Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap
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Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. Act now! Video edited by Dylan Locke: Listen to Robocopyright by Dan Bull on Spotify:
Somebody remix this before it's illegal... ROBOCOPYRIGHT!
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► See the proper version on Grandayy's channel. ► The EU is about to vote on Article 13, a law which would require all websites with user generated content to apply a Content ID style filter to everything. This song e..
Robocopyright (Dan Bull) Remix
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Our regular programming is interrupted today for a very special dub. I wanted to get this out before the vote on March 26, but I could only work so fast (hence my post in my Community tab a couple days ago). The original video was by Dan Bull & Dyla..
Robocopyright (Minecraft Note Block Remix)
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I just had to make a note block cover of Robocopyright. Watch the original music video on my main channel: Article 13 is going to have its final vote on March 26th! Act now:
ROBOCOPYRIGHT but its memes
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I am SORRY I have not UPLOADED in AGES, I am VERY LAZY. Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. Act now! Credit to the original: T..
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in case you missed it i made a video with grandayy & dan bull about article 13 (now 17) basically in the EU they are trying to make the internet not fun anymore. so we made a video against it but it passed anyway so rip. pewdiepie, jacksepticeye, & r..
Revenge x Robocopyright (Magentium Mashup)
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Check out 'Time Lapse x Megalovania': 'Hans Zimmer - Megalovania' 'Monody x Megalovania': All Remixes Playlist:
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thanks for watching! . . Original song: special thanks to BLUEMELODYSHINE for the ''robocopyright design Decal, sub to her!: . Note: wear headphones..
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Provided to RU-clip by Believe SAS Robocopyright · Dan Bull, Grandayy, Dylan Locke, Jacksepticeye, Pewdiepie Robocopyright ℗ Dan Bull Released on: 2019-03-21 Author: Dan Bull Composer: Dan Bull Music Publisher: Freshnut Records Auto-generate..
Dan Bull - Robocopyright (Dubstep Remix)
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DOWNLOAD: Complextro/Trap EDM Remix! ♥ So, I do produce music! I just haven't released much ..
Dan Bull - Robocopyright Remix (DKRapArtist)
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Become a Patreon - Instagram : dkrapartist Facebook : DKRapArtist/ Twitter : DKRapArtist Discord : ..
MEGACOPYRIGHT (Robocopyright but it's MEGALOVANIA)
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⚠️ Watch my newest video ! ⚠️ Duolingo Bird but It's an ANIME ~ ⚠️ ⚠️ Disclaimer: I do not own any music, music video, nor the gameplay in the video. All of them belongs to the respective..
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap (Grandayy) [1 HOUR LOOP]
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Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap (Grandayy) [1 HOUR LOOP] Original Video by Grandayy : Follow me on Twitter ▶ 1HourMusics Join the Discord ▶ Make a Donatio..
Robocopyright (Dan Bull ft. Grandayy) - Piano Cover and Tutorial
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Article 13 is coming if we don't take action. Please visit: ▶ Learn piano easily: ▶ Join the Discord: ▶ Official merch:
Thomas the ROBOCOPYRIGHT engine
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#Robocopyright #SaveYourInternet #Article13 #CopyrightDirective Tomorrow is the big day, uh oh *D:* Original song: Acapella version (only the singing): Thomas Th..
Robocopyright Crab Rave
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Sign the Petition Against Article 13! - Other Info - Follow me on Spotify! - Subscribe to Dan Bull - Vocal -Dan Bull/Connor Rapper L..
ARTICLE 13 RAP ▶ Robocopyright (Remix)
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Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. ♪ Download Links: Social Media: Merchandise: ACT NOW: PLEDGE: pledge20..
Robo Copyright x Megalovania (actual effort mashup)
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Sans joins the battle against Article 13! EU, you're gonna have a bad time... CREDIT TO GRANDAYY, DAN BULL DYLAN LOCKE, and more for the original rap: Soundcloud - Music i..
Minecraft Machinima Music Video | Dan Bull + Grandday - Robocopyright (Article 13)
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A music video of the rap song "Robocopyright" by Dan Bull and Grandday. Since Article 13 (now Article 17) is a prominent topic on the internet, I decided to raise awareness of it in my own way, with the help of Minecraft machinima. I thought if I am ..
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap, But Every Word Is A Google Image
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Hey Check out my social MEDIA twitter- InvadeKing sondcloud- subscribe-
Dan Bull- Robocopyright (REVENGE REMIX)
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The final vote of Article 13 (now changed to Article 17) of the EU Copyright Directive is going to take place on March 26th. We don't have much time left! Consider contacting your local MEPs and voice your concerns. There's also going to be real life..
