What Russians Really Think About America
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Aria travels to Moscow for a glimpse at daily life in the Russian capital. Special Thanks to Kristina Korolyova: Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! bit..
First Thoughts on Russia | We Spent 48 Hours in St Petersburg, Russia
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After our insane Russian visa nightmare we are so glad to arrive here in St Petersburg...these are our first thoughts on the country. Tour we are on in Russia with On the Go Tours: We have 48 hours in St Petersburg so we are g..
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How Diverse is Russia? - Russia's Republics Explained
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A lot of us often think of Russia as somehow being one big, monolithic, all-Slavic country, but that isn't necessarily the case, as Russia is home to numerous different ethnic republics that may or may not be impossible to explain without starting a ..
Don't Do This In Russia!
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🇷🇺 When travelling into the centre of Moscow by train early in the morning we did not see a ticket machine. It will be ok we thought, nobody will check our tickets...Wrong!
Russia Emergency Landing: Plane forced to land in field outside Moscow
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A Russian passenger jet has made an emergency landing in a corn field near Moscow after colliding with a flock of birds. 23 people were injured but none were killed.. an achievement being hailed a miracle by Russian authorities. Sarah Morice reports...
Street Interviews with Russians - Stereotypes About Russia
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Lets see what Russians think about American stereotypes about them. Street interviews is the best way to do it. Gonna be fun! Kyles Channel - Kyles Instagram -
Seemingly Innocent Things You Shouldn't Do In Russia
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It's a good idea to do your homework before visiting​ any foreign nation, particularly if the country is Russia and you're a semi-ignorant Westerner. Here are a few of the things you should never do in Russia. If you're going to be in Russia in th..
3 things the Moscow protests reveal about Russia
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Tens of thousands of people have joined in on the Moscow protests against authorities, who barred opposition candidates from running in the September election. The roots of these protests are isolated to political issues within the nation's capital..
Russia on India and Pakistan - Media Stakeout (16 August 2019)
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Informal comments to the media by Dmitry Polyanskiy, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations. The Indian Government announced last week that it was revoking the special status of the area of Kashmir that it administ..
[Eps. 94] STOPPED BY THE POLICE in Russia - Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4
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Want to know what gear & equipment I use? In this epis..
Visit Russia - 10 SHOCKS of Visiting RUSSIA
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Babushkas? Statues of Putin Riding a Bear? Flick Your Throat with Your Index Finger to Let The Locals Know You Need a Drink? Russia is a truly shocking country to visit. From the people, to the sights, to the food, to Lenin's tomb. There are so many ..
Americans & Russians Swap Snacks
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Americans and Russians sat in the same room and traded...snacks. Gary Guz: @gariksuharik Thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the snacks. Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! htt..
Russia: Police violence goes viral
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Subscribe to France 24 now: FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 ... A video of a woman being punched in the stomach during a protest in Moscow, Russia, has gone viral, drawing attentio..
If You Don't Know, Now You Know: Russia & China | The Daily Show
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Following a near-collision between Russian and U.S. naval ships in the Philippine Sea, Vladimir Putin cozies up to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, leaving Donald Trump in the cold. Subscribe to The Daily Show:
12 Incredible Facts About Russia
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Incredible Facts About Russia Subscribe: Watch more from FTD Facts: Watch Russia Facts Part 2:
11 Millions Hot Russian Girls Can't Marry due to Gender imbalance, Single Men's Paradise
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Thanks for your Support : See the messages I received from beautiful Russian women on the best dating site to meet women in Russia: Take This FR..
What's behind Russia's mysterious nuclear incident? | DW News
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In Russia the Kremlin says it's winning the race to develop cutting edge nuclear weapons, despite a mysterious explosion at a military testing site, which killed at least five nuclear scientists. Following the blast, authorities ordered the evacuatio..
Why Russia is Shrinking Fast
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Moscow Protests Explained - Putin completes 20 years in Power in Russia #UPSC #IR #IAS #UPSC2020
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Watch: NATO fighter attacked by Russian plane?
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Former naval intelligence officer and certified pilot John Jordan joins Rick Sanchez to analyze a recent video of a Russian fighter chasing off a NATO plane that flew dangerously close to a plane carrying Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu. ..
Visiting Russia's Poorest Town 🇷🇺
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Situated in Siberia, Kyzyl-Mazhalik is a Russian town town where the average wage is just 100 Euros a month. I travelled there to take a look around and see how life is in Russia's poorest town. Turns out is wasn't so bad...unless you support the loc..
Russian village evacuated amid nuke accident
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Rumors ricocheted across western media outlets following a failed missile test and resulting deadly explosion in Russia on August 8th. But what are the facts of the incident? RT America’s Yulia Shapovalova reports for the News with Rick Sanchez. ..
Meanwhile in Russia Compilation #1 - Reaction
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Watch Tyrone Magnus's Meanwhile in Russia Compilation #1 - Reaction #meanwhileinrussia #reaction #funny ORIGINAL VIDEO: JOIN ME ON MY JOURNEY TO 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!! DONT' FORGET TO LIKE, SUBSCRIBE,..
Is There Anything Russia Can’t Produce!? Five Years of Sanctions Have Created New Economy!
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Subscribe to Vesti News A special report about the economic development in Russia in the past 5 years.
Russian nuclear reactor explosion shrouded in mystery
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Fox News Senior Strategic Analyst General Jack Keane (Ret.) says the Russians are notorious for having below standard in terms of maintenance and safety. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across..
How climate change benefits Russia
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While Americans are debating the authenticity of climate change, the Russians are planning to capitalize on it. Support CaspianReport ✔ Patreon ► ✔ PayPal ► ✔ Merch..
The Insane Russian Plan to Conquer the World
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Our 1 Day Trip to Medieval Russia /// Different Russia 2019
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I went to RUSSIA just to play this song...
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I went all the way to Russia (Moscow) just to play these songs... Can you guess them all? Leave a comment NOW Also feel free to suggest me more places I should go and SLAP LIKE! Subscribe for more videos: Reddit: www...
Russia’s master plan for Persian Gulf
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Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof weighs in on the growing influence of Russia and China in the Persian Gulf. He points out that Russia’s new plan for “safe zones” in the region benefits from their diplomatic rapport with all the countrie..
Radiation Containment A New Concern In Russian Nuclear Incident | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Rachel Maddow looks at how the story of a nuclear incident in Russia has grown steadily more alarming as new details have emerged over the course of several days, with new questions being raised about whether Russia has adequately assessed and contai..
Take exclusive look inside Russia's Arctic military base
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The Kotelny base is one of three new Russian bases above the 75th parallel, part of a larger push by Russian President Vladimir Putin to flex his country's military muscle across its massive Arctic coastline. CNN's Fred Pleitgen takes an exclusive in..
Logan Paul vs. Slap Champion In Russia
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We are here in sweet juicy memory of Logan Paul. ►Supps! Discount KENNYKO ►Interact with me here! Instagram- Twitter- ►KENNY K.O. MERCH! ht..
Russian plane crash lands in corn field after hitting a flock of birds
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Russian airline pilots averted a disaster outside Moscow Thursday morning. They landed their jet in a cornfield after a bird strike when it took off. Incredibly, no one was killed. Passengers milled around in the field after the crash landing. Holly ..
10 Best Places to Visit in Russia - Travel Video
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Russia, once the largest and most powerful member of the former USSR, remains a fascinating country to visit. It is a country of contrasts, from great subtropical beaches to bitterly cold winter regions in the north. The east may have fewer people, b..
First test of Russia’s new heavyweight combat drone ‘Hunter’ (EXTENDED)
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READ MORE: The Russian military has released new footage of a little-known stealth drone dubbed ‘Hunter,’ showing the secretive aircraft making sharp turns and stunning maneuvers in the sky. Courtesy: Russian MoD RT LIVE..
What It's Like To Be a Teenager in Putin's Russia | NYT Opinion
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Teenagers who have grown up in Russia have known only one leader in their lifetimes: Vladimir Putin. In the video Op-Ed above, Daria Navalnaya, host of an influential RU-clip channel and daughter of the opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny, interview..
Russian police crackdown on opposition protest
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Russian police arrested more than 800 people in Moscow on Saturday in one of the biggest crackdowns of recent times against an increasingly defiant opposition decrying President Vladimir Putin's tight grip on power. To read more:
The Animated History of Russia | Part 1
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Join us in uncovering the rich history of Russia, the world's largest nation. From the Rus' to the Tzars, to Joseph Stalin, Russia has had an impact on the world for many centuries. Patreon: Twitter: ..
Germany vs Russia - Who Would Win? (Military Comparison)
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Germany and Russia are only separated by a few countries, and if a battle broke out between the two, Europe would be in the middle of the destruction. But if we compare the two against each other? Who Would Win? #germany #russia #military Check out..
Russia's Geography Problem
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Get 15 free days of knowing your data is safe by using this link with Backblaze: “What if Russia Never Existed” by AlternateHistoryHub: “What if the Soviet Union Reunited” by RealLif..
The Russian Sleep Experiment Official Short Film
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“Deep within the Soviet Union, 1945. A dedicated Russian scientist (Gary Brunner) begins an experiment on three Nazi war criminals. Felix Nast (Michael Bugard), Hanz Berlitz (Zach Ross) and Ulrich Shultz (Brett Solferino) are held within a sealed c..
Russia's Return | Bigger Than Five
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Its no secret that US President Donald Trump has always sought warm ties with Russia. He's repeatedly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin despite US intelligence agencies pointing to Moscow's interference in the 2016 US election. In their rece..
Police detain protesters in St. Petersburg, Russia as over 40,000 rally in Moscow
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Tens of thousands of Muscovites staged Russia's biggest political protest for years on Aug. 10, rallying to demand free city elections in spite of a government crackdown. The monitor said 55 people had been detained in St. Petersburg, 10 in Moscow ..
Five dead after explosions at two Russia military sites
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There has been a series of explosions at two Russian military installations. The state nuclear company says five of its staff were killed when a rocket engine exploded, while radiation levels temporarily rose in parts in northwest Russia. The militar..
Who needs facts when you get to push the ‘Russia nuclear threat’ narrative?
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READ MORE: Scientists say radiation levels in the north of Russia returned to normal - within a couple of hours after a recent accident at a military site. Although some media have been accused of scare-mongering about the inc..
US officials look closer at mysterious explosion in Russia l ABC News
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U.S. officials are reportedly looking into whether a new nuclear-powered missile was connected to a nuclear accident that killed seven Russians on Thursday. #GMA #Russia #NuclearMissile #RussiaExplosion
CNN exposes secret army that linked to Russia's Vladimir Putin
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CNN's Clarissa Ward exposes a secret, private army that does the bidding of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The reach of this shadowy fighting force is expanding and apparently led by a Putin ally linked to US election interference. #Russia #Clari..
HERE's what a nuclear explosion in Russia and Area 51 have in common
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First Russia claimed their mushroom cloud explosion was just a gas leak but now they are admitting it was actually a nuclear reactor that blew. Watch this clip to see what this incident has in common with the airspace at Area 51. ► Click HERE to s..