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Alex and Paige hit up the gay bars hoping for Alex to finally meet her long distance girlfriend while Riley has a surprise date and none of the girls' nights end up how they had planned. Hot Summer Daze is an LGBT web series airing every Friday this ..
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(。•́︿•̀。)☜ Hello Guys! ☆ Subscribe now! ☞♡ ► LGBT Music - The Way I Still Love You (Official Music Video) ✘ If had any problem with my uploads for using music/image, please c..
8 Ways To Tell If A Girl Likes You | LGBT Edition
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So you have a crush on a girl, and you want to know if she likes you - we've all been in that situation, so how can you find out if she's into you as well? We share some tips with you on how you can tell by her body language and behaviour if she lik..
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REACTING TO ANTI GAY COMMERCIALS (Anti-LGBT) Today cute gays react to anti LGBTQ ads, agains gay couple, relationships, boyfriend and more. Subscribe: | Follow my Instagram: Watch my newest vide..
Get A Room - FLUNK Episode 36 - LGBT Series
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Dani wants to take things to the next level, but Ingrid is worried it's moving too fast. COMMENT do you think Ingrid and Dani make a good couple or would you like to see Stella make a play for Ingrid? Watch the FULL EPISODE here:
Night Drive || LGBT Short Film by Keara Graves
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I'm very nervous and excited to be releasing my very first self-written and directed short film! Since you all loved my "break up with your boyfriend, i'm bored" video, I decided I'd do a sequel with the same actors and storyline, but in the form of ..
Our Evening Routine | LGBT Couple
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After sharing our Bali morning routine with you guys, here is our evening routine on just a regular day at home in Berlin. Watch how we spend our evening and night time together as a couple and get a glimpse of our everyday lives. Having a routine t..
I Know What I Want - FLUNK Episode 37 - LGBT Series
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Ingrid feels pressured by Dani to sleep together - but is it just her inexperience holding her back? Or is she clinging on to her feelings for Stella? Plus stick around and watch Jess and Kelsie react to the episode. COMMENT and let us know is anyone..
A Big LGBT Thank You to President Obama
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Ellen compiled a message from the likes of Neil Patrick Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and many more to offer a personal message of thanks to President Obama for everything he was able to accomplish in the name of equality.
LGBT Short film 2019| LUCY
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What's it like to be you in your environment? Leave a comment if you want to share it, I'd love to hear them. :) Behind the scenes: Main cast: Hester Douma (IG: instagra..
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THE CHAPSTICK CHALLENGE: Okay guys, you win! This one's for you Shout Out to our Patron(s): OJ Moor Zandrie van Tonder Revolver Oshawott Anneke Kuipers Nikki Craddock Andrea — PATREON: Support LGBT Media!
I Was Bullied For My Opinion
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We Went To An LGBT Band Camp
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The QORDS music camp in North Carolina provides a safe space for queer and trans kids. Credits: GET MORE BUZZFEED NEWS Download the BuzzFeed News app! For iPhone — bz..
One Of The Most Powerful LGBT Movie Scenes
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One Of The most Powerful LGBT Movie Scenes
LGBT People Recreate Iconic Movie Posters
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"Movies are a source of hope for people, and LGBT People should be in that hope." Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Midnight City Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by..
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WATCH OUR LGBT WEB SERIES AIRING EVERY FRIDAY THIS SUMMER: - Hot Summer Daze is a sex positive dramedy web series that follows three teens within the limbo of the summer after high school graduation as their journeys to s..
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BEST LGBT MOVIES ON NETFLIX 2018! Hey queers! In today's video, I bring to you some of the best lgbt movies on netflix in 2018! I'm a sucker for an lgbt movie and these are some of the best queer movies on netflix atm! COMMENT your fave lgbt movie - ..
How Do The Japanese Feel About LGBT? | ASIAN BOSS
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ASIAN BOSS Instagram ► KEI (Host) on Instagram ► ASIAN BOSS TWITTER ► The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual inter..
Celebs You Didn't Know Were In LGBT Relationships
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Famous people who surpringsly go both ways. Subscribe: Tabloids are so quick to announce two people spending time together are dating, so..
To my future girlfriend (LGBT short film)
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Get my limited edition merch now 🥀: Welcome aboard to the feels train! Take a seat, relax, & enjoy this film about finding love again ❤️ WATCH OUR COVER OF WISH YOU WERE GAY (but actually GAY) ON KE..
10 Celebs Who Are Proud To Be In LGBT Relationships | Pride Month
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10 Famous people you didn't know go both ways. Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: You don't just imagine a better future – you create it. This Pride Month, we're celebrat..
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REACTING TO PRO GAY COMMERCIALS (Pro-LGBT) Today cute gays react to pro LGBTQ ads, about gay couple, relationships, coming out, boyfriend and more. Subscribe: | Follow my Instagram: Watch my new..
Interwencja policji na marszu LGBT w Warszawie
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#LGBT #SeksualizacjaDzieci #HomoParada ► WALCZ Z POPRAWNOŚCIĄ POLITYCZNĄ I CENZURĄ! Chcesz otrzymywać powiadomienia na temat prowadzonej przez nas działalności? Zapisz się do newslettera. WSPIERAJ MEDIA NARODOWE..
Two Girls (texting story) lgbt 🏳️‍🌈
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Made with TextingStory //
Would You Rather: LGBT Edition
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"They're both horrendous!" Subscribe to BuzzFeed UK: More from BuzzFeed UK: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: w..
