Old house renovation

Old House Budget Renovation - Part 01
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I recently started the renovation of an old house. I started removing the Concrete floors, to lay in some new pipes for the district heating system, and preparing for floor Insulation, and heated floors. Thing on the todo list is: Making concret..
$12,000 HOUSE - One Man Renovation
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My Book- How I buy houses, click here-www.thehomesteadcraftsman.com/p/cheap-houses.html or buy from Amazon- amzn.to/2Xla48P Shop on Amazon and support this Channel- amzn.to/2DW3cr6 Full Playlist- www.youtube.com/watch..
1904 House Flip Before the Remodel Bought 6/22/2018
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You can see updates on my house flips here: investfourmore.com/flips/ I have 14 flips going, have bought 11 this year and sold 14. I bought this house from the MLS for $150,000. It was for sale for $199,900 but I was able to get a huge disc..
Before and After House Flip | Major Renovation
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The Austin Flipsters transform this south Austin property taking her from an ugly duckling to a regal lady bird. Featured Products in this episode: Living Room: Fireplace Tile: amzn.to/2T3t3qF Living Room Chairs: amzn.to/2EgdrpB Ne..
Farmhouse Restoration Episode 1
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I have a better version of this video up! Check out my youtube channel for it. Follow me on instagram!! : life_0f_laura Email lifeoflaura.biz@gmail.com
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This is a before and after pictures of the whole house form outside. I invite you for the second part form inside :) Thank You for support all LIKES and SUBSCRIPTIONS. More films in preparation :) #renovation #housemakeover #extreme
My House Renovation - Start To Finish!!!
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Get 6 FREE Plan Bundle: samuraicarpenter.com/free-6-plan-bundle?via=openRe7A Join My Makers Mob: www.joinmakersmob.com/samurai/ Well, it's been a long time coming and a hell of a lot of work, but I am finally ready to reveal my hous..
Old House Renovation - Day One Tour - #2
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My book - How I Buy Cheap Houses- amzn.to/2YkVuPo More info on my book here- www.thehomesteadcraftsman.com/p/cheap-houses.html Shop on Amazon and support this channel, click here! amzn.to/2LAgkZo This is the full and long day..
Restoration Home: Big House (Before and After) | History Documentary | Reel Truth History
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Subscribe here: ru-clip.com/channel/UCb7xZQi7F3RW7BNtR57cNnA to be the first to watch more full length documentaries. Once a building of grandeur and influence, Big House is now a carcass. But digging deep into the arc..
Family fixes home in ghost-town lab & tells others to follow
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With 25,000 euros and 1000 hours of work, Maurizio Cesprini and his partner Paola Gardin rebuilt a ruined home in the medieval village of Ghesc, Italy. They hope other young families will consider their example with a plentiful supply of medieval gho..
Farm House Restoration | $300 Living Room Reno | Ep.1 |
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My girlfriend and I are slowly renovating this 100 year old farm house one room at a time. We are embracing the heritage of the home by exposing original features and giving them a new life. This room only cost us around $300, half of which was for ..
Brown House Renovation -The before and after | Whole house remodel
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This is a before and after video of the whole house remodel that me and my family did. Read more about this project on my blog: karajanel.wordpress.com You can also find some of the wall décor on vibrantpieces.com Music credit: www.bensound.com
"Nasty to Nice" Home Remodel
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Remodeling a "nasty" old house in my free time. Be prepared to spend more time and money than ever thought possible. I played Bob the Builder as a side gig, I had a little help from contractors but did most everything myself. Passed all inspections f..
Building Science: Remodeling Old Homes
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Matt is in Saratoga Springs, NY this week talking to a custom-home builder, remodeler, and building inspector, with 51 year of experience, about the building science behind remodeling old homes. This demonstration is intended for professionals only...
traditional irish cottage renovation
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This mud (cob) cottage is on the map of 1836... This video consists of pictures taken during renovation process which lasted 3 years and also included the outbuildings and extension works - watch here ru-clip.com/video/Bhj8_5pMImc/video.html..
An Old House Love Story: How One Man is Saving a 9,000 sq. ft. Victorian Fixer-Upper
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Former owners had attempted to restore the Cross House in Emporia, Kansas, but none had succeeded in finishing the work they had started on the sprawling, 9,000 sq. ft. Victorian fixer-upper. It was not until Ross MacTaggart purchased the home that i..
Remodeling My Farm House: Demolition
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It has been about 12 years since I originally remodeled my farmhouse. As soon as I opened up the first wall, I remembered what it was like doing demolition in an old home. The sight, the smell, the mess. It's hard to forget. The good thing is, th..
Surprising My Grandparents Transforming Their Old House to New!!
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ENJOY this hour long house renovation extravaganza surprise !!! New videos Friday & most Sunday's! :D Instagram: @miamaples Snapchat: @miamaples Twitter: @miamapless
1890's Timber Frame Farm House Renovation. Update 3
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This is the first update I was able to do with video. The first two updates are coming soon, once I compile all of the images I took. We are working on renovating our 1890's era, timber frame farm house. The house was in very rough shape when we bo..
Old House Renovation - HUGE UPGRADE ($3,500) - #6
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My book - How I Buy Cheap Houses- amzn.to/2YkVuPo More info on my book here- www.thehomesteadcraftsman.com/p/cheap-houses.html Shop AMAZON and contribute to these videos at no extra cost. amzn.to/2LAgkZo This 2 day video foc..
Old House Renovation – How do you renovate a House??? Part 1 | P1V4 | ShortWorx
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I’m a first-time home buyer with no experience of renovations and I have no idea what I’m doing…how hard can it be? Watch my vlog of the House rebuilding stage part 1… Subscribe to catch the next video: goo.gl/gwp6Zu Watch the Demol..
Amazing Old House Renovation Using Heat Insulation - How To Build a Sloping Roof
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- Music: ru-clip.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds - Mixers Construction - Construction - Mixers - Building
Renovating An Abandoned Mansion Part 1
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Show the big guy some love and show your friends you DEADLIFT!!! www.bunkerbranding.com/products/deadlifting-is-not-a-crime If you OWN a business and want to help us out, shoot me an email. Demoranch@yahoo.com Only if YOU OWN the business pl..
House Flipping - BEFORE - Restoration Easy Money! Part 1
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Here we are doing a house flipping for easy money. This time we took 6 weeks with 4 hard worker guys. Addition was redone, roofing, paint, restoring Everything for good profit. This is the Before video, like and subscribe to get to the After vid..
Couple finds log home INSIDE home renovation project
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Kevin Kemp and Jennifer Alexander discovered a log cabin INSIDE the Dublin home they were renovating. The couple were planning to raze a home that they bought recently to build a new house on the property, when Kemp and a friend, Larry Daniels, decid..
Kockaházunk felújítása #6 - Konyha/előtér - Old House Renovation
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Konyha, előtér aljzat felszedés, válaszfal bontás került sorra. Ide kerül majd a leendő nappali, kertkapcsolatos fedett terasszal. Folytatás következik. Iratkozz fel a csatornára és kövesd nyomon a ház felújítását. www.pa..
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Voici un nouveau projet que je voulais partager. Du pur bricolage, plus ou moins dans les règles de l'art. Le principal c'est de se faire plaisir et que ce soit fait avec audace ! #diy #timelapse #house Instagram @passionrenovation FB: Mickael B..
old house renovation before and after
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This channel is made for free house plans and designs ideas for you.
Interior Design — An Old House Gets A Total Overhaul!
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Thinking of renovating your home? Get inspired by interior stylist Jaclyn Colville‘s stylish main floor makeover. See how she transformed a cramped space into an open-concept home, and steal her tips on how to create a custom look! The kitchen in ..
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 1 - Empty House Tour | Tabby Perry
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Old House Budget Renovation - Part 1 - Empty House Tour | Tabby Perry | Taba and Baba Hi Everyone, So as part of my project management course I have kindly been given the opportunity to have a go at project managing the renovation of this house! I d..
🔴 Old House Salvage | WNW
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We take Salvage from our old house renovation and make a fun cabinet using bun feet and IOD knobs. Find the paint and products we use here. jamirayvintage.com Channel Membership: ru-clip.com/channel/UCrUyInvjmniSK3gBzXjB5qgjoin..
Our renovation: Nine-month, time-lapse video
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See our construction project from beginning to end. Music by Courtney Barnett.
This Old House | Ready for Rehab (S38 E18) | FULL EPISODE
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Kevin meets Detroit’s Mayor, Mike Duggan, to learn about the city’s efforts to eliminate blight and revitalize the neighborhoods. Kevin meets Land Bank Executive Craig Fahle, who shows him around an abandoned home in the Grandmont Rosedale neighb..
Bedroom Remodel Time-Lapse 3 Months Work In 22 Minutes
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3 months work in 22 minutes! For a more in depth look at this project, check out my 8 part series below... Want to support my channel and get exclusive content? Join my Patreon! - www.patreon.com/TheFixer Buy some “The Fixer” merchan..
Old House Renovation - First Day of Work! - #3
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My book - How I Buy Cheap Houses- amzn.to/2YkVuPo More info on my book here- www.thehomesteadcraftsman.com/p/cheap-houses.html Shop on Amazon and support this channel, click here! amzn.to/2LAgkZo Day one of work, starting out..
Old House Renovation - Episode One - Empty House Tour
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Hello and welcome to our channel! Along with my boyfriend, Chad, and our one year old daughter, I am renovating not one, but TWO 100 year old houses in northern Pennsylvania. It all started two years ago when we moved into our current house. We s..
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 02
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This is part 2 of my renovation. I'm digging out sand, to make room for the 300 mm of insulation, and redoing the sewer pipes. Pixeljunk.dk Music: Anozira - Krystal Waves ru-clip.com/video/pH2cKf67vl4/video.html
House Tour | How To Renovate An Old House Without Losing Its Character
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Designer Richard Ouellette of Les Ensembliers shares how he gave an old Montreal house new life while maintaining its original spirit. Step inside the elegant and soulful space, and see how the owner’s art collection led the way for the sophisticat..
renovation of an old house
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renovation of an old house - Adithya Builders - Erumapetty - Thrissur
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 07 - Floors
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It is time for the floors - It took some time but makes a lot of difference. Music: Solcal Body - And Punch ru-clip.com/video/4B8QoiFGBTw/video.html
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 08 - 10.000 Subs Special
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Wow, I reached over 10.000 subscribers. I did not expect that, thanks a lot to everyone who subscribed, liked shared, and commented on my videos. In this video I wanted to show my progress so far, there is still a lot there has to be made, but I am..
Old House Renovation - Refinishing Floors & Walls - #5
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My book - How I Buy Cheap Houses- amzn.to/2YkVuPo More info on my book here- www.thehomesteadcraftsman.com/p/cheap-houses.html Shop on Amazon and support this channel, click here! amzn.to/2LAgkZo Floors and Walls......pretty ..
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 03 - Insulation, Pipes, Concrete
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In this video I'm getting ready to get concrete on the floors. Straightening the sand for a flat surface for the insulation layer. And adding the heating pipe to make the floors heated. Also adding new pipes for Water and radiators. It is real..
25 years old house renovation before and after videos // Old house renovation // House renovation
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Old house renovation in my village, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, remodel my house, remodeling an old house on a budget
I Bought a Bank Foreclosure House For $13,000 Here’s what Remodeling and Renovations it needs
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How To Save Money For your own Small House for Cash, Buying a Bank foreclosure home No mortgage ru-clip.com/video/jIyZtqJb-jM/video.html Please watch: "ZIMALETA MOTORS ONLINE STORE Grand Opening Today Mercedes Sprinter Parts Please Check it out Guys" ww..
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 06 - Kitchen, tiles
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In this video I am installing ceiling In the rooms of the house and assembling the kitchen cabinets, unfortunately I didn't film very much of setting up the kitchen. Also I'm putting down the tiles in the bathroom. Music: • Sleepdebt s..
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 04 - Ceiling, Drywall, Bathroom
Views 769KYear ago
In this video, I am prepping the ceiling, by removing the old one, it was very crooked. so it must be straightened. Also making a new drywall, between entrance and bedroom, the old one was removed because it only covered half the gab, because an ol..
Old House Budget Renovation - Part 05 - Electrical, Ceiling, Paint
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In part 5 the electrical installation is take form, and the walls are prepared for paint, and the Ceiling are installed. Music: • Aurora B.Polaris ru-clip.com/video/8HBacGsBl_U/video.html
Farm House Renovation Episode 1
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Finally putting on a new front on the old house. This is the first episode of our series we plan to film over the next few months. We plan to completely rehab this 1880's farm house. This is all about the new entry.
Colonial home renovation - Before and after
Views 40K3 years ago
Before and after photos from the renovation of a two story colonial in Bergen County, New Jersey - style is Transitional. UPDATE OCT 2016.