Storm & Snoop Puppies
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Strom 12 Puppies taken a nap
Marco - Push It In
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#BayBadness #Catties DOWNLOAD LINK =
Skunkpark Ls birdCity -Unclescabbical ft fattlord
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pitbull t-shirts we offer
chippy max princess
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our three pits
Lick My Balls
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Gimme De Mask Freestyle - S.R Viper & Jiggaman - SDC (Shut Down Commity)
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Red 2
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This is my red. Hes 75 pounds of pure muscle. Height to the rope - 11 foot 11 inches
Mar Mar - The Only One
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DL Link =
The All American Pitbull
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A video I put together dedicated to the breed I will love for the rest of my life. These are my pitbulls and thier children that taught me to give them a chance and they will love you forever! My Red-nose is a 3 year old male and daddy to 11 puppies,..
germae angeli aguilar
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watch this!!
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My Pitbull Trynna Get The Bone
Tug o' War
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A little bit of everyday play time.
2 chainz Im different freestyle - Jigga Ft Tev FatLord & Snoop
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kilo the pit
Pit-bull pups and their parents
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Pit-bull pups and their parents blue pit bull puppies born 4-20-08
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Babalu and Venus play with the puppies while Virgo is resting.
Custom Waterfalls with Ceiling Fish tank Koi Pond & TV
Views 4K7 years ago custom room & walls. 75gallon fish take in ceiling with a waterfalls flowing into a 125 gallon pond, with TV , LED lights & speakers in wall. Custom tray ceiling with 2 blade fan & LED light system. and more... For information visit ..
dogs playing
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Storm and Rebel both pits different breeds playing they do this every day and neither of them get hurt so u ass holes that think i am teaching my dogs to be mean and fight FUCK OFF
Booty Call
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Britney and Rusty hook up
7 weeks pitpull puppys fighting 4 everything
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7 weeks pitpull puppys fighting 4 everything
Puppies Pit Bulls Venice Beach Califoria
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You can always find puppies for sale at Venice Beach. Filmed by Name On
waka-waka by nillosan & kent
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kanami sini nga video! watch!! taken by Divine :D
Dixie X Berlin puppies
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This is a video about the breeding between Dixie and Berlin. Please go to for more information.
Snoop & Storm About to mate
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Blue & white pit bull, & Red Nose about to Mate
kilo the pitbull
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my sweet as can be pitbull kilo....
The Pup and I
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Myself and a lonely New Orleans pitbull puppy shared a brief moment in time. A time neither of us will soon forget.
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BORN EARLY IN THE MORNING on July 1 2007. I did not plan for any puppies but Sky did deliver 11 puppies that morning. I have learned a lot from this breed because of Sky, mother of Titan and Zolo. She was given to me by a friend who wanted to get r..
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The new puppy. It just got back from the vet's. Gee, do y'think it's gonna live? :P
A pit bull story- together forever
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Jay Jay is my best friend and i hope to have him in my life and LONG LONG time =) and yes he is a pitbull...though he would say he is much smaller breed of dog, one that could fit in your lap because he swears he
Puppy Love
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Snoop D.O.G. has a Girlfriend.
storm Pitbull Part2
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diamond c's ghetto soldier aka tego killing his basketball
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this is stitchs son tego he is 14 mos and is 90 lbs of muscle if you want to see all our dogs you can go to our website PUPS AVAILABLE NOW
Tiger Stripe And Red Nose Pit
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Si PiBoo