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Callie, a closeted prom queen, has a big decision to make on the night of her senior prom. WATCH OUR LGBT WEB SERIES AIRING EVERY FRIDAY THIS SUMMER: - Hot Summer Daze is a sex positive dramedy web series that follows th..
Islam vs LGBT
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Choose your character! WOW! Check out RU-clip demonetizes all of my videos. Support my work here: Twitter:
Lgbt Couples - Kisses #9
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Thanks for watching. audio credit:
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Also available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Seed&Spark. A wedding and a haunted house. A supernatural thriller about love. Learn more at ROBIN & JENNA ARE GETTING MARRIED. Robin is excited beyond words; Jenna is plagued..
Struggles Of Growing Up Gay (LGBT Teen)
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Struggles Of Growing Up Gay LGBT Teen) I hope you enjoyed this video and took alot from it! I covered many points that are very hard for us as LGBT people to grow up with. I hope you reason well with the advice I gave, let me know how you feel below...
UK gov’t ‘too slow to respond’ to attacks on LGBT lessons - Official
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RT’s Polly Boiko reports as UK schools see rallies against return of LGBT equality lessons. Like what you see? Please subscribe FOLLOW ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK:
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Since today new KPOP artist 'Holland' released his debut music video which centers around an LGBT relationship, I decided to make a compilation of 20 LGBT KPOP songs and music videos :). Follow me on Twitter! Int..
The parents protesting LGBT lessons in schools
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Head teachers say opposition to lessons depicting same-sex relationships has spread to more than 50 schools. Unions have told Sky News that protests held by mainly Muslim parents in Birmingham now reach across the country. A Sky Data poll found tha..
GRITO LGBT Diadema SP 2019 parte 1
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Dilma Ruimseff vai até a praça da moça para mostrar o encontro LGBT em Diadema SP #Expresidenta #DilmaRuimseff #ClaudismarSilva
Transgender Woman Debates Muslim Over Islam and LGBT Issues | Face Your Hater | New York Post
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Blaire is trans. Marwa is Muslim. These two women face off on the heated issues affecting them today. “Being transgender, Islam is definitely not my friend,” Blaire told Marwa, who defended her religion’s anti-LGBT reputation. “A lot of the misconcep..
Gay Pride Memes V2 (LGBT Memes, Gay Memes 2019, Lesbian Memes)
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Gay Pride Memes V2 (LGBT Memes, Gay Memes 2019, Lesbian Memes) I know I know that pride month is over, BUT who says you can't laugh at gay memes, lgbt memes, or lesbian memes all year long amirite?!?! Welcome to the daily dose of memes, freshly gro..
My LGBT Journey| Pride Month 2019
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Happy happy Pride Month everyone! I thought to celebrate this year by recalling my journey of self-acceptance. Please enjoy! :D Background music: FOLLOW ME!..
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TRANSBOY REACTING TO ANTI GAY COMMERCIALS hope you enjoy it thx creds to MacDoesIt because his vids were amazing & i wanted to put a twist on it with Trans shit!! MAKE SURE YOU HIT THE BELL & HAVE MY NOTIFICATIONS ON SO YOU CAN SEE WHENEVER I POST ..
The Plan (An LGBT Short Film)
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When exes Sarah and January are assigned to work together on a project at work, only one of them is happy about it. And that someone is definitely not Sarah. Find out if letting go means moving on or coming back in my newest short film "The Plan"! F..
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REACTING TO ANTI GAY COMMERCIALS (PART 4) (Anti-LGBT) Today cute gays react to anti LGBTQ ads, agains gay couple, relationships, boyfriend and more. Homophobic pastors and parents. Subscribe: | Follow my Instagram: insta..
KILALANIN : Mga bumubuo sa LGBT Community
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Bakla, tomboy, transgender, ilan lamang sila sa mga karakter na bumubuo sa LGBT Community. Marami pa ring mga tao ang nalilito sa kanilang mga tunay na katauhan. Sinu-sino nga ba sila at paano natin sila dapat ituring bilang bahagi pa rin ng ating ..
Kenapa LGBT Diharamkan dalam Islam? | Dr. Zakir Naik
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more lgbt vines that gave the gays rights
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happy early halloween!! here are more lgbt vines that i didn't include in my first lgbt vine compilation... hope you enjoy!! videos from: honeymustardlesbian – davemccary –
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Pathetic. If u wanna chat about this then my Twitter is - @sarch11e Snap is - @sarch11e Instagram is - @sarch11e Hopefully no snowflakes were offended today..
This Is What LGBT Life Is Like Around the World | Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols | TED Talks
Views 834K3 years ago
As a gay couple in San Francisco, Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols had a relatively easy time living the way they wanted. But outside the bubble of the Bay Area, what was life like for people still lacking basic rights? They set off on a world tour in sea..
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Hey nerds! Welcome to my channel. Thank you for being here. I'm just trying to live out my dreams of being mildly successful on the good old internet. But not too successful, cause like, YIKES! AMIRITE? Don't forget to subscribe and follow me on soci..
i made an lgbt vine compilation for pride month
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happy pride 2018!!! hope u enjoy credit for the vine at 0:53 goes to grifbot!
Piers Challenges Journalist Who Is Against LGBT Lessons in Schools | Good Morning Britain
Views 463K3 months ago
At least five schools in the UK have suspended LGBT lessons due to parent protests as they feel the teachings are age-inappropriate. Ex-Ofsted head Sir Michael Wilshaw and journalist Dilly Hussain debate whether or not these teachings are acceptable ..