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Step by Step Guide to Build Your Own Speakers | DIY Speaker Building
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Step by step speaker building. This is an intro to my video series on building your own speakers. SPEAKER BUILD PLANS - (NEW Site!) MY SPEAKERS - JOIN OUR DIY COMMUNITY - diyspeakerbuild..
DIY Center Speaker, 2 Way Crossover Build and 4 Speaker Wiring
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A quick video on how to build a home theater center channel speaker. Can be converted as a soundbar too! By just a few wire re-arrangements and you've got a DIY soundbar! 2-way first-order crossover build having a 4300-4400Hz crossover frequency. Co..
DIY Speaker Build Log: The KMA DUO KIT || KMA + Parts Express Build Kit?
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👉 FREE Speaker Build Plans - 👉Buy these Woofers - 👉Buy This Tweeter - 🔊PRODUCTS USED OmniMic V2 - DATS V2 - TCP115-8Ohm Woofer - http..
How to Build a Speaker, From Scratch! - Episode 01
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In this series of videos we build a speaker from individual parts, measure the Thiele/Small characteristics and then build an enclosure. In this episode, we build the speaker drivers from their component pieces. This was a kit included in the J..
How To Design A Crossover For A DIY Speaker || Part 1 - Crossover Design Intro
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How to design a crossover for your DIY speaker project. This is part 1, and intro to crossover design. 👉 FREE Speaker Build Plans - NEW WEBSITE || DOWNLOAD WORKSHEET - KMA WEBSITE - kirbymeet..
Walnut Bookshelf Speakers | BUILD PLANS | DIY Passive Speaker Build
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Chris Colfer - AOL Build Speaker Series July 12, 2016
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Chris Colfer attends the AOL Build Speaker Series - Chris Colfer, 'The Land Of Stories: An Author's Odyssey' at AOL on July 12, 2016 in New York City.
Solstice Speaker Kit Build
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MORE INFO: 300-708 DuraTex / "Black Paint" - Parts Express is proud to introduce the Solstice, a reference quality 2-way..
SPEAKER PLACEMENT - How to Build a Home Studio (Part 2)
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Download the free speaker placement cheat sheet and checklist: In this video you'll learn how to instantly improve the sound of your studio, just by moving your monitor speakers. ..
Home Theatre Build - CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER - by SoundBlab
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In this video I am building the Center Channel Speaker for use in my home theatre to match the front left and right channels from a previous build (see link to the playlist below). This video will be part of a larger project, the 'Home Theatre Build'..
IMPROVING Home Theater Speakers w/ 5" Dayton Audio Mids & Custom Homemade Speaker Tower Projects
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Time to get busy building and installing new speakers!! Today we tackle he DIY Home Theater courtesy of Parts Express! These 5ft towers are loaded up with 20 of their most budget friendly drivers from the infamous buyout section. So... with these new..
Speaker Wiring for guitar cabs - Series Vs Parallel (Including Audio Examples)
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CORRECTION:- The Roarbox samples should read "Single Speaker - 16 Ohms" and "Both Cabs - 8 Ohms" Today we're comparing the sound of speakers in a guitar cabinet when it's wired in series, then wired in parallel (4 ohms then 16 ohms) - it's pretty ne..
DIY Portable Bluetooth + WiFi Speaker Build
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Free build plans, laser-cut plans, wiring diagram and much more can be found on my post on Instructables! 👇👇 COMPONENTS: Up2Stream WiFi Module - Bluetooth V4.0 Module - YDA138-E A..
How-to: Wire Speakers in Series & Parallel Instructional Video
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Check out our Resource Page: In this informative how-to video Joe shows us how to wire speakers/subwoofers in series and in parallel. From ohm loads to resistance/impedance changes, Joe cover..
How To Fiberglass Speaker Pods / Tweeter Pods - Box Chevy Build - ALLKANDY FLAT / MATTE CLEAR
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Please watch: "How To Prep & Paint Car Hood & Trunk Lid Jambs / Tri Stage Pearl / Box Chevy Caprice LS Brougham" ~ Visit : for New & Used Spray Guns & Parts Complete ste..
Imagine Austin Speaker Series: Building Community Resilience
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Imagine Austin Speaker Series: Building Community Resilience August 1, 2018 Opening by: Kathleen Fox, Planner Senior, Planning & Zoning Department Carmen Llanes Pulido, Director of GAVA Guest Speaker: Wendy Ellis Ph.D., George Washington Universi..
