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  • Henny Henri
    Henny Henri 16 days ago

    WHERE TO bUY!!

  • Thefifthwheel last wheel

    Can someone please make this a motorcycle helmet!!!!!

  • ꧁༺小林天使༻꧂

    Where is the making part?

  • Braian Arce
    Braian Arce 5 months ago

    Llevare 100

  • elta quit0
    elta quit0 5 months ago

    like si vienes por un poco de todo

  • Megafriman
    Megafriman 5 months ago

    Un poco de todo

  • lis
    lis 5 months ago

    yes yes very nice but where I buy it

  • Axwelh jhaysa
    Axwelh jhaysa 5 months ago


  • jose luis
    jose luis 5 months ago

    like si vienes por un poco de todo

  • Magnus Maximus
    Magnus Maximus 6 months ago

    It look so beautiful; I'm gonna shed a tear.

  • Ecuaseeds colección seeds

    hola chicos cómo estáis me interesa el modelo del casco de Daft Punk y me podríais indicar cómo podría hacer para conseguirlo un saludo y gracias

  • Sienna Micallef
    Sienna Micallef 10 months ago

    Sorry, that was clickbait How do you make it exactly, I mean don't get me wrong it is pretty cool but

  • 2066
    2066 Year ago

    How much did it cost to make xxxxxxxxxxx

  • vaas montenegro
    vaas montenegro Year ago

    I really want to make a daft punk helmet but am shit at making stuff to me I will do anything to get a daft punk helmet because there the best

  • Funkydood
    Funkydood Year ago

    Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme

  • Aldo May
    Aldo May Year ago


  • TheRichGuts
    TheRichGuts Year ago

    lemme tell ya something lets be a superhero with diz

  • Flavio Imbrò
    Flavio Imbrò Year ago

    Sell me! I need that helmet, oxygen kills me!

  • Meme Vegeta
    Meme Vegeta 2 years ago


  • DeadSilence xcx
    DeadSilence xcx 2 years ago

    Anybody know who will make me one for free for my performance I be dancing in Minnesota contest

    CC SLASH 2 years ago

    Can I buy that from you🤤

  • Nathan Rio
    Nathan Rio 2 years ago

    can I buy it?

  • Roulé
    Roulé 2 years ago

    I mean, not really perfect. All you have done is slapped L.E.D's on a Human After All helmet. It would be perfect if you made it a Discovery era helmet.

  • TiTaH 's
    TiTaH 's 2 years ago

    do you sell daft punk helmet !

  • Mosca DGV
    Mosca DGV 2 years ago

    That fly -.-

  • Aero_Punk 05
    Aero_Punk 05 2 years ago

    this is really cool!!!!!!

  • Sandstorm V80
    Sandstorm V80 2 years ago

    that is perfect 😍

  • Techtipfy
    Techtipfy 2 years ago

    hey, can I buy one from you? already builded for sure

  • Miguel Favela
    Miguel Favela 2 years ago


  • Ayrton Sy
    Ayrton Sy 2 years ago

    Would be better without all the flashing lights in front imo.

  • guillenoble
    guillenoble 2 years ago

    Where can I get this? are you going to make a marshmello helmet?

  • EM RE
    EM RE 2 years ago

    Is it possible to buy one?

  • matteo altobelli
    matteo altobelli 3 years ago

    omg i can buy that? 😰

  • Tracx
    Tracx 3 years ago

    The true helmet has hidden aplications

  • nobody
    nobody 3 years ago

    frakkin' toasters, turn that cylon into scrap

    MARIO ORTIZ 3 years ago


  • Alpha Jay 3.0
    Alpha Jay 3.0 3 years ago


  • Franco Martínez
    Franco Martínez 3 years ago

    shut up and take my money.!!!

  • dengamleidiot
    dengamleidiot 3 years ago

    complete me

  • Ketchupboyz
    Ketchupboyz 3 years ago

    the Lucky Fly!

  • Sartheros
    Sartheros 3 years ago

    AWESOME !!!! Now you have to do the Thomas Bangalter's helmet ! :P

  • Teo Larrosa Granolleras

    I'm waiting for the new music of Daft Punk x The Weekend!!

