Crazy ants

Ant War or Supercolony: New Yellow Crazy Ants
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When I receive my dream species, Yellow Crazy ants (Anoplolepis gracilipes) I do the unthinkable: mix 2 unrelated yellow crazy ant colonies together, because they have been known to form massive colonies in the wild. The result was unreal! Visit us a..
Flying Fire Ants vs Cloning Crazy Ants | Amazing Ant Reproduction
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Fire ants have nuptial flights while Black Crazy Ants double clone themselves! Explore the amazing world of ant reproduction in this week's video, where we discover my ant colonies' growth through sexual maturity. We follow how fire ants reproduce an..
Rasberry Crazy Ants (Texas Country Reporter)
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The Rasberry Crazy Ant is a tiny terror treading all over Texas. Meet the exterminator leading the charge to stop this insect plague from spreading. Tom Rasberry, Budget Pest Control, (# 1158, 11/7/2009)
Invasion of the Yellow Crazy Ants!
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Thanks to Wet Tropics Management Authority for supporting MinuteEarth - And support us on Patreon: Subscribe to MinuteEarth! - ..
How to Get Rid of Raspberry Crazy Ants (Tawny Crazy Ants)
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Watch how to get rid of crazy ants guaranteed! This video will show you to get proper crazy ant control to protect your home and yard! Click here for our crazy ant control page! Click this link for our Ant Control playlist! h..
War of the Crazy Ants | ScienceTake | The New York Times
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Tawny crazy ants are replacing the notorious fire ant with the help of a never-before-seen chemical defense. Read the story here: Subscribe on RU-clip: Watch more videos at: ..
'Crazy Ants' Driving out Fire Ants in South
Views 133K6 years ago
Fire ants have been the bane of outdoor existence for people living in Southern states for years. But now there appears to be a new species of ant that is driving out Fire Ants. These new 'undocumented alien' ants, first found in Houston in 2002, com..
How Crazy Ants Carry Heavy Loads | National Geographic
Views 150K4 years ago
Ants are most effective when they work in organized groups, according to a study recently published in the journal Nature Communications. Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have shown that when longhorn crazy ants follow a str..
'Yellow Crazy Ants' threaten Christmas Island Crabs
Views 15K2 years ago
'Yellow Crazy Ants' threaten Christmas Island Crabs
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Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! Watch More - On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets brutally chomped by a GIANT Leafcutter Ant! Predominately found in South and Central America, the Leafcutter Ant is ..
'Crazy Ants' Are Invading The US
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These "Crazy Ants" are destroying Fire Ants and anything else that stands in their way! We want your feedback on Animalist News! Click this link to take a quick survey so that we can make the videos YOU want to see! We're ..
Ant War: Battle Of The Three Armies
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Crazy Ants Counteract Fire Ant Venom With Chemistry
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Fire ants and tawny crazy ants often battle over food. Despite being smaller, tawny crazy ants seem to have the upper hand, and now scientists have a theory as to why. In this video, Chemical & Engineering News Senior Editor Sarah Everts describes ne..
Crazy Ants Detoxify the Venom of Fire Ants
Views 173K5 years ago
A new development in the competition between two ants invading the southern United States: tawny crazy ants (Nylanderia fulva) can detoxify the venom of the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta). It's the first known example of an insect with th..
Fire ants vs. Rasberry Crazy Ants
Views 485K7 years ago
Fire ants versus a new invasive ant species in Texas. First, video footage of a captive fire ant colony defending against the crazy ants. The crazy ants are extremely fast, so the fire ants take a while to react and have trouble cornering them. Sec..
PBS NewsHour Weekend: Rasberry Crazy Ants
Views 4.8K5 years ago
Will a can of ant spray protect you from an invasion of Rasberry Crazy Ants?
Crazy Ants Can DESTROY Your Electronics
Views 60K6 years ago
Crazy Ants are an invasive ant species originally from South America that are now gaining ground in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida and they aren't much like Fire Ants. Some would say...they're much worse! While fire ants attack and bite if you get ..
Crazy Rasberry Ants
Views 385K11 years ago 2 news stories about the invasion of crazy ants in Houston,Tx Here's a link to another video I found of the ants invading a guy's computer mouse;
Crazy Ant Crusher Killing Crazy Ants Without Chemicals: Kickstarter Video
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Tawny/Raspberry Crazy Ants are killed by a crusher without using chemicals. A new, environmentally friendly concept in crazy ant treatment. This video is from a Kickstarter project description at
Piles & Piles Of Caribbean Crazy Ants in Tampa, FL
Views 52K7 years ago
Caribbean Crazy Ants has invaded Tampa, Fl. See the piles & piles of ants at his North Tampa home. There is no cure for these imported ants, only monthly control. If you have these ants around your home, call our office today (813) 935-7554. Chet..
Yellow Crazy Ants and Their Pet Water Beast
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: Check out & subscribe to my NEW DAILY VLOGS: I own fire ants, black crazy ants, Asian bullet ants, and even carpenter ants, but one of my favourite ant colonies are the Golden Empi..
Yellow crazy ants burned my eye
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Full interview at Yellow crazy ants have been called one of the world's worst invaders. They spit formic acid from their abdomens, form massive super colonies of up to 20 million ants per hectare, and can kill everything from ins..
