Maker faire 2018

Maker Faire 2018
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This year's Maker Faire was Amazing! There were so many awesome people to meet and so many crazy things to see. Check out my trip to San Mateo California for the Bay Area Maker Faire 2018. Check out the main channel
Maker Faire 2018 Recap
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Take us back! @MakerFaire 2018 was a blast. Follow Majenta as she catches up with exhibitors from all over the maker spectrum. @Tindie @Hackaday @Supplyframe @Kickstarter @Tormach @TinyFPGA
Highlights from Maker Faire Bay Area 2018
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Take us back! @MakerFaire 2018 was a blast. Follow Majenta as she catches up with exhibitors from all over the maker spectrum. @Tindie @Hackaday @Supplyframe @Kickstarter @Tormach @TinyFPGA
Maker Faire Detroit 2018 Recap
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We decided to take a last minute trip to Maker Faire Detroit to hang out with the Powerwheels Racing teams, check out the amazing exhibits, and tour the Henry Ford Museum! We tried our hand at virtual welding, saw a fire breathing metal dragon, watch..
Maker Faire Tokyo 2018 - Official Digest -5min
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Maker Faire Tokyo 2018 の紹介動画5分バージョン|2018.8.4-5 @Tokyo Big Sight Maker Faireは、地上最大の(DIYの)展示発表会です。家族で楽しめる、発明と創造と役に立つ情報がいっぱいの展示会であり、Makerムーブメントのお祭りです。そこは人々が自分で作った物を見せ合う場所であり、自分が学んだことをシェアする場所でもあります。 Maker Faire Tokyo 2018 出展者の情報やレポート記事も公開中! makez..
The best 3D printed projects from Maker Faire Bay Area 2018! Engines, Theme Parks, Electric Motors!
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Check out all the fascinating 3DP projects makers brought to the Maker Faire Bay Area! Thank you to Atom for sponsoring this trip to #MFBA! Check them out at 💙 Enjoying the videos? Support my work on Patreon! go.toms3d.or..
Maker Faire Hannover 2018
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A montage of the stuff I saw at the Maker Faire Hannover. I noticed that some video parts are not in the best quality, but I didn't like the idea of cutting them out. I hope you don't mind :) Maker Faire Hannover visit:
World Maker Faire 2017 Highlights
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World Maker Faire 2017 - 8th Annual
Houston Maker Faire 2018
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Houston Maker Faire 2018 The 2018 Houston Maker Faire welcomes all students, teachers, scientists, engineers, space explorers, professionals, people watchers and enthusiasts to connect and grow the Makerspace community at the George R. Brown Conventi..
Maker Faire Detroit 2018
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Find your next obsession on a quirky journey through the outlandish and profound creations of brilliant hackers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Inside and outside Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, explore 24 acres of cutting-edge technology alo..
Maker Faire Hannover 2018
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Mit einem Makertruck, fahrenden Riesentieren aus Metallresten und zahlreichen Workshops von Holzbearbeitung bis zum Löteinstieg gab es vom 14. bis 16. September 2018 auf der Maker Faire Hannover wieder viel zu sehen. Mehr Bilder:
Maker Faire Berlin 2018
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Vom 25. bis 27. Mai 2018 war die Maker Faire Berlin im FEZ in der Wuhlheide zu Gast. Drei Tage Selberbauen, Staunen und viel Sonne. Alle Infos zur Maker Faire Berlin: www.f..
Maker Faire Roma 2018 - Video Riassuntivo
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Un piccolo video riassuntivo della giornata di sabato 13 ottobre
One day at Maker Faire Paris 2018
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Follow YouLab through Maker Faire Paris 2018. Maker Faire is the largest event in the world that brings together workshops, presentations and conferences around the themes of creativity, manufacturing and the Do It Yourself movement. In this video ..
Maker Faire Bay Area 2018
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Go to or text 'laurakampf' to 500-500 to get one free audiobook and a 30 day free trial of Audible If you like what i do you can support me at: For more Infos visit www.laurakam..
Bay Area Maker Faire 2017
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This is my third trip down to Maker Faire, and every year I always see something new. This year was no different. I tried hard to have long conversations with makers and faire goers this year. I hadn't taken my camera out of the shop for a long tim..
