Setup vlogging

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Start your free trial and make a portfolio! Today I'm going to take you guys through my current studio setup for RU-clip! You can find links to all the gear used below! The flexable LED light:
Cheap and Compact GoPro Hero 7 Black Vlogging Setup with Sample Footage (Part 1)
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Vlogging with a GoPro is easier than ever with the Hero 7 Black. In this video, I'll demo an ultra-compact GoPro vlogging camera setup that is smaller and cheaper than the action camera rig that most other vloggers recommend. Also, this is not a sp..
How to VLOG - Beginners Guide
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📷 Gear List: 1:26 - The Gear 4:50 - Shooting 11:50 - Editing 16:01 - Final Touches 18:26 - What I’ve Learned 🎥 Learn how to shoot Cinematic Footage: 📊 TubeBuddy: ..
MY VLOGGING SETUP 2019: Camera Gear For Travel & Food Videos
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Vlog setup featuring compact vlogging camera gear for travelers, vloggers and more! Get 2 MONTHS of free classes here: #vlogging #vloggingcamera #cameragear Below are the vlogging gear mentioned with the links to buy for the..
YouTube Studio Setup - Home Video Studio Setup and Tour
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RU-clip Studio Setup and Home Video Studio Tour Download the FREE Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer's Guide here: RU-clip Studio Checklist (Video Gear List) : 1. Camera - Canon EOS 70D: This i..
BEST TRAVEL CAMERA GEAR! Minimalist & Compact Vlogging Setup
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Best camera gear for travel 2017! This minimal, compact vlog setup is perfect for travellers and people always on the go. It's what I use to vlog! DOWNLOAD FULL vlogging gear list: MORE GOODIES! Want to start a travel RU-clip c..
BEST VLOGGING SETUP 2018!! (Camera + Lens + Mic + Tripod)
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✅✅ Top 5 Best Vlog Cameras 2018: ✅✅ Best Camera For Vlogs: ✅✅ Best Lens For Vlogs: ✅✅ Best Tripod For Vlogs: ✅✅ Best Microphone For Vlo..
YouTube Studio Setup & Gear for Vlogging
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I teamed up with Nick Nimmin and we go through our RU-clip Studio Setup as well as our Vlogging setups. This video explores our gear and some ideas on how to setup your own studio so that you can make better looking RU-clip videos. HOW TO GET 1000 ..
The ULTIMATE Mobile Filmmaking & Vlogging Setup!
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Today we’re talking about what I think is the ULTIMATE mobile filmmaking setup/mobile vlogging setup! When it comes to mobile filmmaking accessories/mobile vlogging accessories, all of them serve a purpose for a professional mobile filmmaking rig/m..
4K Vlogging Setup $600-700
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Looking for the best budget 4K vlogging setup? Check out this lightweight high quality camera and rig setup that will only set you back $600. NOTE: The G7 price JUST went back up to $600 for the camera and lens kit. Keep an eye out for another price..
Vlogging Camera Setup!
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The first 500 people to click can get 2 months of Skillshare Premium for $0.99: Testing out some new lenses for my vlogging gear setup 2018! ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:
Best Vlogging Camera Setup 2019!!!
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If you are looking for the best camera vlogging camera setup 2019? Before you buy the best vlogging camera make sure you rent the best vlog camera. LensRentals Discount: HECKYES15 If you are interested in buying some of the bes..
7 DSLR Vlogging Tips — Canon 6D Mark II Tutorial and Settings
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What are the best setting for vlogging with a DSLR? In this video I share 7 DSLR vlogging tips using the Canon EOS 6D Mark II! Check out other videos in our DSLR Video Tips series here: Big thanks to Canon for ..
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My Instagram: lifestealer_ajinkya Hope you like this video! please LIKE COMMENT & SHARE THIS VLOG. Let me know in comments if you have anything to say. SUBSCRIBE if you haven't yet, I make videos every week.
Best a7iii Vlogging Setup??
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In this video I’m showing you a very simple and compact sony a7iii vlogging setup. This video is in response to a quesiton Matti Haapoja had on one of hi live streams. If you're considering the Sony a7iii for a vlogging camera, you know the flip ou..
The PERFECT Phone Filming and Vlogging Setup for under $100
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A lot of people will tell you that you don’t need more than your phone to start a RU-clip channel. And that might be true, but just a phone sometimes isn’t as versatile or professional. So here are some accessories to fix that and give you higher..
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Follow me on Instagram and check out my mobile photography-: gauravdeswal99 Leh-Ladakh on Platina-: 1000 KM RIDE ON PLATINA-:
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New Vlogging Setup!
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Testing out this new vlogging setup! Is this insane? SmallHD Focus: ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🎶 MUSIC I USE - BE MY FRIEND: in..
GoPro HERO 7 Vlogging Setup | RehaAlev
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Best GoPro Vlogging Setup with the ULANZI V2 Vlogging Case. It's a lightweight protective case with microphone adapter holder for the GoPro Hero 7, Hero 6, and Hero 5. ULANZI V2 Vlogging Case : Saramonic SR-XM1 Microphone : h..
My Smartphone YouTube/Filmmaking/Vlogging Setup Using Note 9/OnePlus 6T (Ulanzi U-Rig) [4K]
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Want to start a RU-clip channel using your smartphone device? Check out this smartphone video camera rig. It's got all the mounting you can possibly think of. You can attach a shotgun or wireless mic, a video led light or mount it on a tripod. ► ..
The BEST GoPro Microphone & Vlogging Setup
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In this video I'm going to show you how to rig out your GoPro with a case & microphone to give you better audio, a preview of what you're recording, and make it easier to hold when you vlog. Items mentioned in this video: - - ..
Best GoPro Vlogging Setup! GoPro Tip #643 | MicBergsma
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Best GoPro Vlogging Setup! I want to show you a new case that is designed specifically for vlogging!! And share with you my vlogging set-ups! This setup is for Hero5, Hero6 and Hero7 models. GoPro Hero7 -
How To Turn an IPHONE into a Professional Vlogging Setup
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I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on how to transform your phone into a Professional Vlogging setup! LINKS UPDATE A viewer informed me in the comments that there is a company that make a smartphone adapter with a coldshoe mount already a..
A Case Made for GoPro Vlogging
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This video goes over the gear I use when I'm vlogging with my gopro. △ GoPro Vlog Case: △ Full GoPro Vlog Setup: THE OTHER GEAR FOR THIS SETUP △ GoPro Hero 7: △ GoPro Aud..
Killer $350 Vlogging Camera and Lens Setup
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If you're looking for a solid little vlogging camera and lens you need to check out the Sony a5000! This is probably the best vlogging camera on a budget with exception to one single fault... Sony a5000 Used ►
Cellphone vlogging set up
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Boya by-mm1 microphone Led lights F mount Mini tripod Divisoria Phone clip (mas mura) s.l..
My Gimbal Vlogging Setup for New York | Canon M50 & Zhiyun Crane V2
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My Course on Making Epic Online Content - My Color Grading LUTs - Canon M50 - Zhiyun Crane v2 - Brevitē Bag - Favorite Gear - b..
My Canon M50 Settings For Video | Vlogging Setup
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Today's video is probably my most requested: my Canon M50 vlogging setup! I've been vlogging on the Canon M50 since July and I LOVE it. The M50 is one of the best vlogging cameras of 2018 and it's the camera I use for nearly all of my RU-clip videos..
My Vlogging Setup | Under $20 (-₱1000)
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MY VLOGGING SETUP UNDER $20 (UNDER ₱1,000) Pakita ko sainyo ang vlogging setup ko sa phone. which is very cheap and helpful sa pagvvlog ko. sana makatulong sainyo itong video na ito kung ikaw ay isang magiting na phone vlogger! :D Wala na pala s..
Mobile Phone Vlogging Setup
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Mobile Phone Vlogging Setup - Today, i am going to be showing you guys the best Mobile Phone Vlogging Setup. This is the the best vlogging setup to start youtube. Not to forget this video shows you how to turn an iPhone or any mobile phone into a pro..
DIY GoPro Hero 4 Black Vlogging Setup - Tubenoob
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People like vlogging. People also like GoPros. There is a way to combine both:) ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: Music: MusiCharity - Sparkybeats - We Fly When /
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Alat-alat yang gw Pake untuk setup Vlog yang sebutin didalam video sebagai berikut: Baterai Cadangan
Ultimate GoPro Hero 5 6 7 Vlogging setup! | Great for beginners!
