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New Mexico STREET Racing (600-1000hp Street Cars!)
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How could we turn down a return invitation to the 505cashdays?! New Mexico sure knows how to bring the heat - with LOTS of close races, controversy, and as always - MONEY on the line! You guys don't want to miss this one!! Subscribe ► www..
Denver STREET RACING! (600-1500hp Street cars!)
Views 1M3 months ago
Denver showed up BIG TIME this year! Bringing out some heavy hitters, like a NITROUS McLaren 720s, a Supercharged 5th Gen Viper, a complete sleeper Corvette with 1400hp..it was NUTS! Subscribe ► ru-clip.com/user/subscription_center?add_user=..
$12,000 STREET RACE - 42 Car Cash Days! [Full Movie]
Views 734K3 months ago
This Kansas City Cash Days is the BIGGEST street race to EVER happen on U.S. soil! Not only were there 42 cars that entered this cash days, there were A TON of bumper to bumper finishes! These were some of the closest dig races we have ever witnessed..
(Free Movie) UGR Lamborghini’s on the TEXAS STREETS!
Views 90K5 days ago
Tis the season of giving, and we at 1320Video are here to bring you more holiday cheer! This year we’re starting off strong with a classic TX2K event that really helped kick off the street car revolution! In addition to the TX2K event, you’ll a..
Denver STREETS - Monster Street Cars Get DOWN!
Views 421K6 months ago
Passing through Denver lately has ended up with some late nights out on the city streets! Pairing up with some late night locals, we ended up hopping in seats for a night out on the wide open highways! With massive turbo 5.0 Foxbody’s and Corvette..
Sleeper truck races EVERYONE on the highway!
Views 692K2 months ago
FULL Movie Available HERE - bit.ly/2mf28c5 Run Time - 1 Hour 53 Minutes ( Digital Download, DVD, BluRay) You never know what you'll find on the Texas Streets! We stumbled upon the LSA swapped C10 on the last night, and BOY did it impress the ..
Trying to BLOW UP a Rotary at 10,000 RPM
Views 493K12 days ago
Michael Vargas of Angel Motorsports of VA puts on one hell of a show at Cleetus & Cars Florida in his 1974 Mazda "Repu" Rotary Powered Pickup - He had some struggles finding fuel at the track, by the time he did he was only able to make one pass, so ..
Top 10 CRAZIEST Street Races!
Views 1.5M2 years ago
The Top 10 Craziest Street Races are here! We have compiled TEN of the BADDEST street races from the past few years and brought them to you guys, ranked all the way up to #1! From HIGH speed police chases to international drag racing, this video pu..
World Records, Crazy Wrecks - Import vs Domestic!
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Subscribe ► ru-clip.com/user/1320video 1320Video Gear ► www.1320video.com/shop The Import vs Domestic: Haltech Worldcup Finals is hands down, absolutely one of the CRAZIEST events we attend. The incompar..
Night Full of STREET RACING in L.A.
Views 1.2M2 years ago
We traveled to L.A. in Southern California to see what the streets had to offer..and boy were we IMPRESSED by the L.A. Street Racing where we ran into 600 HP street cars! We were treated to non-stop racing for 2-3 hours with some high-horsepower str..
Street Racing Taxi - The SUICIDE EVO!
Views 1.8M4 years ago
In true Getaway in Stockholm Style.... Dodging police, blasting through intersections and cutting off the general public…all aboard the SUICIDE EVO! The Stockholm Open is the biggest street race in Sweden, and in order to catch all the action, you ..
800HP Mazdaspeed6 battles V8’s on the STREET!
Views 539K7 months ago
Denver showed up AGAIN! Night 2, we ran into a 1700HP GTR, 800HP Mazdaspeed6, a bunch of SERIOUS Corvettes, and a couple mustangs that THREW DOWN. This was the kind of door to door street racing action we love! Subscribe ► ru-clip.com/user/s..
CHITOWN Cash Days MOVIE - $9000 Street Race
Views 701K5 months ago
Intensity, Action, and Arguments combined together into one of our longest features of 2019 - Chicago Cash Days 2019 hosted by ru-clip.com/user/outlawhp - A monumental night filled with some of the most shockingly and downright FAST smal..
SAVAGE street racing in Australia! 1000hp Barra's, Commodores, UTES!
Views 374K7 months ago
Australia is always the raddest of times when we have the pleasure to go down! Though the laws for modified vehicles and public roads are pretty strict, Aussie’s always find a way to have fun! In this video you’ll get a taste of the Australian st..
FASTEST car we’ve EVER filmed..10,000hp - 300mph in the 1/4mile!
Views 3.8M10 months ago
This thing was absolutely NUTS! 10,000 horsepower, 300mph in the quarter mile, and FIVE FOOT flames coming out of both sides of this beast. If only we could film these things more often!! Subscribe ► ru-clip.com/user/subscription_center?add_..
We Did NOT Expect It to go THAT Fast!
Views 489KYear ago
Check out the concluding installment of the RACE1000 1/2 Mile and stay tuned as we resume the 1320Video Germany series, finally moving along to the Nürburgring! Subscribe ► goo.gl/N9Bx6L 1320Video Gear ► goo.gl/U6GTrq RACE1000 i..
4700HP Worth of Vipers Battle the 1/2 Mile!
Views 578KYear ago
2nd Fastest RWD Street Car in the World! Calvo Motorsports are very well known for the potential they’ve unlocked in the Gen 5 Viper world. Owner of Calvo Motorosports, Antonio Calvo, jumped behind the wheel of two street worthy Vipers toting near..
Nissan 300ZX SURPRISES muscle cars on the STREET!
Views 561K4 months ago
During our trip to St.Louis, we had some rainy nights. All that rain made us think we weren’t going to get any street coverage until some guys put something together during the day! Even though we were only out for a couple hours, we got in a ton o..
Get to know 1320 video | Kyle Tells All
Views 82KMonth ago
Meet Kyle, even though you likely have already! You know him as the man, the myth, & the legend behind 1320 video. He stood in front of our cameras and told his story. How did it all start? What is your craziest story, fastest speed you've gone, wors..
The Grand Tour Porsche 918 Killer REVEALED!
Views 4.3M2 years ago
Remember the Nissan Patrol you saw on The Grand Tour? Yes, the one that absolutely DESTROYED the Porsche 918 with Richard Hammond behind the wheel in Dubai. That was definitely a WTF moment, so we had to see what this beast of a Patrol was all about..
Top 10 Race Car WRECKS!
Views 1.9M4 years ago
Cars torn to pieces, up in flames, body panels bruised - you name it, we’ve seen it! 1320Video continues celebrating our 1 MILLION Subscriber mark by presenting the most epic car crashes in our history! What ends up being a highly thrilling video f..
Views 880K2 years ago
Texas Streets LOCKDOWN - NOW AVAILABLE: www.1320video.com/product-category/dvds/texas-streets/ Len Bacon has got to be one of the best and most entertaining drivers we’ve ever seen to date. On a good day, Len MIGHT go straight on 1 pass - b..
2000HP Twin Turbo Viper SHREDS the drag strip!
Views 484K4 months ago
This car was absolutely one of our favorite cars at SCT Charlotte this year! Not only is the car itself and insane build with a fat tire and over 2000 horsepower, but the owner drives the HELL out of it! Dominating roll racing and competing in multip..
Twin Turbo SRT8 300C vs THE STREETS!
Views 440K2 years ago
Texas Streets LOCKDOWN - NOW AVAILABLE: www.1320video.com/product-category/dvds/texas-streets/ This is why we love the Texas Streets so much - you see ALL SORTS of fast cars, that you wouldn’t usually see elsewhere. Like this sleeper Chrysl..
Nobody expected these TRUCKS to dominate like this..