SMA Speaker Series: "Building a Family Culture" - Martin Boles
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In this St. Monica Academy Speaker Series presentation, lawyer and SMA 12th Grade American History teacher Martin Boles underscores the importance of building a family culture which reinforces the virtue-building efforts of a "counter-cultural" schoo..
Views 36K7 years ago This is #3 in a short series of videos showing the building of a custom Leslie 145 type speaker cabinet. This video show fitting the treble horn, treble driver & drive motors. All of the mechanica..
Wood Shop Tour - Speaker Cabinet Build
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A series of short videos highlighting the wood shop and speaker build process. Passion Driven Audio Come visit our Factory & Showroom: 16262 West Bernardo Dr. San Diego, CA 92127 Open 10am to 5:30pm, Monday through Saturda..
Sanus Basic Series Speaker Stands Unboxing and Build
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Sanus Basic Series Home Theater Speaker Stands Unboxing and Build. We bought these speaker stands to support our new Klipsch RP-150M speakers and they work great! If you decide to purchase these stands, please use our link: ..
V4A Building momentum Speaker Series (Part 3 of 1)- Brian Barlay
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Building Momentum is a networking event and speaker series for immigrants and friends of immigrants, hosted by Vitendo4Africa. Vitendo4Africa hopes to build momentum for a better future by providing an opportunity for you to meet new people and hear ..
V4A Building momentum Speaker Series (Part 3 of 2)- Yinka Faleti
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Building Momentum is a networking event and speaker series for immigrants and friends of immigrants, hosted by Vitendo4Africa. Vitendo4Africa hopes to build momentum for a better future by providing an opportunity for you to meet new people and hear ..
Somnium Space VR Speaker Series: Artist3d - 20 years of building Virtual Worlds
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Live recording in Virtual Reality. Vivian Chazen aka @VRchazen interviewing Paul Marcano aka @Artist3d in #SomniumSpace planetarium. 20 years of digital world building, at the intersection of psychedelic design and prog rock. Follow us on Twitter:..
(Ram Build Series PT.2) Installing Pioneer TS-576M Door Speaker | MY TRUCK IS ALL PIONEER AUDIO??!
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PIONEER EVERYTHING!!(and even more Pioneer Audio to come soon!! Call me Pioneer Fanatic when it comes to audio! SOO MUCH POWER!! The vocals are so high and loud and the bass is there when you need it when it compares to any other speaker company I fi..
AMA EXPO Speaker Series: How to Make a Space Ship, start by building model airplanes
Views 636Year ago
Author Julian Guthrie & AMA Life Member Dan Kreigh for more information visit AMAEXPO.COM
Green Line Speaker Series: How to build a transit village
Views 4933 years ago
The Green Line team shares what a Transit Village is and how the Green Line will enhance communities. ­­ Visit The City of Calgary's website: Subscribe to The City ..
The making of an 800 Series Diamond speaker
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In 1979 we redefined what is possible in sound reproduction with the very first 800 Series speaker the Matrix 800. In 1998, we re-wrote the rulebook all over again with the Nautilus 800 Series. But we didn't stop there. We continued to refine and ..
Building a successful future in rural America | GIMI Speaker Series
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GIMI Speaker Series with Heather Tufts and Christina Schwanke - the co-founders of Rural Synergy Foundation. Rural Synergy Foundation is a start-up bridging rural and urban communities to build sustainable communities by increasing employment opportu..
2.1 Sound Bar & Subwoofer Speaker Build with Bluetooth | PART 1 of 3 - by SoundBlab
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This video is sponsored by AudioBlocks. Go to to start downloading and get 7 DAYS of AUDIOBLOCKS for FREE! This is Part 1 of the project where I build the enclosures for the Sound Bar and the Subwoofer. ..
Basics of Speaker Box Building.3gp
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This is the first in my series of a "how to build a speaker box" series for beginners. It may take some time but we will go through the entire series eventually.
CLPR Speaker Series: Building Power, Learning Democracy
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Building Power, Learning Democracy Youth Organizing as a Site of Civic Development John Rogers Associate Professor Graduate School of Education and Information Studies University of California, Los Angeles Date: November 3, 2011 - Thursday Time: 3:..
Building Habit-Forming Products (Ethically) - Nir Eyal at Mozilla Speaker Series
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March 15, 2017 Hundreds of millions of people use Firefox every day. But they don’t have to. They can - very easily - switch to another browser. But we know Firefox rocks and we want them to use it. Enter habits. Those human behaviors that become re..
Building the House Within Speaker Series - Paternal Instinct
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Simms/Mann Institute presents Dr. Ruth Feldman and Dr. Kyle Pruett discussing the importance and unique role of fathers in today's society. Changing Times. Changing Families. Changing Roles.
