Neopixel daft punk

Adafruit Neopixels & Arduino Bring My DAFT PUNK Helmet To Life!
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Thanks to some Adafruit Neopixels and their Feather 32u4, my Daft Punk helmet LOOKS AWESOME! I learned enough Arduino to make my Neopixels work in a Neomatrix grid! #3dprinting#Adafruit #Arduino Adafruit Daft Punk helmet tutorial: learn.ada..
Homemade Daft Punk RGB helmet with Bluetooth
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$2 for 10PCBs (Not only for New User): I've made a simple project with this Daft Punk helmet and RGB LED strip inside with Bluetooth and controlled by an Android App. You have all the needed files below. I hope you like this simp..
Daft Punk (Guy Manuel) Helmet work in progress
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Daft Punk (Guy Manuel) Helmet work in progress Arduino Mega, Adafruit 8x32 Matrix, Adafruit NeoPixel Strips (cut into 2 x 8 banks of 4. Total 32 left, 32 right, 4 per bank, 8 banks per side) #Adafruit #NeoPixels #DaftPunk #Arduino
Daft Punk Helmet/Speaker Cozy
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A make I did awhile back of a Daft Punk Helmet (thanks to bendiger on Thingiverse) I was compelled to upgrade with some leds. I had just fallen down the Arduino hole (inevitable, save your pity), and I had come across "John Ericksen's Neopixel Shield..
DIY Daft Punk: 3D Printing the Thomas Bangalter Iconic Helmet
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I've ALWAYS wanted my own Daft Punk helmet. I have an army of 3d printers, and it was time I got experience finishing a print. So, I printed, sanded, primed, and painted THIS COOL DAFT PUNK HELMET! Next up, adding electronics from Adafruit! Here is ..
[UniPad] Sync with Arduino neopixel
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#3DPrinted Daft Punk Helmet #Adafruit
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Build this massive wearable 3D printed LED helmet to your next party, halloween or cosplay event! you can easily to fit a strip of LEDs inside the helmet for making an epic LED costume. You can even customize the helmet in CAD software to fit your he..
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This week we're learning how to 3D print and I introduce you to my newest project, a 3D printed Daft Punk Guy Manuel Helmet! Every step of the way is going to be covered in this multi-part video series! Enjoy! Thingiverse link:
Daft Punk Thomas DIY LED kit Part 4
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Part 5: Follow Me on twitter: Want to buy a kit?
Daft Punk Guy Man - Main LED display
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Just a bit more progress on my Guy Man LED display. Twitter: Nope, it is not for sale, this is a one of a kind piece. More progress:
DIY LED Trampoline // NeoPixels and Circuit Python
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These NeoPixels makes you wanna jump! Learn how to upgrade a cheap trampoline with interactive NeoPixel LEDs. Use Adafruits ItsyBitsy and a vibration sensor to make a trampoline light up when you jump on it. Get the full source files, code, and step..
Daft Punk "Get Lucky" scenic design project
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Scenic Concert Design, UNLV Fall 2013 Music, Get Lucky by Daft Punk. Pixel Controller software can be found at concept was to have a basic stage with multiple levels connected by ramps to give ..
Sound Reactive Baseball Hat with FLORA
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Add some sound reactive NeoPixels to your baseball cap with FLORA and the Adafruit Electret Microphone Amplifier! Becky Stern shows you how: Visit the Adafrui..
Lady "Daft Punk" - coming soon!
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Ladyada tries on her 3D printed Daft Punk helmet powered by NeoPixels and TRINKET... coming very soon, subscribe to catch the full project video! Visit the Adafruit shop online - Sub..
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This week we're going to learn about the basics of Arduino and how you can use it in your projects! I'm going to be using an Arduino based platform for my 3D printed Daft Punk Helmet Build! Steven's channel: Arduinos Mentio..
Daft Punk display WIP
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8x5 LED matrix driven by MAX7221 and arduino. This is the right half of the LEDs for my Thomas Bangalter helmet, which itself isn't done.
Cortana Costume with Animating LEDs
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In this project we’re adding sewable NeoPixels and GEMMA to a bodysuit to make a light up Cortana costume. To get extra details, we’ll trace artwork from reference photos, format the artwork and make a stencil that we can 3d print. Read the full g..
Daft Punk LED Bracelet
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my LED bracelet from Dafunkfest in Japan. Super hard to find now but if you ever fnd one...GET IT!
LED Strip Pixel Mapping Audio Reactive Test 12 - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Daft Punk
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my LED bracelet from Dafunkfest in Japan. Super hard to find now but if you ever fnd one...GET IT!
New Products 8/1/2018 Featuring Adafruit #NeoPixel #UV #LED Strip! @adafruit #adafruit
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Flexible Silicone Neon-Like LED Strip - 1 Meter - Red (0:09) Circuit Playground Bolt-On Kit (1:24)
Adafruit::GFX + NeoMatrix + Adafruit RGB Matrix Panel Demo
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Blog post with code: See the better version for FastLE..
LED Daft Punk Helmet -- Gold
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My first engineering project, a Daft Punk helmet with a full face of LEDs. This is simply a quick video showing a few basic animations A better quality one will be uploaded shortly. Powered by a Beaglebone Black, using NeoPixels for the display...
3D Printed Daft Punk Helmet in One Month | PART 3
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Hey world! I made a 3D printed DAFT PUNK Helmet!!! Thank you 96Boards for sponsoring this video! THIS IS THE GRAND FINALE OF THE DAFT PUNK VIDEO SERIES! AND I AM NEVER TAKING MY HELMET OFF. I made a Daft Punk Helmet for Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 ..