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Social Media Links: Instagram: Twitter: talkin tech Facebook: talkintechyt Product links: GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black: h..
My Lightweight Sony a6400 Vlogging Setup
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I am always looking to lighten my camera load. As a photographer, video creator, and father of four kids, it is easy to end up carrying a lot of stuff. This lightweight Sony a6400 vlogging setup makes it easy for me to have a nice kit on me at all ti..
Best Vlogging Setup for iPhone – Lenses, Filters & more
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Featuring iPhone vlogging tips, accessories and editing tools for creating next level vlog content. Shop SANDMARC Lenses:
GoPro Vlogging Setups
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Covering two GoPro Vlogging Setups for both the GoPro HERO5 Black and the GoPro HERO5 Session. These GoPro vlog setups are perfect if you want a more professional vlog. GoPro HERO5 vlog setup product links below. GoPro HERO5 Black:
Sony A6400 best vlogging/travel setup
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hi folks , wishing everybody a very nice week ahead. well this probably is the best available vlog setup. links in my page in amazon , in the idea list section www.ama..
REVIEW: Casey Neistat's Camera Setup for Vlogging
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Casey Neistat's vlogging style has attracted millions of viewers. The quality of his videos is partially due to the camera gear and equipment he uses. Since many filmmakers and RU-clip creators are learning from him and closely watching what cameras,..
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The Canon G7x Mark ii is an amazing vlogging camera, and using the BEST camera settings for vlogging is important to achieve the most stunning results. Here I share the BEST camera settings for your Canon G7x Mark ii for vlogging and video in genera..
Cheap Mobile Phone Vlogging Setup | Techno Budget
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Here in this Video , You will find Cheap Mobile Phone Vlogging Setup Accessories Build your own Mobile Phone Vlogging Setup Best Buy Links- Moto G5S Plus (Lunar Grey, 64GB) - SICHER Gorilla Tripod with Mobile Adapter - htt..
The Best Budget Vlogging Setup - 2018 | Mobile Vlogging Setup Under 1000₹ | Gorilla Tripod Unboxing
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sicher gorilla tripod generic mini lapel lavalier mic
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Just posted a new Lense review video thats essential for your Canon M3, check it out! SUBSCRIBE MY NEW VIDEO SONG sou..
Canon M50 Vlogging Review + Sample VLOGs
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The Canon M50 is my new Vlogging rig. And I'm a BIG FAN. Pair it with the 11-22mm f/4-5.6 and 22mm f/2 and you're set. Here's a number of VLOGs I shot with this camera: Beer Can Fireworks: Making Hockey History: https:/..
Best Vlogging Tech For Beginners
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These are some fun camera accessories that will help you out if you are new to the RU-clip scene. even if you don't make videos these can be awesome to record your vacation and other projects you may have! Manfrotto Mini Tripod -
Without😭 Any Camera Tripod Mic My Best Phone Vlogging Setup Tour For Beginners 2019 🔥
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Hello, I wanted to share my best budget cheap phone vlogging setup studio tour for beginners in 2019 without any camera mic tripod or any other equipment. My middle class vlog setup tour 2019. Queries: 1) Vlogging Setup Tour Beginners 2019 2) Setup ..
Canon M50 ➜ My New VLOGGING CAMERA Setup for 2019
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The Canon M50 is the core of my new vlogging camera setup for 2019! It took careful thought and consideration to choose this as my new vlogging camera, but I’m so glad I did! With it’s flip out screen, affordable price point, amazing auto focus a..
The Ultimate A7 III Vlogging Setup
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Is the Sony A7 III the ultimate vlogging camera? In today's video I'm going over my Sony A7 III vlogging rig/gimbal setup that I use to shoot RU-clip videos and professional video projects. Let's get into it! GEAR I USE: Main Camera: amzn.t..
BEST VLOGGING CAMERA SETUP ON A BUDGET with external mic, wide lens, flip up screen
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the following links will direct you to amazon ● Camera Equipment: ⇢ Camera: ⇢ cheaper good alternative: ⇢ Selfie Stick: ⇢ Wide Lens: ⇢ Mic: ge..
Best Vlogging Microphone? My Overkill Dual Mic Setup
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This crazy vlogging mic setup gives you front and back audio that you can control in your edit! Watch the video to see how it works and checkout the gear used below. All parts can be found on my Kit profile here: