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  • NELSON넬손 에리논
    NELSON넬손 에리논 9 minutes ago

    this is not good... this video brings a nightmare who every country expirience this... but for me its better to move on they happend already we cannot back the time... past is past lets move on... easy to say but thats the true...

  • Jemar Antonio
    Jemar Antonio 14 minutes ago

    I think i know how she gave up on her life. Haters

  • Gel Mir
    Gel Mir 21 minute ago

    Rest in peace

  • Ven Geance
    Ven Geance 26 minutes ago

    The Japanese government should be executed for crimes against humanity.

  • jeniel cross
    jeniel cross 29 minutes ago

    My bias suill is dead what I suppose to do?😡😡😡😡😢😭😭😭😭

  • Eunieberry
    Eunieberry 32 minutes ago

    This isn’t suicide. This is murder. The one who made her pull the trigger, the one who killed her is toxicity of kpop fans and perhaps it’s industry as well. No. I’m not exactly a fans but that’s the thing. I’m not a fan, I don’t follow her or anything but the cyber bullying, harsh and hateful comments, words and things she heard and seen. Those people who hides Behind their screen has continuously attacked her. But she tried her best. She puts on a brave front BUT HER OWN AGENCY. Wasn’t there to back her up. I don’t freaking care if you are a big three or what shit but this is the second one. What wake up call does SM needs? What more do kpop fans want? These Kpop idols, we see right now....they’re only human beings who strives hard to achieved their dreams. But no. One wrong word, wrong move and they’ll be push down the cliff. They have to please everybody even though they’re hurting. From what they wear, to what they say and who they date or do...they always have to be careful not to offend the toxicity of kpop group. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. #RIPSULLI

  • ysm arch
    ysm arch 34 minutes ago

    Dear Arirang News: Please stop acting like a commercial advertising agency. You are wasting tax payer's tax money by engaging with corruption of Gov't. Fact: Corrupt Moon had appointed corrupt Cho-Kook as a minister of Justice Dept. A typ. showcase of a total corrupt behaviour of Moon regime. Cho-Kook's resignation less than two months is an admission of guilt. However, Moon has been protecting all along Cho-Kook , a self declared guilty person. What was the motive of Moon in protecting corrupt gov't official? By providing protection and aid in committing corruption, Moon is guilty as well. Moon has lost moral authority to lead the nation and people of Korea has lost confidence in Moon as a leader. Moon has to be impeached for his direct involvement with corruption and let go. From America

  • Sandra Omorogbe
    Sandra Omorogbe 39 minutes ago

    I couldn’t eat meat for a whole week because of this damn, awesome and astonishing Korean zombies drama. I can’t wait for the 2 season on Netflix.

  • Alex Shin Lopez
    Alex Shin Lopez 41 minute ago

    Rest in peace sulli 😭😭😭

  • Kpop King
    Kpop King 42 minutes ago

    This is so sad first Jonghyun and now Sulli. SM really needs to take care of there idols.

    MAN MEEZY 42 minutes ago

    That lady was gorgeous

  • TNBC scientist Dai
    TNBC scientist Dai 42 minutes ago

    朝日新聞で報道された ちょっと心配している

  • Triplets 199
    Triplets 199 49 minutes ago

    I wasn't a fan of her. But i feel so sad hearing about her passed away. Really shocked. Whatever the reason was, i hope she will finally find peace. I will pray for you to be happy and surrounded by people who love you, wherever you are. Rest in peace little angel. 😭😭😭 😔😔😔

  • nakai
    nakai 51 minute ago

    Is this too partial of Abe's request to Trump perhaps? Taking down KT seems very beneficial to somebody.. He wants Japan/korea to fight to show world that U.S. is also going to abandon South Korea、 guess U.S. doesn't need any Allies? Watch when communists walks right me、 they will not give free pass for Trump supporters. I would be very very upset if currency clearing houses or committees are taking Trump's order. World trade has to be done fairly. Why not look into all big name corps in China and Japan?

  • JenLina Sorokhaibm Tae태_V

    💐Rip Sulli Unnie💐❤

  • Oliver Jackson
    Oliver Jackson 57 minutes ago

    Holy shit, I just thought this might've happened, I'm devastated. What if the Japanese people are waiting for typhoons to dispose of the radioactive waste?

  • DanDan Su
    DanDan Su 58 minutes ago

    I still can’t believe it💔 RIP, the lovely sulli👼🏻

  • df eed
    df eed 58 minutes ago

  • Lester Tenorio
    Lester Tenorio 58 minutes ago

    U can rest now goo jae hee.. Rest in peace queen

  • WithheldStorm
    WithheldStorm 59 minutes ago

    #RIPSulli ❤️

  • Nasria salugandang

    The Barracuda give to BTS Lucky but the BTS Members Is Forget the Barracuda ✌️

  • Felipe Lotfi Neri

    This video is from a media controlled by the Chinese government!

  • jared neel
    jared neel Hour ago

    The funny thing is the media wants in some way too label this as a China win which insinuates a Trump loss. What these clowns continue not to mention is how we got here in the 1st damn place. Past administrations have sold us down the river and now Trump has to come in and try to fix it. The problem is how does not every American see the dishonesty of the media. It’s mind-blowing.

  • TC
    TC Hour ago

    I heard the Chinese fishing boats are operating at a company level. And it looks like their government is behind such illegal practices. They should abide by the international laws and respect other countries.

  • P Football
    P Football Hour ago

    Namo Buddha

  • Lutz M
    Lutz M Hour ago

    This is very good news in recording breaking time too.😄

  • Teo Teo
    Teo Teo Hour ago

    Nobody cares abt wine the poo except the cowards

  • kid nash
    kid nash Hour ago

    Was he living in the bush

  • I love Toilet
    I love Toilet 2 hours ago

    Really this make me think of the movie in OCN class of lie, the student died but no evidence because of the high profile personalities that she has sponsor , no one dared to speak because it's useless because they have power , hope those FUCKing Monster listed 30 high personalities in entertainment , politics... Will hunt of their lives with guilt.. they will die with that curse, it's like also a plan crime to make her signature of her with government tin number... Really hoping this will not go in VAIN!!!!! I will pray they will beg for forgiveness of what they've done abusively , like her family cannot take action because of those Monster, what would they feel if it will happen to their daughter life is a cycle... Just wait for a great KARMA!!!! #justiceforJangJaYeon 😭

  • Kim Siina
    Kim Siina 2 hours ago

    So proud....... Haters just fuck off.

  • Devon Jenkins
    Devon Jenkins 2 hours ago

    Focusing more on your job than your personal life is like saying you want to be more machine than human..

  • hkeeem alsulmi
    hkeeem alsulmi 2 hours ago


  • Jan Be A Star McAllister

    The people want trump as President, so its not looming. He fills stadiums like a Rock Star and gets things done unlike the democrats nancy Pelosi, adam schill ect. ect

  • Also Known As
    Also Known As 2 hours ago

    The man ran 26 miles in UNDER TWO HOURS, but #women!!! Lol

  • 伊藤博文
    伊藤博文 3 hours ago

    Now he is out of power. It's time to hunt down.

  • Seiichi Tanaka
    Seiichi Tanaka 3 hours ago

    I notice that your news on radiation level in Japan should be compared with the data,

  • tsukasa makino
    tsukasa makino 3 hours ago


  • tracy harri
    tracy harri 3 hours ago

    Go s.korea

  • gusthebroken2
    gusthebroken2 3 hours ago

    Cobalt Blues Band, much of set 9/28/19 Bob Nutt Blytham LTD Tribute Concert, with 7 SongLinks below:

  • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked

    South Korean propaganda. Kick them while they are down.

  • Bleach Dome
    Bleach Dome 3 hours ago

    Where is the original source where Xi says that? I can't find it...

  • maria pintha
    maria pintha 3 hours ago

    Hope everything will be okay❤

  • Anand Bambhania
    Anand Bambhania 3 hours ago

    How do these people like him manage to attract so many followers? Would such a leader succeed in this information age?

  • H Tommy.
    H Tommy. 4 hours ago


  • Synthesis
    Synthesis 4 hours ago

    They choice to put there career first. now there paying the price!

  • Synthesis
    Synthesis 5 hours ago

    MGTOW Rules!

  • Mitsuo Matsuyama
    Mitsuo Matsuyama 5 hours ago

    *I feel sorry for Arirang News as well as Korean politicians. Everyone is mourning the deaths caused by typhoon and Koreans are concerned about their own pride. Such poor attitude. Besides that, they show rudeness by acting this way.*

  • Wild turkey Dolphin
    Wild turkey Dolphin 5 hours ago

    I think the delegation from South Korea could not meet with PM Abe, or even he made, Abe only has 10min to talk, just say hello, since he is arranging meetings with the delegations from 50 countries in practically 2 days. You can easily calculate how long the one meeting will be lolol. You guys are really positive thinking,

  • Wild turkey Dolphin
    Wild turkey Dolphin 5 hours ago

    Another fake news....Unfortunately, it's just a false alarm... Why you guys vividly react to Fukushima's minor topics where its not even treated as hot topic in Japan... You guys are really sick.

  • Wild turkey Dolphin
    Wild turkey Dolphin 5 hours ago

    You guys are finally disliked by North Korea....Completely isolated.... Where's the country on your side? lolol The countries around you are all enemies!!

  • Baran1
    Baran1 5 hours ago

    First great news as soon as the Turk comes howl America spend money on otherwise for the ypg should rather invest for Turkey Turkey had long since everything under control

  • Davincent Code
    Davincent Code 6 hours ago

    Why they brought this up??

  • AK SNA
    AK SNA 6 hours ago

    nothing but comedy

  • telena helotova
    telena helotova 6 hours ago

    these women were prtostitutes before the war, japanese soldiers were not allowed to abuse the women and they made good steasdy money they were paid sex werkers

  • 伊藤博文
    伊藤博文 6 hours ago

    Mind your own illegal fishing in the Sea of Japan! I don't believe that the thieves can patrol on thieves.

  • dedoshucos
    dedoshucos 6 hours ago

    *So, China makes concessions buying $50bn in agricultural products, US doesn't raise tariffs and that's a win for China? 🤔* Sooooo much inovation in China... Yet it all comes crumbling down without "essential US technology". What this has done is exposed the how FRAGILE China's economy is and how much it relies on the US to grow. You're not the leader of 5G if you're dependant on US for crucial parts to build your networks. Your Great and proud high tech companies CANNOT survive a US blacklist and tremble in fear of the thought of being delisted from US stock exchanges knowing it means R.I.P. China dream. *CHINA NEEDS THE US 10 TIMES FOLD THAN WHAT THE US NEEDS CHINA.* When phase 1 deal was announced I immediately remember this Forbes article from last month by Panos Mourdoukoutas stating that growing economic interdependence had given China the “false impression” that it had reached power parity with the US. Words so clearly true.

  • dedoshucos
    dedoshucos 6 hours ago

    *So, China makes concessions buying $50bn in agricultural products, US doesn't raise tariffs and that's a win for China? 🤔* Sooooo much inovation in China... Yet it all comes crumbling down without "essential US technology". What this has done is exposed the how FRAGILE China's economy is and how much it relies on the US to grow. You're not the leader of 5G if you're dependant on US for crucial parts to build your networks. Your Great and proud high tech companies CANNOT survive a US blacklist and tremble in fear of the thought of being delisted from US stock exchanges knowing it means R.I.P. China dream. *CHINA NEEDS THE US 10 TIMES FOLD THAN WHAT THE US NEEDS CHINA.* When phase 1 deal was announced I immediately remember this Forbes article from last month by Panos Mourdoukoutas stating that growing economic interdependence had given China the “false impression” that it had reached power parity with the US. Words so clearly true.

  • Judy kim
    Judy kim 6 hours ago

    Cold weather is coming closer to south Korea,

  • Lang Park
    Lang Park 7 hours ago

    Thinking of Japan about environmental Issue : Fun, Cool & Sexy - <Minister of Environmental government department>

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman 7 hours ago

    No, thank you. Don't come to Japan, please.

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman 7 hours ago

    No, thank you. You'd better boycott visiting Japan.

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman 7 hours ago

    Cho Kuk, you disappointed us. We have hoped that Cho Kuk could put South Korean people into the prison as the political criminal of pro-Japan.

  • Eric Dakh
    Eric Dakh 7 hours ago

    It’s scary that prosecutors can start an investigation without evidence in South Korea.

  • Yoonji-m
    Yoonji-m 7 hours ago

    "If we achieved success right after debut, we might have gotten lost in fame. Its good that we achieved growth gradually." -Yoongi It's sad to see a group who doesn't deserve this make this way to the top using money. You should be ashamed.

    • Kim Siina
      Kim Siina 58 minutes ago

      @NAMJOONs 148 IQ Yes, they deserve it and being on no.1 shows why they deserve it.

    • Kim Siina
      Kim Siina 59 minutes ago

      @NAMJOONs 148 IQ well, I appreciate your hard work for bts. But that doesn't mean that we haven't hard work for superM. That's your problem that bts got that after a long time and superM got it really soon right ? SuperM haven't gave money to billboard to put them in top. They deserve it that's why they are there. They tried something new and people are loving it. We appreciate their hard work as they work hard both for superM and their own groups.

    • Kim Siina
      Kim Siina Hour ago

      @NAMJOONs 148 IQ How can you say that 'they are using money" so confidently? Are you the manager ? No ? Then shut the fuck up. Everyone is loving superM not because they are from big company but because they are superM. Search in youtube that how many people are reacting to jopping, because they are loving the song. They loved the idea of superM and respect the idol's hard work. If you don't want to support superM then don't but at least stop saying something which you are not fully aware of. People are loving superM that's why they are on top. They are not giving money to the peoples to love them.

    • NAMJOONs 148 IQ
      NAMJOONs 148 IQ Hour ago

      BTS rank 1 on BB200 not that so quick and we workhard to make them no1

    • NAMJOONs 148 IQ
      NAMJOONs 148 IQ Hour ago

      @Kim Siina First of all im not one of the haters criticizing SuperM and she has a point that theyre using money just to rank 1 on BB200 well congrats but do they really derserve the spot?.....-_-

  • OK Sam
    OK Sam 7 hours ago

    The life time war between the turks and kurds is none of America’s business. And Trump is right again!

  • Daniel Cruz Hernandez

    Por qué diablos construyeron una planta radioactiva en el océano Pacífico

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 8 hours ago

    Chouldn't be more proud

  • James
    James 8 hours ago

    Why isn't this global news?

    • Bank Robbery
      Bank Robbery 53 minutes ago

      Because they don't give a fuck about it, they're interested in money, not the truth.

  • oh sweet God i blush

    I wonder where will Lee so man keep those albums ..🤔

  • Joe Fernandez
    Joe Fernandez 8 hours ago

    If anything has a beginning, there will be an end. No party stays in power uninterrupted forever. There must be regime change in China. It does not subscribe to the rule of law, democracy, and human rights. The people have lost their sovereignty to a handful of communist party leaders in Beijing.

  • Nori Watanabe
    Nori Watanabe 8 hours ago

    Don't expect much. South Korea has been downgraded at Japan's diplomatic priority.

    NURREDIN 8 hours ago

    보라색 여왕! 지현은 고추장보다 뜨겁다.

  • Silvi Exol
    Silvi Exol 8 hours ago


  • H T
    H T 8 hours ago

    Any country who want the rioters can have them! We don’t need them in HK

  • Wild turkey Dolphin
    Wild turkey Dolphin 9 hours ago

    Not few of Japanese are supporting Moon to continue his presidency. Due to him, most Japanese realized Koreans are bullshit, and he made us to know the truth, thanks to Moon, you are the man. Please continue until the relationship between these two countries break up completely.

  • MrJoliverio
    MrJoliverio 9 hours ago


  • sab jdt
    sab jdt 9 hours ago


  • Ellingwood shane
    Ellingwood shane 9 hours ago


  • Steven Guild
    Steven Guild 9 hours ago

    Of course the corrupt establishment media would characterize it that way.

    • Fareast Oracle
      Fareast Oracle 8 hours ago

      Plus the stupid people who think that in business only one side can win.

  • Mac Dallas
    Mac Dallas 9 hours ago

    That guy looks lile a little bitch. Free hk

  • J. A. P.
    J. A. P. 10 hours ago

    Stop Heavy Metal Toxicity!!!!

  • Jo Ryugu
    Jo Ryugu 10 hours ago

    Thank you, Arirang News, for the provocation! When Japanese citizens have lost their lives because of the natural disaster, South Korea, especially this newscaster only thinks of provocation. Good bye, South Korea. Don’t come to Japan. Boycott everything from Japan.

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked 3 hours ago

      Jo Ryugu It will be interesting to see if South Korea keeps their athletes home. Let's see if SK racism is more important than the money.

    • Jo Ryugu
      Jo Ryugu 4 hours ago

      Mitsuo Matsuyama According to NHK, the death toll is now 56, and there are some still missing. I would like to send my condolences to those who lost their lives or lost houses to live in. The world rugby cup is now taking place, gladly without South Korea, and rugby teams from around the world, especially Canadian and Namibian teams, volunteered to help typhoon victims at a place also devastated by the tsunami in 2011. The world, except South Korea, is helping us and will help us in Japan, while South Koreans are busy boycotting Japan. Good bye South Korea. Don’t come to the 2020 Olympics.