2014 3DPrinting Favorites
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Our favorite 3D printing and DIY electronics projects from 2014! 3D Printed Tripod Adapter for Telescope 3D Printed Daft Punk Helmet
NeoPixel Storm – AGM Summer Break | DigiKey
Views 2459 months ago
Ashley an Electrical Engineering Student from UW Madison, is showing us how to build the NeoPixel Storm project. This is a modified version of the “Ever Burning Flame Painting” project from Adafruit (link below). Information on this project and mor..
3D Printed Daft Punk Helmet in One Month | PART 2
Views 29KYear ago
Hey world! I made a 3D printed DAFT PUNK Helmet!!! This is the second part of the video series. I decided to make a Daft Punk Helmet for Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 and it took me a month to make. In this video I vacuum formed the visor, put toget..
Daft Punk Table Test
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first test run of table only half the lights are currently wired. All sound processing done in software on the arduino. Lights controlled with IO expanders over I2C.
Draft Punk
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Here's the poor man's version of the daft punk helmet, made with a $5 cobra commander mask from party city and some neopixel strip from adafruit!
Daft Punk Helmet Thomas full lights
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8 x 32 ws2811 LED Matrix with two 24 LED ws2811 light rings driven by Adafruit feather m0 Express and Arduino Nano
Daft Punk Helemet Finished
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Daft Punk Helmet build - After 5 days of building, soldering, and teaching myself programming with the arduino open helmet is now complete.
BGReplicas visibility test for Daft Punk Guy RGB wireless matrix
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Our screen accurate 14x36 RGB wireless guy matrix on 100% full brightness, looks like visibility is amazing ;)
Souder une matrice de LED a un arduino
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Dans cette première partie on voit comment connecter la matrice de LED à notre arduino avant de le programmer. Dans la seconde partie on verra comment la programmer et la mettre en place dans le casque des Daft Punk. Ces led Neopixel ou WS2801/WS28..
Daft Punk Thomas LED Visor Test
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Arduino Uno powering 5 MAX7219 chips. Code obtained here: Music: Build info here: ..
Arduino 3D Printed WiFi NeoPixel LED Mask
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Demo of the Arduino 3D Printed WiFi NeoPixel LED Mask. Control it from your phone via a web browser or infrared remote control. 3d printed model : Source code and schematics:
LED Lights inside my Daft Punk Helmet
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Hey guys this my Daft Punk Helmet and the LED Lights inside the my Helmet.
Green Steampunk Mask with Neopixel Eyes
Views 8298 months ago
A quick vid of a mask I recently made for a client. This is a variant of my Bioshock inspired mask. Facebook
Daft Punk LED matrix test
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Today I test to see if my chip controlled RGB LED matrix works with a custom animation that is 1/2 finished
Neopixel t-shirt
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Today I test to see if my chip controlled RGB LED matrix works with a custom animation that is 1/2 finished
Guy-Manuel Daft Punk Helmet Project LED test
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Testing the LEDs on a homemade Guy-Manuel Daft Punk helmet. 8 AA batteries supply power, an Arduino controls the LEDs, switching randomly between 8 animations. The helmet itself was 3D printed on a Prusa i3, covered in car body filler, sanded and spr..
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My 3d printed Daft Punk helmet has assumed it's final form! The electronics are in, the padding is in, the programming is done! Using the Bluefruit app, I can make eyes appear, I can make HEART EYES appear, and scroll various texts across the visor. ..
Neo Pixel Goggles
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Quick Video showing the NeoPixel Goggles I made. Based on
How to make a Daft Punk helmet in 17 months
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For more info on the build and process, check out my website: This video chronicles my odyssey with replicating the iconic gold Daft Punk helmet worn by Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo. Over the process, I took h..
Circuit Playground Express & NeoPixels – Tutorial | Digi-Key Electronics
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In today’s tutorial Robin shows us how to use the Circuit Playground Express with NeoPixels. Additional Resources: Circuit Playground Express NeoPixel - Digi-Ke..
Deadmau5 Goggles/LED glasses/ Daft Punk Goggles (prototype) - SOLD
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Music used in video:
Adafruit NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip - Black 300 LED
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You thought it couldn't get better than our world-famous 32-LED-per-meter Digital LED strip but we will prove you wrong! You wanted twice the LEDs? We got it (well, it's 1.875 times as many but that's within a margin of error). You wanted thinner str..
LED Music Festival Sunglasses
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I always make some sort of light up sunglasses for music festivals and they are always sound-reactive and usually awesome. This is the latest version. I made them using an Adafruit trinket microcontroller (arduino compatible), several neopixel LEDs, ..
Mother’s Day sparkling Flag Jacket made with Adafruit Flora, LSM303 and NeoPixels
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DIY video showing construction and coding of this wearable electronics project. The flag sparkles when the arm waves and a neopixel will indicate when the arm points North. Includes Maker Mishaps and fixes for this project completed by a novice maker..
3d printed LED bracelet demo 3. #wearable #neopixel #trinket #3dprinting #3DxJewelry
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3d printed led bracelet. Blog
Daft Punk Guy-Manuel Helmet lights test
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Work in progress! Another lights test, this time with 8 led lines and new light games. If you need some Arduino programming informations:
live microscope testing (neopixels) @adafruit #adafruit #neopixels
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Quick test :) Visit the Adafruit shop online - Subscribe to Adafruit on RU-clip: Join our weekly Show & Tell on G Hangouts On Air: