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Ultimate Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 24v Exhaust Sound Compilation HD
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Stereotypical Exhaust Video 2 | MK4 | Jetta | GLI | 24V VR6
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2003 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2.8l VR6 24V Magnaflow Catback exhaust system Deleted the resonator Filmed using GoPro HERO 3 in 960p mode cropped to 16:9. Azden SMX-10 Video Mic mounted on the rear bumper aimed at the exhaust.
Audi VR6 12V & 24v Swap Comparison
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Sorry for the delay folks, technical difficulties got the best of us last night during edit/rendering, this is what happens when Greek Cave men handle technology. LOL Anyways, enjoy the video, Second part of this video will be up next Tuesday, howev..
Turbo VR6 24v
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There was no speeding near any schools or school bus in the making of this video no one was harmed in the prodded or at danger at any moment only the other drivers feelings lol
24v VR6 Turbo
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Out for a drive on a real nice day...had the camera along with me :) Slipping clutch and low boost, running off the wastegate and 2.5" exhaust.
MK4 Volkswagen Jetta 24v VR6
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I took some video of my car after deleting the resonator, painting the wheels, calipers, installing new HID projector retrofits, a new headliner, and new parts under the hood.
12V and 24V VR6 flybys
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VR6 flybys, 2.5" TT exhaust and 3" MBS exhuast
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VW GOLF GTI VR6 24V 2003 ( MK4 ) BLINDADO TURBO / Projeto : Alexandre ( GULLE ) Elias ( PATRÃO ) GARAGE 348 - Butantã - SP - Fone (11) 3881-0348. Veiculo desenvolvido para passeio e eventual Track Day. No momento esta sendo utilizado 0,6 Kgs de ..
Davis AutoSports 2004 VW GTi 24V VR6 6 Speed For Sale 11/27/15
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Davis AutoSports 2004 VW GTi 24V VR6 6 Speed For Sale 11/27/15
24v VR6 Burnout
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mk4 turbo 24v vr6 burnout 12psi, full 3 inch exhaust, garrett 60-1, c2 tune.
24v VR6 Turbo GoPro Hero3 Black Edition + Zoom H1 Test
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Testing the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, and Zoom H1 together. Audio synced in post. GoPro is mounted upside down on the moonroof glass. Car's Build Thread: forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?3791954-The-Black-Sheep Basics: 24v BDF VR6 2.8 Li..
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custom 2.5" piping to magnaflow muffler (non resonated)
24v VR6 GLI Borla Exhaust
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MK4 24v VR6 2.5" Performance Resonator & Borla Muffler
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mk4 24v vr6 , garrett 60-1 turbo, 3 inch straight pipe to a muffler. 334whp/321tq @10psi
Stereotypical Exhaust Video | MK4 | Jetta | GLI | 24V VR6
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2003 Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2.8L VR6 24V Magnaflow Catback Exhaust System Part #15746
VW Bora/Jetta mk4 2.8 VR6 24V Milltek NonRes Exhaust Sound
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A short ride just to enjoy that beautiful VR6 Sound! Stock (AQP) Engine, Stock Airfilter, Stock Bi-Cat, Milltek Non resonated exhaust - 2,75"/70mm. Rear brake noise will be fixed soon...
24v VR6 Port and Polish on the Head
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port and polishing the intake side of the DOHC 24V Head for a BDF VR6 Euro motor. A German Made Import motor. Upgraded 10.75 CR pistons.
12v and 24v VR6 Soundcheck
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Mine and my friend's mk4's. Had some footage laying around and decided to throw something quick together, nothing spectacular. Don't mind how dirty they are either GTI is a 12v vr6 with a Magnaflow full catback system GLI is a 24v vr6 with a straigh..
MK2 VR6 Swap 24v Engine installation Pt 3
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MK2 VR6 Swap 24v Engine Installation Mk2 VR6 Swap Series Pt.3 In Part 3 We finally install the Vr6 24v into the mk2 gti today. So stoked to finally see the engine in the car. The mk3 gas tank gets installed but..
VW A4: 2.8L 24V VR6 P0301
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Thomas P.O. Box 83041 4827 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 0A4 Canada EXOVCDS Swag: 1060461.spreadshirt.ca/ Rate, Comment, Share, Subscribe, Let the Ads play... I'm still paying off my tools!! Tool or Coffee & Donut Donations welcome at my website ..
24v VR6 Straight Pipe Exhaust
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[Open Description] Figured I would go for a drive, love how she sounds.
Jetta GLI VR6 24v Cammed 264/260 Techtonic
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VR6 24v BDF engine with stock internals,added UM ECU file with no lift shift and launch control with 264/260 cams, down pipes from Techtonic tuning, no catalytic converter, no resonator,Megnaflow muffler, Spec lightweight 8 lbs aluminum flywheel wit..
E85 Fuel Injector struggle for the 24v VR6 2.8 Engine
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What's up Feta Fam?!?!!? So it goes like this, high flow injector options for the 24v 2.8 VR6 are slim to none, and here are some of the solutions were thinking about, but we need your help!!!! As always, thank you for watching, tell us your thoug..
24V VR6 NO CAT Magnaflow Exhaust Test
Views 8K4 years ago
This is a short vid of my 03 VW Jetta GLI with a no cat test pipe and a 2.5 in 42dd Magnaflow cat back and a CAI.