Views 670KYear ago
Subscribe ► goo.gl/N9Bx6L 1320Video Gear ► goo.gl/U6GTrq Import vs Domestic: World Cup Finals attracts many of the worlds fastest cars, and some of the most die-hard fans. Why all the hype? Because you see builds like these Taco..
Brazilian FLAME THROWING Chevy’s SHOCK us! (2200hp)
Views 257K2 months ago
Who knew we would have to travel all the way to Brazil to find some of the BADDEST Chevy's in the world?! These Chevy Opala's are making between 2200-2400hp on the FACTORY block - a 4.1L inline 6..from the 1970's!! These flame throwing monsters were ..
Views 2.5M5 years ago
1320Video made a visit down to SoCal to see what kind of badass street cars roamed the streets at night. A few badass Supras, swapped & turbo'd nissans, GT-R's, Corvettes, twin turbo 350Z, a bike all came out to play on short notice making for quite..
The BIGGEST Turbo We’ve EVER Seen! *not photoshopped*
Views 1.8MYear ago
Larry Larson and his S10 have been featured on our channel before, and for good reason. His truck is one of the most impressive vehicles we have ever seen! Well, he changed his setup (he explains why in this video) and long story short, Larry EASILY ..
CANADA Street Racing + Evading POLICE, 1100hp Corvette, RX7 & more!
Views 482KYear ago
Canadian hospitality is awesome, and so is Toronto’s street racing scene! We’re never sure what to expect anywhere we go, but we were surprised to see the Toronto street cars gather together on such short notice to show us how they get down! Sup..
Backwoods Cash Days GONE WRONG
Views 859KYear ago
In this video we were introduced to the SKETCHIEST track we’ve ever filmed at, Brown County Raceway. As if the lanes themselves weren’t already scary enough, they are separated by a grass median AND lined with TONS of trees. Once you get through ..
Testing Turbos..at 120,000 RPM!! (Germany: EP-5)
Views 284KYear ago
Fine Tuning Turbos..at 120,000 RPM!! (Germany: EP-5). Enjoying a bit more “spirited” driving in the brand new Audi RS3 we rode out in after a detour at Pannhorst Classics, (where we drooled over an unfathomable wealth of rare European classics f..
Ratchet turbo G35 calls out GODZILLA on the streets!
Views 676K2 months ago
FULL Movie Available HERE - bit.ly/2mf28c5 Run Time - 1 Hour 53 Minutes ( Digital Download, DVD, BluRay) There were lots of surprises and builds we've never seen before this year - like this turbo G35! Sporting a gutted interior, an upgraded ..
The Sleeper That Changed Everything! (Unseen Parish Footage!)
Views 361KYear ago
PARISH8 - The Sleeper That Changed Everything! Taking it back to the beginning with one of the most crucial feature cars from our archive, we present to you “Parish8’s Sleeper Pickup: The UNSEEN Footage!” With tons of racing never uploaded to Y..
Worlds Biggest BOOST ADDICT!
Views 3.9M2 years ago
Boost is LITERALLY a lifestyle with the cars here form Blown Mafia! Brad Grey’s collection he’s named “Blown Mafia” showcases some of the most badass outside of the box thinking we’ve seen! These builds know no limits! Why stop at one pow..
Is 3000HP Enough to Win $50,000?
Views 662KYear ago
Outlaw Armageddon is bound to have some of the most INTENSE cars we’ve seen all year, and this event delivered yet again! The Camaro in this video with the big Hemi and MASSIVE ProCharger is known as Megaladon. Brent and his Camaro battled their wa..
TOP 10 Wrecks & FAIL Moments!
Views 587KYear ago
TOP 10 Wrecks & FAIL Moments is here! We take you guys back through some of the absolutely most INSANE wrecks and some of the most “WTF” moments in 1320Video HISTORY! We’ve broken it down and brought the carnage here for you to see just how w..
Street Racing on completely EMPTY highways!
