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President Trump's impeachment trial to intensify next week
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President Donald Trump's legal team and House impeachment managers are preparing for the Senate impeachment trial to intensify in the coming week. CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion and Wall Street Journal reporter Siobhan Hughes join CBSN with th..
Harry and Meghan "no longer working members" of the royal family
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will no longer be official "working members" of the royal family, according to a statement released by Queen Elizabeth II and Buckingham Palace on Saturday. Under the new agreement, the couple will no longer receive pub..
Watch Live: Iran strikes Iraqi military bases home to U.S. troops
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Iran has launched "more than a dozen" ballistic missiles against at least two military bases housing U.S. forces in Iraq. The Pentagon on Tuesday confirmed the attacks in a statement, and said, "It is clear that these missiles were launched from Iran..
Pentagon confirms U.S. service members were injured in Iran missile strike
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Military officials have confirmed that at least 11 U.S. service members were injured when Iran launched missiles at an Iraqi military base last week, after previously saying that no Americans were harmed. CBS News national security correspondent Davi..
FBI arrests three suspected white supremacists ahead of gun rights rally in Virginia
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The arrest of three alleged white supremacists is increasing concerns ahead of a planned gun rights rally in Virginia's capital. Investigators said that the men were planning to attend the event. CBS News chief Justice and Homeland Security correspon..
LIVE SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Officials are confident Iran shot down passenger jet carrying 176 people
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U.S. officials are confident Iran shot down a Ukrainian jetliner in the hours after the Iranian missile attack on U.S. targets earlier this week, CBS News has learned. The Ukrainian International Airlines plane crashed Wednesday soon after takeoff fr..
Watch Live: Trump to address the nation after Iranian missile attack
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President Trump is set to address the nation at the White House on Wednesday morning, his first public remarks after Iran launched ballistic missiles at military bases housing U.S. troops in Iraq. There are currently no reports of casualties. Watch L..
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to surrender their royal titles
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Queen Elizabeth formally addressed weeks of controversy surrounding Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. The young couple wil receive no public funds for royal duties and have been stripped of their HRH titles. CBS News foreign correspondent Imt..
Snow storm causing major travel delays - but how long will the storm last?
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A monster storm is crippling air travel across the country. More than ten thousand flights have been delayed or canceled. CBS News meteorologist Jeff Berardelli reports. Subscribe to the "CBS Evening News" Channel HERE: Watch F..
Grandfather charged in girl's cruise ship death says he’s colorblind, calls court case "inconsequ…
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Salvatore "Sam" Anello, the Indiana man accused of negligent homicide in the death of granddaughter Chloe Wiegand, said what happens in the criminal investigation is not important because “the worst thing” has already happened. In an exclusive in..
Inside the home of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan
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Only on “CBS This Morning,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, philanthropist Priscilla Chan, invited us into their home. They have never allowed a TV camera crew inside before. Gayle King was able to see first-hand who this couple is out..
Watch live: House votes on articles of impeachment against President Trump
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The House is poised to debate articles of impeachment against President Trump alleging he abused his power and obstructed Congress, setting the stage for an extraordinary rebuke from the chamber of Congress most responsive to the will of the American..
Special Report: Trump addresses Iran attack on U.S. bases in Iraq
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President Trump spoke publicly for the first time since Iran's missile attack on U.S. troops in Iraq. He said no one was hurt after Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at two bases where hundreds of U.S. troops in Iraq are stationed. Iran said the ..
What war with Iran could look like
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Todd South, a ground combat reporter at the Military Times, was part of a team that interviewed more than a dozen military experts, including current and former U.S. military officials, last year about how a conflict with Iran could play out. He join..
Watch Live | Crisis in the Middle East: Fears of War
Views 215K10 days ago
As tensions continue to rise in the Middle East, CBSN will take an in-depth look at how the U.S. and other players in the region are reacting. The one-hour special "Crisis in the Middle East: Fears of War" will include "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah..
Winter storm to impact swaths of the northern U.S.
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A powerful winter storm is making its way across the northern U.S. CBS News weather producer David Parkinson joins CBSN with what to expect going into the weekend. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: Watch CBSN live HE..
Tensions escalate between Iran and the U.S.
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Iranian officials have called the killing of General Qassem Soleimani an act or war and vowed revenge. Behnam Ben Taleblu, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joins CBSN to discuss the tension building in the Middle East. S..