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap (RE-ANIMATED)
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Original video:
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap 1 HOUR
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save channels like mine ►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►►► SUBSCRIBE for more videos! ► Like the video! 15 likes? ► Twitter: Jedimagick ► Discord: discor..
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap (Lego Version)
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Act now! mijn insta nickcraftnl twitter NickCraftNL discord https..
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap For 10 Hours
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Original Music Video from Grandday:
[YTP] Robocopyright - Roblox
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Une vidéo faite en 10 minutes, un défis que je dois à Furex le Noob ^^ 🔴Clique ici pour t'abonner 👉 💜En liv..
Nightcore RoboCopyright
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Original Artist: Dan Bull Beat Artist: Grandayy (Reupload, no PewDiePie) Little rant: So I’m pretty sure no one out there thought that Article 13 would pass because it is the most stupid thing ever thought of yet here we are, a week or something a..
All RoboCopyright Star
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a.k.a. why in god's name does this work? so this adds to the list of songs all star goes with... Robocopyright: https: Dan Bull: ..
Robocopyright REVERSED
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Dan Bull - Robocopyright (Instrumental)
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Robocopyright ft. Thomas the Tank Engine
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Robocopyright feat. Thomas the Tank Engine. #Saveyourinternet Original: Vocals:
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Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap By : Dyland Locke Grandayy Dan Bull Make Sure Wear Any Kind Of Headset ALL HAIL ROBOCOPYRIGHT !!
#FixCopyright: Robocopyright 2.0 – The 2016 Copyright Review
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Read more about the EC's copyright reform proposals: Copy (short for Copyright) explains why the champagne keeps flowing for the industry (a.k.a. right holders), as he recovers from the party they threw to celebrate the copyrig..
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap (osu!mania cover)
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Subscribe Now! : yeah i know im back for a bit Music Made By: Grandayy: Dylan Locke: Dan Bull: ..
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Dan bull, Grandayy & Dylan locke's Article 13 Music Rap Robo Copyright is now remixed as EARRAPED and BASS BOOSTED epic remix ALL HAIL ROBO COPYRIGHT Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. Act now! Video ..
Robocopyright (V3RYF4KE Remix)
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Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap [J-Bug Remix]
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STOP ARTICLE 13!! A remix for Dan Bull! I tried for a trap/video game music feel. Hope you people enjoy! SoundCloud Version Original
Pixel Pirates - Robocopyright (Instrumental)
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Rap version: ★ Merch: Find our music on your musicservice! ★ Spotify: ★ iTunes: ★ Google Play: google.pixelpirates...
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap [Drum Cover] - Becanchi
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Hi! I’m Justin Or better as Becanchi. On my channel, you will find Drum Videos. I love To make Drum covers and sharing my experiences and Creativity with you. Subscribe to see more Drum Covers, Maby Some Drum solo's, and Other Drum related topic's ..
RoboCopyright Returns
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Contact your MEP today and tell them Article 13 or any new amendment that turns Internet companies into copyright enforcers is unacceptable.
My Best Brofist Ever! | Subscribe To PewDiePie! | Robocopyright - Article 13 Diss Track |
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#saveyourinternet #article13 #CopyrightDirective #BroFist
RoboCopyright remix but it was made after March 26th
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Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. Contact your MEP: My "remix": Inspiration: Vocals:
Dan Bull - Robocopyright ft. PewDiePie, Roomie & Jacksepticeye (Joshua Tu (杜璟瑜) Flip) [Audio]
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Although this is a remix of a song that discusses the problems of the EU's Article 13 (now passed as Article 17), it is still part of the Net Neutrality problem that is happening today around the world. For more information, go to: saveyourin..
Human vs Robocopyright mashup
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Mash up of human by the Killers and Dan Bull's Robocopyright rap.
Dan Bull's "Robocopyright" with SMB's piano cover SYNC
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Syncing Dan Bull's "Robocopyright" with Sheet Music Boss's piano cover because it sounds cool.
Robocopyright - Article 13 Rap - NPT Music Remix - Dan Bull, Grandayy Piano Cover
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Thanks to Dan Bull and Grandayy for giving this the attention it needs. Article 13 threatens the free and open internet. Act now! Want to learn the piano? Here is the quickest and easiest way:
Article 13 Killshot - Dan Bull(@itsDanBull) ROBOCOPYRIGHT Remix
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#SaveYourInternet Follow me on Facebook & Twitter to keep up on all my news Twitter: @RichMyst3r
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Genre: Rap BPM: 104 Visual Effects: Done by Dylan Locke ( Sign the petition, which is now the most signed petition of all..