ..
Make any gel work for you | real life+curly girl
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For discount codes and my favorites listed in this video: - Amazon: - Glossier 10% off with my discount URL: - Bounce Curl 10% with code real10 off at www.bouncecur..
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UPDATED WAVY HAIR ROUTINE SUMMER 2019: Do you have wavy hair? Are you looking for a wavy hair routine? You 2b hair and 2c hair gals do not fret because here it is! I’ve been working on my hair health over the last few ..
VOLUME for Day 1,2,3, 4, & EVEN 5th DAY HAIR!! | WAVES/CURLS
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OPEN ME FOR LINKS MERCH CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED Groove Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush by Vanity Planet direct link: Use code: india50 for 50% off Build up Buster: Shampoo & Conditioner:
5 MISTAKES I Made Starting the Curly Girl Method!
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Follow me on instagram! @ezcurls (previously @cgmdiary) ezcurls Curly Girl Method Checkers: Identifying Your Hair Type: Hair Porosity 101 by BiancaReneeToday https:..
Is my Straight Hair turning CURLY? I try the Curly Girl Method.
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♡ Let's find out if my "straight" hair is actually turning CURLY... In this video, I try the curly girl method to see the effects on my hair. Within the last 3 years, my hair has been changing for the worse, despite my best efforts to take care of ..
Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners
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This video, Easy Curly Girl Method for Beginners, is a revamp of one of my first videos. The info is the same, but the video is better quality & much much shorter. In this video I am only going to tell you the things you NEED to know. My advice is t..
I QUIT THE CURLY GIRL METHOD and here's why | Curly Hair Routine // Mallory1712
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Products Mentioned: Devacurl Leave In | Devacurl Wave Maker | Devacurl Gel | Denman Brush | Aveda Thickening Tonic | Bumble and Bumble G..
MY WAVY/CURLY HAIR ROUTINE + Favorite Products 2b 2c
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Hey guys! I finally made a video for my curly/wavy hair... one thing I forgot to mention in the video is that its also important to keep touching and playing with your hair to a minimum.. this has a similar effect to brushing but also causes greasy h..
Curly Girl Method | 5 Things Learned
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Hi Curlies! I made his video per your request, answering the questions I had myself, when I first started the Curly Girl Method. I hope it helps to simplify your journey! Drop your comments and questions below. This was highly requested via Instagr..
How I Air Dry and Style My Natural Hair | Coarse, Frizzy, Wavy, Textured Hair | Melissa Alatorre
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Does Co-washing Work for Fine Barely Wavy Hair?
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So if you had told me that I would be washing my hair with conditioner I would have thought you were joking. *Spoiler* But guys, this is awesome! Co-washing can be really beneficial! There are tricks to using a co wash. If you have ever struggled wit..
curly girl method routine // type 2 wavy hair // affordable
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im so excited 4 this vid omg here's my fav CGM youtuber (she's amazing n super helpful): heres all the products i used & mentioned in this vid: as i am co-wash: asiamnaturally...
My DevaCurl Routine for Wavy Hair
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Hey ya'll! Welcome back to my channel! I received such great feedback from my previous video, I thought, why not make another! This time, I am showing you my DevaCurl routine and the products that work best with my wavy hair! Since going CurlyGirl, m..
My Top 10 Tips For Curly Hair (For Beginners)
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Open For More Info! Shop My Amazon Store- My Top Tips For Reducing Frizz, Dryness and Damage in Curly Hair ..
Mistakes You May be Making with the Curly Girl Method and How to Fix Them
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The Curly Girl Method was invented by Lorraine Massey (also the inventor of DevaCurl). Invented to help people with curly hair fight frizz and define their curls with moisture and control. This Method outlined in the Curly Girl Handbook Massey advoca..
Winter Haircare Tips for Wavies
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Open me for product links and details! For all of my recommended products on Amazon: Welcome to winter! I know it's likely much colder where you are than where I am, so if you're not already using tons ..
trying the CURLY GIRL METHOD for the first time
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Click here to get 20% off your custom formula from Function of Beauty. Available in the US, GB, EU, CA, AUS, and NZ only. Function of Beauty makes unique personalized hair care that is vegan and cruelty-free. trying the CURLY ..
Drugstore/On-the-ground favorite products!
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Open me for product details! For all of my recommended products on Amazon: Jay, you asked for this video a while ago, and I've finally delivered! While many of my favorite products are easier to find on..
The Works: Clarify, Rice Water Rinse, and Deep Condition routine for Wavy Hair
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So guys! This is what I do to my hair when I want to go all out. This is the works! This is how I clarify, rice water rinse, deep condition, and style my hair. All the things right here in one video. Please let me know if you have any questions or ti..
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After buying so many products that didn't work for my hair I've finally found good products for my natural hair routine! I highly recommend these products if you have hair anything close to mine! PRODUCTS USED IN VIDEO Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibi..
How To Tips For Curly Hair- After Shower Routine To Get Perfect Ringlets
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Get ready with me. Follow along after you get out of the shower. (Most of this video is in real time) From start finish. For beginners or ANYONE with curly Hair. All you need is these naturally curly hair products: leave-in conditioner, curl activ..
