Dart trick shots

Darts Trick Shots | That's Amazing
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Our first ever dart trick shot video! These dart trick shots were pretty difficult, so we hope you enjoy! Music by Oh The Larceny ►Click HERE to listen to "Man on Fire:" iTunes:itunes.apple.com/us/album/man-on-fire/1334868356?i=1334868804..
Darts Trick Shots 2 | That's Amazing
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Is Darts Trick Shots 2 two times better than Darts Trick Shots 1??? Music by Future Royalty. @wearefutureroyalty ►Click HERE to listen to "The Best" iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/future-royalty/1413399465 Spotify: open.spotif..
Giant Darts Battle | Dude Perfect
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It's giant darts time! ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! bit.ly/SubDudePerfect ► Click HERE to subscribe to our friends at Whistle Sports! ru-clip.com/user/thewhistle Music by Arcando & Jordan Pax feat. Thomas Daniel -..
Dart & Card Throwing Trick Shots | Rick Smith Jr.
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Perry Prine and Kevin Moncrief are two of the best dart throwers in the world. Check out this collaboration as we do some card throwing and dart throwing skill shots at the Garage Bar in Willoughby, Ohio! ► Click HERE for more dart throwing! https:..
Darts Trick Shots | How Ridiculous
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Darts bullseye trick shots like you've never seen before (probably) SUBSCRIBE to How Ridiculous ► bit.ly/SubHowRidiculous Watch "What's Inside a Dart Board?" here: ru-clip.com/video/dWHhVvABLV8/video.html We had a great time filming some vids in our hom..
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SUBSCRIBE to How Ridiculous ► bit.ly/SubHowRidiculous Are you a fan of these darts bullseye videos? My friend, this playlist was made for you. Sit back, relaxe and enjoy these 5 videos of pure Joy ► ru-clip.com/p/PLmzL..
Betway Trick Shot League: Ep 3 Three Dart Throw
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In the third instalment of our 'Trick Shot Challenges' we gave the Betway Premier League players one attempt to hit the bullseye with all three darts. The player who amasses the most amount of points overall through the five challenges will win £1,..
Dude Perfect: Darts Challenge
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It's the Tall Guy against Twin No. 2 in the fourth episode of Dude Perfect's Face-Off as Cody and Cory go head to head in a darts distance challenge! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Whistle Sports to see more from Dude Perfect! - goo.gl/y2JNsG COMM..
The PERFECT Bullseye Moments in Darts!!!
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The Perfect Bullseye Darts Compilation
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This is getting out of hand. How many more can we do?! SUBSCRIBE to How Ridiculous ► bit.ly/SubHowRidiculous Hang out with us inbetween RU-clip Uploads. GO! ► Instagram (@HowRidiculous): bit.ly/FollowHRonInsta ► Facebook: bit.ly..
The ROBIN HOOD Moments in Darts!!!
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The Robin Hood Darts Compilation
Covered Bullseye Trick Shot - Phil Taylor - Family Fortunes
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Stolen from my own video but thought it was worth a separate look
Automatic Bullseye, MOVING DARTBOARD
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I have been working on this board for over 3 years. Super pumped to finally share it with all y'all. Here is a link to some of the software we wrote: www.dropbox.com/s/rlmhdjoqzyumme1/darts.zip?dl=0 MUSIC- 0:08- I'm so- Andrew Applep..
Betway Trick Shot League: Ep 1 Blindfold Challenge
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In the first of the series of trick shot challenges we gave our Betway Premier League players a blindfold and a single attempt to hit the bullseye. The player who amasses the most amount of points overall through the five challenges will win £1,000 f..
125 Finish Compilation
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125 Finish Compilation
Amazing Darts Trickshot!
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Zoran Lerchbacher with an amazing Trickshot at the World Championship of Darts! Don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! Thx for watching guys! Instagram: Janis_ff69
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Definitely one of the hardest/most annoying trick shots yet! We didn't play by the rules at all but we still had some crazy (and incredibly lucky) trick shots. Be sure to subscribe to Ryan by clicking the link below! Thanks for watching, subscribe fo..
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You asked for it so we did it. The World's Highest Bullseye! SUBSCRIBE to How Ridiculous ► bit.ly/SubHowRidiculous Hang out with us inbetween RU-clip Uploads. GO! ► Instagram (@HowRidiculous): bit.ly/FollowHRonInsta ► Facebook: ..
