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Drawn Out | 4K Drama Short Film | MYM
Views 3.2M11 months ago
Drawn Out is a very important film to us all, it’s more than just a film, it’s hope, a way out and a message to those caught up or stuck in negative situations they don’t want to be in. It’s a look at the reality rather than the sensationalisation of..
THE RECKONING - Post Apocalyptic Short Film | Sci-fi Short (4K)
Views 333KYear ago
In a post apocalyptic world where resources are controlled, a fearless young girl seeks revenge for her families death. After years of Government manipulation on the people, she must find a way to restore order from those who took everything from her..
Mandem | 4K Comedy Short Film (2018) | MYM
Views 620K11 months ago
On this estate in east London, a group of friends are preparing for a music video shoot. Spoofing common stereotypes made with the “roadman” description, we see a glimpse of what the lifestyle entails. After the shoot, a situation arises that causes ..
It's Over - UK Short Film 4K | V.S.O.P
Views 450K11 months ago
This Story is based around The life of a young man by the name of JJ and the struggles he faces day to day...since his father was brutally murdered when he was younger he has had to be the man of the house money is always low and he is constantly str..
Milk run. (Short film) | 4K
Views 410KYear ago
This was produced for my final major assessment at RMIT.(Bachelor of Photography). It's a little bit different to what I usually post on here so I thought i'd briefly explain the meaning and concept below. "Often we have a presumed idea in our head..
Real 4K HDR: Cosmos Laundromat in HDR
Views 1.5MYear ago
We remastered Cosmos Laundromat in HDR starting from the original 32 GB master made up of individual PNG frames. This version has the best quality on RU-clip. Cosmos Laundromat is a 10-minute short film, a funny and absurdist 3D-animated story. Cosm..
Earth2 | 4KHDR10 #OfficialMovie
Views 608KYear ago
EARTH2. A Sci-Fi Short about humanity's future in other planets after terraforming them. An utopia dystopian future world. Produced by Gala Media. A film by Jennifer Athena Galatis. VISUAL EFFECTS by Mat Van Rhoon In man productions Space Stock Foo..
True Bond - UK Short Film 4K - V.S.O.P Productions
Views 96K4 months ago
This story follows a young man by the name of Lewis. Due to his recent arrest he is now being pressured by the arresting officers to set up members of his crew. Is the bond between these friends true enough to get through these tough times? Instagra..
A Sci-Fi Short Film UHD 4K: "Telescope" - by The Telescope Team | TheCGBros
Views 98K2 years ago
Now in 4K Resolution Watch this fantastic futuristic short film directed by talented Collin Davis and Matt Litwiller, written by Eric Bodge and shot by Travis Labella! The year is 2183. Earth is dead. With all evidence of organic life lost, a co..
San Andreas (2015) - Tsunami Scene - Pure Action [4K]
Views 25M2 years ago
I like this movie much more, than 2012. 1) No annoying yelling kids. 2) No surviving at last possible second, without any injuries. 3) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 4) Actual practical use of many tools and vehicles. Movie info: www.imdb.com/title/tt212635..
Big Buck Bunny 60fps 4K - Official Blender Foundation Short Film
Views 4.4M4 years ago
Enjoy this UHD High Frame rate version of one of the iconic short films produced by Blender Institute! Learn more about the project here bbb3d.renderfarming.net. Support more Open Content at cloud.blender.org. NOTE: currently, RU-clip ..
Real 4K HDR: Heirloom - short film in HDR (Filmed on GH5 in High Res Anamorphic Mode)
Views 52KYear ago
Heirloom by CRFTSHO. Filmed on LUMIX GH5 in High Resolution Anamorphic mode. Mastered in HDR (HDR10). In a post-apocalyptic future, a loner in search of a mysterious heirloom must join forces with other survivors in order to save what is left of thei..
Tsunami & its terrifying power | 4K
Views 23K11 months ago
Join us as we witness the terrifying power of a tsunami in true 4K. Tsunami, the word that immediately brings into mind pictures of sky high tsunami waves tossing over cargo ships like plastic toys, huge insurmountable wall of water that gives ever..
"Secure the Bag" Short Film | 4k
Views 14KYear ago
"Secure the Bag" Short Film Shot by Christian Roxas - @CRBRFILMS Edited by Samuel Rojas - @LEGATOMEDIA This is my first time doing something like this and I think it turned out pretty good! Big thanks to the homie @legatomedia for pitching the idea,..
CHOICES | Gang Violence Short Film - HD/4K
Views 261KYear ago
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Scavenger | Short Film | Learning Filmmaking | Panasonic GH4 | 4K Ultra HD
Views 36KYear ago
Short Film made for Filmmaking practice. Music by Ville Juvonen Camera : Panasonic GH4 & Panasonic G7 Lens: Olympus M.ZUIKO Digital 17mm f/1.8 & M.ZUIKO Digital 45mm
RED SUIT | Action Short Film | 4K | GH4
Views 52KYear ago
Three people band together to take down a greedy corporation, whose major profits are generated from the poorest countries. This ambitious short film was shot in 12hrs without a budget. Special thanks to the cast and crew, who volunteered..
Bunker 611 - German WWII Shortfilm 4K (ENGISH SUB)
Views 714K6 months ago
It is the year 1944. Herman and Dietrich were summoned by the German army to strengthen the Atlantic Wall. They will be responsible for Bunker 611 with their division. There is not much happening on the German front, they are bored. Until the day the..
3D Animated Short Film 4K - Sintel: English+Subtitles
Views 81K3 years ago
Please watch this CGI 3D Animated Short Film "Sintel" by the Blender Foundation to further improve andvalidate the free/open source 3D creation suite Blender. With initial funding provided by 1000s of donations via the internet community, it has agai..
Views 2.4K2 months ago
A WW2 story of Jason Carter an American soldier who attempts to rescue his soul as he finds a young abandoned 8 year old German girl when patrolling Nazi hideouts at the end of the war. Synopsis: A WWII story of Jason Carter (Edward Tarling) an Amer..
Saving Buck - (WWII Short Film) [4K]
Views 121K2 years ago
Enjoyed the film? Please Like, Share & Rate at: www.imdb.com/title/tt6266368/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt Synopsis: 1944. When American Paratrooper Buck finds himself dead-stranded in the heart of Nazi-occupied Holland, an enemy medic struggles against h..
Real 4K HDR: Into Quiet - Short Film in HDR
Views 49KYear ago
Visit www.sixshortfilms.com/ for more shorts and behind the scenes. When two old friends leave the city for a weekend trip hunting deer, glances turn dark, and the nature of who’s being preyed upon becomes unclear. Written and Directed by We..
SURVIVE (4K) A post apocalyptic short film.
Views 115K2 years ago
Earth is under constant war, humans have used up all the resources needed to live. People are forced into slavery for the rich and mighty. One man pushed to his limits finds his faith in the darkness. His test begins now. OFFICIAL SELECTION at Fast ..
"NoEnd House" - Short Horror Film (4K)
Views 146KYear ago
A thrill-seeker gets more than he bargains for when he enters a local haunted house which wields supernatural powers of unimaginable terror. Based on a popular creepypasta by Brian Russell this atmospheric short horror film features a haunting perfo..
Her Daughters (4K Short Film)
Views 2.1M2 years ago
Martha, a recently remarried housewife is already having an affair with the man next door. When Martha's world crumbles, her children suffer the consequences. "If you suspect a child is being abused or neglected, or if you are a child who is bei..
4K Short Film Tears of Steel - Sci-Fi Streaming Blender Movie H265
Views 48K4 years ago
Short film streaming made by blender : 4K resolution of Tears of Fears, sci-fi movie, here rendered in Hevc H265 codec. The short science fiction film is about a group of warriors and scientists who gather at the “Oude Kerk” in a future Amsterdam to ..
Views 29K2 years ago
Visited Alaska on summer of 2016. We did RV, River rafting, Ice climbing, Glacier Hiking, ATV, Train, Cruise to Glacier, Camping, Wild life tours, Denali National park, Tram and etc. One of the exotic trip we have ever been. Places we covered: Ancho..
CHOICES 2 | Gang Violence Short Film - HD/4K
Views 423K10 months ago
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Co-D | 4K Thriller Short Film | MYM
Views 261KYear ago
"Co-D" stars lead Tola Teriba and Blaise Tykal who are playing the fiery and determined love-duo Trent and Courtney who are unstoppable working towards achieving their goal. Motivated by love from different angles, they aim to raise maximum funds for..
THIS IS BATTLEFIELD - 4K Cinematic Short Film (2019)
Views 437K6 months ago
Watch in 4K for the best viewing experience. (Safari doesn't support 4K on RU-clip) DESCRIPTION: Battlefield is known for massive moments of scale. Destruction, online operations, and war stories. The trailers are meticulously crafted – from cinema..
PAPERS, PLEASE - The Short Film (2018) 4K SUBS
Views 7MYear ago
Watch our NEW FILM! ru-clip.com/video/MBviyr97Dok/video.html SUBTITLES AVAILABLE (EN, RU, CS, DA, DE, EL, ES, FR, HU, IT, JP, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SR, SV, TH, TR, ZN) Add film in STEAM - store.steampowered.com/app/804320/Papers_Please_..
SLUT | 4K Drama Short Film (2019) | MYM
Views 736K4 months ago
Lust is an intense desire for something that doesn't properly have material existence. It is most commonly understood as a se.xual desire for another. A short film that looks and the harmful effects of sexting and how easily our young people can be m..
1 in 10,000 ACT I (Korean Lesbian Short Film) [4K]
Views 925K10 months ago
If the odds are stacked against you, what's the point? 1 in 10,000 is a three part mini-series that tackles the concept of purpose, love, and soulmates. Did you enjoy this short film? Want to see more? You can support us and make more films like th..
The Calling — A Canon EOS C700 4k Short Film
Views 24K2 years ago
The first U.S. short film shot with Canon's flagship EOS C700 cinema camera, The Calling features three western Colorado residents pursuing their dreams. The EOS C700 features both internal 4K ProRes and XF-AVC recording. With the optional 4K Codex ..
BMPCC 4K Cinematic Short Film | "The Fable of the Bees"
Views 24K6 months ago
Directed by Luke Neumann Starring - Pete Dryden BTS - Marika Neumann BTS/Post Tutorial with downloadable footage, music and LUTs coming to Savage Stock tomorrow! savagestock.net/ This is the official RU-clip channel of Savage Stock. On..
1 in 10,000 ACT III - FINALE (Korean Lesbian Short Film) [4K]
Views 232K6 months ago
Two former lovers meet again after ten years. Can people really change? And if the odds are stacked against you, what's the point? Find out in the finale of 1 in 10,000 ACT III. 1 in 10,000 is a three part mini-series that tackles the concept of pur..
The Cowboy - Short Film (4K)
Views 218K2 years ago
NEW SHORT FILM - ru-clip.com/video/A1_z7Bpup9s/video.html IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt3545284/?ref_=nm_knf_i4 Director: Omid Shabkhiz Writer: Peter Banifaz Cinematographer: Alex Pollini Stars: Peter Banifaz ... Mister Sharp Ken Lyle ... Man with the ..
Breakneck | [4K] GTA V Short Film
Views 2.3M4 years ago
This video was heavily inspired by some of my favorite movie car chases. Everything was recorded in singleplayer using a couple of mods and some modified game code I did myself. I scrapped all of the in game audio and mixed the soundtrack from the gr..
Views 173K2 years ago
SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & HIT🔔 FOR MORE : bit.ly/Subscribe2Veemsen Maya, Bikram and Kancha suddenly find themselves trapped in the heart of Kathmandu. Vulnerable, penniless and alone, they are forced to live their life on the streets with only hopes ..
edible (LGBT Short Film) [4K]
Views 152K9 months ago
When a journalist is tasked with doing a story on a young pastry entrepreneur, a romance blossoms that questions everything about herself. If you enjoy my short films please consider supporting me through any of these ways! Become a member on Patre..
Views 265K2 years ago
Ein tollpatschiger Bankkaufmann, der einen äußerst schlechten Tag hat, ahnt nicht, dass eine Gruppe von Kriminellen einen Überfall auf seine Arbeitsstelle ausführen will. Jedoch haben auch die professionellen, schwer bewaffneten Verbrecher ein paar S..
Thirutu Koo 4K Tamil Short Film
Views 247KMonth ago
V Frames Presents in Association with LAVANYA Movie Makers Story - Screenplay - Cinematography - Direction - Editing - Di - Designs - VINOTH.K Dialogues - Co-Direction - RAMJI VARSHAN Background Scoring - G K V Studios - V Frames - G K V Studio..
Mathayiyude Anugraham 4K | Latest Malayalam Short Film 2019
Views 73K4 months ago
Mathayiyude Anugraham is a humorous short film based on the character, Mathai - one with a wicked tongue. Enjoy it in 4K resolution. Written & Directed by : Glixon Jose Produced by : Jose V. V & Thomas T.C Cinematography - Febin Thomas Background S..
Views 4.7K4 months ago
Ever feel like your eyes are playing tricks on you? Maybe best to take another peek! A horror short shot on the BMPCC4K and edited in Adobe Premiere. Color graded in DaVinci Resolve using James Miller's Deluts pack. Edited, Colored and Directed by:..
Views 297K2 years ago
For the past ten years people have been rapidly disappearing. With no explanation, one man must face the terrifying enemy that is preparing to strike again. *We apologize for issues with the audio sync* Genre: Sci-fi / Mystery..
Chasing Light - Freerunning short film (4K UHD)
Views 94K4 years ago
Watch in 4K if possible! Produced, Directed, Shot & Cut: Claudiu Voicu | www.claudiu.co.uk | @claudiuvoicu Starring: Ashley Holland | @Ashley_DHolland Pip Andersen | @piptrix Jake Brandford | behance.net/jakebrandford Fizz Hood | @fizzlew..
Uzumaki vs Uzumaki - Boruto: Naruto The Short Film IN 4K!
Views 3.5M3 years ago
TURN SUBTITLES ON! In celebration of Naruto's birthday and the new Boruto movie, we've collaborated with Madman to bring you a new live-action short film. Boruto: Naruto The Movie, in cinemas across Australia and New Zealand for a strictly l..
Aagan | Award Winning Tamil Short Film 2019 | with English subtitles | 4K
Views 121K4 months ago
Aagan is a Romantic Thriller Tamil short film 2019. What happens when the villain sets out to seek his revenge from the two lovers who created a ruckus for him. Banner - RI Films Cast - Madhu simha, Arpitha, Arasu, Appu, Nandha, Dilip, Srikanth, J..
TURNING POINT - short film (4K HDR) | Joe Penna
Views 631K3 years ago
Abandoned and exposed to a deadly disease, a young woman wakes up to discover she must survive the night alone. Check out how this short film was made: bit.ly/TurningPointMakingOf More videos: ru-clip.com/user/MysteryGuitarMan Join us! ht..
"Letter" BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4K Short Film
Views 40K6 months ago
My favorite actor was in town for Christmas so we made a mini short together for practice for both of us. Each scene was shot in about 20 mins over a three day period with available light, with the exception of a single light as a bit of a hair ligh..