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  • blair elander
    blair elander 15 minutes ago

    Father time is a bitch Ryan. See you in a few years in the masters.

  • Timothy Alarcon
    Timothy Alarcon 37 minutes ago

    No times and placings at the end wth?

  • Xeng Villaseñor
    Xeng Villaseñor 50 minutes ago

    Adam peaty says '' hold my beer''..

  • Purselmer
    Purselmer Hour ago

    I saw Mary T. Meagher swim her 200 fly in a 2:06 and every time I see this race today I remember just how friggin' fast that was then ('85). She got a standing ovation. Well deserved.

  • James Gu
    James Gu Hour ago

    Lochte Go!

  • 許瑞津
    許瑞津 2 hours ago


  • Ward Huyskes
    Ward Huyskes 3 hours ago

    I find it really hard to say how rested Chase Kalisz is here. He might be anywhere from as tapered as worlds to not rested at all. Idk why I care so much but I just want to see him bounce back from this summer and these swims are so ambiguous that it makes me mad.

  • Shakuntala Poojary
    Shakuntala Poojary 4 hours ago

    is just me or there is a after back

  • Papa Cage
    Papa Cage 4 hours ago


  • Papa Cage
    Papa Cage 4 hours ago

    I saw Chole S. break the New York state record at counties for varsity this year. We're not on the same team but my teammate swam in the same heat as her, it was insane honestly. She's really nice, I talked to her in the locker room.

  • Maddy Holmes
    Maddy Holmes 5 hours ago

    i. just did this race yesterday, let a girl get into my head and I ended up adding 16 sec now.....

  • Carson Kien
    Carson Kien 5 hours ago

    yay cody!!

  • thre362fdsgsd
    thre362fdsgsd 6 hours ago

    Ryan Lactate

  • Tiong Helen
    Tiong Helen 7 hours ago

    amazing underwater for ryan lochte

  • forgetmenot
    forgetmenot 7 hours ago

    I just want to express how proud I am of Caeleb and Simone for winning male and female athlete of the year! Well deserved win for two amazing swimmers!

  • thre362fdsgsd
    thre362fdsgsd 8 hours ago

    47.69? That's crazy

  • John Shiveley
    John Shiveley 9 hours ago

    The homie !!!

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh 9 hours ago

    Her 800 split would have easily won the 800 final, and her 400 split would have almost that race as well (if she were not in them). GOAT

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh 9 hours ago

    When you win the race but see that Katie still beat you somehow.

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh 9 hours ago

    Is that Sean Paul playing in the background?

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh 9 hours ago

    I think they got this title wrong. More like: "Olympic Winner Katie Ledecky vs American Katie Ledecky."

  • Haijun Shen
    Haijun Shen 10 hours ago

    Way to go, Cody!

  • Ezekiel Warren
    Ezekiel Warren 10 hours ago

    kalisz is finally back

  • Tyler Hanley
    Tyler Hanley 10 hours ago

    Go vols

    The LARGEST MISTAKE 11 hours ago

    Damn good comeback

  • Johnny Guy
    Johnny Guy 11 hours ago

    Woohoo what other races is he taking part in?

    • Eljifius 11
      Eljifius 11 9 hours ago

      Johnny Guy he got bronce on the 100 breaststroke

  • Minor-sW
    Minor-sW 11 hours ago

    Every video with Cody has more views than other race highlights 😂

  • CoopaDoopa
    CoopaDoopa 11 hours ago

    Poor guys having to swim the 200m fly

    • Sam
      Sam 27 minutes ago

      That was always a fun conversation with coach going into meet week. Coach: "Hey, umm so we need someone in the 200 fly..." Me: "Surely there's someone else, another event I could do?" Coach: "Matter of fact, there is! We also need someone to do the mile!" Me: "..."