Educated Speaker Series 1.3 (Building Relationships & Positive School Culture .PT2)
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The Educated Speaker Series is designed to provide a short, interactive professional development opportunity for all facets of educators. It is a place where educators collaborate, share ideas, and learn together. Join Mr. Starks, Mr. Holt, and Mrs...
Educated Speaker Series 1.2 (Building Relationships & Positive Classroom Culture)
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The Educated Speaker Series is designed to provide a short, interactive professional development opportunity for all facets of educators. It is a place where educators collaborate, share ideas, and learn together. You can find Ms. Kozlen's full pres..
Bricklaying model -- Building Dream Mini House | 1st floor -- part 2
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Bricklaying model Building Dream Mini House | 1st floor part 2 Building 1st floor include 5 steps: - Building Surrounded brick wall- - Laying flooring - Building stairs - Painting wall - Building Ceiling This is one of the video series show my..
Speaker Series with Christopher Nguyen_Part of my career is to help build an institution in Vietnam
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Christopher Nguyen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Arimo, a big data machine learning enterprise in Silicon Valley. He is a former engineering director of Google Apps, and a recipient of Google Founders’ Award, a Stanford Ph.D. who co-founded two ente..
Let's Build a Graflex - Episode VII: Battery & Speaker
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Welcome to my video series "Let's Build a Graflex". This is part 7 of my tutorial series on assembling and installing electronics in a Graflex 2.0 Lightsaber hilt. In this video I demonstrate and explain in detail all of the steps required to modify ..
Matt Larsen, the "Father of Modern Army Combatives," on How to Build Warriors
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In this Speaker Series event hosted by the Modern War Institute at West Point, Matt Larsen, the "father of modern Army combatives," describes how the role that learning combatives and developing the skills to fight in close quarters, is integral to c..
Speaker Series 004 Muddu Sudhakar - What it Takes to Build a Startup in the Midst of Giants
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About Muddu Sudhakar: Muddu earned his MS and PhD in Computer Science from UCLA Engineering and is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. He is currently VP & General Manager of Security & IOT at Splunk. Before that Muddu was C..
Chris Colfer On "The Land of Stories: An Author's Odyssey" | BUILD Series
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Join #1 New York Times bestselling author and Golden Globe-winning actor Chris Colfer as he discusses the highly anticipated continuation of the "Land of Stories" series, "The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey." In the book, Conner learns that the..
How to Add Mid Bass - Build Custom Speaker Adapters CarAudioFabrication
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Tools and Materials List: Ever installed new speakers and notice they don't seem to have as much mid bass as your factory speakers? Need to install speakers that won't fit in the factory adapters? In this video we solve both pro..
Building Community Speaker Series Highlights
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Jason Middaugh's highlight reel (with the help of filmmaker Leigh Ann Bellamy) of the 2015 Building Community Through Arts & Heritage Speaker Series which was held on the 24th and 25th at the new Tett Centre for Recreation and Creativity, the new hom..
Speaker Series: Facebook and LinkedIn Insights to Build Your Small Business
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It’s not just about who you know, but about who your connections know… Harness the real power of social media platforms to tap into your customers to grow your brand through unique, dynamic and meaningful consumer interaction. This free event brings..
Understanding Speaker Impedance and Speaker Switches
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This video explains how speaker impedance matters, especially when connecting multiple speakers to your HiFi amp. It also demonstrates how speaker selector switches protect your amp from low impedance. For more details on this and more articles on c..
Hayley Atwell - Beautiful at AOL BUILD Speaker Series in NYC [Mr Hickson]
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Hayley Atwell - Beautiful at AOL BUILD Speaker Series in NYC [Mr Hickson]. ► wikipedia ► google ► facebook ► pinterest ► instagram www.i..
Build, Measure and Learn - Hiten Shah at Mozilla Speaker Series
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August 13, 2015 Hiten Shah will share his ideas and experience with growth hacking, a scrappy marketing technique developed by technology startups, and how it specifically applies to Mozilla. Larger companies that embrace this approach (examples in..
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Wireless Rechargeable Battery Powered Bluetooth Speaker | Woodworking
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UPDATE: I've since added some salvaged crossovers. Much better. SPEAKER KIT: MY CAMERA GEAR: I built a wireless, battery powered, rechargeable bluetooth speaker out of ..
Building High Performing Team | PacificSource Speaker Series | Presented By Elizabeth Hartshorn
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How to build high performing teams, presented by Elizabeth Hartshorn, licensed professional counselor at the PacificSource Speaker Series.