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Quilapayun - ¡Venceremos!
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  • robrock2671 fan de crimson

    Pienso q este debería ser el himno de la franja del si x la nueva Constitución

  • Saturno Guildestern

    Con estos, nos vamos, sin miedo, al tiroteo - - - a matar a los falangistas del cuartel de la montaña - - - A tirarlos desde el tejado mierda

  • casa
    casa 2 hours ago

    Welcome to CIA watchlist

  • WilliamTheConquerer
    WilliamTheConquerer 7 hours ago

    bash the fash death to the red

  • Wiggle octo
    Wiggle octo 8 hours ago

    I may or may not be doing my animal farm homework rn...

  • III Republica Comunista


  • a packet of potato 565

    But the fourth reich will rise again,COME JOIN DAS ARYAN ARMY!

  • Vy Lan
    Vy Lan 17 hours ago

    Vietcong are best

  • SPARTACO il ribelle
    SPARTACO il ribelle 20 hours ago

    Viva la brigata Garibaldi!!! Viva la Resistenza!! Viva il Socialismo!!! ✊🇮🇹

  • Anti-political Disscussion

    哦没了 桥没了 桥没了 桥桥桥

  • Николай Коваленко

    Respect from Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic!

  • Công Mỹ nè

    Bác đang cùng chúng cháu hành quân (is the best vietcongsong)

  • Công Mỹ nè

    Bác đang cùng chúng cháu hành quân is the best vietcongsong

  • Random Josh
    Random Josh Day ago

    This gives me hope.

  • Bouncing Bob-omb
    Bouncing Bob-omb 2 days ago

    the old recording actually creates a cool pitch bending effect (you can especially on the trumpets). I don't why but I'm attracted to it

  • Kuanari Rodin Davalos Tzompantzi

    son los cantos de la España republicana viva la Yugoslavia de Tito

  • mister lister the sister fister

    vapaussoturin valloituslaulu is better

  • Octane On Drugs
    Octane On Drugs 2 days ago

    Lenin is the first great revolutionary that inspired us to the liberty,stalin is the nightmare of the people,but he is the man that has created our greatest soviet motherland. All the other is only simples successors of the fathers of the communism

  • 张丶Allen
    张丶Allen 2 days ago


  • LinusOxton [MCPE]
    LinusOxton [MCPE] 2 days ago

    I played this in my Chinese csgo team and they shouted while annihilating the enemy team

  • an Đỗ
    an Đỗ 2 days ago


  • Necromancer19
    Necromancer19 2 days ago


  • Marc Garrigós Mañé

    Viva Allende!!

  • Comrade noob
    Comrade noob 2 days ago

    NATO, are you ready?

  • _jeff _
    _jeff _ 2 days ago

    good while playing as the soviet union

  • MemeyWaterBottle
    MemeyWaterBottle 2 days ago

    Shitty knockoff of the Texas flag, don’t @ me.

  • Жмякономикон

    Хорошая, ламповая песня!

  • Георгий Жуков

    Reich doesn't destroyed. It will strike back from New Swabia in Antarctica!!!!

  • Shiny
    Shiny 3 days ago

    Wtf why do they keep saying Russian and not Soviet. That's so anti-internationalism

  • Genes Ruders
    Genes Ruders 3 days ago

    It’s amasing to listen the song I knew from childhood in Italian... Greetings from Russia!

  • Somee Singh
    Somee Singh 3 days ago

    You know Stalin didn't like excessive cult around him.

  • 86
    86 3 days ago

    Neat. A song from the red side of the civil war. Haven't heard one before

  • Mad Bolshevik
    Mad Bolshevik 4 days ago

    Edgy meme spouting gamer kids need to leave this comment section

  • EVGiT 2.0
    EVGiT 2.0 4 days ago

    Dat feel when u have ordered something from Aliexpress

  • Iustin Ichim
    Iustin Ichim 4 days ago

    That moment when school starts the next day...

  • Somerandomguy
    Somerandomguy 4 days ago

    This has UWU in the link

  • Tyler
    Tyler 4 days ago

    RIP lefty music channels. 2000 something - 2019.

  • Mourtzouphlos
    Mourtzouphlos 4 days ago

    Artillery doesn't really "march".

  • Cristacho
    Cristacho 5 days ago

    Jajajajjajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja me animo el himno

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin 5 days ago


  • Bull Madrid
    Bull Madrid 5 days ago

    La República provocó la guerra civil española,el PSOE y sus secuáces son corresponsables de todos los crímenes que hicieron contra la población española y la persecución religiosa. Franco solo es una reacción a la que se sumo media España para no morir y ser libres

  • Võ Trọng Nghĩa
    Võ Trọng Nghĩa 5 days ago

    Việt nam hồ chí mình 🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Diego de la Mata
    Diego de la Mata 5 days ago

    "No pasarán" decían los marxistas ... Pero pasamos, y pasaremos las veces que hagan falta.

  • shermen 0912
    shermen 0912 5 days ago

    Girls: OMG billie eilish songs are sad Boys: not really Girls: i bet you don't know how to be sad Boys:

  • Weed Whacker
    Weed Whacker 6 days ago

    Teacher: we have a group of Eastern European transfer students joining our class Girls: OMG I hope there cute Boys:

  • randomserb
    randomserb 6 days ago

    Живели добровољци, вечна им слава и хвала!

  • Nancy Blaik
    Nancy Blaik 6 days ago

    Inspires me to vote for Rebecca Long-Bailey !

  • Jaceton Butterfield

    so the comment section ( people saying stuff like "screw American Imperialism" ) problaly dont know how communism works, what it has done, and that how America isnt an 'imperialism' if the US did have an Imperialism they wouldnt have a President. kinda tired of the ingnorance. dont worry your communism will fall sooner or later, just like the big bad Soviet Russia did. God Bless America and its allies, long live South Vietnam, and Napalm sticks to kids.

  • Hotchpotch OUR STYLE

    At 0.75x speed Oh boy it's delish

  • King Floogoe
    King Floogoe 6 days ago

    "Elite" lmao 😂

  • Champion of Cyrodiil

    It's NOT RU-clip, It's OURtube.

  • IAMO The Makhnovist


  • Κιμ Γιονγκ Ουν Da Oofi


  • JyeongVlogs Official


  • Cebis Picis
    Cebis Picis 7 days ago

    за нашу родину - огонь, огонь!

  • The FutureGamer
    The FutureGamer 8 days ago

    Me preparing for WW3

  • 凌凌漆
    凌凌漆 8 days ago

    Dear Russian comrades, the USSR fall, but we will keep the revolution.

  • Ветеран Диванных Войск

    Люблю эту песню ОВД

  • terriblelove
    terriblelove 8 days ago

    Low quality

  • К. Михайлов

    Великолепный марш!👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

  • Francesco M
    Francesco M 8 days ago

    Fischia il culo

    • Leviathan TM
      Leviathan TM 8 days ago

      Dei fascisti (dopo che l'hanno presa nel deretano).

  • Vladimir Lenin
    Vladimir Lenin 8 days ago

    Katyusha in all flavours Vodka Beer Wine Whiskey Absinth Sake Gin Rum And a shit ton more but there is a character limit so...

  • Gaucho Ryder
    Gaucho Ryder 9 days ago

    Mussolini after hearing this be like: 🙃

  • Ben Lundquist
    Ben Lundquist 9 days ago

    And Finland kicked your Commie ass back out of there!

  • Freidheim of Prussia

    Dislikes are people who probably got drunk and saw stuff upside down

  • Abraham Doley
    Abraham Doley 9 days ago

    Indian pop

  • spooka770
    spooka770 9 days ago

    I committed suicide as a Russian bomber in jailbreak Roblox catching all the criminals and sending them to the gulag

  • H B
    H B 10 days ago

    >We don't want war >Every single soviet warplan was just attack in mass with extensive use of nukes while NATO's plans were defensive

      КРАСНАЯ СТАЛЬ 2 days ago

      Nope, we had a plan called "March to La-Manche", where nukes weren't play a big role (only for 2-3 tactical bombings in West Germany on strategic objects, not cities with big civil population). but USA had a "Dropshot plan", that was especially similar to what you attribute to the USSR

  • Agent HyPo
    Agent HyPo 10 days ago

    Text for those who do not understand the greek. (i am not greek btw just some skills with google) O Umnos tou DSE Vrontáei o Ólumpos kai páli Stē Gkiṓna péphtoun keraunoí, Seiṓntai steriés kai ta pelágē Óplōn akoúgetai klangḗ. Néo antártiko genniétai N' agōnisteí gia leuteriá Kai tous phasístes ekdikiétai Ópou tous vrei me antreiá. Geia sas antártes leontária Sas trémei tṓra o phasismós, Vadíste stous ELAS ta khnária Mazí sas eínai ki o laós. Emprós ELAS gia tēn Elláda Emprós akóma mia phorá, Kráta tēs leuteriás tē dáda Sta duo sou khéria ta gerá.

  • Phillip Strenger
    Phillip Strenger 10 days ago

    Wow. How the mighty have fallen. We've gone from this... To a bunch of "LGBT" kids with pink hair and shitty tattoos who have never visited a gym in their entire miserable lives. Lenin and Stalin are spinning in their graves.

  • Kimon
    Kimon 10 days ago

    For the international people: „Wedding“ is a part of berlin.

    • Kimon
      Kimon 9 days ago

      Samuel M Glaub mir, es gibt genügend Leute, die das falsch verstehen...

    • Samuel M
      Samuel M 9 days ago

      Das weiß man doch

  • iGoNiK
    iGoNiK 11 days ago

    Partigiani, solo porci che violentarono donne, anziani e bambini, e si fanno chiamare eroi della libertà! Vergogna bastardi!

    • Leviathan TM
      Leviathan TM 10 days ago

      Citami 5 casi di stupri. (meglio i fasci?)

  • Ok Bmszoomer
    Ok Bmszoomer 11 days ago

    If you ask me the lack of instruments makes this a much more depressing song. Especially with the lyrics

  • George Bogatyriov
    George Bogatyriov 11 days ago

    comrade Stalin approves

  • Stalin
    Stalin 11 days ago

    Кто поставить дизлайк, к тому завтра приду я лично.

  • Tawsif Mostafa
    Tawsif Mostafa 11 days ago

    Who would win 1 Finnish Marksman Sniper OR 500 poorly equipped Rushing Russians

  • pranvera tafa
    pranvera tafa 11 days ago

    zoti te bekoft ty qe e ke qit kong

  • ジュガシヴィリ・ベサリオニス


  • Palpatine was Framed

    I got a Trump ad on this video. Evidence Trump is in league with the russians

  • jack åkerlund
    jack åkerlund 11 days ago

    kaikkihan tietää että tuo on paskapuhetta

  • thePRUH!!!!
    thePRUH!!!! 11 days ago

    It feels like a slap on the cheek and a long handshake later, dunno

  • 뷁똻똟
    뷁똻똟 11 days ago


  • Imperio Español Blas de lezo

    Saludos de el CETMETON 😁 y ni a la tercera ni cuarta ni quinta pasaran.. Arriba España 🇪🇸

    • Imperio Español Blas de lezo
      Imperio Español Blas de lezo 5 days ago

      @Arnau Mota donde digo yo eso? Perdisteis una vez y volvereis a perder porque sois unos cobardes.. Terroristas, separatistas, ROJOS.

    • Arnau Mota
      Arnau Mota 6 days ago

      Imperio Español Blas de lezo lo dices tú, que decías que lo veía todo desde la mira de un francotirador. A quién plomo matar, a plomo muere.

    • Imperio Español Blas de lezo
      Imperio Español Blas de lezo 6 days ago

      @Arnau Mota Espero ese dia con ilusion🎉🎊. Quien a hierro mata a hierro muere compañero 👹. Con cuernos y todo jeje y el color chapo 😁

    • Arnau Mota
      Arnau Mota 6 days ago

      Imperio Español Blas de lezo Ojalá haya una purga en este estado para acabar con todos los que son cómo tú.

    • Imperio Español Blas de lezo
      Imperio Español Blas de lezo 8 days ago

      @Arnau Mota ASESINO comunista, republicano, rojo con piojos, piromano y vagos sin dinero con miseria, apestosos y llorones.. PD. MENTIROSOS que acosta de el pueblo viven como capitalistas.. La derecha cree que el capitalismo debe de ser para todos. La izquierda cree que solo los mas sabios deben tener acceso a el.

  • Александр Гордиенко

    Почему когда я смотрю на лица Сталина и Мао на этом плакате, мне кажется, что они говорят: Ебать ты лох!

  • Ragnarok wolff
    Ragnarok wolff 12 days ago

    why does youtube allow this

    • K.G.B
      K.G.B 3 days ago

      If you manage to win a war and not being on the losing side

  • Jan Krško
    Jan Krško 12 days ago


  • Ted Young
    Ted Young 12 days ago


  • SaphireGamingAviation

    Even though we hate u Russia and China is a commie, I respect this song. Respect from USA. If I become US president, I will try to make an alliance between us. 🇺🇲🇷🇺🇨🇳 GLORY TO THE GREAT WORLD SUPERPOWERS

  • SaphireGamingAviation

    USA makes 33 accounts and dislikes this video 33 times

  • SaphireGamingAviation

    USSR should still exist because u can put Soviet flag next to Chinese and they would look similar

    • randomserb
      randomserb 6 days ago

      This is the most important reason

  • SyjonS001
    SyjonS001 13 days ago

    Commies are shit. True story from Poland

  • Comrade1922
    Comrade1922 13 days ago

    Nice music!

  • a reatarded build
    a reatarded build 13 days ago

    The biggest mistake soviet union made too join the nato

  • Fat Man
    Fat Man 14 days ago

    This is full of bullshit

  • Fat Man
    Fat Man 14 days ago

    Reds were the communists who wanted finland to be part of the soviets and the whites were the good guys that restored finland

  • LeoAlighieri
    LeoAlighieri 14 days ago

    Una cancion para el presidente mas nefasto e inutil que ha tenido Chile.

  • Nikita Maisel
    Nikita Maisel 14 days ago


  • ElPerro MataRojos
    ElPerro MataRojos 14 days ago

    Escuche esta canción y me dieron ganas de dispararme

    • Vequio Ourax
      Vequio Ourax 13 days ago


    • ElPerro MataRojos
      ElPerro MataRojos 13 days ago

      @Vequio Ourax así hacían las lacras rojas cuando la tiraban del helicoptero jojojojo. 2020 tendrás la metralleta en la raja❤️

    • Vequio Ourax
      Vequio Ourax 13 days ago


  • Titonik On Blitz
    Titonik On Blitz 14 days ago

    Fuck finland

  • Mirmidon XOOX
    Mirmidon XOOX 14 days ago

    V Regimiento IN MEMORIAN ✊⚘👊