  • Ian Cameron
    Ian Cameron 11 hours ago


  • play-joke
    play-joke 11 hours ago

    Wow!Taiwan No.2 haha

  • Alex stark
    Alex stark 11 hours ago

    Cody! My boiiiiiiiiiii

  • Tyler Hanley
    Tyler Hanley 12 hours ago


  • patoho90
    patoho90 12 hours ago

    YES CODY YES!!! VERY WELL DONE!! Waiting for the vlog now!

  • Samuel Pilkington
    Samuel Pilkington 12 hours ago


  • adgo
    adgo 12 hours ago

    damn!! cody

  • BouBoys
    BouBoys 12 hours ago

    EVERYONE go sub to Cody Miller right now!

  • hcr2Mikolaj PL
    hcr2Mikolaj PL 12 hours ago

    0:29 they have a similar pace

  • Nickolas Keller
    Nickolas Keller 12 hours ago

    Do you think if I asked Regan Smith our she’d say yes?

  • jordan
    jordan 12 hours ago


  • SilphSpectre
    SilphSpectre 12 hours ago

    A 47.6 PB in December is... something else. I took a major note when he went 47 last year, but it looks like he's on track for something special by the time OTs roll around.

    • Adam Klein
      Adam Klein 10 hours ago

      He put up a 46.86 split in Gwangju on the Mens 400 Relay and a 47.34 in the Mixed Free Relay. Dressel/Blake/Apple/Adrian 3:07.99 47.0/46.8/47.3/46.89

  • nebraska fan
    nebraska fan 12 hours ago

    Cant wait to see these guys in Omaha

  • MrKernkraft4000
    MrKernkraft4000 12 hours ago

    Wang gave him a run for his money

  • Fabio B Villafuerte M
    Fabio B Villafuerte M 12 hours ago

    Cool Cody!!

  • November Lima
    November Lima 12 hours ago

    Wow 47.6 in season!!

  • Ninese
    Ninese 13 hours ago

    Yall know the vlog is gunna be fire!!

  • Daniel Dalarossa
    Daniel Dalarossa 13 hours ago

    Parabens Guilherme da Costa ! Quebrou o recorde Brasileiro em tres provas: 400, 800 e 1500! Tem potencial para fazer 14:47 e quebrar o recorde Sul Americano dos 1500

  • Family of love
    Family of love 13 hours ago

    Lets go Cody

  • by_fis
    by_fis 13 hours ago

    Lets go cody

  • Maddy Puggie
    Maddy Puggie 13 hours ago

    Good job Cody that was a really hard race

  • Timon Vandereet
    Timon Vandereet 13 hours ago


  • Parker Endress
    Parker Endress 13 hours ago

    YES CODY!!!!!!!

  • Colin Trowbridge
    Colin Trowbridge 13 hours ago


  • Jose Vu
    Jose Vu 13 hours ago

    Dressel's not here?? he was in 200m free event

    • November Lima
      November Lima 13 hours ago

      He's not swimming his main events in this meet.

    • A Person
      A Person 13 hours ago

      Jose Vu do ur research ahaha

  • Elvis t
    Elvis t 13 hours ago

    i remember watching carson break some record as a 12 year old time flies

  • NickMathus
    NickMathus 14 hours ago


  • Sypher Tatertotz
    Sypher Tatertotz 14 hours ago

    I was the first veiw

  • Christian Simpson
    Christian Simpson 14 hours ago

    Way to go lane 1 haha awesome

  • Dary Ryon
    Dary Ryon 14 hours ago

    K.Ledecky amazing 2bk... 👍👍

  • forgetmenot
    forgetmenot 14 hours ago

    Katie could have gone to Starbucks and come back waiting on the other girls to finish lol

  • sb j
    sb j 14 hours ago


  • Gregory Clarke
    Gregory Clarke 14 hours ago

    Sees the title: "gee I wonder who won"

  • Papa Cage
    Papa Cage 14 hours ago

    Katie Ledecky: *dives in* Everyone: *racing for 2nd place*

    • Ryan Walsh
      Ryan Walsh 9 hours ago

      She even had the fastest reaction time...

  • sb j
    sb j 14 hours ago


  • Eduardo Campos
    Eduardo Campos 14 hours ago


  • Adam Brzezicki
    Adam Brzezicki 15 hours ago

    Fast as in Katie is fast snd the rest of the field is there

  • ddllee19
    ddllee19 15 hours ago


  • tamir
    tamir 15 hours ago

    it's almost time again for the 2020 tokyo edition!

  • Kirsten Patrick
    Kirsten Patrick 15 hours ago

    I which Cody didn’t change his pullout, that’s what got him behind on that first 50

  • Mark Sherry
    Mark Sherry 16 hours ago

    Carson Foster gets second and gets no mention in the title.

  • James Gu
    James Gu 17 hours ago

    I'm here for Lochte

    The LARGEST MISTAKE 18 hours ago

    Bro what’s Ledecky doing in the IM

  • Marianne Canori
    Marianne Canori 19 hours ago

    Look at Cody miller’s closing speed he is a beast!

  • Random funny videos channel

    Cmon post times

  • Inky Tribe
    Inky Tribe 19 hours ago

    It looks like they are barely trying while they are getting 22 seconds for a 50 free!

  • November Lima
    November Lima 20 hours ago

    Wow 1:45.9 in season for Townley Haas. If he can split 1:43 at the Olympics then the US can reclaim the 4x200.

  • Start Visit
    Start Visit 21 hour ago

    go Peaty!

  • Sarah Georgoulis
    Sarah Georgoulis 22 hours ago

    Who else here is a swimmer??!?!??

  • sb j
    sb j 23 hours ago


  • sb j
    sb j 23 hours ago


  • Purselmer
    Purselmer 23 hours ago

    Guys, I just thank you for a very interesting interview. I was wondering the same thing: where do these athletes train when they go to the Golden Goggles for instance? And how much do they slack off w/their practices when they're on the road with ISL since their regular coaches aren't there, etc. Something I was wondering: w/all of these TYR Pro series meets, ISL, and this stuff, how do the athletes really know who's where w/their times, since everyone seems to taper/shave at all different meets at all different times of the year now. Just wondering....

  • Nick Baker
    Nick Baker 23 hours ago

    2:06 Carson Fosters right hand technique underwater is appalling

    • Jacob Johnston
      Jacob Johnston Hour ago

      @Landon Theiss yeah alright I'll give you that. For a world class athlete, it's appalling ;)

    • Landon Theiss
      Landon Theiss 7 hours ago

      Jacob Johnston a little bit of push down is good, he pulls back straight away. I mean he might be pretty tired and it’s not perfect, but I wouldn’t say it’s “appalling”. He’s a world class swimmer 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Jacob Johnston
      Jacob Johnston 7 hours ago

      @Landon Theiss Yeah, it is. He isn't catching the water at all, just pushing it straight down

    • Landon Theiss
      Landon Theiss 10 hours ago

      Nick Baker no it’s not 😂

  • paulo roberto
    paulo roberto Day ago

    Missing the results and the competitors list.

  • realistic crayon

    Im on the same club team nic fink was on

  • Harry Xiao
    Harry Xiao Day ago

    My man is fatter than ever and pulls his suit up to heaven. LOL

  • Happy Commuter

    Very good in-season time for King.

  • נדב
    נדב Day ago

    What is meaning of IM the M

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith Day ago

    A <M E L A N I N A T E D * B E I N G> DOES IT AGAIN!

  • R V
    R V Day ago

    Wow!!! How did he get into that suit? He’s like a sausage!!!

    • R V
      R V 13 hours ago

      Orlando Diaz No.

    • Orlando Diaz
      Orlando Diaz 20 hours ago

      R V stop judging him stfu

  • As And
    As And Day ago

    Methinks Lyin' Lochte is now also Lardin' Lochte!