    • Mitsuo Matsuyama
      Mitsuo Matsuyama 5 hours ago

      *Exactly! All media from Us, Canada, Europe and others are showing news regarding typhoon and victims and only Korean media is trying to use this to provocate Japan. Korean media as well as its politics don't care about lives of Japanese people. All they care is about their pride.

  • Mariana Vazquez
    Mariana Vazquez 10 hours ago

    That’s a joke.

  • Noor Azhar
    Noor Azhar 10 hours ago

    I was in seoul december 2018..and it was COLD!! Too cold that i suffers

  • cello
    cello 11 hours ago

    We must remove moon he is the main culprit of ruining the economy

  • Cory Stone
    Cory Stone 11 hours ago

    I truly hope this works. It would be a beautiful thing.

  • K .A .G. 2020
    K .A .G. 2020 11 hours ago

    Stand with freedom stand with democracy stand with Hong Kong

  • Madisonofdarkness
    Madisonofdarkness 11 hours ago

    If only I could be at one of those

  • 漢仔
    漢仔 11 hours ago

    If we Asians do not unite together, how can we make this region prosper. Be careful of many America lackeys of Asian ethnicity aka traitors. Every ctry has such scums since time immemorial. They talk nonsense , troll, curse, spread disinformation about other neighbours,lie etc.. Just bad ppl.

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma Hour ago

      Onethreetwo 100% true,nobody likes expansionist china ruled by Winnie the pooh xi jinpig

    • Onethreetwo
      Onethreetwo 3 hours ago

      Only fool countries support Chinazi. Most asian countries hate China.

  • 漢仔
    漢仔 11 hours ago

    The whole Asia must be in peace. The America will find every opportunity to make this region as chaotic as possible . These rioters have gone up a level and become somewhat like terrorist. Yesterday a policeman was cut on the throat by a rioter and families were being extorted for protection money. I look at S. Korea . Be careful Your economy is mostly driven by 10 mega big family corporations and many of them have American capital invested in them .

  • Frost Rusher
    Frost Rusher 11 hours ago

    So they werent just massacring chinese civilians. Great..

  • K Lallawmkima Sena
    K Lallawmkima Sena 11 hours ago

    Nice couple Kim&Ri sol are so beauty..Hello, Jesus love you both...

  • William Walker Perry
    William Walker Perry 11 hours ago

    marc & cali were asked for chicken in a balloon "colorado bigfoot" ee kom entz... i warned years ago that this wood happen as i was warned by BIGFOOT "THOTH" & DOGMAN "ANUBIS" FUKUSHIMA HAS DECIMATED THE SALMON STOCK i have also offered the solutions & if not implemented WILL ONLY GET WORSE... Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident cleanup MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTHE POLLUTion & USE ALCHEMY TO TURN THE WASTE INTO Au GOLD + \

  • Smile kitty
    Smile kitty 12 hours ago

    Sorry sorry sorry😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sturm Tiger
    Sturm Tiger 12 hours ago

    Told you so.

  • Greg Grimer
    Greg Grimer 12 hours ago

    Greta Thunberg wanting to shut down the world economy good. Young Hong Kongers fighting totalitarian chinese communist regime bad? Media bias?

  • Miles Moore
    Miles Moore 12 hours ago

    Geng Shuang really means, "I suggest you pay attention to how the Chinese Government react to this or we may have to kill another 100 million of our citizens".

  • braingain1
    braingain1 12 hours ago


  • Mariana Vazquez
    Mariana Vazquez 12 hours ago

    Winnie Pooh go to hell.👿

    • SkylineZ
      SkylineZ 3 hours ago

      Mariana Vazquez no you are. Anyone that supports terrorists are sick!

    • Mariana Vazquez
      Mariana Vazquez 3 hours ago

      SkylineZ I believe you’re the sick one.🙄

    • SkylineZ
      SkylineZ 3 hours ago

      Mariana Vazquez you are sick. Innocent old men and women are beaten by the Hong Kong protestors because they have a different opinion than the protestors. Shame on you!

  • Joseph Menezes
    Joseph Menezes 13 hours ago

    So, the real threat is not Kim Jong-un but the vassals of the beast.