Freestyle Darts Playing | Darts Trick Shots
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Music: Con Bro Chill - Born Free America facebook.com/ConBroChill?fref=ts
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Fidget spinner darts bullseye while it's spinning?! What a weird trend. SUBSCRIBE to How Ridiculous ► bit.ly/SubHowRidiculous Hang out with us inbetween RU-clip Uploads. GO! ► Instagram (@HowRidiculous): bit.ly/FollowHRonInsta ► Faceb..
Darts Trick Shots l Out Of This World
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Do you think these darts trick shots will be better than How Ridiculous or Thats Amazing? Huge thanks to Bullseye Darts Australia for sponsoring this video we really enjoy those darts and enjoyed making the video. Heres a link to their website if yo..
Dart Trick Shots
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In diesem Video machen wir verschiedene Dart Trickshots.Vergesst nicht zu bewerten:-)Was für Trickshots sollen wir als nächstes machen?Schreibt es in die Kommentare. Tennis Ball Trick Shots:www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO8LR... Dart Trick Shots:..
How to throw like a pro: darts tips
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Darts pro John Norman Jr. shows you how to sharpen your game. Watch more videos on Life in Newfoundland & Labrador: Watch more Life in Newfoundland & Labrador: ru-clip.com/p/PLByp9p2moztJC3rcHxBCNrum23kFh8dCN »»» Subscribe to..
DIY Wrist CO2 Dart Gun! - Extreme Darts and Trick Shots!!! (Cheap Simple Build)
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Shirts: jlaservideo.com/shop C02 adapter: goo.gl/zPVvak Instagram: instagram.com/jlaservideo Learn how I made an Assassin's Creed wrist C02 cannon that can shoot pretty much anything that will fit in the barrel. We played some e..
Blow Dart Trick Shot BATTLE! *Crazy Final Shot*
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Hope this video blows you away! :) SUBSCRIBE: ru-clip.com/user/JugglinJosh New To Our Channel? Watch our best videos: bit.ly/StartHere_Playlist Congrats to juggling ball winner... JJsteck 124! Like/Comment wi..
Food Trick Shots | That's Amazing
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These are some insane food trick shots by That's Amazing! We included a ketchup cap on cap flip, a whipped cream ping pong trick shot, a marshmallow dart shot and more!! Make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE and comment below some other video ideas you wou..
Realtime Trick Shots FAIL! | That's Amazing
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Nobody's perfect... Make sure to like, subscribe, and share with friends! Our Merch: www.theloyalist.com/thatsamazing Mailing address: 5651 N. Lydell Ave. #170654 Milwaukee, WI 53217 Check out our Instagram: @thats_amazing77 THAT'S AMAZ..
What's inside a Dartboard?
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We CUT a Dart Board IN HALF!!!! How in the world do the darts stick in the board over and over again!?! We take it apart to find out, and of course had some fun first. Watch “Darts Like a Boss” on “How Ridiculous" Channel here: youtu.be/wFVU..
Ladbrokes Lads Cup | Phil Taylor Darts Trick Shot | TopZeitGeist.com
Views 130K8 years ago
Watch Phil Taylor perform an amazing darts trick shot! Hitting the Bullseye covered with a newspaper is incredible. If you have a similiar talent then you may be able to display this at the next World Darts Championship. A channel by www.topz..
GIANT Hockey-Dart Trick Shots PART 2 | SweetSpotSquad
Views 16K17 days ago
This is part 2 of a video we made a few weeks ago and it was a blast so we decided to do it again with different trick shots. This giant dart board is over 13ft high and we had a blast playing this game. This is one of the most fun competition we eve..
Pool Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect
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Dude Perfect teams back up w/ Pool Trick Shot legend Florian 'Venom' Kohler Watch the BONUS video for some behind the scenes pool table fun! bit.ly/BonusPoolTrickShots2 Watch the video we did on Florian's channel HERE! bit.ly/FlorianMos..
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Roof top bullseye featuring a huge PVC pipe with a big bend in it, because why not? Hope you enjoyed it #44club! SUBSCRIBE to How Ridiculous ► bit.ly/SubHowRidiculous Hang out with us inbetween RU-clip Uploads. GO! ► Instagram (@HowRidiculous..
Dart Trick Shots | Amazing Shots
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Thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed this video! if you haven't already subscribed do so ru-clip.com/channel/UCS8a7n7Lsf0p8xnRj3Tlx3w #AmazingShots #TrickShots #Darts
Giant Nerf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
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It's time for some GIANT trick shots! This video is sponsored by Nerf ► GRAB our NEW Nerf TOYS! - www.amazon.com/shop/dudeperfect ► Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! bit.ly/SubDudePerfect Play our NEW iPhone game! ► PLAY Endle..
knife Throwing + DARTS 'TRICK shots
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Last video▶️▶️ru-clip.com/video/g-Ni0Lzyk9U/video.html
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IMPOSSIBLE TRICKSHOTS CHALLENGE TIME! This time it's impossible dart trickshot challenge with some pranks on my brother lol PRANK WARS ARE ON! Also, who wants me to try ping pong, pool and basketball trickshots? Snapchat: www.snapchat.com/ad..
Betway Trick Shot League: Ep 2 Double-Length Oche Challenge
Views 1.1M4 years ago
In the second episode from our trick shot league we gave the Betway Premier League players three attempts to hit the bullseye but from twice the distance. This is the 'Double-Length Oche' challenge. Stay tuned next week for Ep 3 and our three dart t..
Darts Trick Shots | Trick Shot Blasts
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➫Iratkozz fel az új csatornámra! ru-clip.com/channel/UCa1bsiQZTvRyFReB652aOEQ ➫Kövess be instagramon is! instagram.com/skanywoo/
Darts Trick Shot you won't believe
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Unbelivable Darts trick shot into Cookie hole! That takes trick shots to a new Level Can you believe that? Quelle: ru-clip.com/video/zGxgmzl4-mI/video.html
GIANT Hockey-Dart Trick Shots Competition | SweetSpotSquad
Views 91K2 months ago
So we bought a giant Dart Board and it is even bigger than we expected. This giant dart board is over 13ft high and we had a blast playing this game. This is one of the most fun competition we ever made! We'll probably do a trick shot video with this..
Can MVG beat The Spinning Dartboard?!
Views 263KYear ago
In part one of Betway's three-part Part Trick Challenge, Michael van Gerwen, Rob Cross and Daryl Gurney take on our revolving dartboard to see who can hit the highest score with three darts, before having a race to five in a game of Around The Clock.
How To Play Darts | "My Throw" with Wayne Mardle (including blowing the dart shot!)
Views 137K3 years ago
My Throw with Wayne Mardle (including blowing the dart shot!)
Dart Trick Shots | Two Fists Up
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We continue the awesomeness with a compilation of dart trick shots! Thanks for watching, and subscribe for more! Music: Naikee - Martina
The CRAZIEST Trick Shots in Darts!!!
Views 3KYear ago
The Darts Trick Shot Compilation
Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | That's Amazing
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Since fidget spinners are the trend, we made a fidget spinner trick shot video! We also brought back some old trends that some of you may remember, including the water bottle flip cap on cap! Song: Elektronomia-Energy (NCS Release) www.you..
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NERF TRICKSHOTS ARE SO MUCH FUN! GIVE THIS VIDEO A LIKE IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE NERF TRICKSHOTS! :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY GAMING CHANNEL! :) ru-clip.com/channel/UCCzm97W73TjjNy5IXws4KRw Subscribe to Sam! ru-clip.com/user/samtaborskating T..
Views 25K5 months ago
For a $5 toy, this thing ruled! I love doing trick shot videos with Brian (especially when I get to shoot things off his head...lol). Be sure to check out his channel at ru-clip.com/user/brianambs. Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos and..
Whyte & Mackay Darts Trickshots - Terry Jenkins
Views 109K9 years ago
Terry Jenkins demonstrates the Double One from sitting in a chair. Can you do any better? Let us know on the OFFICIAL Whyte & Mackay Premier League Darts page. facebook.com/whytemackaydarts. Footage by Stickmedia Ltd.
How To Throw Darts
Views 1.7M8 years ago
Have you ever wanted to get good at pub and bar games. Well look no further than this informative video on how to shoot darts. For more how-to's, head over to www.videojug.com Subscribe! ru-clip.com/user/vi..