  • Kevin Fatine
    Kevin Fatine Day ago

    Kalisz breast is crazy

  • Loya Frostwind

    Also post lane assignments please.

  • Loya Frostwind

    Please also post lane assignments. It's hard to follow your favorite(s) when you don't know where they are, or if they are even in the race. If it's not in the video, please put it in the description.

  • Carguy007
    Carguy007 Day ago

    OOF that piano on Dean

  • Alex stark
    Alex stark Day ago


  • Jim Bendtsen
    Jim Bendtsen Day ago

    lochte is 15-20 lbs heavier than he should be.

    • Jim Bendtsen
      Jim Bendtsen 11 hours ago

      @Orlando Diaz Fuck yourself. Look at every other swimmer in the world at the top tier. Look at Lochte 4 years ago. Lochte is thick and has at least 15 lbs extra weight on him. He's strong, but too heavy.

    • R V
      R V 13 hours ago

      Kyle wang Thank you!!! The guy commenting is a weirdo.

    • Kyle wang
      Kyle wang 16 hours ago

      @Orlando Diaz He just saying that if lochte was lighter, he would have more of an ideal swimmer body.

    • Orlando Diaz
      Orlando Diaz 20 hours ago

      Jim Bendtsen stop judging him so stfu

  • Eljifius 11
    Eljifius 11 Day ago

    Kalisz and Foster will be on Tokyo for both 200 and 400 IM no doubt

    • Ward Huyskes
      Ward Huyskes 3 hours ago

      I just don't see Foster in the picture. I'm was sure that the 200 IM will be Kalisz and Seliskar; and the 400 IM will be Litherland and Kalisz. Foster's 1:57 here makes me a bit uneasy about that prediction, but there are simply too many good 200 IMers right now. There is no way Foster will make it in the 400 IM.

    • Chirag Parsoya
      Chirag Parsoya Day ago

      Ryan is also in the field He would definitely jump on them at trials

  • Sarah Georgoulis

    We have a great Olympics a head of ya

  • Dawn9476
    Dawn9476 Day ago

    How did she end up in the B final instead of the A?

    • Purselmer
      Purselmer Hour ago

      @Xavier Liu Yeah, I thought that might be the case too, but then I read some other comments from other races and some were asking the same question, and not in a surprised way, so I thought maybe Dawn might not be surprised either. :-)

    • Xavier Liu
      Xavier Liu 17 hours ago

      @Purselmer: I think Dawn9476 gets how seeding and lane assignments work. Her comment was probably more of surprise as to how Ledecky didn't make it into the A-Final in the first place.

    • Purselmer
      Purselmer 22 hours ago

      Here's how it works: since she was in lane 3 that means that all 8 women in the "A" final beat her prelim swim time. Also, two girls in that "B" final also beat her prelim swim time. That's how she ends up where she was. She cannot win the event in the "B" final. She can only get 9th as her top finishing spot.

  • Dawn9476
    Dawn9476 Day ago

    Why did Katie end up swimming a lesser final? The announcer said at the beginning of the race that Katie had broken the meet record "moments ago" which means she had to have been in a lesser final. Why?

    • ThatOneGirl
      ThatOneGirl 17 hours ago

      @tsvi less consistent? Dude, she's been on top for YEARS! She botched one race (with still a great time)

    • tsvi
      tsvi Day ago

      Because she flopped to a 2:00.12 in the prelims. Seems much less consistent than she used to be.

  • jmachadok
    jmachadok Day ago

    What happened to Ledecky, why didn't she swim the finals?

    • ThatOneGirl
      ThatOneGirl 17 hours ago

      Basically she just didn't perform in the prelims. Happens to all of the great swimmers once in a while

    • Tim B
      Tim B Day ago

      She qualified in 10th. So she was in the B final. That's why the announcer said that she had broken the record just moments prior to the A final.