Ant Mannequin Challenge + Name Voting | Entering the Nest: Yellow Crazy Ants
Views 541K2 years ago
In this UPDATE video, we take a look at how our new Yellow Crazy Ant colony is doing in their new home. We see how the new queens are doing, particularly Queen 1 from our previous Yellow Crazy Ant video from Part 1:
Crazy ants invade the Tampa Bay area and infest everything from cell phones to computers
Views 13K6 years ago
Like something out of a bad sci-fi flick, the tawny crazy ant is showing up by the shovel-full, and eating your electronics.
yellow crazy ants rafting on Wet Tropics creek, Australia
Views 15K5 years ago
Clip shows yellow crazy ants concentrating along creek verges near the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and breaking off to form rafts and float down the stream. Video and narration by Frank Teodo
Crazy ants spreading across Florida
Views 4.9K5 years ago
Crazy ants spreading across Florida
Crazy Ants Tactical Backpack
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Caribbean Crazy Ants Invade Tampa Bay
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Caribbean Crazy Ants By the Shovel Full Chet's Termite and Pest Management Tampa's Premier Termite & Pest Control Experts 2112 West Waters Avenue, Tampa FL 33604 (813) 935-7554
Red Crabs and Yellow Crazy Ants (Wildlife Documentary)
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Caribbean Crazy Ants By the Shovel Full Chet's Termite and Pest Management Tampa's Premier Termite & Pest Control Experts 2112 West Waters Avenue, Tampa FL 33604 (813) 935-7554
Time lapse: Black Crazy Ants Eating a Cockroach
Views 101K3 years ago
Watch this epic timelapse video of black crazy ants (species: Paratrechina longicornis) discovering a dead cockroach. See how long it took them to start swarming. Ants, Carnivorous Plants, and a Monkey Penis - Just some of the things we discover as ..
Crazy Ants Tactical Backpack Review
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Kill Crazy Ants - Crazy Ants in Houston, Cypress & The Woodlands
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Kill Crazy Ants How To Identify, Treat & Kill Crazy Ants in Houston Cypress & The Woodlands, TX. Crazy ants are spreading fast to areas north of Houston. They first appeared in Texas in 2002 and are al..
Tawny crazy ants detox with acid
Views 10K5 years ago
When dabbed with venom from fire ants, crazy ants of the species Nylanderia fulva curl their hind ends up between their legs and secrete droplets of formic acid. The ants then give themselves vigorous rubdowns, smearing the acid on their bodies. Most..
Rise of the Crazy Ants
Views 60K6 years ago
Edward LeBrun, research scientist at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory (BFL), talks about the invasive crazy ant, and how it's now displacing fire ants in areas throughout the southeastern U.S. The BFL is part of the College of Natural Sciences at T..
Crazy Ants Invade Georgia
Views 1.8K5 years ago
The invasive species known as crazy ants have been spotted moving into the state of Georgia. The invasive species known as crazy ants have been spotted moving into the state of Georgia in the southeastern United States. Also called tawny crazy a..
Longhorn crazy ants cooperative behavior
Views 3.7K2 years ago
Helen McCreery explains how longhorn crazy ants (Paratrechina longicornis) cooperate to move large objects. Credits: Video produced and edited by Madison Sankovitz Collective strategy for obstacle navigation during cooperative transport by ants Hel..
Views 48K8 years ago
Located 223 miles south of Jakarta, Australia's Christmas Island is home to one of nature's greatest, most colourful and most spectacular natural mass migrations. Each year this pristine island?s shoreline is covered with an ankle-deep carpet of red ..
Tawny crazy ants
Views 1.4K3 years ago
A dangerously prolific invasive ant species, which first surfaced in the United States almost 15 years ago, has been spreading throughout the South ever since and now appears to be on the verge of entering South Carolina for the first time. But a tea..
How to kill crazy ants easy
Views 787 months ago
I found an easy solution to killing crazy ants. I had been battling these type of ants in my dads garage and other ant baits did not seem to attract these type ants. I asked in the San Antonio plant forum and I got my solution. This is a product ca..
PART 2 - Review of Crazy Ants Military Tactical Backpack Hiking Camping Duffel Bag (PART 2)
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Let's see how much we can fit in the Crazy Ants 50L travel bag. Buy it on Amazon: SEE PART 1 HERE: Disclosure: I was not paid or given a discount for this review. As an Amazon Associate I earn fr..
Crazy Ants Tactical Backpack
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Rasberry Crazy Ants Texas Country Reporter)
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The Rasberry crazy ant or tawny crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva) is an invasive species of antoriginally found near Houston, Texas, but now also found all over Southeast Texas through Mississippi.[2][3][4] While this species is part of the Paratrechina ..
Time Lapse: Ants Carrying Fish Pellets Into the Nest
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Click here to SUBSCRIBE: This is one of the most satisfying videos on the internet, if you're an ant lover like me! It is a time lapse of our Golden Empire (Yellow Crazy Ants) collecting and transporting fish food into their ne..
Crazy ants
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They're running like mad in circles!
Tactical Backpack CRAZY ANTS 3P 37L Outdoor Military Rucksack
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The Hook: Attack of the Crazy Ants!
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In episode 2, we look at the latest ecological craze sweeping the nation. Links Below: LeBrun's Lab | Learn More More on Crazy Ants | Article | Read ..
Fire ants have found a formidable foe in crazy ants
Views 4.5K5 years ago
According to a study done at the University of Texas at Austin and published this week in the journal Science Express, invasive "crazy ants" are rapidly displacing fire ants in areas across the southeastern United States by secreting a compound that ..
WEIRD and AWESOME Ant Species !
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Welcome to the GIANT tiny world of ants ! From super fast rocket ants … to ants conquering the world … Here are 12 of the most weird and awesome species of ants Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Let's Connect www.epicada..