  • Batte Man
    Batte Man 3 years ago

    Link leads to a 403 page :(

  • Canberk Acicbe
    Canberk Acicbe 3 years ago

    Kaça oç kaça? kaça satıyoğuz?

  • unlisted
    unlisted 3 years ago

    shut up and take my money.

  • Matt Smillie
    Matt Smillie 3 years ago

    so stellar even the fly likes it

  • LiQuiD PixeLz
    LiQuiD PixeLz 3 years ago

    Stupid Fly!!! 1:53

  • beigesucks
    beigesucks 3 years ago


  • Brandi
    Brandi 3 years ago

    Maybe Daft Punk needs new gear to do new music??

  • QuestionMarc
    QuestionMarc 3 years ago

    Looks like it could still use some padding to make it comfortable to wear. Can you actually see out of it? Also, how much for one? I'm asking for a robot friend.

  • Le Raph
    Le Raph 3 years ago

    100.000 vue en 1 semaines genial !!

  • Jamey Carter
    Jamey Carter 3 years ago

    PLEASE make this as a motorcycle helmet. :-)


    it looks like eva helment lol, sorry it looks like from halo...anyways great helment i hope it doesnt take us to fantasy world once we put it on and make our bodys be stable to sleep.

  • Darkest Argentum
    Darkest Argentum 3 years ago

    don't be supprised if they contact you to make one for them

  • Keir Hansen
    Keir Hansen 3 years ago

    Aside from the obvious awe at the work, I'm equally baffled by the handful of dislikes. Why on Interstella would you ever thumbs-down such great fan creation?

  • deadrabbits
    deadrabbits 3 years ago

    Doesn't look you like you can see out of it from the rear shots, or even wear it...

  • khaostheory23
    khaostheory23 3 years ago

    This could be a cool motorcycle helmet.I'd buy one ;)

  • TheDriftingStig
    TheDriftingStig 3 years ago

    You guys are acting like you've never seen a Deadmau5 helmet; he's been doing this for years and years

    • Dreighen
      Dreighen 3 years ago

      lol right, damn hipsters.

    • ambeatz
      ambeatz 3 years ago

      "goes to the iPhone 7 unveiling, stands up and lectures people about how they never seen an iPhone before"

  • Divinus Mercury
    Divinus Mercury 3 years ago

    Now send it to space...

  • Obsolete Excellence
    Obsolete Excellence 3 years ago

    This helmet was well worth the year it took to bulid.

  • Pikminiman
    Pikminiman 3 years ago

    Now add orange E.L. wire!

  • Eric
    Eric 3 years ago

    I hope, when civilization ends, and future humans or beings dig these up, they'd think they were the remains of us!

  • Heny
    Heny 3 years ago

    I want to buy it!

  • Remo Williams
    Remo Williams 3 years ago

    They forgot to add air-conditioning.

  • Alex Duper
    Alex Duper 3 years ago

    Song plz?

    • Love Props
      Love Props 3 years ago

      You can see it in the video description, "Read More" Daft Punk Around the World (Motorbass Miami Mix) Virgin 1997

    • Alex Duper
      Alex Duper 3 years ago

      it know it's around the world but it's obviously different from the original...

    • Pikmonster
      Pikmonster 3 years ago

      Lol. It's Around The World by Daft Punk, the subject of the video

  • Pat Gavin
    Pat Gavin 3 years ago

    Show us what it is like to see out of it.

  • Nick Papagiorgio
    Nick Papagiorgio 3 years ago

    Lights on at 1:18

  • Flari Ly
    Flari Ly 3 years ago

    1:54 XD Buy this Daft Punk Helmet now! And you'll receive a free random fly!!

    • BryTee
      BryTee 3 years ago

      Maybe it's got a built in UV fly zapper!

  • Make Something
    Make Something 3 years ago


  • xxPatangTangxx
    xxPatangTangxx 3 years ago

    I'd buy. Sign me up please! :)

  • Josué Andrade
    Josué Andrade 3 years ago

    I loved the Discovery helmets. Good times.

  • AnonymousAmerica
    AnonymousAmerica 3 years ago

    take my money

  • usafa00
    usafa00 3 years ago

    All ya'll askin about the helmet. I wanna know what the name of this remix is!

    • Dreighen
      Dreighen 3 years ago

      Daft Punk Around the World (Motorbass Miami Mix) Virgin 1997 in the description

  • JP Bautista
    JP Bautista 3 years ago

    take my money!

  • darude90
    darude90 3 years ago

    Halloween is coming up and for my daft punk costume........ i need this in my life YESTERDAY

  • Hello my Dude
    Hello my Dude 3 years ago

    So cool

  • emily
    emily 3 years ago

    i love

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres 3 years ago


  • Alex Matthews
    Alex Matthews 3 years ago

    Sure it looks awesome, but is it comfortable to wear?

  • Albert C
    Albert C 3 years ago

    I want one!

  • Seulgi's Churro
    Seulgi's Churro 3 years ago

    didn't Volpin props already make something like this? A reallllyyyy long time ago? trust me i'm a hardcore DP fan .. just look at my name lol

    • AQPlayer92
      AQPlayer92 3 years ago

      He did, but he only made it programmed whereas this one response to audio and additional more stuff.

  • Raul Carvajal
    Raul Carvajal 3 years ago

    This thing is fly!

  • Steph P.
    Steph P. 3 years ago

    This is so awesome! Bravo. Also, love the music mix to go with it.

  • Z
    Z 3 years ago

    1:53 Totally tried swatting the fly off my screen...

  • Le Raph
    Le Raph 3 years ago

    YEAHHHH !!!!

  • Brian McDaniel
    Brian McDaniel 3 years ago

    Based on the reflections, it looks as if the video was shot on a Lazy Susan outside on his drive way.

    • Marley
      Marley 3 years ago

      Spot On! I was thinking the same thing. The backdrop needed some ironing out as well.

  • Walter Jerome
    Walter Jerome 3 years ago

    Awesome! This is such a great craft. If only it were available. I would definitely pick up one of these!

  • Caleb Martinez
    Caleb Martinez 3 years ago

    Came here for the fly

  • DBKickz
    DBKickz 3 years ago

    That fucking fly

  • Capt. Smilez
    Capt. Smilez 3 years ago

    shut up and take my money

  • Jake Campbell
    Jake Campbell 3 years ago

    I seriously want to buy one. email me

  • Justin Wood
    Justin Wood 3 years ago


  • xBLAKKx
    xBLAKKx 3 years ago

    Where do I buy it?

  • Kevin May
    Kevin May 3 years ago

    Actually, Harrison Krix (Volpin Props) made this helmet in 2010.

    • Bonivus elderheart
      Bonivus elderheart 3 years ago

      Yes, but there are differences- the Volpin prop has gel sheets for the large color sections, this one uses RGB LEDs which means they can make each section cycle through different colors, which the volpin prop one can't do. In any case, both versions are pretty awesome.

    • Dreighen
      Dreighen 3 years ago

      right, thought so.

  • Harrison Hikanae
    Harrison Hikanae 3 years ago

    But does it bLend?

  • Nice Pirate
    Nice Pirate 3 years ago

    Anyone else notice the fly at 1:53 or was it just me

    • Cozyunicorn8134 •
      Cozyunicorn8134 • Year ago

      Nice Pirate ha! That’s funny

    • damian pkmn
      damian pkmn 2 years ago


    • Chrs2020
      Chrs2020 2 years ago

      Nice Pirate Yea I saw it!

    • cosmic
      cosmic 2 years ago

      Nice Pirate woa

    • kyle L
      kyle L 3 years ago

      Nope, it was just you. Not a single other person out of the 101,618 views saw it.

  • Adrian Giannotta
    Adrian Giannotta 3 years ago

    i like the mix and the helmet is great

  • Jonathan Carriere
    Jonathan Carriere 3 years ago

    This is the most beautifull thing that I have ever seen.... I want to buy one badly.

    • AWC
      AWC Year ago

      If you have a spare 1500-3000 bucks you should be able to buy one or custom order one online!

    • Meme _Thief62
      Meme _Thief62 3 years ago


  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe 3 years ago

    Would you ever sell this for the right price?

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 3 years ago

    Fucking incredible, seriously. If Harrison Krix of Volpin hasn't seen this yet, I guarantee he'll laugh and lose it once he does. Again, beyond perfect job, congrats!