Views 881K9 months ago
Have you ever seen 6-lane wide, brand new, EMPTY highways?! Neither had we - until we landed in Qatar this year. As luck had it - they had JUST finished building their new interstate system to prepare for the upcoming World 2022 Fifa World Cup, but h..
Nissan Skylines STREET RACING - R34 GTR Gets BUSTED!!
Views 860K2 years ago
(Re-uploaded from previous Feb 20 release due to a couple needed edits) Nissan Skylines street racing is a fantasy that we have just fulfilled without a doubt. Australia features all kinds of different types of cars on the street, including the almi..
Turbo Honda’s and BMW Pick on GTR!
Views 476K10 months ago
Subscribe ► ru-clip.com/user/1320video 1320Video Gear ► www.1320video.com/shop GTR’s are notoriously fast cars, even stock ones can put smiles on fresh owners faces! This Nissan’s owner can attest t..
NASTY K20 Turbo Civic Battles the STREETS!
Views 1.5M4 years ago
One of the nuttiest Honda Civics we've ever ridden in returns! This 650hp Turbo car lines up for some DAMN GOOD STREET RACES - Watch this K20 6262 Turbo equipped Honda Civic take on some crazy boosted street cars to see how it stacks up. In the lin..
Nearly DQ'd from the Race - The Struggle! | Drag Week Day 3
Views 257K2 months ago
Day 3 of Drag Week did NOT disappoint! This is when the road trip really starts taking a toll on cars! We get a couple stories from racers describing their troubles including George and his Tesla! We were surprised to hear that one! One racer even sh..
240mph in 5 Seconds! (Toyota AE86)
Views 1.5MYear ago
Merch Tech know’s how to build some seriously FAST cars! Their Corolla AE86 was putting on a show for everybody at this years Import vs Domestic - World Cup Finals. Busting out a new personal best - 5.91 @ 242mph! That is freaking INSANE for a shor..
Mustang gets SPLIT IN HALF during street race!
Views 1.1MYear ago
This was terrible to witness..miraculously the driver walked away from this accident with only a broken jaw, missing teeth, and a broken shoulder. Subscribe ► goo.gl/N9Bx6L 1320Video Gear ► goo.gl/U6GTrq We hope that racers will..
STREET RACING in 2018 - 1000hp Denali, Turbo Trans Am, 840hp ZR1, TT Mustang
Views 192K11 months ago
2018 was a GREAT year! Thank you for all the support, hope you enjoy the video and memories.
2JZ Wagon BMW, Dig Racing, Neck & Neck Races & MORE!
Views 231K7 months ago
California Streets NEVER disappoint, so we made sure to set aside some time to go out and see what we could find. From street digs to highway rolls, California brought out action and intensity with extremely close races and some impressive badass ca..
1320Video Presents: The Start of No Prep!
Views 518K2 years ago
Visit our website for more CRAZY DVD content and Merchandise!: www.1320video.com/ 1320Video Presents: The Start of NO PREP racing action! What do season street racers do when they live in a constantly cold climate and the competition gets to..
TOP 10 Street Races Ever!
Views 3M4 years ago
We’re back with the next Top 10 in our series: STREET RACING! That’s right, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most insane street racing moments in 1320Video’s history and wrapped it up into one video for you all, our loyal and awesome subscribe..
Police wanted to IMPOUND..so he shipped it overseas!
Views 2.4M9 months ago
Blake Wilkey and his radical 1967 Volkswagen Beetle-buggy are LEGENDS on the internet, after SHREDDING the streets of San Diego - creating a badass viral film that got the attention of the Mayor... ironically the car had already made its way over to ..
Supercharged BENZ Takes Down 700hp STi AND CORVETTE!
Views 501K5 years ago
This unsuspecting blacked out C63 AMG Mercedes Benz pulls up against a 700hp STi & 500hp Heads/Cam Corvette on the streets of New Mexico and gives them one hell of a run for their money, leaving their jaws dropped, as well as ours. As we talk to the..