Q&A at World Maker Faire NY 2018
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We went to World Maker Faire 2018 in New York and answered some of your questions!! Check out all of the awesomeness! Subscribe to my channel: Second Channel: Slow Motion Footage and Thumbnail Image Courte..
Maker Faire Bay Area: Saturday 5/19
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It's the Greatest Show & Tell on Earth! Saturday Schedule: 10:00 am: Welcome! Art Cars & Sculpures 11:00 am: Prosthesis 11:30 am: mBots for Makers 11:45 am: Build a Hackintosh 12:00 pm: DigiKey Electronics 12:30 pm: The State of Arduino 1:00 pm: Mad..
Maker Faire 2018 Highlights
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CircuitBread went down to San Francisco to see what was happening at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2018! We met some amazing people, saw some amazing projects, and were just generally blown away by the creativity and sheer awesomeness we encountered. We..
Maker Faire New York 2018
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Recap of the New York Maker Faire 2018. Thank you everyone who stopped by! We had tons of fun at our booth releasing both Original Prusa SL1 and Prusament. See you next year! Music: Last Summer by Ikson
The first Prague Maker Faire recap!
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The very first Prague Maker Faire featured 180 maker exhibits and attracted over 10500 visitors from both Czech Republic and other countries. Our booth was created completely with the machines in our new PrusaLab hackerspace in just 2 weeks! It was..
Maker Faire Barcelona 2018
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Maker Faire Barcelona 2018
MakerFaire 2018! Star Wars BB8 Builders and Giant Mechs! - Hak5 2411
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Shannon heads to Maker Faire Bay Area 2018 to check out the giant Prosthesis Mech and the Star Wars BB8 Builders Club. Links: ☆ ☆ ☆-..
The Mad Geniuses of Maker Faire
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In an era of modern manufacturing, is there a place for tinkering and DIY? Jonathan Strickland takes us inside Maker Faire 2013 and shows us how the future of amateur invention has never looked brighter! And with resources like DIY project funding an..
Maker Faire 2018 - I'll be there
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The Maker Faire Ruhr is coming to Dortmund. And I will be there with my IoT, Neopixels and other cool projects. Feel free to visit me. Or meet the other makers. There are many cool projects to see. R2D2 makers, Steampunk and much more Maker Faire Ru..
Maker Faire Nantes Video Tour
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Full story and pictures: Music by Kevin McLeod
Carbide3D Nomad - CNC Mill at Bay Area Maker Faire Matterhackers Booth #BAMF2018
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The Carbide3D CNC mill is a neat little machine. It's smaller in size, but built strong so it can handle the violent stresses of milling operations. Winston's channel: Carbide3D at Matterhackers (aff): 3d..
Maker Faire UK 2018 5min Quick tour!
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Maker Faire UK 2018, Newcastle
Maker Faire New York 2018 Official Live Stream Presented by DigiKey
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9:45am Welcome Back! Tapagami & More 10:30am Hand of Man 11:00am Image Analysis on Low Power Machines 11:30am Programming Non-Arduino Hardware 12:00pm Cosplay & Prop Contest 1:00pm Jimmy DiResta 2:00pm Combat Robots 3:00pm Laura Kampf 4:00pm TURFInc ..
Adam Savage's Maker Faire 2018 Talk!
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Adam Savage gives his annual "Sunday sermon" at the 2018 Bay Area Maker Faire. Adam talks about an essential aspect of making and maker culture: generosity and sharing. With examples from his own experiences and the world at large, Adam explains why ..
Maker Faire Prague 2018
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Adam Savage gives his annual "Sunday sermon" at the 2018 Bay Area Maker Faire. Adam talks about an essential aspect of making and maker culture: generosity and sharing. With examples from his own experiences and the world at large, Adam explains why ..
Maker Faire Bay Area 2018
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I put together a short montage to commemorate my first ever visit to Maker Faire Bay Area. If you like what I do, you can support my channel on Patreon: FOLLOW ME ▶ Instagram: ▶..
