Scarab beetles

Massive Scarab Beetles For Feeding to Ants
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Scarab beetles are my favourite beetles of all time! Many species are huge, possessing unique spines and horns of various sizes and shapes. For Canadian Thanksgiving, I managed to get my hands on a bin full of scarab beetles, rhinoceros beetles to be..
Meet a Beautiful Beetle That Loves to Eat Poop | National Geographic
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Watch an entomologist search beneath piles of bison poop for rainbow scarabs, a beautiful dung beetle native to North America. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destina..
Flesh-Eating Scarab Beetles Compilation -The Mummy
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Watch an entomologist search beneath piles of bison poop for rainbow scarabs, a beautiful dung beetle native to North America. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destina..
Meet an Insect: Scarab Beetle
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I found this little girl while cleaning up the dog poop in the yard. I hope you enjoy. Voice over: This is a scarab beetle. There are many types of scarab beetles. Some are called dung beetles because they shape other animals' dung, or poop, into ..
Scarab beetles and the people of Ancient Egypt
Views 32K7 years ago Dr Campbell Price (Curator of Egyptology and The Sudan) and Dr Dmitri Logunov (Curator of Arthropods) discuss the Scarab beetle and it's meaning to the people of Ancient Egypt.
Watch a Hercules Beetle Metamorphose Before Your Eyes | Nat Geo Wild
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Watch this beetle go from larvae to giant. The Hercules beetle is one of the largest flying insects in the world. ➡ Subscribe: #NatGeoWILD #HerculesBeetle #Metamorphosis About National Geographic Wild: National..
I Raised Massive Rhino Beetles
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Rhinoceros Beetles (Xylotrupes gideon philippinensis) are truly some of the most spectacular and majestic creatures of the insect world. This is why I was thrilled to add some beetle larvae to our growi..
TheNAT: King Tut and Sacred Scarabs
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KPBS arts reporter Beth Accomando gets introduced to the bugs at TheNAT's King Tut exhibit by entomologist Dr. Michael Wall.
Dung Beetle BATTLE!
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The Mummy (8/10) Movie CLIP - Scarab Attack (1999) HD
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The Mummy movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Jonathan (John Hannah) gets a scarab beetle under his skin, but Rick (Brendan Fraser) gets t..
Lifetime of a gigantic Dynastes Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle - Incredible Video Footage (HD)
Views 2.1M2 years ago
Lifetime of the creepy Hercules Rhinoceros Beetle! Amazing Montage - The Hercules beetle (Dynastes hercules, Dynastinae) is a rhinoceros beetle native to the rainforests of Central America, South America, Lesser Antilles, and the Andes. They are larg..
Rare mummified scarab beetles found in ancient Egyptian tombs
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Seven tombs have been unearthed on the edge of the King Userkaf pyramid complex near Egypt's capital Cairo. Archaeologists said on Saturday they had discovered a rare collection of mummified scarab beetles among artifacts found in the tombs. #Mummy ..
The Scarab Beetles of Costa Rica-From Silver and Gold to Poop Rollers
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This film is loaded with information and gorgeous footage of the scarab beetles in Costa Rica. These include the Hercules beetle, Elephant beetle, and the beautiful Jewel scarabs. The most famous of the scarabs (or should I say the most infamous) are..
All Scarab Beetle Scenes
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Scenes From 'The Mummy'
Hovering Elytra - Grebennikov Video Replication Series
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If you enjoy my videos, Please consider contributing to my research. Patreon: Paypal: This Grebennikov video replication is meant to invoke critical thinking. Please tell me how you..
Finding Gigantic Beetles
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: You won't believe the sheer size and look of these scarab #beetles! In this episode, while our Rhino Beetle Gladiators are resting for the Rhino Beetle Games continuing next week, we travel all the way ..
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Scarab Beetle facts: there are a lot of these bois... | Animal Fact Files
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On this episode of Animal Fact Files discover how ancient Egyptians may have worshiped poop. You can learn more on: Twitter - Facebook - We always do what we can to be as..
The Mummy (10/10) Movie CLIP - Goodbye Beni (1999) HD
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The Mummy movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: Beni (Kevin J. O'Connor) gets his just deserts… and so do the scarab beetles that eat him ..
"Anti-Gravity" Secrets Pt. 2 - Scarab, Chitin & Resonance
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More Podcast Episodes @ Also available on iTunes !! - Follow me on Instagram @CBDHealer Blessings with love Y'all !! So here's the deal.. I have yet to set up the 'record my screen' situation.. So you get me ..
Everything You Need To Know About Giant Beetles
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From fearsome horns and jaws … to truly titanic insect larvae (lahr-vay) … Here is everything you need to know about giant beetles! Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Let's Connect www...
Interesting Scarab beetles Facts
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The Significance of the Egyptian Scarab Beetle Through the Ages
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The Significance of the Egyptian Scarab Beetle Through the Ages My Amazon Shop link for RU-cliprs:
scarab beetle trying to get out of a frog
Views 252K12 years ago
I ran to get the camera and shoot this tree frog that was about to eat a scarab beetle. I was too late but you can see the beetles legs waving around through the skin of the frogs stomach. Very cool.
Scarab beetles
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Tutorial on making scarab beetles
Egypt: Mummified cats, scarab beetles discovered in ancient tombs near Cairo
Views 31K9 months ago
Subscribe to our channel! Seven ancient Egyptian tombs containing mummified cats and scarabs, have been discovered in the Saqqara necropolis, 30 km (19mi) south of Cairo, according to an announcement by Egypt's Minister of Antiquit..
Meet The Rhino Beetle Gladiators | Rhino Beetle Games 2019
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: The 2019 Rhino Beetle Games are coming! Our collection of adult male rhino beetles, Dionysus, Poseidon, Apollo, Zeus, Ares, Hephaestus, and Hades, are now arriving and gearing up for life above ground. ..
Pet Beetles!
Views 59KYear ago
Beetles as pets, yo. It's like a little dog, I guess.
Facts About Beetles - Secret Nature | Beetle Documentary | Natural History Channel
Views 49KYear ago
Beetles have been around for over 250 million years. Earth is covered with these amazing insects and now you can learn about the different types of species that are all around us in this fascinating documentary! For even more unbelievable nature doc..
The Secret, Mysterious Life of the Scarab Beetle
Views 25K3 years ago
The Scarab Beetle was revered in ancient Egypt, but only because they didn't understand its natural history, so Rob explains a little of the Scarab Beetle's life story.
JoJo's Beetle Adventure
Views 241KYear ago
Completely ripped scene
Watch Flesh-Eating Beetles Strip Bodies to the Bone | Deep Look
Views 2.3M3 years ago
Dermestid Beetles are fast and fastidious eaters. They can pick a carcass clean in just days leaving even the most delicate bone structures intact. This makes them the perfect tool for museum scientists if you keep them far, far away from valuable..
PINCHED! by a Giant Beetle!
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Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! Watch More - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get pinched by a GIANT Beetle?! Well Coyote Peterson has and right now he’s about to show you! While on location in..
4K CC. Big Glorious Scarab Beetle, Catching Amazing Pet Insects & Reptiles NM AZ TX USA Herping HD.
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The Rhino Beetle Games | Epic Beetle Olympics
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: The most epic event of the century to ever hit the Antiverse (the Ant Room) has finally arrived! The #RhinoBeetleGames2019, an Olympic-style #Competition between a champion team of rhino beetle males ha..
Blue Beetle Destroys Black Beetle's Scarab
Views 21K2 years ago
Young Justice season 2 episode 20
A scarab beetle's larva and pupa: habitats for mites and other organisms (4K)
Views 820Year ago
The micro-world is complex. Its habitats intertwine themselves, some even are unusual, because they are formed by single animal individuals. An example is a holometabolic insect, here the tropical rose chafer Eudicella colmanti. The larvae of my spe..
Viktor Grebennikov - Anti-Gravity & Levitation
Views 3.3M6 years ago
Dan A. Davidison explains the basis behind Grebennikov's findings and how certain insects really fly (levitate) linking how a spinning vortex creates a magnetic field counteracting gravity. It's possible that an electrostatic effect is occurring too ..
African Dung Beetle | National Geographic
Views 542K12 years ago
Sacred to ancient Egyptians, these beetles recycle - of all things - dung. ➡ Subscribe: About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Throug..
Scarab Beetles, Peacocks & Immortality (21st Sep 2012)
Views 6K7 years ago
THYALWAYSSEEK FACEBOOK GROUP: African fruit 'brightest' thing in nature but does not use pigment to create its extraordinary colour:
The Scarab in Ancient Egypt (Ancient Art Podcast 1)
Views 28K10 years ago
Our inaugural episode examines the role of the scarab beetle in Ancient Egyptian religion and funerary art as both the Egyptian god Khepri and an iconographic motif of resurrection. We also touch on the possible roots of his religious association and..
Kung Fu Dung Beetles | Operation Dung Beetle | BBC Earth
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Dung Beetle's perform a vital role on Africa's Serengeti Plains. Subscribe: WATCH MORE: New on Earth: Oceanscapes: Wild Thailand:" Welcome to BBC EART..
Hercules Beetle Battle | Wild Costa Rica
Views 277K4 years ago
Two Hercules beetles battle for dominance on the forest floor. It’s a heavyweight battle for the strongest insect in the world. ➡ Subscribe: #NatGeoWILD #Beetles #CostaRica About National Geographic Wild: Natio..
Unboxing 2 Allomyrina dichotoma (Rhino beetle)
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My other channel. Want to see some of my BIGGER Beetle? Check out my Atlas Beetle Unboxing!;; ........................................................................;....
How to keep Beetles - Weird and Wonderful Pets
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Watch all 14 Weird and Wonderful Pets films at This film showcases the amazing diversity of beetles, from some of the smallest to many of the largest species. We discover why beetles are so colourful, why many species..
Dung beetle
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Some bugs eat poop of the others animals, dung beetles eat poop, but his ball of dung is not for eat. Discover in this video for that the beetles uses the ball dung SUBSCRIBE and discover shocking scenes and the most amazing videos:
BEETLE STRENGTH TEST: The Rhino Beetle Games (Round Two)
Views 540K5 months ago
The Rhino Beetle Games is in full effect, and it's now round two of eliminations. For this week's challenge, we #rhinobeetle strength to the test, in an experiment to see which of our remaining 6 male rhino beetle gladiators competing in these Olympi..
I Tried to War Two Rhino Beetles But What Happened Shocked Me
Views 388K3 months ago
Click here to SUBSCRIBE: The final joust of the #RhinoBeetles, we call the Gladiators, has finally come to the Antiverse, but something unexpected has happened. Watch how Mother Nature once again proves that she has final say i..
True Facts About The Dung Beetle
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Post to Facebook :: Tweet This :: (you can change the text) music : more True Facts here :: Dung Beetle Dance. Emily Baird/ Lund Vision Group Dung b..