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Dwardu Cardona: Earth’s Primordial Stellar Host | EU2014
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Dwardu Cardona showed that a reconstruction of Earth's cosmic history can be distilled from the universal “mytho-historical record ...
Dwardu Cardona: Order Out of Chaos | EU2015
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dwardu Cardona could not attend the conference and Wal Thornhill gave his presentation.
Mistranslations - God Star by Dwardu Cardona
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Chapter 1, Section 7 “Mistranslations”, page 22, from the book “God Star”, written by the late Dwardu Cardona. Cover illustration ...
Perplexity - God Star by Dwardu Cardona
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Chapter 1, Section 6 “Perplexity”, pages 20-22, from the book “God Star”, written by the late Dwardu Cardona. Cover illustration by ...
⚡️41 Times Around the Sun ⚡️ Zeus ⚡️ God Star by Dwardu Cardona - Chapter 1 “Myths and Legends”
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Happy Late Birthday to Me! God Star - Written by Dwardu Cardona Back Cover Súnopsis & Chapter 1 - Myths and Legends ...
Proto-Saturnian Configuration
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A tribute to the monumental work of Dwardu Cardona describing the origins of our planet, prior to the current Solar system.
Metamorphic Star
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In his book, "Metamorphic Star", author Dwardu Cardona describes the bombardment of Earth by material ejected from ...
God Star Knowledge | 11-29-20
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Yolanda McCune teaching, Sunday morning gathering.
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Flare star ejecting mass from its polar regions. See the Book: "Flare Star by Dwardu Cardona.
Dr. Francisco Cardona, Electrophysiology
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Dr. Francisco Cardona, a Cardiac Electrophysiologist at the Heart Institute in St. Petersburg, FL explains what he enjoys about ...
#FromHouseToTechno with Andÿ Cardona
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Andÿ Cardona takes you on a musical journey from House to Techno. #AndÿCardona #HouseMusic #Techno ...
Michael Armstrong: The Effect of Ancient Catastrophe on Humankind | Space News
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It is the hypothesis of many members of the Electric Universe community that within human memory, perhaps a mere four or five ...