Highlights der Maker Faire Berlin 2018
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Am 26. und 27. Mai öffnet die Maker Faire von 10 bis 18 Uhr wieder ihre Türen. Dann verwandelt sich das FEZ-Berlin in einen großen Do-it-Yourself-Kosmos und präsentiert zahlreiche kreative Ausstellungen, Erfindungen, Mitmachstationen und Experimente...
Maker Faire Vienna 2018
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Häuser aus dem 3D-Drucker, die 100-jährige Waschmaschine und ein Citroën AMI 6, der zum Leben erwacht: 12.000 BesucherInnen sorgten auf der Maker Faire Vienna 2018 für einen Besucherrekord. 900 Maker präsentierten ihre außergewöhnlichen Projekte bei ..
Maker Faire New York 2018 Official Live Stream Presented by DigiKey
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Saturday 9:30am Welcome! 10:30am DigiKey Electronics 11:00am DIY By Showing, Not Telling 12:00pm Building Your First Star Wars Droid 12:45pm Giant Connect Four 1:00pm Digikey: Best Boards 1:30pm Wearables with Sophy Wong 2:00pm 3d Printing Props & C..
Halo, a 3lb meltybrain, at Maker Faire Orlando 2018
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Halo, a beatleweight meltybrain. Built by Spencer Allen and Pierce Jensen. You can find the build log here: You can find the full code base here: Thanks for watching!
littleBits at Maker Faire 2018!
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We sent a team to Maker Faire in San Francisco to help spread the STEAM lifestyle! We made a ton of new friends and it was so cool to see the kids' eyes light up with invention ideas. Thanks for having us! Follow us on social: Facebook - w..
Cosplay and Prop Contest at Maker Faire New York 2018
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Maker Faire Bay Area Cosplay contest is next! Get the info here:
Maker Faire Paris 2018 [Officiel]
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Maker Faire Bay Area Cosplay contest is next! Get the info here:
Maker Faire berlin 2018 Projects, Youtuber & Party Vlog | MAYER MAKES
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Join me and my fellwo makers at our tour of the Maker Faire Berlin Germany. We met awesome creators , makers and RU-cliprs there and had to party like it's 2018. We also joined the Conrad Maker Factory Challenge to compete against other Fablabs for ..
Maker Faire 2018: incontri ravvicinati con i makers
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In attesa di partecipare al Maker Faire 12-14 ottobre 2018 presso la Fiera di Roma, ecco a voi le interviste inedite ad alcuni dei Makers dell'anno scorso che anche quest'anno saranno presenti con le loro startup innovative: Andrea Gattini: CMO ..
Maker Faire Berlin
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Footage from Maker Faire Berlin 2017. plz share :-) Consider supporting our work on Patreon for some extras: We are also thankful for any donation on PayPal:
Mein ehrlicher Eindruck: Maker Faire 2018 in Hannover | Jonas Winkler Design
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Ich war auf der Maker Faire in Hannover - einer Mitmach-Messe für alle Maker. Was ich da so erlebt habe und wie mir die Messe gefallen hat, erfahrt ihr im Video. Wenn Euch das Video gefallen hat, lasst mir gerne ein Like oder ein Abo da. Wenn Ihr me..
Maker Faire Paris 2017
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Résumé vidéo de la maker faire Paris 2017
HyperShock fight #1 | Maker Faire Orlando 2018
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Résumé vidéo de la maker faire Paris 2017
Burlington Maker Faire 2018
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A video collage of the amazing people and exhibits at the 2018 Burlington Maker Faire in Burlington North Carolina, USA. Blog Post: Featu..
Maker Faire Bangkok 2018
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เมเกอร์แฟร์ บางกอก "ลานอวดของ ประลองไอเดีย"
Maker Faire Prague 2018
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Několik záběrů z návštěvy výstavy kutilů Maker Faire Prague
Get Inspired and Inventive at Maker Faire Orlando
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From Nov. 10-11, 2018, participants can show their work and share their learning experience during Maker Faire Orlando, held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. Join Roy as he takes a look around the 2017 event. SUBSCRIBE ►
Ultra Precision Voltage Reference and Maker Faire Hannover 2018
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PCBs by xDevs Kx reference article: LTZ1000-based multimeter: Small 50W ultrasonic cleaner: Patreon: www..