New details revealed in college bribery scandal
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More details are emerging about how actress Lori Loughlin and her husband allegedly bribed their daughters' way into USC, as prosecutors in a massive college admissions scandal made public more than 500 pages of documents never released before. Corre..
Iranian protesters storm streets for third day
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Iranian officials are trying to contain a third day of angry protests after the country admitted it accidentally shot down a Ukranian airliner. All 176 people on board, including 82 Iranians, were killed when the plane went down shortly after takeoff..
26 children found behind false wall at Colorado daycare center
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The owner of a Colorado daycare center and preschool faces criminal charges, including child abuse, following a six-week investigation. Carla Faith is accused of hiding neglected children behind a false wall in her home. Three other women have also b..
Iran's message following missile strike on military bases used by U.S. in Iraq
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Iran targeted two key military bases used by U.S. troops in Iraq, after holding the funeral for top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by a U.S. airstrike. CBS News State Department and foreign affairs reporter Christina Ruffini joined ..
Exploring the role of race amid Prince Harry and Meghan's royal bombshell
Views 50K5 days ago
Queen Elizabeth is meeting with senior members of the royal family about Prince Harry and Meghan's decision to step back from officials duties. Afua Hirsch, the Wallis Annenberg chair in journalism and communication at the University of Southern Cali..
Middle-class families getting priced out of new American cars
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Americans were paying about 38% more for a new car or truck over the summer than they were just 10 years ago. The average transaction price for some popular vehicles is up nearly 50, 60 or even 70%. Many drivers can’t afford it. Tony Dokoupil repor..
Washington Post poll: Biden has sizeable lead with black voters nationally
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A new Washington Post-Ipsos poll finds 48% of black Democrats say they'd vote for Joe Biden. That compares to 20% who would vote for Bernie Sanders. Cleve Wootson Jr., a national political reporter for the Washington Post, joins "Red & Blue's" Elaine..
Rudy Giuliani speaks out on newly released House documents from indicted associate Lev Parnas
Views 241K3 days ago
President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani spoke to CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge about newly released documents from House Democrats that were collected from his now-indicted associate Lev Parnas. Giuliani sai..
Children of undocumented immigrants face uncertainty after parents are apprehended during massive…
Views 42K5 months ago
Many children were separated from their parents during the massive immigration raid in Mississippi that resulted in roughly 680 arrests. CBS affiliate WJTV's Lanaya Lewis joins CBSN to discuss what those children are going through.
Iran vows revenge after the killing of General Soleimani
Views 866K12 days ago
Tensions between the U.S. and Iran are high after a U.S. airstrike killed the top Iranian general, Qassem Solemaini. Henry Rome, an analyst for the Eurasia Group who specializes in Iranian policy, joined CBSN to discuss the fallout. Subscribe to the..
Trump welcomes LSU Tigers to the White House
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President Trump welcomed the 2019 college football national champions, the Louisiana State University Tigers, to the White House on Friday. Watch his remarks.
Former acting CIA director: There will be “dead civilian Americans” as a result of Qassem Soleima…
Views 165K16 days ago
The targeted killing of Qassem Soleimani, one of Iran's top military leaders, has escalated tensions between the U.S. and Iran, with Iran vowing revenge. CBS News senior national security contributor, and former acting and deputy CIA director Michael..
U.S. officials are confident Iran shot down Ukranian plane
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U.S. officials believe Iran is responsible for shooting down a Ukrainian passenger jet on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of all 176 people on board. The plane crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran. CBS News transportation correspondent Kri..
More arrests of white supremacist group members
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More members of a violent white supremacist group were arrested in Georgia on Friday, fueling concerns that a rally to be held Monday at the State Capitol in Richmond, Va., attracting pro-gun activists, may turn violent. Correspondent Jeff Pegues rep..
Convicted Texas woman speaks out about husband's murder
Views 7KDay ago
When a decorated fire captain was gunned down on a rural county road in Texas, his wife Chacey Poynter turned up as the only witness to the shooting. On this week's "48 Hours," in her first television interview, Chacey talks about what happened on th..
Gen. Jim Mattis on war and Trump
Views 68K4 months ago
Gen. James Mattis served more than 40 years in the Marines, much of it commanding troops in battle. But he almost didn't make it to boot camp. In this extensive two-part interview, he talks with David Martin about his years in Afghanistan and Iraq, f..