VW Corrado 24v vr6 magnaflow exhaust
Views 7K2 years ago
3" vband custom magnaflow setup with 3" vibrant high flow cat
Thermostat Replacement and Cooling System Upgrades
Views 47KYear ago
Thermostat Replacement and Cooling System Upgrades for a 2004 VW R32. This thermostat replacement will cover all 24v VR6 engines. This will also cover thermostat housing replacement and coolant transfer pipe or CRACK PIPE. This thermostat was failing..
3.6L & 3.8L VR6 24v engine conversions
Views 47K8 years ago
Uprate your 2.8 or 3.2L VR6 24v engine with a 3.6 or 3.8L conversion from Eurospec Racing and Overland Parts. These engines give tremendous torque and good power. The company can offer long blocks plus tuning parts to make your Jetta 24v or R32 fly...
24v vr6 Corrado flyby
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24v vr6 Corrado. 3" magnaflow exhaust. Firespark red metallic paint
2003 VW Gli 24v vr6 Dyno Run
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Dyno run at AP-Tuning Mods: -AWE-Tuning Cat Back -United Motorsport Tune -ITG Pro Panel Drop in Filter Results: 187ft-lbs @ 3,200 rpm 179 hp @ 6,100 rpm ... low due to 312mm front rotors and brand new tires (maximum rotational mass and tire diamet..
Changing Oil in MKIV 24v VR6
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(First clip is just showing the sound of my VR6, muffler delete, Air Filter) 3000 miles so had to be done.
24V VR6 Turbo 10 psi
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Testing the budget build out. Bought the car for next to nothing due to numerous issues and wanted to build my own turbo car. All welding/fab done in my garage. 103K mile 2003 VR6 Precision 6266 3" down pipe/exhaust 630cc injectors UM tune Peloq..
How To Properly Time and Install Timing Chains on a VR6
Views 455KYear ago
Timing chain failure is very common on the VR6 engine. Today we are going to install new timing chains, cam shafts, and intermediate shaft on a AAA VR6. You can use these tips to time almost any engine. Timing Chain kit ~ shopdap.com/store..
VW CORRADO SWAP VR6 3.2 24V From a Touareg ***** Pt.3 *****
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VOLKSWAGEN CORRADO SWAP VR6 3.2 24V FROM A TOUAREG CHAYO'S GARAGE Day 1 The weather has been brutal. Getting anything done seems twice as hard. But the K-frame, Cross members, Steering rack, transmission, and e..
24v vr6 turbo um software 341whp 325lb/ft
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My home made haldex 4wd, r32 gearbox, holset super hx40, turbosmart 38mm wastegate, united motorsports 630cc software, 1 bar of boost, untuned....
VW Golf Mk2 V6 VR6 24V - FLAMES - Launch Control - Flat Shift
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VW Golf Mk2 V6. VR6 24V 204PS. Chipped LC NLS (flat shift) makes huge flames by me :)
24v vr6 vw jetta magnaflow no res
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magnaflow 24v vr6 c2 no resonator. messing around with the gopro. getting an external mic as i don't really like the sound quality.
2003 jetta GLI vr6 24v
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hitting the top speed limiter @ 220 km hr in my 2003 6 speed jetta GLI vr6 24v. all mods include. ecs short ram intake, magnaflow cat back exhaust.. exterior. BBS RC 18". 2005 factory smoked GLI tails, ECS fog lights with euro switch.
How to Pull / Replace coil packs on 24V VR6
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quick video on how to replace coil packs. I am not liable if you hurt yourself and or your vehicle. Do not use the knife as i have shown use a flat head screw driver :)
2003 Jetta GLI 24v VR6 Drive 2
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quick video on how to replace coil packs. I am not liable if you hurt yourself and or your vehicle. Do not use the knife as i have shown use a flat head screw driver :)
MKIV GTI 24v VR6 Turbo
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Just a little joyride on my way to the gym... low boost (7PSI), still with a slipping clutch, and 2.5" catback. no real WOT pulls, more cruising than anything...just wanted to record the car
VW 24V VR6 Turbo first start up
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2003 Jetta GLI VR6 24V Turbo Air lift Suspension RH ZW4 18x9 18x10 8.5:1 JE Pistons ARP Hardware Garrett GT35R 3" piping and much more
24v VR6 Jetta GLI with a Magnaflow
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My 65 year old fathers 2003 Jetta GLI. SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE MY OTHER VIDEOS!
vr6 12v and 24v show
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Bugout mont radar Qc 2013 Put HD on !!
SLEEPYDUBS First Startup, 24v VR6 Turbo
Views 16K12 years ago
After 8 months in the making, the 24v VR6-Turbo Jetta GLI runs! Powered by 034 Motorsports Engine Mangagement and a PagParts Turbo manifold. All the work is completely custom and is finally together. More videos to come later this week!
VW 2003 Jetta GLI 24v VR6 Turbo
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I had some clips that I was filming for this car a while back and I didn’t have the chance to complete the video before selling this car. So, I made a little video. Enjoy!
Corey’s MK4 24v VR6 full bolt ons dyno run
Views 2956 months ago
Forgot to upload my dyno video of my VR6.
24v Vr6 Swapped In B5 s4 success!!! (Part 1)
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Finally time has come !!!! 24v vr6 is going in the swap was a success, The only part is that the passenger side Motor mount onto the bracket doesn’t fit correctly so it need a little custom work, but not too much lol hope u guys like time video an..
MK4 VW VR6 oil pan replacement 12v/24v upgrade to mk3 steel oil pan
Views 1.2K6 months ago
Quick video on how to replace your oil pan if you happened to break yours like I did :/