Classic sesame street

Sesame Street: Classic Animations Compilation | #Sesame50
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Everyone has their favorite classic Sesame Street animated segment from the last 50 years! Now, in this hour long compilation, ...
Classic Sesame Street
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Sort of like a "Greatest Hits" if you will...
Classic Sesame Street - Mr. Rogers Visits
Views 1.9M5 years ago
From episode #1575.
Classic Sesame Street - Kermit on the set of "Oklahoma"
Views 710K12 years ago
For post #400, here's a PROPER version of the (overrated) Oklahoma skit with tempermental director Kermit and the ever forgetful ...
Classic Sesame Street - The Count as an Elevator Operator
Views 22KYear ago
This source is NOT from Learning About Numbers. But since Sonia Manzano who played Maria was credited as one of the ...
Classic Sesame Street - E for Elephant and Elk
Views 52K13 years ago
A classic cartoon from Sesame Street.
Classic Sesame Street: The Word is No
Views 97K8 years ago
A classic oldie, song and sketch by Maria (Sonia Manzano) and Gina (Alison Bartlett) - all about the word No. Sounds like a ...
Telephone Rock (Classic Sesame Street)
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Early 70s SS had some great songs...
Classic Sesame Street -The Count Counts Sheep
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Classic Sesame Street - Sing (Sesame Street Cast)
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This has been edited to cut parts that were not of everyone singing. I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO! All rights ...
Classic Sesame Street - Part of a Face
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A female head is drawn as its voice-over lists its parts, ending with earrings that "do nothing" ... and the earrings promptly wiggle ...
Classic Sesame Street- Kermit talks about feelings
Views 750K11 years ago
From 1969. LOL at Kermit with a temper.
Classic Sesame Street - All By Myself
Views 9K7 years ago
From Season 14, "All By Myself" was performed by Prairie Dawn on Sesame Street. It is a song about all the things she can do on ...
Classic Sesame Street - Role Call For 20
Views 6M13 years ago
A cartoon with a 0 playing the head officer having the numbers 1-20 sound off.
Classic Sesame Street - Saxophone Factory
Views 204K8 years ago
Better quality clip and logo free, taken from episode 1736.
Classic Sesame Street - Ice Skating Whistle
Views 676K6 years ago
For all those Christmas Eve on Sesame Street fans, here's another of those ice skating segments with our full bodied muppets.
Classic Sesame Street - T for toothbrush and ...
Views 58K13 years ago
There's one word here I probably wouldn't have gone with if I were them ...
Classic Sesame Street - Herry and John John Count to 20 (John Grown from child to adult)
Views 382K7 years ago
Little John John grown up and looking back into the past with Herry Monster. I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO!
Classic Sesame Street - Over and under
Views 61K8 years ago
From 1970, Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot demonstrate.
Classic Sesame Street Episode 573
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Classic Sesame Street - Grover and Madeline Kahn
Views 2.4M12 years ago
This song didn't deserve to be remade by Ernie and Elmo. Kahn may be deceased, but the originals never get old.
Classic Sesame Street - 2-headed Monster: SCHOOL
Views 57K12 years ago
Even by today's standards, these graphics are cheesy. But I prefer them over the over-used post-production values of the current ...
Classic Sesame Street - Princess Twelvia
Views 46K13 years ago
Another Irra Verbitsky cartoon for Sesame Street.
Classic Sesame Street - Song: "There's a Hole in the Bucket"
Views 715K7 years ago
This was among my first Sesame Street memories from the mid 70's. Starring Jim Henson as Henry and Rita Moreno as Liza.
Classic Sesame Street - hot and cold
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Opposites attract.
Classic Sesame Street - One Way
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Courtesy of JFriendsFan96. It tells the story of a greaser (Christopher Cerf) who can't get to his girlfriend's house because of a ...
Classic Sesame Street animation - a rooster feels so proud
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Because his crowing wakes up all the animals every morning.
Classic Sesame Street - Ernie and Placido Flamingo
Views 503K12 years ago
"It makes very little sense, but it's a lot of fun to watch." Well said.
Classic Sesame Street - Forgetful Jones needs something ...
Views 198K12 years ago
to ride around the ranch. What is it?