Iran expert: U.S. airstrike was "stunningly stupid and counterproductive"
Views 1.1M15 days ago
Journalist and Iran expert Barbara Slavin, director of the Atlantic Council's "Future of Iran" initiative, joined "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the ramifications of President Trump's decision to order an airstrike against Iranian General Qa..
U.S. sending at least 3,000 soldiers to the Middle East amid Iran tensions
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Iran has vowed a harsh response to the targeted killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. The U.S. military is sending additional troops to the region. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports from the Pentagon.
Pentagon says 16 missiles were launched from 3 locations inside Iran
Views 117K10 days ago
CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports joins CBSN's "Red and Blue" to discuss the details he's learned about Iran's missile strikes on U.S. forces at two Iraqi bases.
Crisis in the Middle East: Fears of War with Iran
Views 60K10 days ago
As tensions continue to mount in the Middle East, CBSN takes an in-depth look at how the U.S. and the other players in the region are reacting. Subscribe to the CBS News Channel HERE: Watch CBSN live HERE:
New evidence released before House delivers articles of impeachment
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Articles of impeachment are expected to be delivered to the Senate Wednesday afternoon, with a trial against President Trump slated to begin next week. Mitch McConnell has not assured Nancy Pelosi about calling witnesses, but the House Intelligence C..
Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimonies from Bill Taylor and George Kent
Views 731K2 months ago
The House is holding the first public hearings of the impeachment probe, with two key diplomatic officials testifying before the Intelligence Committee. Bill Taylor and George Kent, two top diplomats, told the committees about concerns they raised ..
Putin's entire Cabinet resigns
Views 102K3 days ago
President Vladimir Putin proposed major changes to Russia's constitution on Wednesday that reignited speculation over the country's future and how much power he'll still have after his current term ends in 2024. Shortly after Putin's announcements, h..
Harry and Meghan's future up in the air
Views 47KDay ago
Buckingham Palace is in the middle of a royal shuffle, as members of the staff for Prince Harry and wife Meghan are being redeployed. Prince Harry is reportedly hoping to join his wife and son Archie in Canada after more meetings next week. Imtiaz Ty..
Iranian commander vows "harsher revenge" against the United States
Views 137K9 days ago
An Iranian commander is vowing "harsher revenge" against the U.S. after President Trump downplayed the impact of Iran's missile attacks. Ali Vaez, the director of the Iran Project for the Crisis Group, joined CBSN with the latest on the tensions in t..
What to expect next week in Trump's Senate impeachment trial
Views 49K2 days ago
President Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate will formally begin next week. CBS News' Natalie Brand joined CBSN's "Red and Blue" from Capitol Hill with what to expect from the trial.
UAE leader Mohammed Bin Zayed rises in the Middle East
Views 40K5 days ago
With hostility between the United States and Iran threatening chaos across the Middle East, the leader of the United Arab Emirates could soon emerge as a key player in de-escalating tensions. A new feature in The New York Times Magazine explores his ..
Inside Iran's strategy against the U.S.
Views 63K10 days ago
President Trump says there will be harsh new economic sanctions against Iran after the country launched missile strikes targeting bases that house American troops in Iraq. Norman Roule, a former CIA national intelligence manager for Iran, joins CBSN ..
Man rescued after weeks stranded in Alaska wilderness
Views 31K6 days ago
Weeks after a man's remote cabin burned down, he was rescued by Alaska State Troopers who found him by a makeshift shelter with an SOS signal stamped in the snow. The trooper helicopter saw Tyson Steele waving his arms near the shelter. Subscribe to..
Prince Harry's behavior "uncharacteristic," biographer says
Views 257K5 days ago
As an emergency meeting takes place Monday over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's future, opinions in Britain are starkly divided. While some support the declaration of independence, others question it. Prince Harry's biographer and royal historian Pe..
All eyes on Iran following U.S. strike
Views 157K15 days ago
The world is now awaiting Iran's next move, following the U.S. airstrike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran's elite Quds force. Ian Lee reports from Baghdad. Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: Download the CBS News..
Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Gordan Sondland
Views 1.3MMonth ago
Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, will testify before the House Intelligence Committee as part of the impeachment inquiry. For live updates:
House Judiciary Committee holds second impeachment hearing, live stream
Views 838KMonth ago
The House Judiciary Committee is holding its second impeachment hearing on Monday, days after Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Democratic committee chairs to begin drafting articles of impeachment. Watch live updates: