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ABBA From A To Z
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[1967] ABBA/Frida - Din
Views 6956 months ago
[1980] ABBA - This Time
Views 2.5K7 months ago
[1981] ABBA/Maywood - Rio
Views 1.6K8 months ago
ABBA Top 70 Hits
Views 3.3KYear ago
[1977] ABBA - Eagle
Views 1.9KYear ago
[1979] ABBA - Angeleyes
Views 2.7K2 years ago
[1984] ABBA/Frida - Shine
Views 7982 years ago


  • nathan Kollins

    le playback de daube .... C'était l'époque de la supercherie

  • chris whitten
    chris whitten Day ago

    the legs!!!! oh my!!! and fantastic voices!

  • William Green
    William Green 2 days ago

    Love it love it 😁😁😁😁❤

  • derwolfistda
    derwolfistda 2 days ago

    I hear something that's absolutely not matching wiht what I see.

  • C. Buck Hyres
    C. Buck Hyres 5 days ago

    I ♥ this. 'nuff said.

  • Mark Walton
    Mark Walton 5 days ago

    More lies about what this actually is 😡

  • ꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂

    petite fille dis moi pourquoi

  • Jorge Ramella
    Jorge Ramella 7 days ago


  • Jenny Nebel
    Jenny Nebel 7 days ago

    ABBA'S song EAGLE is one of my favourite songs from ABBA the ALBUM which I have in my music collection. J.N.

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis 7 days ago

    What are the lyrics to this? They’re not like the Mamma Mia musical lyrics.

  • Zaconeta
    Zaconeta 8 days ago

    mal la traduccion.

    ALBERT SMITH 9 days ago

    Hermosa cancion recuerdos que nunca se olvidaran exitos de oro


    German version best version ;because German language very speacial language and episode language

  • dave l
    dave l 13 days ago

    Lovely looking legs with the short dresses.

  • alex fernando Huenten

    frida genial.

  • Aleksi G.
    Aleksi G. 15 days ago

    Abba IS better swedish version

  • Knobov Sossidge
    Knobov Sossidge 15 days ago

    This is bullshit. They're not even singing this song.

  • Mari Mini
    Mari Mini 16 days ago


  • Mari Mini
    Mari Mini 16 days ago


  • Олег Тимофеев

    Фрида была постоянным источником перемен. И в натуре максималисткой но так было как бы органично.

  • Halliwellsson
    Halliwellsson 18 days ago

    R.I.P Magnus!

  • Zaelon Dragon
    Zaelon Dragon 18 days ago

    It’s better in Swedish

  • Zaelon Dragon
    Zaelon Dragon 18 days ago

    I like this better than the English version!

  • supastah68
    supastah68 20 days ago

    Completely misleading in searches. Not at ALL in the same league as ABBA

  • Михаил Гончаров

    Я работаю на ЖД. Класс!

  • Krish.M.
    Krish.M. 21 day ago

    That subtle ABBA sadness hidden behind the melody..wonderful...

  • Krish.M.
    Krish.M. 21 day ago

    I think it is before they started using the name ABBA..they were like Bjorn & Benny ,Agnetha & Frida in 1973...

  • stefano sarli
    stefano sarli 22 days ago

    Anima mia cantata anche da Franck Sinatra ma purtroppo non esiste versione da nessuna parte.

  • G N
    G N 23 days ago


  • Tango Eliott
    Tango Eliott 23 days ago

    Frida perfection

  • Eva Laczynski
    Eva Laczynski 23 days ago

    Benny left Friday after he met a woman who really loved horses as, much as he did and he left Friday.

  • Tango Eliott
    Tango Eliott 23 days ago

    Just magnificent

  • Blue Eyes System
    Blue Eyes System 23 days ago

    Always Abba in my mind. Love this.

  • Gerry Smith
    Gerry Smith 24 days ago

    The very first song they all performed on wow amazing time ahead from this

  • Gerry Smith
    Gerry Smith 24 days ago

    Why was this excellent song never released i love it

  • Manoel Flor dos Santos

    Abba Heavy Metal? surprise

  • Gerry Smith
    Gerry Smith 26 days ago

    How was this song never released by Abba ?? Agnethas vocal is amazing as always

  • paul barlow
    paul barlow 26 days ago

    love love love anything with Agnetha in, xxx

  • Marcelo Segovia
    Marcelo Segovia 27 days ago

    Frida proving her singing live skills were better than in the studio!!! Stunning!!!

  • Lex Veryan
    Lex Veryan 27 days ago

    Learning Swedish so of course I listen to ABBA in the original language

  • Jerald Overby
    Jerald Overby 28 days ago

    gAg. this song is pants

  • Adam Dawson
    Adam Dawson 28 days ago

    ABBA's original version of 'I Am The Seeker' is an instrumental song.

  • js27
    js27 28 days ago

    Just goes to show that flowers do grow out of dirt

  • GergelAni
    GergelAni 29 days ago

    This song is from 1972. A single by Benny and Bjorn recorded when they visited Japan for a festival appearance. There they performed another of their early songs "Santa Rosa". So, "Love Has Its Ways" was recorded there and actually a Japanese composer helped them a bit. A great song.

    • kurtmorr
      kurtmorr 26 days ago

      Koichi Morita did the melody and Benny & Bjourn did the lyrics.

  • Gerry Smith
    Gerry Smith Month ago

    Brilliant Fantastic when never released ABBA Stunning music beautiful melody then beautiful lyrics

  • Louise X
    Louise X Month ago

    En väldigt svensk låt i bästa mening, tror inte att en ung amerikansk eller engelsk popsångare vid samma tid hade kunnat skriva en så här varmt bitterljuv sång om en "wannabe star", mjukt ironisk och allting. Hasse & Tage hade kunnat göra det men knappast en amerikan, möjligen Paul McCartney.

  • Louise X
    Louise X Month ago

    1:42 the funny thing is, by the time this was released Ingmar Bergman was about to emigrate from Sweden after the infamous police pick-up at Stockholm's Royal Dramatic Theatre and the (later dropped) tax evasion allegations. So he definitely wouldn't have met our young and hopeful movie star! :)

  • Peppermint Snowdrift

    I had no idea that they went back that far as a group. Cool.

  • Marcia Elizabeth Bustos Oliva


  • Gerry Smith
    Gerry Smith Month ago

    Another great Abba song and a very interesting video too Rock on Abba Forever

  • Jan Jacobsen
    Jan Jacobsen Month ago

    Great song, which did not make it to an album

  • assault and battery

    Frida dancing alone, trippin, at good..

  • Mubayinah Yin
    Mubayinah Yin Month ago

    My moms song😢😢😢

  • Mubayinah Yin
    Mubayinah Yin Month ago

    Best song ever👍❤❤❤❤ABBA..

  • eno seferovic
    eno seferovic Month ago

    Alene Lyrics By - Finn Kalvik Music By - Finn Kalvik, Ted Gärdestad

  • Sheriff Dollard
    Sheriff Dollard Month ago

    Sounds nothing like Dancing Queen. Not even remotely close

  • resireg
    resireg Month ago

    Why Frida changed her hair? Straight is so much better

  • Robert Smoley
    Robert Smoley Month ago

    English lyrics?

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan Month ago

    Geraufing...nichts..nein guut!

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool Month ago

    Шузы класс у гитариста!

  • Shafiq Rehman
    Shafiq Rehman Month ago

    great song to listen to.better in the dark.underated song

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan Month ago

    Lipped synched

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan Month ago

    Sure there is a Swedish version too!

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan Month ago

    Sweden...Northern Deutschland

  • John Rogan
    John Rogan Month ago

    Besser als!

  • riccardo lucarini

    hello Agnetha, i listen you every evening, thenk you

  • Владимир Курдюмов

    Меня больше удивило состояние путей. Там должны ездить паровозы.

  • Johnny Leite
    Johnny Leite Month ago

    Hola soy uruguayo que hermosa mujer la rubia cuando era joven tremenda mujer saludos cordiales desde Uruguay

  • hank scorpio
    hank scorpio Month ago

    listening to this song the whole time I was waiting for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill to jump off the stage and start punching people. the good ol' right and left hands of the devil.

  • Keith Davidson
    Keith Davidson Month ago

    Another example of how good a singer Björn was, even though he wasn’t in the same league as the girls. The change in ABBA pre and post Eurovision was huge. Personally I enjoy all of it. The lyrics improved over time but the melodies were always at the highest possible level.

  • Jeffrey Tidwell
    Jeffrey Tidwell Month ago

    Love this song. Full of energy.

  • Louise X
    Louise X Month ago

    Several of ABBA:s regular session men were all over the album this is from, though not on this particular track. Bassists Rutger Gunnarsson and Mike Watson, solo guitar player Jan Schaffer, drummers Ola Brunkert and Roger Palm, etc. The only one of them on this song is Watson, playing bass. Very cool track anyway, and splendid production. :)

  • Kris A
    Kris A Month ago

    Another hidden excellent,underated,shamely underated,ABBA song......

  • Kris A
    Kris A Month ago

    its such a good song,sadly underrated gem....a very good song that I always liked alot...I prefer hidden gems like this even more then several of ABBAs bigger hits..

    • Mark Wick
      Mark Wick 7 days ago

      Waterloo album was/is great.

  • John paul Olgado fuentes

    Este tema esta basado en mi año que yo nací 1974 años en Lima Peru cercado taller norte

  • Stephen Eugene Charito

    Bjorn and Benny Love Has It's Way (Lycka)

  • Sergio
    Sergio Month ago

    I would really have liked that Frida could finished this song!! Her voice here sound so versatile and powerful. Try to listen her version of Pat Benatar's Fire & superb!!

  • DANIEL Olsen
    DANIEL Olsen Month ago

    4 - ever

  • Laurina Hawks
    Laurina Hawks Month ago

    This is not "Abba". It's a song from Björns Solo career before they found Abba.

  • Jean Pierre Echinard

    Très agréable.

  • Валера Косарев

    Чудо 20 го вёка !

  • Hendraxx Top
    Hendraxx Top Month ago

    No other band like ABBA ... so beautiful & amazing 😍

  • Sacred Wisdom7
    Sacred Wisdom7 Month ago

    'Love had its way' indeed. Not hard to see why he fell for Agnetha though!

    • AB. B.
      AB. B. 29 days ago

      But why did she fall for him??

  • Юрий Семешко

    Is it ABBA?🤔

  • hugo Escoto
    hugo Escoto Month ago

    I like this song.

  • Nicy
    Nicy Month ago

    Actually, they are. But they're not singing live

  • Marcelo Prats
    Marcelo Prats Month ago

    Before ABBA...

  • paul barlow
    paul barlow Month ago

    love love love agnetha always and forever xxx

  • Keith Davidson
    Keith Davidson Month ago

    A truly beautiful song by ABBA that again deserved a single release. Their problem was that every song they every song they ever wrote could have been a single!

  • mas keilla
    mas keilla Month ago

    *carrefour language*

  • Miroslav Hokeš
    Miroslav Hokeš Month ago

    Bardzo fajne! :-D

  • Miroslav Hokeš
    Miroslav Hokeš Month ago

    It sounds a bit like the Soviet Union hymn...:-D

  • יאיר איסמאילוב

    Is this Ola Brunket?

  • OrioleFan443
    OrioleFan443 Month ago

    This was great, thank you! I'm a big ABBA fan and there were songs on this playlist I have never heard of.

  • howie9751
    howie9751 Month ago

    Boy, ABBA sure has a lot of videos.

  • sibionic
    sibionic Month ago

    this isn't recorded by ABBA, it must be Bjorn's earlier band

    • kurtmorr
      kurtmorr Month ago

      Benny and Bjourne in 1972, the melody was by some Japanese fellow (Koichi Morita) Benny and Bjourn wrote the lyrics, I think the girls were still under their individual record contracts and had to wait until they expired before they could sing with the guys.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D Month ago

    Bjorn looks like a Conehead somehow

  • claudio v
    claudio v Month ago

    Why do you show abba? they have nothing to do with this song

  • Daniel Alejandro Martinez Rodriguez

    ABBA simplemente hermoso 😘😘😍😍

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera Month ago