My Frizz-Free Natural Wavy/Curly Hair Routine Using No diffuser | Gemary
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Here is my natural wavy/curly hair routine using no diffuser. I also show you how I refresh my hair everyday. I find that so far this is the fastest routine that I’ve tried that does the best at controlling frizz in the extremely humid weather that..
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CURLY GIRL METHOD || THINGS I’VE LEARNED 8 MONTHS ON CGM Last summer I set out to learn how to best care for my youngest daughter’s curly hair. I fell down a rabbit hole and decided to jump into the Curly Girl Method (for her and me). My hair ..
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This video is about How to look younger! I share my 5 secrets for how I often get mistaken for 10 years younger. The best part, all of these 5 easy tips are virtually free and you can apply them at ANY age. Follow me on Instagram: @curlysusie17 Ple..
How to get rid of frizz | Curly Girl Method
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This video is about How to get rid of frizz | Curly Girl Method. Microfibre Set/Ez Home & Spa: Satin Pillowcase: Products used; Conditioner: Leave in:
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Today's video is a fun one! I did a FULL devacurl transformation on my daughter's naturally wavy hair. It was so fun seeing how devacurl products could help her wavy hair be the best it could be!! And I thought it would be nice to bring my audience a..
Deva Curl - Unbiased Review
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Unbiased/Unsolicited review of the Deva Curl Original Line. Warning: my hair does NOT look the same in this video. To see what my hair normally looks like check out my Defined & Frizz Free curly hair vid!!! Follow Me: Instagram: @curlysusie17 Face..
Top 10 Natural Hair Mistakes To AVOID!
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Hey Girl! In my 8 years of being Natural, I have made ALOT of mistakes from cutting my hair too much, wearing too many wash and go's and all sorts of things. In this video I share with you my top 10 natural hair mistakes to avoid! Avoiding these wil..
Best Cheap Curly Girl Hair Gel | DIY Flaxseed Gel
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Many have asked what flaxseed gel I use. Well, here it is! Super cost effective and pretty simple to make. Recipe I follow for flaxseed gel: Music: ..
Refresh DEMO
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Open me for product links and details! For all of my recommended products on Amazon: A few of you lovelies asked for a demo on my refresh routine, so here goes nothing! I hope it helps you wrangle your ..
Curly Hair Mistakes : Do's & Don'ts
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☆Some of the biggest curly hair mistakes are things you do every day. Most of the time we are the cause of our hair damage and hair growth problems. Half the time we don't even know that what we are doing is damaging or unhealthy. If you want hea..
Modified Curly Girl Method for Wavy Hair | Simple Steps to Keep!
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I tried out the CGM for almost 4 months and want to share how i've modified it to fit my hair type and low maintenance lifestyle. Subscribe to my channel to catch all the Curly Girl updates! ..
Bounce Curl gel and NEW products review
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Bounce Curl gel is fantastic, as many curlies know and turns out, it's great for wavies, too! The shampoo options (mine is the "clarifying" formula) and conditioner are welcome additions to the Bounce Curl lineup. Hope this goofy video makes you lau..
The Curly Girl Method
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Today I will teach you how to get started with the curly girl method. The CG method fights frizz and defines your curly hair with moisture and control. START you hair journey today! The curly girl method was invented by Lorraine Massey (The inventor ..
Curly Girl Method Routine | UK Curly Girl 2019 Products
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Here is my curly girl method it isn't using DevaCurl as it's not ready available for me but u wanted to show how i wash my hair. To Start do a final wash with a sulphate shampoo and and condition with your silicone free conditioner SILICONES TO AVO..
How To Get Giant Curl Clumps FAST!
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How To Get Giant Curl Clumps Fast & Easy by using a fine tooth comb or denman brush. If your hair is loose waves/2b, 2c or you need a little help perfecting your curl form and getting more uniform curls, this video is for you? Also, if you're just st..
Wavy hair + protein
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Open me for product links and details! For all of my recommended products on Amazon: The idea of 'feeding' my hair protein has boggled my curly-girl mind since day 1 of my hair journey, but I've finally..
My 2b 2c Wavy Hair Routine 2018 (DevaCurl Products) Curly Girl Method
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My wavy hair routine using DevaCurl Products: Low poo original One condition original Styling cream Ultra defining gel Frizz free volumizing foam DevaCurl microfiber towel PO BOX 892 Ankeny IA 50021
Extremely Cheap Curly Girl Routine (No Cantu!)
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Hey guys! This wash today I decided to have a little fun, and see how cheap I could go. I only used two, yes you read right, two products to wash my hair. If you are having any doubts about starting the curly girl method please watch this video and k..
How to survive the Transition Phase | Curly Girl Method
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This video is about the Curly Girl Method Transition Phase | & 5 Tips for how to keep your hair in check while you wait for the magic to happen. This is 4 things that I did and one shameful secret :) Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram: @CurlySusie17 Face..
5 Minute Curly Hair Refresh
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In this video, I show how I refresh my curly hair on days 2 and 3. The prayer hands application technique helps me to smoothe out frizz without breaking up my curls. I'm using a Flairisol spray bottle and the Bounce Curl Creme Gel. My diffuser is..
Deep Conditioning on Dirty Hair, Curly Girl Washday Routine Part 1
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Welcome to Part 1 of my Washday Routine! Does your fine, curly hair get easily weighed down when you deep condition? Then this might be the deep conditioning method for you! Product featured: